Fineprint 2: Republic
Chapter 2: Cabin Fever

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 2: Cabin Fever - Set in the Pinwheel universe, Dennis and Ursi travel to Earth, to found their Siberian colony.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Coercion   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   Space   DomSub   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   Tit-Fucking   Size   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Violent   Royalty   Politics  

It took them a while to finish eating, the calorific intake of an adult Borealan was massive. When they were done, the sun was low in the sky, and it didn’t look as if they would get any more work done that day.

Ursi walked over to Dennis, sitting heavily beside him on the cargo bay floor.

“We’ve gone over the plans, I think everyone knows their task now. We must wait for the bark to boil so that we can use the strips as rope in order to tie the logs together. As the strips dry, they will tighten, until they become as strong as welded metal. At least that is what I expect to happen, assuming the bark on your trees is similar to the kind found on Borealis.”

Dennis nodded. She eyed him, then ran her fingers through his hair, he sighed as the gentle claws tickled him.

“I believe you owe me a massage, Dennis.”

His face reddened, and he looked up at her, a wry smile on her lips.

“How about we retreat to your cabin? I need to ‘let off some steam’, as you say.” Ursi rose, taking his hand in her fluffy grip, and led him out of the cargo bay, crouching as they entered the corridors of the ship proper. She was so large that her bulk almost filled the hallway, if someone were to try to pass her, they would simply have to retreat until they found a side room, it wouldn’t be possible.

They reached Dennis’ cabin, and the automatic doors opened to allow them entry, closing behind them. Ursi engaged the privacy lock with her padded finger on the touch sensitive controls, struggling to hit the human-sized icon with her large finger, then turned to Dennis. The cabin was barely wide enough for a single human occupant, and now Ursi was crammed inside with him, all nine feet of her. She was bent over, her heavy breasts hanging attractively in their slings of light fabric, and the paunch of her belly, padded with insulating fat, protruded subtly over her waistline. She seemed to fill the space, and Dennis backed up towards his bunk.

The tiny room was already swimming with her scent, a flowery perfume, and underneath it a familiar, womanly musk that set his heart beating faster and sent blood to his cheeks.

She placed her large hand on his chest, and pushed him up against the bulkhead, her powerful, steely muscles, trained over a lifetime to support her massive frame in the crushing gravity of Borealis, now even stronger in the low gravity. She would start to lose her muscle tone over time as she adapted to Earth’s environment, but for now she was as commanding and as imposing as ever.

Pinning him to the wall with one hand, she leaned down towards him, burying her furry face in the nape of his neck, breathing in his scent. Dennis gasped as he felt her soft, warm lips probe his neck, kissing wetly, moving down to his shoulder as she slipped her shiny, black claws beneath his jacket, pulling it open. He felt a pinch as her sharp teeth pressed into his skin, warning him to stay still as she clumsily undressed him, her fluffy fingers pushing under his shirt and stroking his belly.

The metal hull was cool on his back, contrasting with the heat emanating from Ursi’s body as she pressed closer to him, and the warmth of her breath on his skin. Her hand slid down past his navel, tugging at his pants with her hooked claws and irritating the burgeoning erection beneath as it rubbed against the fabric of his underwear. After a moment she succeeded, and his member bounced free, jumping in the air in time with his heartbeat as she teased the sensitive tip with her soft fingers.

Dennis took some initiative, cupping her dangling breasts in his hands and squeezing them, kneading the supple flesh and deforming the globes in his grip. He lifted them, testing their impressive weight as Ursi’s eyelids fluttered, enjoying his attentions. They were massive by human standards, and the largest he had seen on a Borealan so far, larger than his head. Even on Ursi’s exaggerated frame they were plump and heavy, the delicate fat hiding firm breast tissue, revealed by his probing fingers as they sunk deep into her flesh. He pulled them out of their supports, her gossamer clothing falling away, revealing her pink nipples protruding through her downy fur, engorged and expectant.

