Walking Across Mist

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A chance remark and the next thing I knew I was planning to walk around the world. The world of Mist is very dangerous and filled with amazing creatures. Of course when Candy and Megan decided to help and go with me how could I refuse. After all they were girls and very beautiful and the giant insects could only kill me once.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   .

I was eighteen and a loner or I thought I was. The largest continent of Mist was Elacon and I had grown up in the largest city. I guess it started with guys bragging about what they were going to do when they finished school. I was not thinking when I said I was going to walk around Mist to find a place to settle.

That turned into a big thing as it was repeated and then changed to I was going to walk completely around the planet. To say I was embarrassed would be polite. When Candy and Megan approached me I was looking at maps to see if it was even possible. Candy bent over the table to look at the comp screen and I found myself staring into her blouse.

Megan giggled and bumped her and she looked up and then followed my look. The two girls were popular but I had never talked to them. Candy grinned and then giggled and Megan cleared her throat, “are you really walking around the planet?”

I sighed and looked at the map, “it is not going to be easy.”

She nodded, “but you could make a lot of credits.”

I blinked as I looked at her, “how?”

Candy shifted and leaned against her, “if you had supplies like spices and a stove and if you pulled a float sled...”

Megan picked up where she stopped, “you could kill insects or reptiles for their fur and to eat...”

Candy nodded, “and sell them on the other coast.”

They looked at each other and Megan nodded and looked at me, “we could go with you and pull extra sleds.”

That was how it started and before I knew it the two had everything organized. There were six, fifteen meter sleds that were five meters wide. Only one had anything in it when we started. We wore a ten millimeter pistol and carried a five millimeter rifle called a Prince. They were both sub sonic and used explosive rounds.

The girls also carried the first tracker that let the sleds behind us follow. When on the sleds floated three meters above the ground. My father thought I was crazy until he saw Candy and Megan and then he grinned. It took a day just to walk to the sonic barrier around the city. Our course was going straight across on this continent.

We slept in the sleds the first night since we were still inside the barrier. The next morning I shivered when I got up and started disconnecting the power feeds to each sled. I rolled up the cables and shut the small hydro reactor off. I looked around in the fog before moving to the front of the sled and looking into the dome tent.

Candy and Megan were naked and holding each other and after several moments I shook myself, “time to get up.”

Megan shifted and opened her eyes and smiled, “morning.”

I nodded and she turned and kissed Candy on the lips. I sighed and closed the door before I went to put on the survival vest and get the weapons. Ten minutes and I was leading with Candy behind me and Megan in the middle. I walked a couple of paces in front of Candy and she had three sleds following her while Megan had the other three.

Not even an hour outside of the barrier I stopped and stared at a cloud buzzard on a branch. I glanced at Candy before I aimed and squeezed the trigger. The head exploded and the body began to fall and I looked around before I started pushing through the bushes towards it. I froze when I pushed a branch out of the way and came face to face with a large insect.

I lifted the rifle and pointed at the head and fired. It dropped and Candy hissed, “what was that?”

I moved closer as it spasmed, “I think it is an indigo.”

She moved up beside me and nodded, “yeah.”

I looked around and gestured to her rifle, “watch for me and let Megan know.”

She nodded and I pulled my knife and knelt to skin the insect. The fur almost peeled off by itself and the cloud buzzard was just as easy. Ten minutes and we were walking again but of course we almost walked right into the indigo nest. I killed thirty before they retreated to the nest. Megan hooked her three sleds to Candy’s and came to help me.

She rode the last sled when we were done and started using the cleaning and tanning bots. Candy had collected legs and put them in a long stasis box on our sled to cook for dinner. I do not know how many insects I killed that first day but it was a lot. I only shot one reptile and the chalker was huge but it had charge us.

I shot ropes up over branches that afternoon and lifted the sleds up into the air. I filled the water tanks and filtered several liters for us to drink. Candy and Megan were in the first sled and had put up the tent in the front. The door faced the rear and they were roasting the meat from inside the indigo legs.

I climbed the rope ladder and pulled it up and set everything down. Megan smiled as she bumped Candy who looked at her and then grinned as she looked at me. She gestured, “come help me spread out some of the furs.”

