Fineprint 2: Republic
Chapter 6: Three is a Crowd

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 6: Three is a Crowd - Set in the Pinwheel universe, Dennis and Ursi travel to Earth, to found their Siberian colony.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Coercion   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   Space   DomSub   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   Tit-Fucking   Size   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Violent   Royalty   Politics  

With nightfall came another feast, and the pack, or the village, as he could now call them, crowded the dining tables waiting for their meat. The butchers brought the freshly cooked kills, and the usual flurry of activity followed, the Borealans tearing into the platters of food with their hooked claws and sharp teeth. Ursi seemed to like the venison, savoring the soft, tender meat and taking her time to chew it, the mutton however she wolfed down with abandon, it barely touched the sides. Looking around the table at the other aliens, Dennis remarked that a handful of them were also putting on weight. Ursi was not the only one who was overindulging it seemed. He wondered if he should do something about it as he chewed a piece of jerked moose, try to make them more aware of the impact the change in environment was having on their bodies. If he didn’t make sure they were informed, who would? Even the petite (by Borealan standards) Kaisha was filling out, though it looked good on her previously svelte body, her breasts and hips swelling to accentuate her figure.

He felt his member twinge under the table, and looked away, concentrating on his meal. Ursi eyed him with a sly, sideways glance, her lips curling into a knowing smile. She leaned closer to him, smirking and whispering under her breath.

“If you will not ask her Dennis, I will.”

His face burned, could Ursi smell arousal on him? The damned aliens had keen noses, or did she just know him well enough to see right through him? Probably the latter. He cleared his throat, and changed the subject quickly.

“Ursi, I want to hold a meeting in the longhouse, and I want all the Borealans to attend.”

“Whatever for?” She chewed a mouthful of venison, the juices from the succulent cut escaping her lips to stain her fur as she spoke.

“You’re all eating too much, and it has become a matter of public health.”

She rolled her eyes, an oddly human gesture, and hooked another slab of mutton with her claws.

“I’m serious, Ursi. It’s not just you, the pack needs to be informed about the problem. I understand that no Borealan has ever needed to watch their diet before, but you must adapt to your new environment.”

She dangled the meat above her mouth, letting it fall, catching it in her teeth and munching wetly. Was she mocking him?

“Do it as a favor to me.”

She swallowed, then sighed, leaning on the table with her head in her hands.

“Fine Dennis. You may have your meeting, and once it is done, will you drop this issue?”

He nodded.

“All I want is for everyone to be made aware of the problem, afterwards it’s their own responsibility to do something about it. That goes for you too.”

“I have but one condition.”

“What’s that,” he asked suspiciously, crossing his arms. Ursi smirked, a mischievous glint in her eye as she glanced over the table at Kaisha. She turned back to Dennis, whispering again.

“Bring Kaisha back to our cabin tonight.”

“H-how am I supposed to that? I can’t speak Borealan...” She grinned as his face burned red and he shifted uncomfortably on his plastic stool.

“Figure it out. I know that you like her, and I want her too. I could just order it, but it is more fun to watch you struggle.”

“You’re unbelievable, you know that?”

“So I have been told...” She popped another burger into her mouth, barely the size of a small sandwich to her, and chewed while maintaining eye contact with him, unable to keep a straight face as her lips curled into a wry smile.

One of the Borealans brought them a round of drinks and tobacco pipes, and Ursi puffed contentedly, chewing on a bone and taking the occasional sip of her pink beverage. She seemed to be taking her time with it today, perhaps wanting to remain sober for what she imagined would be a fun night of toying with him and Kaisha. As much as it hurt his pride to have Ursi lead him around by the nose, he also enjoyed it on a lower, more base level. The conflict he felt when she treated him like that was almost becoming arousing in itself. She loved him, but she had a sadistic streak that usually resulted in him, and unfortunate bystanders, being left in a shivering, panting wreck of tangled limbs and loins.

“Stop thinking about it, and just do it! She will be leaving soon, when the tobacco runs out.”

He shot her a distressed look, then climbed gingerly down from his stool, walking past the other seated Borealans and over to where Kaisha was sat, one of the long pipes dangling from her lips, trailing grey smoke lazily as she puffed. Dennis straightened his tie nervously, glancing back at Ursi for support, but she was smirking, eagerly awaiting the spectacle she sought to create.

