Swamp Explorers

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Crocodylia is a harsh world of mostly water. Land is not always land but shallow water filled with dangerous animals. A decision to lead others begins a exploration to the south and into uncharted and unknown areas. Besides new or different animals we find something we call otters only they are more than they seem.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   .

The boat was over five meters wide and fifteen long. Only the front three meters and the back two were open. It did have a meter high metal screen above the sides and around the edges. The rest was like a house with windows and small rooms. Inside and to the left was the helm and to the right a living area followed by a small kitchen and pantry and last was a sleeping room.

There were ten flat bottom boats just like mine and like mine each had a primary and back up reactor on the rear deck. On the roof of mine was a set of cleaning, stretching and tanning machines. I was the only real colonist from here, the rest were scientists or adventures. The plan was to travel through the swamp to the south and into the southern hemisphere.

The Starport was in the north and any colonists were spread out around it or in a few cases to the east on a narrow strip of real land. Most of the time soil was dredged up or houses were built in the trees. The problem with dredging was it brought a lot more crocs and snakes into the area.

I left the last trading post and followed the river like current with the other boats spaced out behind me. I was the only one on my boat but each of the others had several people. Three were families and one even had a cute teenager. Of course there were eight people in their boat so it was a little crowded.

Right behind my boat I towed a smaller swamp skiff I would use to hunt. After several hours the river or current turned and I kept going straight. I slowed as the boat began to weave between the trees. I was using forward scans to make sure we did not run aground. Each of the following boats knew to stay right behind me.

A few hours before sunset we entered an area where the trees were spread apart. I stopped and tied off to a tree and the next boat moved up on my right. The group split up and parted so each boat was touching another. I tied the one off beside me and then went to check my boat systems, when I came back June was in my kitchen.

I grinned, “getting crowded?”

She was wearing a tiny bikini and nodded, “I can not even turn around without bumping into someone.”

I chuckled as I started pulling things out to make dinner, “ever think it is the bikini and why they are bumping into you?”

She grinned and then giggled as she helped me. She kept glancing at me and finally I saw her pull the strings on her bikini. I turned as I started the heating unit and smiled, “I think you want me to do more than bump into you.”

She blushed, “yeah.”

I glanced down at her trimmed pussy, “do you have an implant?”

She nodded and I turned back to what I had been doing, “I will pump a liter or two into you when we go to bed.”

She grinned and bumped me and seemed to relax. We had dinner and I went to make a check on the other boats since it was getting dark. They had closed their metal screens for crocs and snakes and I came back. I made sure my boat was closed up and closed the doors. I went through to the back and found June on my bed.

I stripped and moved onto the bed and spread her legs. I leaned down and licked through her pussy. She shivered and I kept it up and even pushed my tongue into her. I nibbled on her labia and then covered her clit. I began to suck hard and tease it with the tip of my tongue. A few minutes and she was squirming and moaning.

I moved up and over her and gave her a kiss before I lifted and slowly forced my cock into her. She groaned as her tight pussy was stretched and hugged me. I began to press and grind and her pussy kept grasping. After a couple of minutes I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep thrusts.

She shook and lifted her legs and wiggled before she clutched me and wrapped her legs, “mmmm!”

I gave her a kiss and continued to fuck her and plant my cock. Before I knew it she was struggling and her pussy was constantly clenching. She twisted and spasmed and began to buck, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I fucked her firmly and kept grinding and finally I held her as I spewed sperm. She shuddered and hugged me when she felt the warm cum, “aaaahhhh!”

When I finished I pulled out and rolled her over and straddled her legs. I laid on her and pushed my cock back into her slimy pussy and she sighed and shifted. I fucked her until I did not have anymore sperm and then laid beside her and fingered and felt her. I woke to the morning chime and kissed June while fingering her.

She moaned and wiggled and finally jerked and shuddered as she opened her eyes, “mmmm!”

I grinned as I moved out of bed, “showers and breakfast.”

An hour and I was returning from checking the other boats. We untied and I started south once more, it was two weeks before things changed. I had noticed the different types of trees, some had spicy fruit and others had balls I thought were like cotton. At least until I checked and it was like a type of bread fruit.

After you removed the seeds and kneaded it and let it sit you could bake it. There were more birds and grey marsupials as well as trebels. That had more snakes in the trees and crocs in the water. When I saw the crocs swimming away fast I straightened and glanced back at June, “come take the wheel.”

Like everyday she was wearing a tiny bikini, this one was made from snake skin. She crossed from her school comp and I went to grab my rifle. I went forward and search the swamp ahead of us but I could not see a single croc. I shifted and lifted my rifle when I saw the large fin raise out of the water beside us, “turn to the west a little and head for the trees.”

From the size of the fin the fish had to be almost as long as the boat. The fin sank as the boat turned and I glanced back towards the other boats. It was a minute before I saw the very tip of the fin speeding towards us from the right. I moved to the side screen and aimed as it quickly came closer.

As the fin emerged and just before the fish struck I fired. The large plasma round slammed into the head and exploded through the brain. It still struck the boat before it began to thrash, “stop the boat!”

I leaned the rifle against the screen and ran through to the back. I grabbed a boat hook and moved to the side and lunged to snag the neo shark. I struggled to pull it against the side of the boat. I opened the rear screen and grabbed the two grav collars I normally used on large crocs. One went behind the head and the other around the body.