She moved to the tent and I followed but when I opened the door it was to see her stripping. I hesitated and she reached out to pull me in, “tonight you start sleeping with us.”

I blushed and stammered, “I have never been with a girl.”

She stared and then grinned as she started stripping me. She pushed me down and straddled me before she lifted and then slowly impaled her tight pussy. I groaned as her warm pussy surrounded and gripped my cock and she wiggled and sat and then laid on me. She kissed me and rolled and pulled me with her.

I ended up on her and she shifted and humped while her pussy squeezed. She rubbed my back, “go ahead and fuck me.”

Her pussy was warm and I pulled back and started with long, deep strokes. Slowly I began to use firm thrusts and press to get deeper. She clutched me a few minutes later and her pussy clenched, “aaaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her while her pussy constantly squeezed. She struggled and shook and I fucked her hard. She thrashed and bucked and finally I shoved into her and held her as I gushed huge spurts of sperm. She gasped and her pussy gripped my cock, “YES!”

I kept pushing into her while I came and when I was done I pulled back and started to fuck her again. She hugged me tight and shuddered before she giggled and shook me, “you have to give Megan some.”

She pushed me back and out and I sighed and looked at her pussy. She shifted and knelt and gave me a kiss, “you get to fuck it more tonight.”

I grinned and she pulled me after her and out. Megan smiled and gestured, “dinner is ready.”

It was great and Candy whispered to Megan while we ate. The sun was going down as I helped clean up and then pushed the girls into the tent. I looked around before I followed them in and turned to close and seal the door. I turned as Candy held a dim light and I saw Megan naked and on the bed.

I moved towards them as Candy turned the light off. I had to feel my way and Megan giggled as she caught my hand and pulled it straight to her pussy. I moved down as she spread her legs and started to lick and suck on her clit. She shivered and moaned and lifted her hips as I kept it up.

It was a few minutes before she shuddered and spasmed and I stopped and moved up. I sank my cock into her and settled as I gave her a kiss. I pressed and humped and rubbed while her tight pussy kept grasping and squeezing. Finally I pulled back and began to fuck her with deep thrusts.

She clutched me and lifted her legs and wrapped them around me, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I fucked her firmly and kept kissing her as she wiggled and shook. It took awhile and she had cried out in my mouth several times. I shoved into her and pressed to get deep as I spewed and spurted. She jerked and hugged me while her pussy clenched, “aaaahhhh!”

When I was done I relaxed and waited for her to catch her breath. My eyes had adjusted and I saw Candy beside us fingering her pussy. When Megan laid back with a sigh I pulled out and moved toward Candy. I woke to the girls shivering and shifted and moved off the bed. I brought back a quilt and spread it over them.

I dressed and slipped out and had to feel my way to the camp stove and started a pot of water. I looked into the fog and listened to the sounds of the world waking up. Not much was going to be moving in the fog. Above us in the trees I heard a hum and beating of wings. I made a cup of tea and sat sipping it and heard the girls getting up.

I was turning and reaching out to set the enamel cup down when the sound of wings grew louder. Suddenly the head and upper body of a Jacket came out of the fog and almost into me. I pulled the pistol I was wearing as I fell back and fired into the head. It exploded and the whole body dropped into the sled and writhed around.

It took several moments before I calmed down. I searched the fog and finally put the pistol away. I pulled my knife and started to skin it and then carefully rolled the body to and then over the side. I cleaned the knife and made another cup of tea. The fog was thinning when the girls came out and stopped to look at the black and gold Jacket pelt.

They looked at each other and Candy cleared her throat, “where did that come from?”

I poured two more cups for tea, “it came to tea.”

They grinned and came to sit and have a cup of tea and eat breakfast. Finally the mist was gone and we collapsed the tent and lowered the sleds. Candy took the Jacket pelt to the last sled and climbed in before we started walking. I kept looking up and around for more Jackets but we did not see any.

Like the day before I killed a lot of insects including one called a Turtle. It was a mid green color with blended spots of brown. It was also a scavenger and the body was four meters across and long. Just before we stopped for the day I saw what looked like a clump of leaves and sticks on the side of a tree.

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