Lost Toys 5: Staff Meeting
Chapter 2: Little Red

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Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 2: Little Red - Matthew brings together his first conquests, the staff at Flynn's, and realizes his laws haven't been properly laid down.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mind Control   Group Sex   Harem   Orgy   Black Female   White Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Food   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Tit-Fucking   Voyeurism  

Robin DuChesne - Monday, July 20th, 2015

I jumped. I couldn’t help myself. I mean. Fuck. Matthew had fucking teleported across the Goddamned room! I stepped away from him and found that redhead kid was also out of her seat and back by the kitchen. I looked to Deborah. She was starry eyed for the flint hard bitch that she was. Oh God.

“Alright, who are we missing still?” Matthew stuttered. He was gesturing that we gather around him until he looked over Zina’s shoulder and saw Everett sitting in the nearby booth, “Everett? Why are you here?”

“I was instructed to come by Deb,” He replied in a glassy monotone. I was watching Matthew and he turned white.

“When I started getting things together he started pushing his nose into our business,” Mrs Flynn, fuck, Ms Flynn, you know what? Deborah stepped forward, leaving Erica and me off to the side, “I just hoped that he would be manageable if--but--I’m so sorry.”

Everyone in the room, except our dead-eyed former boss and the two teenaged sex kittens snuggled together by the waitress station were shocked. Matthew eased his arms around Deborah and hugged her as she tried to squeeze all the toothpaste out of him from the middle.

“We gonna have to do another Zack?” The blonde teen asked with a bored yawn.

“Deborah, don’t start crying,” Matthew said stiffly and walked her back. Everyone started following his orders and making an Alcoholics Anonymous chair circle in the back quarter of the restaurant. Matthew hovered over Everett. He looked over to Deborah, “How long has he been like this?”

“Since the fourth,” Another blonde, this one wearing glasses and talking with a cheesy Russian accent answered. Deborah nodded her head to confirm.

“OK, um, stand up Everett,” Everett did. He looked Matthew in the eye but didn’t follow Matthew as Everett was directed to step forward, “I need a better solution than training him to fake it. Everett give me your watch.”

Matthew pocketed the timepiece and walked over to Gwen. She was the youngest waitress who had worked with me. I knew Melody from the store. I sat next to Zina. She was very pretty tonight. I was happy wearing jeans and a tank top. Matthew pulled the watch out and whispered something into Gwen’s ear. He sidled a chair next to the other black girl and I heard him ask if she had finished her task or something with a few syllables more.

“Yes, it’s at our place,” She waved to yet another blonde girl.

“OK, I guess we’ll move there after this powwow,” He sighed, “I’m going to stash Everett in the office, he’s weirding me out.”

“Wait!” Deborah stood up and Matthew turned to her but she had her phone. She fired off a text. The lights dimmed, except for the kitchen which effectively put a spotlight on the office door. Then the speakers started up.

I had worked here for three years as a cook. The only music ever played on those speakers was unobtrusive soft rock. This was blood pumping club music, without enough bass. The door swung inward and the red boot came out.

Goddammit! I admit it, despite myself I had felt excited to come here. I had ideas. Brutal, man-hating, front page, firebomb ideas. Thy hadn’t been enough. She was another fucking little girl. Another fucking blonde. Another fucking pinup wet dream for the stuttering lifeless dishwasher I had found myself enslaved to. The good news was men run out of steam and this girl was firing Matthew’s engines into the red.

“That little bitch,” Whispered the other black girl in awe. Matthew’s eyes lit up like Christmas lights. I turned, I remembered when girls here worn name tags. That’s fine, I’d just call her Supergirl.

Supergirl was a short blonde with large blue doe eyes. She had on fierce red lipstick and her face was framed in her wavy perfect hair held back by black hairband. She was wearing the whole get up. Knee high red leather boots with two inch heels, pale bare fucking thighs, a tight blue miniskirt, a figure-hugging midriff-baring tit-defining cock-teasing white babydoll t-shirt with the S-shield splayed wide over her perky D-cups. A short red cape was pinned to her shoulders and waving with her exaggerated walk. She smiled, like a wolf.


“No, not tonight, how about Linda?” She asked putting down the two boutique bags she was carrying so she could put her hands on her hips and stare Matthew down.

“Linda Danvers is a different costume, that’s the Timmverse Supergirl. You’re Kara Kent,” Matthew corrected her. I rolled my eyes. Deborah was smug as shit. She whispered to Everett and led him to the office to hide him away. Matthew had walked over and picked up Court--no Linda--no Kara up by the hips and swirled her around. Her skirt floated and I got a flash of her sky blue thong. The music was turned down but kept playing. Matthew carried the girl, her arms snaked tightly around the back of his neck, over to a deep booth. Tomorrow’s place settings were swept onto the benches and she was laid down on the hardwood table.

