Immortal Operator

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: New technology keeps me alive but only after switching bodies for hundreds of years. Now I am tired of it and once more I am protecting a spoiled child. Only this time I have met a girl I am thinking of staying with. Of course the killers hunting the boy have other plans.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   .

I sat up and looked around the room before slowly turning to climb off the bed. I looked into the full length mirror beside the bed and sighed. I ignored the body of the middle aged man on the other bed. I went to dress and then used a remote to move the body and incinerate it. I had been alive or conscious for over five hundred years in a fifty bodies.

To tell the truth I was getting tired of doing it. Sure the first ten years in a new body was enjoyable but there had never been anyone to share it with. Wars came and went and intrigue and spies were always part of it. I guess if I died in the line it would stop. I headed out and through the empty building.

It was very early in the morning and very few people ever came here at this time. An hour and I was home and picking up the two bags I had packed. I walked out and used a public vehicle to cross the huge city as it woke up. I walked into the starport and headed towards the shuttle gates. I used the mag walk and let my eyes search everything I went past.

The departure lounge was packed with people saying goodbye. I looked at the young prince and shook my head, another four to eight years of babysitting for me. I started for the gate and a guard moved to stop me. I looked him over as he smiled politely, “yes?”

He cleared his throat, “I am sorry but this shuttle is reserved for...”

I sighed as I remembered I was in a new body once more and gestured, “your comp screen.”

The guard blinked and hesitated before pulling it out and I put my hand on the screen, “run the bio scan.”

He looked at me and then at the screen before he snapped up and I almost thought he was going to salute. I shook my head and walked past him and through the gate. I went down the boarding hall and walked into the shuttle. I started towards the stairs going up to the reserved seats and stopped as my head went above the floor.

I looked down and under several seats before I backed down. I looked around but none of the flight stewards were around. I walked off and stopped beside the hatch and entered a code in the wall comp. Alarms began to ring and then sirens. Men were suddenly running down the boarding hall with weapons out.

I waited until they reached me, “who is in charge?”

The men that reached me looked at each other and I snapped, “wake the fuck up! Who ... the ... fuck ... is ... in ... charge!”

A man pushed through, “that would be me.”

I looked him over, “would you be so kind as to explain why there are no flight stewards aboard or men on the shuttle?”

He growled and took a step, “listen here son...”

I growled, “shut the fuck up! Someone explain to me why they allowed a bomb to be planted on this shuttle!”

There was instant silence and I shook my head again, “enough. You are fired. Who is the second in command?”

Another man lifted his hand and I nodded, “prep the backup shuttle and move the party to a secure fucking lounge. Get the bomb people here ASAP and tell them I want a full and complete analysis on the bomb. They can find the trigger under the front right seat and the charge is probable inside the deck with the grav units.”

One of the men cleared his throat, “who are you?”

I started pushing through them, “a ghost. Tell the imperial guard commander he owes me.”

When I walked into the boarding lounge everyone was across the lounge and behind a force screen. I glanced at the heir who looked at me and then grinned. The guards were starting to bring carts to move people as I strode towards the mag walk. The shuttle flight up and the long trip spent with the prince and the others reminded me of many others I had protected.

To them I was one of them but not since I was not a child of a noble. The large private academy did not look like it had changed much in the twenty years since I had been here last. The teachers were different and the classes were not the same but that was normal. The prince grumbled as he started putting his things away.

Mine had already been here in storage so I began to unpack. During dinner they gave all the standard warnings. That was when I met Sandy, she was the daughter of a rich merchant. I guess I should say one of many daughters. She was cute but constantly reading something on her comp screen.

I ignored the prince trying to puff up and brag to others and went to sit beside Sandy. She shifted but ignored me as I leaned to look at the screen over her shoulder. I smiled, “the only way to learn about sex is to do it.”

She snorted as she looked at me, “and of course you can help me.”

I smiled as I looked around, “just about any guy in this room could help you but what you want is not help but a teacher.”

She blinked and then nodded, “true.”

I used my comp and pulled up her room, “I will be at your room in one hour. You can undress since first I need to teach you about hygiene.”

She looked at me, “I know all about hygiene.”

I smiled as I stood, “want to bet?”

First I had a few bugs to place and more than one was on the prince. When I knocked on the door Sandy peeked out with her body behind the door. I pushed it open and stepped in and closed the door. I was wearing a ear bud as I looked at her body and gestured to the fresher. What followed was a class on douches and when to use them.

Next was enemas and when and why and then general ways to clean both her pussy and ass. Before I was done she was shuddering and panting. I dried us off and pulled her out and to her bed. I grinned at the other girl as I laid her in the bed. I pushed her legs open as she moaned and leaned down to start licking through her pussy.

She gasped and lifted her hips and I kept wiggling my tongue and teasing her clit. I sucked and nibbled and she shuddered and jerked as she came, “aaaahhhh!”

After the second time I slipped two fingers into her and continued to suck on her clit. I fucked my fingers against the soft spongy spot and she struggled and twisted, “ooohhhh!”

