The Forerunner Ruins

by Lord Rodrick

Copyright© 2016 by Lord Rodrick

Fantasy Sex Story: In the kingdom of Valark. Two elves, one half elf and one human hunt a white deer that leads them to a magical bathhouse where they have the time of their lives.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   High Fantasy   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Squirting   .

In the kingdom of Valark there was a small village named Willow Brook. It was a peaceful and prosperous village surrounding by an almost endless forest. Willow Brook was such a secluded place that it was almost impossible to find without a map. Very few people ever came and hardly anyone left. Those who dwelled in this village lived easy going lives.

There were a huge amount of deer in the area. So when the villagers grew bored of farming or were simply looking for something fun to do they went hunting. Around the fall a rumor broke out that there was a white male deer stomping about the woods. Every man in the village wanted the honor of being the one to slay that deer. None more so than Ronan and Durlan, who were about to join the military; to fight in a war happening on the other side of the kingdom. Before they left they wanted to do something great.

So they went hunting one afternoon and took two women named, Sharia and Joanna with them. Ronan and Sharia had lived sixteen years, while Durlan and Joanna were a year older. The four of them had been best friends since childhood. Ronan was a half elf, while Sharia and Durlan were full blooded elves. Joanna was a human.

In most areas of the world elves and humans avoided each other. However, in the village of Willow Brook intermarriage between the two races was quite frequent. The bright yellow sun was high in the nearly cloudless sky as Ronan and Durlan raced after the white deer with Joanna and Sharia doing their best to keep up with them. Ronan had red hair which he had braided in a ponytail. He wore a sky blue tunic and baggy brown pants. He had green eyes and his ears were slightly less pointy than a full blooded elf.

Ronan carried a wooden spear with a sharp curved steel head; a simple weapon that had served him well on his past hunts. Ronan bent down and observed the deer tracks. He looked ahead and noticed that the tracks seemed to have vanished. Ronan sighed and stared at his surroundings.

The hunt for the white deer had taken them deep into the woods. Ronan moved past some shrubs and tapped his chin as he wondered where the deer had scampered off to. Suddenly Ronan heard a twig snap, he spun around ready to skewer whatever was behind him. He found himself face to face with Durlan, who raised his bow on instinct.

The two of them looked at each other for a moment, smiled, and lowered their weapons. Durlan had silvery eyes, a mullet of dark blond hair and fully pointy elf ears. He wore a green tunic and white pants. Ronan had always hated the fact that Durlan was always able to sneak up on him.

Durlan wiped some sweat off his brow. “This beast is running us ragged.”

Ronan replied. “The longer the hunt the more thrilling the kill.”

“I have strong feeling that we won’t be killing anything today.”

Suddenly Joanna and Sharia caught up to them. Joanna wore a light blue dress and was dragging her skirts. While Sharia appeared wearing a silk purple dress. Joanna had long black hair and brown eyes. While Sharia’s eyes were sky blue, her pure white hair was somewhat short and only went down to the back of her neck.

Sharia noticed the tracks and gave a sigh of frustration. “I think this damn deer is toying with us. I mean every time he bolts away he circles right back to us and leads us to where ever he wants. Normal deer don’t act like that.”

Joanna nodded in agreement and took a moment to catch her breath before saying. “Your right they don’t. I think this deer is a spirit or maybe a demon. We shouldn’t keep following it.”

Durlan put a reassuring arm around Joanna’s shoulders. “This tricky venison is a creature of flesh, otherwise his eyes would not have shown fear when he glanced at our weapons. Trust me darling once it’s cornered you’ll see that it’s just a deer.”

Joanna sighed. “I hope your right. Anyway we’ve been hunting for three hours now. Can we take a break?”

Durlan gave Joanna a kiss on the forehead. “Sure we can rest in the shade for a bit.”

Durlan, Joanna, Ronan, and Sharia quickly found a huge oak tree whose shadow cast almost a whole yard of shade. The four of them sat under the tree staring at the clouds. Eventually Joanna gave a great big yawn and curled up next to Durlan. Ronan stretched his arms as he felt a wave a tiredness descended upon him. Sharia also yawned as Durlan struggled to keep his eyes open.