“Well, fuck,” Zina grumbled. Matthew seemed as excited to have Supergirl before him as he was relieved to have put her down. I smiled a little. He’d be finished by her.

“Yeah, go ahead, Matty,” His sister gestured, “She’s not the kind of girl who has any time for foreplay.”

“Uh,” Matthew actually stood back and turned sheepishly to his sister, “Right, uh...”

My eyes were focused on sister’s bracelet. Worse and worse it gets.

“I thought we were here to discuss work,” Erica asked. She was skittish and it was clear Deborah hated her. Lovely.

“I literally do not care what you do to these girls,” Sister said, “You’re going to fuck everyone here, yeah?”

“Um, no, not you, not Kelly,” He hurried. He hadn’t looked me in the eye. He hadn’t said a word to me. He was going to fuck me. Fuck him!

“Well thank you, but we’ve got all we need here,” Sister took up Deborah’s fingers and threaded their fingers like lovers. Deborah looked pleased, focused, “How long do we have?”

“We need to have this restaurant ready for tomorrow by 4.” Deborah hoped, “That’s the earliest Franklin might arrive.”

“That’s right, Matthew,” Supergirl was up on her elbows and her tits were all the way forward. They were really nice tits, “You’ve got the floor for nearly four whole hours.”

Courtney King - Monday, July 20th, 2015

Meghan was so fucking wrong. I was dying for some foreplay. I dug my fingers into Matthew’s hair and went in for the kiss. I had missed him too much. I’d dumped Dashawn and Greg. I hadn’t been expecting much from Johnny seeing as it was his first few times. I knew he had to go the moment Matthew kissed me.

Turns out the tables could hold the two of us. I had been shimmied up by his hand holding open my thighs. This was so crazy. I was getting at fucked at work! I giggled into the kiss and flushed scarlet red. He had broken away and I only managed to open my eyes to see him grinning like an idiot. We kissed again and I bumped my head off of the tabletop. He grabbed my tit. I moaned. A better noise, though he didn’t make a show out of appreciating it. He wasn’t being gentle. He wasn’t being rough. He was, Oh my God, just right! I was biting his lip as I grinned. Oh, maybe for the next costume some fairy tale whores? I might’ve felt like Goldilocks but my hair was perfect for Elsa.

“Oh, fuck me!” I groaned. The hand in my skirt was tracing the edges of my thong. I was just soaked. His other hand was still on my tit, so I reached for the hem of my top. I was about to pull it up. I couldn’t wait to push things further along. He grabbed both of my wrists and pulled back. I opened my eyes.

“You’re lipstick’s a little smudged,” He smirked.

“So’s yours,” I countered. We had made a mess of each other’s faces. I couldn’t hold back another giggle. He smirked. He wanted to kiss me again but he stopped just as I let my eyes fall closed, “Leave everything on.”

“Everything?” I asked as we melted to each other once again. He reached inside my thighs again. His fingers running directly over my cunt. I forgot to breathe partway through exhaling. His fingers wrapped around the moist gusset, I grinned at how those words would’ve made Sylvie flinch, of my g-string. The sticky sound of pulling it to the side snaked up under my skin. I chased the fleeing kiss.

“Everything.” He slid back off the table which wobbled madly as he hopped to his feet. He ripped down his zipper with a quick look over his shoulder. He was so red. So nervous. It was cute. I shimmied my legs around him until I was on the lip of the table. His hands slapped down behind my hips to keep things from tilting over. We kissed again, handslessly. I was bubbling up, impatient as he was. I fumbled with his belt and left it in the loops as I unzipped him. He was smarter than me. No underwear. I pulled him forward by the hips. The head of his cock slipping up my pussy. It teased my pussy but I wanted him inside me. Now! OK, so Meghan was spot on about skipping that foreplay nonsense.

“Oh, God, Kara,” He moaned as I lined him up. I felt the hairs go up on my neck to hear a name other than Courtney. I felt stupid to feel hurt.

“Don’t give away my secret identity,” I begged.

“Right, Supergirl!” He drove inside me and I squealed. Supergirl was much better than Kara.

My money was on the costume. Otherwise, Gwen and Sara had trained him up to be much more energetic. I really couldn’t believe how different he felt since last time. I was needy too. I was twisting and moaning and digging my fingernails into the sleeves of his t-shirt. The table thumped against the wall. The girls were furiously discussing something and so I moaned louder to interrupt them. That just made me feel hotter. The more I put in the more I got out. Matthew was growling right along with me.

“I’m cumming!” I exclaimed. It felt really good to make the girls know that. Matthew fucked me right through the twisty vertigo of it all. I don’t remember grabbing into the collar of his shirt or twisting to hold onto the side of the table with my left hand. My tits were jiggling dangerously. My Supergirl top was wriggling up to splay my underboob all over the restaurant. Matthew kept fucking. I left a mess on his thighs. He was so far over me, my right knee collided with my shoulder. I felt his teeth lick around my earrings. I heard him chuckling.