“Er ... excuse me,” Dennis muttered meekly, and Kaisha turned to look around. Finding nobody at eye level, she looked down to see him standing beside her stool. She burbled something in Borealan, a greeting of some kind? A simple acknowledgment? Impossible to say. How the hell was he supposed to ask her anything when they didn’t share a common language? His face burned and he felt Ursi’s gleeful stare on his back.

“Ursi wanted to know ... well, I wanted to ask you if you’d like ... if you’d care to join us, me and Ursi, tonight in our cabin for ... for...”

Kaisha cocked her head at him, confused, and he heard Ursi slam the table with her fist, laughing riotously as he stammered and wrung his hands. She let him steam for another few moments, then composed herself and called something across the table in their native language. Kaisha looked surprised for a second, then her expression softened and she looked back at Dennis, smiling warmly. She nodded.

“Come back Dennis!” Ursi chuckled, taking another drink as he marched back to his stool, face bright red.

“You are a funny creature Dennis, I cannot help myself. Do not be angry, I’ll make it up to you, and so will Kaisha...”

He bit off a mouthful of dried moose jerky and chewed, waiting for his face to cool down.

Night fell, and the Borealans filed out of the longhouse, returning to their private dwellings, full of meat and some quite tipsy, staggering though the snow. Dennis trailed behind Ursi as she left through the heavy, wooden doors and into the cold wind, her fur blowing in the chill breeze. Dennis hugged his arms to his body, he wanted to get back to the warmth of the fire at their cabin as soon as possible. He felt something furry grip his hand, and turned his head to see Kaisha standing beside him. She smiled, interlocking her fluffy fingers with his, her warmth spreading up through his arm. He blushed again, and Ursi chuckled.

“Well, now that everyone is here, let us return home.”

They walked back through the snow to Ursi’s cabin, it was very close to the longhouse so they didn’t have to go far. They pushed the door open, and Dennis removed his snow caked boots at the threshold so as not to track it across the floorboards. The trio sat on the wooden benches, padded with soft fabric that encircled the fire in the center of the building, and warmed themselves as the flames licked at the stone that enclosed them.

Dennis rubbed his hands, reaching towards the fire. He felt a bit awkward, when Ursi had included people in their ... activities, in the past, it had been very spontaneous and Dennis hadn’t had much of a say in the matter, this was the first time he had known about it it in advance. He snuck a glance at Kaisha, who was waiting patiently, the embers painting her white fur in an orange flow.

She was short for a Borealan, closer to his height than Ursi’s nine feet, but still much taller than him. As he had remarked at the dining table, her previously svelte, slight figure was filling out. Her breasts paled in comparison to Ursi’s exaggerated pair, but they were no less shapely, hanging heavily in her immodest clothing as she leaned towards the warmth.

They sat for a while in silence, before Ursi nudged him with her elbow, leaning down and whispering in his ear.

“What are you waiting for? You like her, do you not? I can smell that she likes you.”

Before he could stammer an answer she pushed him along the bench until he was beside Kaisha, and she looked down at him, curious. Her furry ears swiveled to focus on him, and she blinked her big, blue eyes at him. Ursi pressed up behind him, her breasts pushing against the back of his head through her tight, revealing top. She wrapped her arms around his chest, and bit his ear softly. He flinched, and his face burned as Kaisha watched them, seemingly unsure of how to react. Ursi whispered to him again, her warm breath on his neck as she nuzzled.

“You want her, so reach out, and take her.”

He raised an unsteady hand, and Kaisha tracked it with her eyes. He sunk his fingers into the downy fur of her thigh, pressing them into the soft fat. She rubbed them together, seeming to enjoy the sensation, then gripped his wrist, guiding it up her body, over her doughy belly and under the strap that held her bust aloft. Her eyelids fluttered as the meat of her ample breast spilled around his fingers, and he delved into the inviting, malleable flesh.