He sucked one into his mouth, catching it between his tongue and his teeth, and applying a gentle pressure. Ursi huffed warm air down his shirt, grunting as he chewed softly, her lips curling to expose her fangs. She gripped his member in her hand, the silky fur teasing his skin, and squeezed, making his knees buckle. He slid down the wall, coming to a sitting position as Ursi crouched over him, lowering herself to her knees. She lifted his chin with a finger, and pressed her puffy lips against his. Her long, slippery tongue snaked into his mouth, coiling around inside his head and tickling the back of his throat with its agile, pointed tip. Dennis felt as if he would melt, a terrible longing grew in his belly, and his member throbbed and burned in her palm, her velvet hair tickling his glans as it leaked precum, wetting her fur. Ursi kissed like a goddess, her deft, practiced movements sending chills down his spine and clouding his mind, the copper taste of her saliva prickling his taste buds. She could bring him to orgasm using nothing more than her skilled embrace if she chose to, the memory making Dennis seethe with barely contained excitement as she cradled his face in her hand, drawing out the salacious kiss until his eyes watered and he felt he might black out. She released him, chuckling as he panted, a string of her viscous saliva hanging from his chin as she stroked his erection slowly, enticing him to greater heights of desire.

“I said I wanted a massage,” she whispered into his ear. “I’m still sore from the jump.”

“Anything you want...”

“Good boy,” she breathed, and pinched his ear in her teeth, tugging gently. She rose to her feet, as high as the low ceiling would allow, and shuffled over to the bunk.

It was about four feet too small for her to lie down on, but she did her best, angling her body so that her torso was lying on the spongy mattress, and her legs trailed onto the floor, her enormous breasts squashed under her body as she rested her head on her arms. She flicked her tail expectantly, almost destroying a light fixture in the process.

Dennis rose to his feet, his legs shaky, and discarded what remained of his clothing. He delved his hands into the soft, white fur of her back. It had been a few days since she had been able to bathe and apply her diverse concoctions of soaps and shampoos, but it was still as soft and silky as ever. He dragged his fingers through her velvet coat, finding her warm, smooth skin beneath. Ursi crooned happily, shifting her hips as he pushed his fingertips deeper into her fat, seeking out the muscle beneath. Equatorial Borealans, who lived in the temperate zones along the planet’s equator and made up the bulk of the aliens who interacted with humans and served in the UNN, were best as described as ‘ripped’. A combination of the planet’s gravity and their high protein, mostly meat based diet made them incredibly muscular and strong, able to maintain bodies that would make any human weight lifter or Olympian jealous simply by existing. In fact, Dennis had grown quite muscular in his short time living on the planet, sporting legs that looked as if they belonged to a professional bicyclist after merely walking around for a couple of weeks.

In contrast, while the Polars were equally muscular, their brawn was hidden under a layer of soft, insulating fat. The aliens packed on the pounds, living slow paced, slow metabolism lives in their icy, frozen environment. Their fur insulated heat to a degree that still surprised Dennis, he would begin to sweat after holding Ursi’s hand or sleeping in her arms after only a few minutes, coupled with the fat layer, they could live comfortably in environments that would quickly cause an unprotected human to die of exposure.

The life of a pampered Queen had been kind to Ursi, and she was a little more plump than the other Polars who had accompanied them on the journey. She carried the weight well, the fat distributing to her hips, thighs, ass, and the distracting breasts that were her signature feature. Dennis kneaded her shoulders, reaching over the bunk. Ursi opened one eye, smirking as his erection bounced in the air, frustrated and wanting.

He pushed his palms into her back, searching for tense and knotted muscles. Ursi grunted appreciatively, arching her back as he moved lower, digging into her fat layer with his thumbs as he rolled down her spine. He found a knot in the small of her back and pushed with the ball of his hand, and Ursi shivered, sighing as he worked the tense flesh.

“Unf, that’s right, right there.”

He worked out the knot, her body writhing under his touch, and then moved further down. He slid his hands across the squashy globes of her butt, the huge mounds of supple meat quivering as he grabbed handfuls, unable to contain his lust for her. His fingers sank into the yielding fat, and the steely muscles beneath rose to meet him as she flexed in surprise.