“Oh, Matthew! What!” I huffed unconvinced I’d said real words.

“How would Supergirl get her ears pierced?” It was such a crazy question to ask with his dick pummelling my cervix. I started laughing and that just made my diaphragm go to town on my lungs. I squealed, cumming again, as he bit down on my earlobe. I reached, flailed, and she took my hand in hers. Matthew’s balls slapped against my ass and his cum splattered all inside me.

“Jesus ... Supergirl...” He smiled and snuggled and we turned at her pixyish laughter.

“Hi,” Kelly was monochrome red with her hair and her blushing. She tickled the heel of my palm.

“Um,” I tried to look up to Matthew but unknotting myself wasn’t quick.

“Ah, Christ,” Matthew looked over his shoulder, “Deborah!”

Deborah Flynn - Monday, July 20th, 2015

Courtney was a loud fuck and it was distracting Erica to no end. Locking Everett away and siccing my least competent waitress on my easily distracted owner had at least allowed us to learn everyone’s names. I had just forced Zina and Erica to trade seats because Erica couldn’t watch the action and string two thoughts together.

“Deborah!” Matthew called out and I was two strides towards him before I was out of my seat. I saw Kelly had stopped hovering around Eden and Melody and gotten herself right in Matthew’s face. He was scrambling back and hopping as he pulled up his pants. I watched the cum stream out of Courtney’s spread pussy. That was hot. I felt tingles.

“Matthew?” I ran my hand up his spine and he turned to me.

“Ms Flynn? I--”

I was soon squished between Matthew and Kelly. I ran my other hand down Kelly’s hair.

“I got to talk to everyone,” He declared. Courtney sat up looking smug as shit.

“Everyone’s over here,” I assured him and took his hand. Kelly skirted around us, smiling and skipping to drop down into the chair next to Tiffany.

“Wait til you get your turn!” Raena leaned across the brunette to squeeze Kelly’s thighs. The redhead was not ready and super excited. Shit.

“Supergirl’s pussy shouldn’t feel so sore,” Courtney bragged. She took Matthew’s arm and he led her to the circle. Meghan was watching with a dark smile.

“I’ll grab another seat for Courtney.” Zina stood.

“Oh please, just park the slut on his lap,” Sylvie declared.

“Great idea!” Matthew declared, “C’mon Sylvie. Here girl.”

Sylvie rolled her eyes but walked over and slipped herself down on Matthew’s lap. He hugged her around the waist and when he leaned his cheek against her head she had this put upon smile. Eden immediately turned her back on the show, walked over to the waitress station. She returned with a bunch of napkins and papered Courtney’s chair. We were all seated in a circle.

“Alright, this is my fault,” Matthew sighed, “Before I took off, Eden, Gwen and I laid down some ground rules.”

“Oh? Well that makes everything better,” Robin had her arms crossed under her big tits. Matthew gave her a consoling frown. Except she was pretty friendly with Matthew, and her Babybird Bakery on Klein Street meant that Matthew would have a very solid word of mouth base for his catering idea. She and I and Eden, we had to be here. The others, well, Matthew’s an idiot.

“So what are the rules!” Kelly was leaning forward uncertain whether she was enraptured or embarrassed. She was biting inside her cheek or her lower lip and darting her eyes around never meeting anyone’s gaze and coming roundabout to Matthew’s crotch over and over.


“You asked me to put them in order,” Eden interjected, “Should I explain them?”

“Please,” So polite. I hadn’t wanted this interruption. Meghan and Robin and I had the plans for what needed to be done. The rest of this night was just Matthew plowing his way through all of us. I wanted him to strip Sylvie down and just use her like a mindless ragdoll. I wondered if Meghan would help me with other costume ideas for Matthew. I’d also need to get some more of the girls measured.

“OK, well, Matthew gave us 10 rules.”

“Damn, I was all set to covet someone’s ox,” Zina’s comment was vitriolic. Matthew snorted.

“Right, uh, so, I’m going to go from most to least important,” Eden explained, she kept flitting her eyes between Gwen and Matthew, “Uh, no boring bitches.”

“Here, here!” Courtney cheered and Matthew laughed.

“That’s the big one?” He looked incredulous. Eden looked to Gwen.

“Yeah, I remember how important that was to you,” Gwen agreed.

“Well, at least that’s one I haven’t mixed up yet.” He smiled.

“Really?” Dawn asked with a sharp glance at Phoebe.

“Second was no one from Matthew’s family,” Eden looked apologetically.

“That didn’t work out,” Robin lifted Meghan’s wrist by the bracelet.

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