One by one they all fell asleep under the great oak tree. Ronan slept a peaceful and nearly dreamless sleep until Sharia shook him awake. Before he could say anything Sharia put a finger to his lips and pointed north. Just a few feet away the white deer stood. Ronan knew he should wake Durlan and Joanna up.

However, he also knew that Sharia had only woken him up so he could have the honor of slaying the deer. Ronan grabbed his spear and the deer sped off. Ronan and Sharia silently pursued the deer. They only stopped briefly to take a well needed drink of water from a fresh water spring.

Every time Ronan had the deer in his sights, the beast would bolt away. This was the most frustrating hunt of Ronan’s life. None the less he enjoyed being alone with Sharia. He was in the process of courting her and wanted to do something romantic before asking for her hand in marriage.

Durlan was also in the process of courting Joanna. Although they had progressed further in their relationship and thought nothing of showing their affection in public. While Ronan and Sharia had not yet shared their first kiss and were embarrassed to hold hands in front of others. Ronan cornered the deer while he was munching on some grass. A happy glimmer appeared in his eyes as he whispered. “Perfect.”

Sharia gave a nod of encouragement and Ronan tightened his grasp around his spear and threw it at the deer’s head. The deer bolted left at an almost impossible speed and Ronan’s spear found itself buried deep inside of a tree.

Ronan screamed and tore his spear out of the tree. He chased after the deer and found himself staring at a green marble bathhouse. The structure was three stores tall and almost half a block wide. The door was open and Ronan could see a floor of blue tile and steam rising from the inside. Sharia caught up to Ronan, once she saw the bathhouse all she could say was. “Wow.”

Ronan ran his left hand over his hair. “So the stories of the Forerunner ruins are true. I can’t believe it.”

“Yeah, but I remember that we were here a few years ago and it was just a bunch of stones and two columns then.”

Sharia was right; Ronan could remember that they had all gone camping in the woods with their families six years ago. The bathhouse had just been barren ruins back then. Now it appeared as thought it was brand new. Ronan knew he should not have been surprised it was one of the forerunner ruins after all.

The forerunners were the ancestors of men and elves and several other races. They had other names, but in Valark they had always been known as the forerunners. They had meet their end 10,000 years ago with only some of the ruins of their once mighty empire scattered across the world.

It was said that since everything the Forerunners had made had been enchanted by magic, that one day every century the ruins would appear in the state of their original construction.

Ronan could not believe his luck; his desire to hunt the deer was forgotten, as he and Sharia stared at the bathhouse. Ronan said. “So do you want to go inside?”

“This is a once and a life time opportunity it would be crazy for us not to.”

Ronan and Sharia walked into the bathhouse. The inside was simply stunning, the walls were covered in dragon mosaics, the floor was made of dark blue tiles, and all over the floor there were silk cushions, pillows, and blankets for people to rest on after they were done bathing. The bath itself was rectangle shaped and ten feet wide and over 100 feet long.

Sharia and Ronan had never seen a bath this big before. The tin bathtubs they had in their homes could barely fit them. Suddenly Ronan’s spear vanished. He gasped in shock and then his clothes disappeared and so did Sharia’s. The two of them now stood as naked as newborns. They turned around standing back to back. Both blushed bright red, Ronan glanced down at his toes to keep from looking anywhere else; Sharia did the same.

“Boy Ronan the forerunners must have not wanted to bother getting undressed. I mean you just step right into the bath house and you’re all naked and set to go.”

Ronan suddenly felt Sharia’s gaze upon and him, he glanced backwards and sure enough she was checking out his backside. He did the same to and noticed how smooth her back was and that her bottom was round and plump.

Ronan and Sharia checked each other out until they made eye contact and turned their gaze back to their feet. Blood rushed down to Ronan’s hardening penis as he said. “So ... since it’s just us here; why don’t we take a bath?”

“Okay, let’s turn around on the count of three.”




