Temple Child

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: I was left at the temple in the snow and raised by monks and priests. They taught me right and wrong and how to fight to defend that right or the weak and innocent. When I made the choice not to become a monk it meant I had to leave and return to the outside world. Only I walked into one of those moments when I was forced to defend the weak. That led to teaching balance to a boy in need of guidance and direction as well as defending him against a noble seeking revenge.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   .

I brushed the staff to the side once more and caught the second. I yanked and leaped and twisted as I rolled and landed on the other side of the staff. I snapped a kick out and the monk to the left went down. I caught the falling staff with my left hand and spun it and stepped back. I brought it down and across to knock two staffs away before I shoved.

The end of the staff came up and slammed into one of the two remaining monks and he folded. I slid aside and twisted while bringing the staff spinning up. The last staff went into the air as I twist and kicked to the side and the monk’s leg was kicked out from under him. I moved after him but the temple master clapped, “enough.”

I straightened and faced him and bowed and he nodded. The others stood slowly and he sighed, “it is time you choose James.”

I sighed as I looked around before I shook my head, “I can not stay master.”

He nodded and bowed, “we did not think you would. You are ready to leave. You have many paths to choose from.”

I could still hear those words a week later as I walked the huge city garden. I had left that day and had even managed to find work cleaning offices the next. I saw the large gathering ahead and turned to walk around and through tall flowering bushes. I could hear the laughter and the music as I moved.

When I stepped into a isolated little clearing four large men were holding a teenage girl and a boy. A man faced them and sneered, “I told your father I would pay him back one day.”

I moved towards them and he pulled a wicked looking knife. I cleared my throat, “that is not the way.”

They jerked and looked at me and the man glared, “stay out of this priest.”

I looked down at the same type of robe I had worn all my life before I looked at him, “I can not allow you to harm them.”

He snorted as he moved towards the struggling boy and I was finally close enough and caught his shoulder, “no.”

He spun and lunged and my other hand brushed the knife away and I struck into the base of his throat. He gagged and choked as the four men shoved the girl and boy down and started for me. One was pulling something from inside a jacket and I took a step. As his hand came out I reached out and caught it and the weapon.

I twisted and turned and spun as I kicked out. One of the men screamed as his knee was broken. The one I held screamed as his wrist broke and he flipped into the other two men. I moved towards them and snapped a kick down and another screamed as I broke his collar bone. I spun and kicked to the side and the last fell after getting halfway to his feet.

I looked at them and then at the man still gagging. I looked at the wide eyed girl and boy and gestured, “go back to your party.”

I watched them leave before I slipped away through the bushes. It was later that night when I was working that the two royal guards found me. I glanced at them while working and one cleared his throat, “his majesty wishes to speak to you.”

The other did not speak but his eyes flickered over me and around the office. I straightened, “I have work.”

The guard smiled, “I am sure they will understand.”

I smiled, “perhaps but it would be impolite to leave my work for another or undone. I will come after I finish.”

They looked at each other as I went back to work and moved away and whispered. Three hours later I was finished and left with the guards. They took me to the huge palace grounds and into a side door. The halls were almost empty as we walked in and then up. At a set of double doors one gestured and the other knocked.

It was moments before an older man in a house robe stepped out. He looked at me and gestured down the hall. I followed as he went to another door and opened it. He walked in and I stopped to look around the room before I once more followed. I looked at the door when the guards closed it and then back at the man.

He sat with a sigh and gestured to another chair. I sat and he took a breath, “it seems I owe you a debt.”

I smiled, “we all owe debts.”

He smiled, “you saved my son.”

I thought of the boy in the garden, “the one the man was going to harm.”

He blinked, “lord Sonders.”

He looked at the walls of books around the room, “I did not think he would try something like this. Lady Kent’s maid confirmed what my son said and I have summoned lord Sonders to the nobles court.”

He looked at me, “she told us you had not used weapons.”

I shifted and shrugged, “they were not needed.”

He kept looking at me and his eyes looked at the old temple robe, “you are a temple child?”

I nodded, “I was left in the snow at their gate. The temple master named me and I joined the other orphans they taught.”

He stood and began to pace, “my son is not a fighter. He is more into reading and science.”

It was a moment before he looked at me, “would you teach him?”

I walked to the window and looked out as I thought and finally I nodded. Before I knew what was happening I was shown to a set of rooms. One of the guards said my things would be brought. I walked through the rooms and felt the huge bed before I turned to move a chair to the window.

An hour and my clothes were brought in. I went to shower and changed into a clean robe. I went to search for the kitchen and a guard gave me directions. I ate as the sun was coming up and then went for a walk. More than once guards ran towards me before slowing and then turning away.