The next boat pulled up beside us and two of the men moved to help as I lifted the huge fish out of the water. I began to butcher it as the other boats tied up to each other. We passed meat from boat to boat while men stood watch. When I was done I let the remains sink into the water.

I went to wash and took the wheel as the other boats separated. This time I used the forward scan and steered the boat into water that was not as deep. The meat from the neo shark was a change from snake, croc, marsupial or trebel. It had woke me up that there were more things to avoid than snakes or crocs.

It was a month before we reached the equator. Every night June made sure I fucked her and pumped sperm into her. The swamp had narrowed to less than three hundred kilometers across. There was a narrow piece of land like a rocky crest that kept emerging from the swamp. We had just stopped for the night and I was getting ready to go hunting.

The swamp went silent and I looked up and around. The water here was only three meters deep and we were only a hundred meter from an out cropping of rock. Trebels screamed and fled to the north and south and even the grey Marsupials were fleeing. I gestured to June as I lifted my rifle, “inside.”

I climbed to the roof as I looked around and besides a group of dark Marsupials nothing was moving. I frowned as they headed towards us and shifted to aim my rifle, “EVERYONE INSIDE!”

These had large fangs and claws and did not look like any marsupial I had seen before. I fired as they reached the boats and the first fell onto a roof. The others froze as I shifted and then they were leaped from tree to tree and moving towards me fast. I shook my head and knelt to set the rifle down as I pulled my pistol.

I shot three quickly as they finally reached my boat. The first leaped and landed a couple of paces away. I shot it in the chest as a second jumped and I shifted to shoot it. One right after another they leaped to my boat and I had to do a rapid reload before I killed the last three. I looked around at the silent swamp before I shook my head, “I could use a little help.”

We made sure the animals were dead and then we skinned them. I took the four long fangs they each had and we ran tests on the meat before it was divided up. We tanned the pelts while cooking dinner and ran the DNA and sent it to the colony records section. I expected new animals but was hoping for something that was not trying to eat us.

I made sure every boat knew to keep the screens closed and the doors locked during the night. It was three days following the underwater ridge before we came to a section of swamp with deep water. It had a strong current and the trees were completely different and seemed to be floating. Branches were growing into other trees and the whole canopy was thick and green.

What drew my attention was a snake or what I thought was a snake. It was ten meters long but the body had thick armor like scales. It was calmly eating leaves from one of the trees while a real snake tried to take bites out of it. I stopped the boat to watch and realized the first snake was actually a worm.

It was slowly moving into the next tree and finally the real snake left. I looked at the trees as the other boats tied up. They were all one type and if I was right, the same tree. Branches sent long tendrils down and once they reached the water they would thicken. The tendrils would grow the bulb like base and become another tree trunk.

I also noticed there were very few crocs here, as if they did not like the current. I searched the branches but did not see any marsupial mobs. That was what everyone was calling the ones that were predators. I checked the scan readings under the water to see it was twenty meters deep. I could see a lot of large fish moving into and out of the current.

We had eaten and were watching the trees when suddenly an animal surged out of the water. It caught the side of the boat and climbed up the screen and looked at us as I lifted my rifle. It chirped and looked back and down before it climbed over and in. It moved towards the bow and looked out before laying down and curling up.

I looked at June and she grinned, “it almost looks like a giant otter but the mouth is different and the eyes are slitted.”

I nodded and pulled her back and into the house and closed the door. I moved out and slowly pushed the overhead screen forward and covered the bow. The animal glanced up before it put its head down. I shook my head and turned to pull June towards the back of the boat and the bed.

She grinned as she removed her bikini and went to her knees on the edge of the bed. I set my rifle and pistol beside the bed and undressed. I moved behind her and felt her pussy before I pulled her knees together. I sank my cock into her as I pulled her back and she sighed and her pussy squeezed.

I held her hips as I began to fuck her with deep strokes. It was not long before she was shaking and moaning. A few minutes and I was using firm thrusts and she was howling and shoving back hard, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I buried my cock each time and she twisted and jerked while her tight pussy kept clenching, “aaaahhhh!”

Her knees went wider as she slipped towards the bed. She tilted her hips even more and I fucked her hard and deep. It was several minutes before I shoved into her and held her hips as I pumped strong spurts of cum into her. She wiggled and squirmed while her pussy constantly squeeze, “mmmm!”

When I was done she pulled forward off my cock and rolled. She spread her legs and held out her arms. I moved over her and gave her a kiss as I pushed back into her. I woke to our timekeeper and slipped out of bed and put my shorts on. I went forward and looked out to see the swamp otter.

It lifted its head and looked at me before it stood and stretched. It looked up and I looked at the overhead screen before I pulled it back. I hesitated as it humped and moved to the side and opened the door. It stopped and turned to watch me and I moved slowly and slid the side screen back and open.

I backed to the door and it chirped and moved to the opening and slipped over the side and into the water. I grinned and went to close the screen and then went to wake June. After everyone was up we started moving and I saw more of the swamp otters. I even saw several catch and kill a small croc.

We stopped several hours before nightfall and tied off to trees. I took my skiff and went hunting and ten minutes later I saw the huge snake. It was easily twenty meters and sneaking up on what looked like two small swamp otters. I aimed and fired and the swamp went still except for the huge snake.

It crashed and slipped down the tree and I moved the skiff to the tree under it. I looked at the two small animals that had slipped into the roots of the tree. I struggled to pull the huge snake into the skiff and then started to turn away. A half dozen of the large swamp otters were floating beside other trees watching as I started back to the houseboats.

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