Amelia and Greg
Chapter 11

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 11 - When Greg O'Brien rescued Amelia, he knew that there would be problems with the people pursuing her. What he didn't realize was how it would complicate his life.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   NonConsensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   High Fantasy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Big Breasts   Prostitution  

It was late by the time we felt it was safe to question those in the basement. Before we did that, however, we needed to determine what we wanted them to tell us and to do, plus we needed to decide what would eventually be done with them, as well as the third man whom we had never seen. Amelia was the first one to speak after I had brought up the subject.

“They absolutely must be made to destroy all of the videos of me ... the originals as well as any copies, and to have them removed from any of the sites they may have posted them on,” she told us in a voice that trembled. “Also any videos of the other women that they may control,” she added after a few seconds.

“Yes, definitely,” Sylvia agreed, and added, “They must release all other women that they may be holding, or who are being made to sell themselves for them. That is most important.”

“And how shall we do that?” I asked, but the women didn’t seem to have any idea of how to accomplish what they wanted.

“Take them to wherever they have those things and make them do it,” Amelia said shortly in an unsure voice.

“Perhaps,” I acknowledged. “And with the use of the truth spell, we may be able to accomplish that, but there are other things that need to be considered first. There is this fourth man, the one who accompanied them this time, and who we eliminated. He was obviously the one in charge and will surely have owned property and vehicles. Now that he is gone, who will inherit all of those things?” I asked.

None of us knew the answers to these questions, but I was sure that the two in the basement would have at least some of those answers, and with the use of the truth spell, we would be able to eventually get those answers from them. Not tonight, however. It was late already, and we had been up a long time, and we would need to be at our best to ask the correct questions, and to be sure that they gave the whole truthful answers that we needed.

“It’s much too late to start on this tonight. I therefore propose that we put it off until tomorrow when we will be better able to devote the required time and energy to obtaining the needed answers.

“In the meantime, I will release the two men from the freeze spell, but will restrict them to the small room at the back of the basement. It has a toilet and a sink. They can sleep on the air mattresses that we have. A simple ward will keep them from leaving the room,” I told my women.

“Should we feed them?” Sylvia asked.

“What do we have left from dinner?” I asked.

“There is some food left, but it may not be enough for two men,” Amelia told me.

“They will have to be satisfied with that. We don’t need to over feed them,” I told her. “They should be glad that we give them anything, and that we release them from the freeze spell,” I added, not feeling at all generous toward them.

We went to the basement then, and I moved both men to the area that I had mentioned at the rear of it. The women brought the food and some plates and utensils with them which they placed on a small table in the room. I meanwhile sat on the floor and cast my wards in the floor, the walls, and the floor above to prevent the men from leaving the room. When all was ready, and we had moved the air mattresses into the room, I canceled the freeze spell after pulling my wards up around the three of us.

“Jeez ... did you see that?” the one that I knew as Joey asked when he could speak again. “The Boss must have been crazy. Where did he get that stuff anyway?”

“I don’t know, but he didn’t know shit about Magic,” the one named Gunther answered before they became aware of where they were. Both men then looked around in shock at their surroundings and eventually at us, as we were standing behind them. I had done that on purpose to see what their first reaction would be. Both men were startled by their surroundings.

“How ... how did we get in here?” Joey asked in a quiet but worried voice after a few seconds.

“I transferred you here while you were under a freeze spell,” I told them before adding, “It’s quite late now and the police are long gone. The one who you called ‘the Boss’ is dead and no trace of his body remains. It was burned by hot lava and then by Magic Fire. You are my prisoners, and you will remain in this room. It is warded so escape is impossible without the use of very strong Magic, which neither of you are capable of. We are going up to bed for the night. There is food here and air mattresses. There is a sink and a toilet. Do not do anything that I would make you regret in the morning. Good night,” I finished, and cast the transfer spell to take the three of us to our bedroom, leaving the two men alone in the basement room for the night.

We slept very well that night with me sandwiched between my two future Wives. In the morning, we were up at a decent hour and had breakfast. The women made enough so that the two in the basement would have something before we started questioning them. It was 9:45 before we went down to do that.