In a small private garden I stretched and sat to calm my mind. I finally stood and began the exercises that had once been called katas. I moved smoothly with as much grace as the temple master and the priests had taught me. I felt the shift in the air around me and sighed as I straightened and turned.

I bowed to a woman and the boy from the day before. The woman smiled and nodded, “good morning.”

I nodded, “yes it seems to be.”

The boy grinned as she blinked and then grinned. I gestured to a bench to one side, “would you like to sit?”

The woman shook her head, “I wanted to meet you and brought my son.”

I bowed and she turned and walked away. I moved to the bench, “first you must stretch.”

The boys sighed, “I know my father wants you to teach me to fight but...”

I moved towards him, “but you are small and weak.”

He glared and I shook my head and slapped him. He looked hurt and surprised as I looked into his eyes, “stop me.”

He opened his mouth and I slapped him again. He stepped back and rubbed his face and I followed, “stop me.”

I slapped him several times before he tried to block my hand and I nodded, “see you can defend yourself.”

I pointed to the bench, “sit.”

He glared and finally moved to the bench and I waited. I sat on the ground in front of him, “many people believe you must be strong to defend yourself. This is not always true. First you must have the desire to not be hurt. What I will teach you is not how to block but how to turn the attack away.”

I stood and gestured, “stand and stretch.”

It was an hour before I began to teach him and he was actually paying attention and enjoying it. Another hour and he stretched before leaving for classes. I felt relaxed as I went back inside and walked through the palace. I stopped to watch several young women whispering and giggling and then returned to my room.

I hesitated when I saw the teenage girl from the park. She smiled, “I saw you in the garden.”

I nodded and she moved towards me and pulled me in and closed the door. She looked at the robe, “they said you are not a priest.”

I shook my head, “an orphan they took in and raised.”

She grinned as she pressed against me, “have you had sex?”

I shook my head again and she stepped back and stripped. I hesitated before I removed the robe and she looked at my hard cock and licked her lips. She moved closer and wrapped her hand around it and then grinned and gave it a stroke. She let it go and caught my hand and pulled me to my bed and laid back.

I looked at her body as I laid beside her and reached out to feel and caress. Her body was different, softer and smoother. She smiled and pulled my hand away from her breast and down between her legs. Her mound was almost hot and bare with a tiny area of trimmed hair. Her pussy was smooth and felt swollen.

When I ran a finger through her slit she shuddered and moaned. Her pussy was wet and felt amazing and she turned and pulled as she laid back and spread her legs. She reached between our bodies and shifted and then pulled. The feel of her warm and slippery pussy as my cock sank into her was something I will never forget.

She sighed and hugged me as I began to grind and then pulled back and fucked her. I used deep thrusts and her pussy began to grasp my cock. She shook and shuddered as she lifted her hips to meet each stroke. Before long she was clinging to me as I fucked her firmly, “aaaahhhh!”

She struggled and jerked and then wailed and started bucking, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I kept fucking her for a little longer before I buried my cock and held her. My cock was throbbing and my balls churning. I shook and suddenly I was gushing a strong stream of sperm. She gasped and clutched me when she felt the warmth flooding her, “YES!”

She wiggled and squirmed but I held her under me while pumping more cum. When I was finished I slowly relaxed and she was still panting and sighed. She giggled and kissed me, “again.”

That turned out to be several before I stopped and held her. She kissed me passionately and moved off the bed, “I have to go.”

I watched her dress before I got up and went to the fresher and then took a cool shower. I put on another robe and walked through the palace. I stopped to help a cleaner in a huge library and then a maid in another empty looking room. In what was the guard exercise area I found ancient weapons like a spear and sword.

I stretched and borrowed several to practice. The few guards that saw stopped to watch as I went through the many katas. I finally stopped and put the weapons back before I left and went to the library. I sat and used a reader as I began to flash read about government. At ten thousand words a minute I went through a lot of material.

After I finished I left and went outside and began to walk to think of what I had learned. In the afternoon I returned to the garden and sat to meditate. I stopped when the prince returned with one of his guards. I stood and gestured to the area in front of me, “stretch.”

When I went to bed that night November slipped in with me. The prince learned quickly and with that came strength and assurance. I spent a couple of hours with him each morning and an hour in the afternoon. I also talked with him and slowly what he learned became reaction. I studied each day and even invested money.

I helped those in the palace that needed it. Each night and sometimes during the day November pulled me to bed. Lord or earl Sonders was stripped of his patent and sent into exile. His younger brother took his place and gave his oath before the nobles court. What he did not do was kneel and give his oath to the emperor.

It was a couple of months later when I walked out in the morning and noticed different guards than normal. These watched me and did not look impartial. I stretched and exercised before prince Adam arrived. This time he seemed relaxed and happy as he began to stretch, “father is going to watch our class this afternoon.”

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