When I squeezed her clit a couple of minutes later she arched her back and squirted, “FUCK!”

She thrashed and bucked as I kept shoving my fingers into her and sucking on her clit. She squirted and screamed and tried to close her legs, “MMMM!”

I pulled my fingers out and moved up and sank my cock into her. She clutched me as her pussy clenched and she squirted again, “YES!”

I began to fuck her firmly and she was lifting her hips each time I shoved into her. I rode her as she kept squirting and howling and began to grind and press. It was not much longer before I buried my cock and kissed her while pumping sperm. She jerked and spasmed while her slimy cunt milked my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

When I was done I pulled out and moved and rolled her over. I moved back between her legs and sank my cock back into her. She twisted and wailed as I started to fuck her again. I fucked her several times before I stopped and gave her a kiss, “any questions?”

She was panting and grinned as she shook her head. I slipped out of bed and went to the fresher to get my clothes. I kissed her on the way out and her roommate grinned. On the way back to my or the prince’s room I replayed the bug I had planted on him. I slowed and then stopped when I heard a man talking to him cryptically.

I pulled my comp and ran the voice print and straightened at the name. I listened to everything before I continued and walked into the room. The man was wearing a teachers robe and looked at me and reddened. I went to my things and stripped and changed and he finally left. I looked at the prince who looked embarrassed, “do you know what you are doing?”

He stiffened, “I am the prince and heir.”

I smiled, “you are the prince but not yet the heir.”

I went to the desk and plugged in a compact devise to the desk comp. I entered an address and sent a copy of the listening devise tape. I removed the encryption devise and headed towards my bed, “do not make me kill you William.”

He jerked, “what!”

I laid back, “you know who I am and you told that traitor. Betray the empire and I will have no choice but to remove you.”

I turned to look at him, “be the prince and not a traitor.’

He swallowed, “how can you be a intel agent?”

I looked at the ceiling, “one day I will tell you.”

I closed my eyes, “behave and be a kid and maybe I will introduce you to a girl and you can fuck her.”

He laughed and then sat up and turned to look at me, “have you done it?”

I snorted, “where do you think I was?”

He gestured, “Albert said ... that I could have any woman I wanted.”

I shook my head, “as the prince you will have many chances to have sex. You want the ones that do not care if you are a prince. Find the one that wants to drain your balls because she enjoys doing it and then see if you like to do other things. You marry the one that becomes your friend.”

He laid back, “that easy.”

I laughed, “you wish it is that easy. Listen William, I can introduce you to girls and even convinces one or two to let you fuck them. To keep doing it you need to make them enjoy it and enjoy being with you or they will look for someone else.”

I turned my head, “your acquaintance will not be here tomorrow. His cryptic messages are meant to do one thing, make you his puppet. Girls and women do not want or respect puppets.”

He frowned but I shut up and after awhile he went to sleep. We were up early and cleaned the room and dressed before we headed towards the dining hall. I touched his arm when we went in and I saw Sandy, “do me a favor. For the first couple of weeks pretend you are not the prince.”

He frowned, “why?”

I looked at him, “so I can get you laid.”

He grinned, “I have no idea who the prince is.”

I nodded and led him to Sandy and her roommate, “hey Sandy.”

She grinned, “hey teacher.”

I gestured to the other chairs, “can we join you?”

She nodded, “this is Crystal.”

I smiled at her and nudged William towards the other chair, “I am Michael and this is my friend William.”

She blushed and then grinned, “is he a teacher too?”

I grinned as he blushed, “no he is seeking a girl to teach him. Do you know anyone that would be willing?”

She looked at Sandy and smirked, “I will.”

I smiled, “after dinner or after we take you to the school vid?”

Sandy chuckled, “both.”

Crystal nodded as she moved closer to William, “I will teach you how to lick my pussy first.”

I laughed as he blushed and then grinned. We ate and talked and then it was time to go to class. I sat behind William as the teacher began and silently began to do the work while listening to an update on threats using an ear bud. His father had not been happy about Mr Knoland or what his son had said and done.

Of course there was no sign of Mr Knoland. When the teacher cleared her throat beside me I glanced at her and turned the screen on my comp. She blinked and then nodded before she kept going. Lunch was good and we ate with Sandy and Crystal before we returned to the next class.

The moment I stepped into the room I knew something was not right. I slipped a tiny device onto the light panel and went around the room planting others. The middle aged teacher watched me and when I started to sit behind William she cleared her throat, “pick another seat Mr Devin.”

I ignored her and began setting up my comp. She stood and leaned on her desk, “Mr Devin? I told you to move to another...”

Two men stepped into the class and she froze and licked her lips. I stood, “you will accompany them and do it now.”

Her hand slid on the desk and I grabbed William and twisted as I yanked. The wall beside us was ripped away. Even as we were pulled after it I was touching my comp. The tiny devises I planted imploded and we and everyone else were pulled away from the hole. I rolled to my feet and pulled a small flat disk.

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