“Hey! That’s not part of a massage...”

She whipped him with her sinewy tail in mock outrage, and he released his grip on her ass, the taut cheeks bouncing as they settled, and moved lower, towards her thighs.

They were so thick that he couldn’t wrap two hands even half way around them, the powerful muscle required to support her massive body pushing out the supple flesh to tree trunk proportions. The calves above her jointed heels bulged like those of a champion weight lifter, which was indeed their purpose, to power her forward and enable her heavy body to scale heights like a jaguar. He rubbed her thighs, paying close attention to the sensitive inner surface between them, and Ursi pressed them together, her loins leaking conspicuously through the thin fabric of her clothes.

“One would think ... that this massage ... had an ulterior motive,” Ursi grunted, biting her lower lip as he worked his fingers into her flesh. Dennis gripped the base of her tail and tugged it roughly, yanking the fluffy appendage. Ursi growled and rolled her hips, lifting her ass off the bed.

“Oh! You little monster, where did you learn to do that!?”

He tugged again, and she grunted, a shudder running through her body, making her chubby butt wobble as her hips shook.

“You’re gonna get it if you keep that up.”

He scratched the fur at the base of her tail, running his fingers over the sensitive zone as Ursi ground her crotch into the mattress, the sensation overcoming her usual composure. She looked back over her shoulder at him, glaring as a strand of saliva escaped her lips. She wrapped her muscular tail around his waist like a rope, and pulled him forward, his stiff erection pushing between the silky globes of her butt.

“Oh fine, you humans are so damn impatient, almost as bad as the Equitorials.”

She slipped a hand between her thighs and pulled her clothing to the side, exposing her loins, the tender, pink flesh leaking clear fluid as she parted the thick lips with her fingers. Dennis gripped her around the waist, squeezing her love handles in his hands as she tickled his cock with her fur, holding his shaft in her palm and angling it towards her opening.

She rubbed the sensitive head along her labia, the textured, slimy surface dragging over his glans. He almost fell forward onto her, shivering as she craned her neck to watch him squirm, the stimulation burning through his body like a hot knife.

She tugged him forward with her tail, forcing his cock to the base as they groaned in unison. Ursi arched her back, pushing her butt up to meet him as he raked the walls of her oozing tunnel with his member, her heat and the powerful grip of her pelvic floor muscles almost too much to tolerate. She dragged him back out, using her prehensile tail to control his movements, the sucking pressure of her organ fighting him all the way, ensuring that every bump, crease and wrinkle burned in his brain like a flare. He wanted to move faster, to thrust harder and deeper, but Ursi wouldn’t let him, her long tail coiled around his waist, strong enough that he didn’t doubt she could lift him off the floor and throw him with it, were she so inclined.

“Go slow, and deep...” Ursi growled, her eyes closing as she enjoyed the sensation. She forced him back inside her, the pace she dictated was cruelly sluggish. She savored every contour of his member as she drove it deep into her twitching orifice, and Dennis winced, flinching as his cock met resistance. He felt Ursi contract around him as his head hit the sensitive spot at the end of her organ, burying her face in the pillows and growling into them. She repeated the process, pulling him out of her, her slippery tunnel clinging to his skin, then just before his glans left her opening, she pushed him back in again. Pleasure overwhelmed his senses, fogging his brain and making points of light dance before his retinas. He lowered his head, his grip on her fleshy hips increasing as he dug his fingers into her fat layer.

“Ursi, I can’t keep this up...” He gasped.

“I know that you can, do not come until I tell you to”

He whined as he felt one of her hands sneak below her mound, cradling his balls in her fuzzy palm and squeezing gently. She increased the pace now, tugging at him with her tail, and Dennis did his best to hang on, fearing she would cut off his orgasm if he was brought to climax too soon. He sank his fingers into the meat of her ass, playing with the elastic fat, clawing at her cushiony flesh as she mumbled something unflattering in Borealan. He ran his other hand down her back, combing her velvet fur with his fingertips and teasing the base of her tail.