“Here is some breakfast for you,” Amelia told them, as I closed the door behind us after we had passed through my wards. The two men just stared at us.

“How can you do that?” Gunther finally demanded in an angry voice after a few seconds. “We couldn’t even make the door move let alone open.

“Magic,” Amelia told him before picking up the plates and utensils from last night and used a spell to transfer them to the sink in the kitchen. Both men were again surprised when she did that, as they didn’t know that she also could use Magic.

“Why in the world did both of you and that other man have those bags of herbs on you?” Sylvia asked as the men ate the eggs and toast that the women had brought for them and drank the orange juice that they had also provided.

“The Boss told us that they would prevent Magic from being used against us,” Joey told her.

“I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous,” Sylvia said with a broad smile. “All that they did was to alert anyone with a nose to your presence. They had absolutely no effect on real Magic, not even my Green Magic,” she added.

“Their Boss may have gotten his information from a hedge-wizard of some kind, or from a Voodoo practitioner. Many of both of them are believers in the use of herbs in spells as are Witches, but our Magic doesn’t use them,” I told the pair, as they finished eating. I then transferred their plates, glasses, and utensils to the kitchen directly from their hands, causing them to gasp in surprise again.

I hadn’t paid much attention to the condition of the room when we entered since nothing had obviously been destroyed, but now I noted where there were obvious scuff marks on the walls and marks on the trim at the bottom of the walls where the pair, or at least one of them, had attempted to get through my wards.

I cast a minor repair spell to remove the marks and restore the surfaces to their original condition. The larger one, Gunther, had followed my eyes as I took in all of that, and he gasped in shock on seeing the marks disappear and the surfaces reappear in their original condition. It would appear that he had doubted that the wards would keep him from leaving.

“Now we have questions and you will answer them wholly and truthfully of your freewill, or I will use a truth spell to get the answers from you,” I told them returning to our reason for being there. We started with the questions that my Wives had brought up the previous evening about the porn tapes and the other women who were being held by the Boss or other of his people.

Joey was more than willing to tell us everything that we wanted to know, but Gunther was unwilling to cooperate, and it required the use of the truth spell several times before he would answer any of our questions, but answer them he eventually did under the compulsion of the truth spell. Being stubborn, he was sweating profusely by the time that he answered though.

The initial questions were followed by others concerning what businesses, buildings, houses, and other property the Boss had owned or leased. Also what other employees he had at those locations. It was very apparent that neither Joey, nor Gunther had much in the way of property. Gunther was more cooperative with these last questions having experienced the truth spell on the initial ones. Amelia had been recording all of these answers to use as evidence against them. Eventually, we came to the final question.

“Was this Boss of yours married?” I asked.

“The Boss married?” Gunther asked, as if it were a foreign concept, and he laughed following that.

“No woman would have that bastard. That’s one of the reasons that he got into the sex business, besides the money that is,” Gunther told us, and Joey corroborated his statement. When all of the questions that we had were answered to our satisfaction, I had instructions for the men and for my Wives.

“We will go to the building where these women are being held in your van. Joey will drive and Amelia will sit in the front seat to assure that he is going to the correct location. Gunther will sit in the back seat between Sylvia and me. We will release the women when we get there,” I told all of them.

On the way out of my house, I picked up the bag with the weapons the two men had carried and their cell phone, all of which we had relieved them of the previous evening. We had already sent the smelly herb bags and the automatic weapon to the Ashley River last night. Perhaps the herbs would improve its water quality. In the van, Sylvia and I had our wards around us so Gunther was unable to do anything against us. I also had a freeze spell ready if he became uncooperative.

On arriving at the building where the women were being kept, Gunther and Joey had no problem gaining admittance, and we followed them inside, where I cast the freeze spell on the guard there and his partner who was asleep in one of the rooms to keep them from interfering with what we were there to do. Joey and Gunther stood very quietly in the hallway upstairs while Amelia released the women from the rooms they were kept in. They were all shocked to see her, and to see that she was in good condition and hadn’t been beaten or abused. I suggested that we all move downstairs to the meeting area which was larger, and where we could all be more comfortable while we talked.