“That’s right,” Ursi encouraged, he could hear her breathing more heavily in his ear as she watched him grope Kaisha, a hint of anticipation in her tone as she squeezed his torso in her strong arms. She hissed something in Borealan to Kaisha, and the girl released Dennis’ hand, leaning closer and caressing his cheek with her clawed fingers. She loomed over him, blocking out the light from the fireplace and casting him into shadow as she pressed her soft lips gently against his. Ursi leered at them, her hot breath tickling him as she watched Kaisha’s tongue push past his lips and into his mouth. Her embrace was slow and strong, the muscle of her tongue exploring him, the rough surface grazing his organ and the tapered tip touching against the roof of his mouth and the back of his throat, sending sparks of pleasure through his nervous system. She tasted vaguely of the tobacco they smoked, and a hint of sweet, fruity flavor from their traditional alcohol. She raised a second hand to his other cheek, cradling his face in her velvet palms as she kissed more earnestly now, sliding a little closer to him on the bench. Ursi pricked his neck with her teeth, in the way that she knew would bring him to his knees, and he gasped, a shiver running down his spine as he collapsed backwards into her, Kaisha following him down, keeping her smooth lips locked to his. She licked rhythmically, wrestling with Dennis as Ursi forced shudders and gasps from him, exploiting his every weak spot with her gentle bites and raking tongue. His mind was a haze, and his erection strained against his pants, throbbing in time with his heart as it threatened to leap from his chest.

He was leaning back against Ursi, whose legs were to either side of the bench, straddling it as she hugged him to her body, and Kaisha had taken up the opposite position, one leg to either side of the bench, and she now crawled closer in order to perch over his lap, not quite sitting on him, perhaps for fear of crushing him. Dennis felt one of Ursi’s arms leave his torso and sneak down his back, disappearing between her thighs. Her chest rose and fell a little faster, her breathing becoming more ragged as she mouthed and kissed his neck, craning her head down to reach the smaller human.

Kaisha’s tongue uncoiled from inside his mouth, an obscene length that he wouldn’t have believed would fit, teasing his lips on the way out. Dennis gasped, shivering and panting, Ursi’s warm saliva coating his neck and Kaisha’s dripping from his chin. Ursi trapped his earlobe between her teeth and tugged, jolting him out of his fugue.

She mumbled something to Kaisha, who rose to her height, pressing her breasts into Dennis’ face as she met Ursi’s embrace, their pink, slippery tongues entwined like snakes as Dennis looked up at them from below, catching a stray string of saliva on his forehead. The two of them tussled, kissing aggressively, their downy fur rubbing against him on all sides, the meat of their weighty breasts enveloping his head as they squeezed together.

Ursi buried her hands in Kaisha’s long mane of hair, gripping handfuls as their long kiss dragged out. It was clear who was in control, and that this encounter was as much for Ursi’s amusement as it was for him to get together with Kaisha, less about Dennis and Kaisha than about Ursi and her ravenous sexual appetite. Still, he felt as if his brain might boil out of his skull as the two aliens battled and clawed at each other all around him.

Ursi broke away with a wet pop, leaving Kaisha to sink into Dennis, panting and shivering after being subjected to one of Ursi’s stamina-draining kisses.

“Dennis ... let’s go to bed,” Ursi crooned, and after repeating the command to Kaisha in Borealan, she wrapped her powerful arms around them both, lifting them by the waist like dolls. She carried them to the bedroom, Kaisha covering her face with her hands as she bounced under Ursi’s arm, embarrassed, or perhaps just surprised by Ursi’s manhandling. Ursi was so strong, Kaisha was a great deal heavier than him, but as a result of the low gravity and Ursi’s already impressive muscle mass, she hefted the pair effortlessly. She placed them beside the bed unceremoniously, then dropped down on the mattress, the springs creaking with the stress of supporting her massive frame. She lay back against the pile of pillows with her legs splayed, then beckoned for the two of them to join her. Being significantly smaller than Ursi, Kaisha was able to fit between her soft thighs, along with Dennis, and the two embraced as Ursi enclosed them in her limbs. They leaned on her cushiony body, one of Ursi’s arms around each of them as they pressed closer together.

Dennis rubbed his face in Ursi’s silky fur, her protruding belly like a pillow, digging his fingers into her yielding body as her one of her heavy breasts rested on his head. He was distracted by Kaisha trying to pull off his pants, and suddenly both aliens were tearing off his clothes. Ursi pulled his shirt over his head and Kaisha succeeded in undoing his belt and tugging off his pants, his erection bouncing loose. Their delicate hair tickled his skin, inviting, like a blanket made from animal pelt, and he jerked, feeling Ursi run her dull claws down his spine.

“You look like you are about to fall apart, Dennis. I can arrange that, in time I can make you pass out from the things I will do to you, but for now, pleasure me.”