“Can’t keep your hands off me? It’s only been a couple of days...”

“Don’t make light of it,” Dennis panted, his legs becoming numb as her thick nectar leaked down her thighs in strands. “I want you every day, one day is too many...”

Her lips curled into a sultry smile and she rested her chin on her hands, peering back at him over her shoulder. She was so much taller than him, her head seemed so far away.

“You’re such a romantic, Dennis. Luckily for you, I am a vain Queen and I respond well to flattery. Say some more nice things about me, and maybe I’ll think about letting you come.”

He winced as he felt her contract around him again, was she teasing him intentionally?

She shook her hips provocatively.

“Come on, say more nice things...”

“Y-your fur is ... soft...”

She squeezed his balls in her palm gently, and he bucked, pushing himself deeper inside her moist tunnel. Ursi smirked, enjoying the sensation of his member throbbing inside her.

“Go on...”

“You’re warm ... and soft...”

Another squeeze was his reward, her delicate, downy fur tickling his sensitive skin. His member pulsed, flexing against her walls as they closed around him, striving to drag him further in with their hypnotic contractions.

“You’re good at ... kissing.”

“Oh I am?” She pulled him out of her, a string of thick fluid trailing from his member. As he had suspected, on Earth her tail was strong enough to lift him like a doll. She held him in the air, flipping her body over to lie on her back, her massive chest deforming and spreading under its own weight. She shuffled up the bed, into a lounging position with her feet on the deck, and passed him from her tail into her outstretched arms. She hugged him against her body, pressing his face into her silky, pliant breasts. He sank his fingers into the irresistible chub of her belly, squeezing the soft fat as his member dug into her furry thigh. She allowed him to nuzzle and explore her with his roving hands for a moment, then lay back, letting him fall between her open legs. He found her opening again, pushing inside her gently as she lay her head back, a happy sigh escaping her lips. She placed a heavy hand on his spine, leaning forward a little so that her face was level with his, to compensate for their height difference.

He began to move, his face reddening as she gazed into his eyes, watching him with a grin as he shivered and gasped at the stimulation, the exquisite textures of her tunnel scouring his cock.

“Ok, I am satisfied, you may come.” She laughed as he began to move faster, driving his member against the subtle upward curve of her tunnel. She placed her other hand on his cheek softly, the delicate hairs tickling his skin, and moved her face forward. Her puffy, oversized lips met his, and her tongue slipped into his mouth, its slow, calculated motions sending a wave of pleasure down his spine. His movements became more erratic and desperate as they embraced, her agile tongue teasing him, at once gentle and forceful. His brain began to cloud, her expert kiss sending sparks through his mind, he couldn’t think straight whenever her lips were pressed against his. Her scent, the metallic taste of her saliva, the powerful motions of the slippery muscle as it both excited and satiated him. She left him just enough room to breathe as her tongue wandered, tickling his throat and coiling around his organ.

She released him, now gripping his hair in her hand and pulling him into her cleavage. Her musk filled his senses, her soft, fluffy breasts pressed around his head. She ran her dull claws up his back, making him buck and flinch, chuckling to herself as she tormented him.

“Finish inside me ... I like it.”

It was an invitation he couldn’t refuse, and so he thrusted desperately, slamming into her depths, her tight, fleshy walls gripping him and sticking to his skin on the outward motion. She held him against her, her chest rising and falling more rapidly as her breath became ragged, the soft fur of her hands warming his naked back.

He felt her massive thighs close around him, the pliant flesh pressing into his hips as her legs trapped him, pulling him against her body. He was surrounded on all sides by flesh and fur, her warmth penetrating him to the bone. She squeezed him in her limbs almost painfully, a low growl rising in her throat, even her flexible tail coiled around one of his legs like a snake, as if she were trying to take possession of him. He felt a tremendous shiver roll through her body and translate into him, and she grunted, her powerful climax making the walls of her tunnel ripple over his member, almost vibrating around him as she drew out his climax.

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