Downstairs, Amelia explained what had happened to her, what we had done, and that they were all free to leave. She also explained that Gunther and Joey plus the guards were going to jail. This was news to Gunther and Joey, but they were unable to do anything about it, as I had used a partial freeze spell on their feet and they were frozen in place and unable to move. The women were delighted to hear this when I told them, and they decided that a little retribution was in order for the pain and suffering that they received from the two of them and the guards, who I had also removed most of the freeze spell from, except for their feet that is.

Most of the women took their anger and frustration out on Gunther and the guards, with only a couple of them pounding on Joey. Gunther and the guards, but especially the guards, took a real pounding from the angry women.

When they had finished, Amelia gave the recording of the two men’s answers to a large woman who seemed to be the leader of the other women. I gave her the bag with the weapons and the cell phone in it before removing the partial freeze spell from the men.

“You may call the police as soon as we depart, but I wouldn’t shoot these men. That would be too easy and too quick. They are sure to spend many years in prison when convicted, and that will be a much sweeter and longer lasting revenge,” I told her, as I took my future Wives by their hands, and we walked out of the building. When we were a short distance from the building, I transferred us to the bar where I had been held after being kidnapped, as that was where the tapes of Amelia and the other women were kept.

It being still early in the day, the bar was closed, and no one was there. The one who Joey had called Chip had obviously realized that things had gone awry last night, and he had cleared out. The tracking equipment was still there but was turned off. We also found the tapes there along with a list of the sites that they had been sent to. We would see that they were removed from those sites, if necessary by the use of Magic should the sites fail to comply with our request to remove them. A strong spell would be able to wipe-out the contents of their server easily as Magic always wins over electronics. We returned to the house following that, as we were sure that the police had the address of the bar by now and could show up at any time.

We saw on the news that evening, that the police had freed a number of women from a house of prostitution. Joey, Gunther, and the guards looked to be in a lot worse shape when the ambulance crews removed them from the building than they had been in when we left, and I wondered when the women had called the police and what had occurred in the interim.

That of course had all taken place on Friday, the 29th of April. Since there were no Saturday classes at UGA, at least not in the Magic Department, we would need to wait until Monday, the 2nd of May to visit the O’Connells there.

Following spending a very relaxing weekend with my almost Wives, we were up early on Monday, the 2nd of May, had breakfast following a good hot shower, and prepared to transfer to UGA. This time, however, we would go in robes appropriate to our Magic ranks.

I, of course, wore my Senior Master’s robe. Sylvia wore her Master Mage’s robe, and Amelia wore an Apprentice’s robe. We appeared in front of the Department of Magic’s building, and I used a spell to gain admittance. It was just past 10:00 in the morning, and we took the elevator up to the O’Connell’s offices. On entering the main office, we were greeted by two young women with red hair and freckles.

“Can we help you, Master?” they both asked in Gaelic. Sylvia took an immediate and overpowering interest in the two young women.

“You’re Mages!” she said in surprise a second later as she moved toward the pair since she could see the vines and leaves on their arms as they were wearing short sleeve blouses. What she said next really surprised me.

“Please ... oh please, you must read me. I have to know!” she begged them in tears.

“What’s wrong?” the pair asked, as they both reached for her hands and started a mantra. They soon smiled.

“You’re in very good health except for being pregnant, dear, with a male child,” the one told her, while the other one reached for Amelia’s hand, but shortly she looked perplexed.

“You’re pregnant also, but with twins ... twin girls,” she told Amelia. “In fact both of you are at the same stage of pregnancy,” the young woman said.

“Thank you ... thank you,” Sylvia was saying to both of them during this time. “I just had to know,” she finished in tears.

“But where is your twin, dear?” both young women asked in concern.

“I don’t have a twin. I’ve never had a twin or even a Sister,” Sylvia told them still in tears.

“NEVER had a twin!?” the first young woman asked in shocked amazement. “Are you sure of that?”

“Yes, I was an only child, and was raised by my Aunts after my Parents died,” Sylvia told them.

“You poor dear, we wouldn’t know what to do without each other,” the second young woman said, and they both hugged Sylvia for several minutes, while Amelia and I just stood there.

“If you ever need any help, just call us. I’m Sunshine and this is my Sister, Rose. We’re Ken’s Wives,” she told her.

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