Ronan and Sharia spun around at the same and keep their hands at their sides. Sharia had seen Ronan without his shirt plenty of times before. Yet the sight of his muscular chest and arms would never cease to make her heart race. The sight of his red pubic hair, perfectly round testicles and erect member almost made her swoon.

To Ronan seeing Sharia naked was like seeing her for the first time. Her breasts were round and much bigger than he’d thought they’d be. Sharia’s nipples were a lovely light shade of pink and Ronan instantly had the urge to roll them between his fingers. Her vagina was covered in white pubic hair and it was sparse enough for Ronan to see her folds. His penis became fully erect. Without hesitation the two of them kissed, sharing their first kiss nude was a magical delight. When it ended Sharia found her gaze glued to Ronan’s erection. Her face became a deep shade of scarlet as she said. “Can I touch it?”

Ronan nodded yes in response. Just when Sharia’s right index finger was an inch away from touching Ronan’s member they heard a small voice say. “Oh my.”

Ronan and Sharia turned to the bathhouse’s entrance and saw Durlan and Joanna standing outside. They made no attempt to cover themselves, since Durlan and Joanna had seen everything. Joanna asked. “What happened to your clothes?”

Sharia replied. “They vanished when we came in, they’ll probably reappear when we leave.”

Joanna smirked and tapped her fingers against Durlan’s left arm. “You know darling since the deer seems to be long gone. I think we should have some fun and wash up with our friends.”

Durlan nodded. “Everything better reappear when we leave or we’ll be deeply shamed when we walk back to our village.”

Durlan and Joanna entered the bathhouse and as they observed it their clothes vanished. Durlan chest was slightly more muscular than Ronan’s and he had a scar on his left arm. His pubic hair was a darker shade of blond than the hair on his head, his balls were round, and his member was getting erect. He made his hands into fists to keep himself from covering his genitals.

As for Joanna she was ecstatic at her friends and lover seeing all of her naughty bits. She twirled around a few times and did a couple of cartwheels. Everyone saw that her breasts were huge, her nipples were big and dark pink, and that her rump was large. Ronan, Sharia, Durlan, and Joanna finished checking each other out and made some jokes to lighten the mood.

Then they all held hands and prepared to enter the bath. Before going in Sharia made sure to test the water out with her foot and it was the very definition of warm. The four of them jumped into the water and had the best bath of their lives. Ronan couldn’t believe how relaxing and rejuvenating the bath water was. It washed the dirt and sweat away and made him feel great.

Sharia splashed him and he splashed her back. Durlan dunked Ronan and Ronan did the same to him. Then Joanna started a game of tag that lasted quiet awhile. Whenever Johnna tagged any of them she made sure to smack them on the butt. Eventually they all and decided to take a break and dry off on the pillows.

Ronan sat next to Sharia, while Joanna sat next to her and Durlan. Joanna whispered something in Sharia’s ear that made her blush deeply and smile. Sharia gave Ronan a peck on the cheek. “Joanna and I want to see you and Durlan have a sword fight.”

“There are no swords here.” Durlan responded.

Joanna giggled. “We were talking about your phalluses. We want you to have a dual with your dicks.”

Ronan and Durlan were shocked to hear this. Yet at the same time they knew they could use this opportunity to see who had the bigger manhood. Never the less Durlan crossed his arms. “If we are going do that for you, what are you going to do for us?”

Joanna got behind Durlan and pressed her breasts against his back. Sharia did the same for Ronan. They lightly stroked their boyfriend’s penises getting them rock hard. Then Ronan and Durlan dueled. There members crossed and nudged each other. To get through it, Ronan just focused on the feeling of Sharia’s breasts against his back and did his best.

Eventually Durlan’s penis twitch and a drop of clear pre cum left it and fell on the ground. The dual then ended and Joanna grabbed Durlan’s dick with both her hands. The feeling of Joanna’s breasts against his back and her hands on his manhood was too much for Durlan. He fell down on his knees as Joanna gave him an amazing hand job. He knew he was going to cum in front of everyone, but didn’t care.

Sharia kissed Ronan lovingly. “I might as well help you get off to. Since today has been such a weird day I want to try something a little strange, but I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.”

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