She barked an order at Kaisha in their hissing, feline language, and she bowed her head, beginning to move towards Ursi’s open thighs.

“She will do anything I tell her to do, because I am her Alpha, and you, Dennis,” she lifted his burning face with her finger, gazing down at him as his breath came in ragged gasps, his hand squeezing the irresistible chub of her plump body. “You will do anything I tell you, because you love me.”

She said it so confidently, simply stating a fact, but the declaration made his heart throb in his chest, and sent butterflies roiling through his belly. He didn’t want to admit it, but she was right. At this moment he would have done anything she asked of him, no matter how obscene or undignified, if it would please her. Seeing the submission in his expression, she crooned, running her claws through his hair, and he lowered his head to join Kaisha, Ursi practically drooling in anticipation.

“Stroke my thighs, kiss my belly, make it good...”

He felt Ursi flinch as Kaisha dragged her long, textured tongue up her vulva, her flowing nectar wetting Kaisha’s face, matting her fur. Dennis gripped Ursi’s inner thigh, combing her velvet coat with his fingers, and she squirmed, looking down at them over the obscuring mounds of her breasts as they mouthed and kissed. She gripped Kaisha by the hair, tugging and directing her as Dennis watched her pink organ slip inside Ursi’s leaking opening, extending her tongue to its full length. His cock jumped at the sight, she must be as deep inside Ursi as his member could reach, and judging by Ursi’s squeaks and pained gasps, she was licking her insides, teasing her deepest and most sensitive spots.

Refusing to be outdone, Dennis leaned down, and Kaisha made space for him as he pressed his lips against the hood of skin that protected Ursi’s clitoris. Ursi let out a groan, almost sounding afraid as he probed for her engorged protrusion with the tip of his tongue. He found it, and pressed his lips around it, teasing the stiff surface with glancing licks.

Now it was Ursi’s turn to cover her face with her hands, exhaling a cry that sounded like an angry kitten. She tried to close her thighs on them reflexively, but Dennis and Kaisha held them open, sinking their hands into the fur and massaging the supple flesh beneath.

Kaisha increased her pace, practically fucking Ursi with her long, agile tongue, and Dennis mouthed her sopping mound gently, trapping her hard nub of flesh between his lips, sucking and lapping at it. It was a little hard to stay on target as Ursi bucked and arched her back, rolling her hips in a primal attempt to get more stimulation, to drive Kaisha deeper inside her.

They moved their hands through the fur of her thighs, over her belly, squeezing her chubby butt and stroking her pubic mound. Ursi writhed and moaned, the usually composed and domineering queen threatening to break as they tormented her, ropes of her thick, viscous excitement dampening her thighs and staining the bed sheets. Her tail coiled around Dennis’ arm, tightening as she glared down at him. She seemed almost pissed off that they were having such a powerful effect on her. He circled her clitoris with his tongue and she threw her head back into the pillows, gritting her teeth, sharp fangs exposed.

She cursed in her native tongue, gripping her breasts and kneading them violently, deforming the tender flesh under her fingers, growling and twitching as Kaisha coiled inside her.

“D-don’t stop, do not stop,” she growled, “I’m ... almost...”

She shuddered violently, her powerful, steely muscles locking up, her back arched high into the air, and she let out a low whine. Kaisha coughed below him, her mouth flooded with Ursi’s emission, thick globs of it sliding down her chin. They held on to her as best they could as she humped the air, maintaining their assault on her, the proud monarch reduced to a shivering, leaking wreck as she finally fell back to the bed, twitching and panting. Her thighs, mound, Kaisha’s face and the bed below were a sodden mess, dripping with her juices.

The pair mouthed and kissed gently now, teasing out the last few jolts of pleasure as Ursi’s massive body relaxed, her thighs still shuddering gently.

Dennis crept up her body, coming to rest with his face buried in her furry neck, and his raging erection pushing into her paunchy belly. Kaisha soon joined him, wrapping her arms around her queen and making slow circles on her lower abdomen with her hand.

Ursi basked in the afterglow, turning her head to press her lips against Dennis’, slipping her meaty tongue into his mouth and delivering a grateful, reconciliatory kiss that made his head spin, tugging his lower lip in her teeth as she withdrew.

“Let me rest a moment,” she gasped, her voice cracking, “and then I will have my revenge.”

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