Amelia and Greg
Chapter 6

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 6 - When Greg O'Brien rescued Amelia, he knew that there would be problems with the people pursuing her. What he didn't realize was how it would complicate his life.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   NonConsensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   High Fantasy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Big Breasts   Prostitution  

Sylvia and I appeared in Greg’s living room expecting a lengthy wait before he would appear only to find him standing there with a worried look on his face.

“Where have you been? I got home and you were gone. I had no idea where you went or what happened to you,” he told me in a worried voice, but seemed surprised to see Sylvia with me.

“When you were shot and kidnapped, I needed to do something, and the only person that I remembered you talking about was Sylvia, so I went to see her,” I told him.

“Sylvia!” he asked before turning his head to look past me at her.

“Sylvia, are you okay?” he asked somewhat surprised.

“Yes, I’m fine, Greg. Amelia transferred to my house to see if I could help her rescue you,” Sylvia told him.

“Transferred?” he asked in surprise.

“Yes, the ‘Book’ appeared when she called my name, and it opened to a spell which she read and traced the glyph to arrive in my living room,” she told him, and held up the ‘Book of Dreams’ that she was still holding.

“The spell was in English?” Greg asked in surprise. “I didn’t think there were any spells in English in the ‘Book’,” he added.

“There aren’t any spells in English in the ‘Book’. The spell was in Gaelic, just as the spell to return through your wards is in the ‘Book’,” Sylvia told him to a deep frown.

“You can read Gaelic, Amelia?” he asked in surprise before the remainder of what Sylvia had said registered.

“What do you mean ‘the spell to return through my wards is in the ‘Book’?” he inquired in surprise.

“It’s right here,” she told him, and showed him the page, which slowly faded to a blank page as we watched it.

“I can read it at least enough to use those two spells,” I told him with a shy smile following that.

“That’s amazing, I never heard of it doing anything like that before,” he told us before changing the subject. “I was just checking this evening on the availability of the Advanced Series of books in addition to Gaelic primers,” he told me before turning back to Sylvia.

“I was going to come to your place after checking on Amelia. Those men had my phone, and I don’t know if they got anything off of it. I was worried that they would connect you with Amelia’s rescue,” he told her.

“Amelia was worried about you when she arrived in my living room, but I told her that she needed to worry more about those who had kidnapped you,” she said with a smile. “Just what did happen?” she asked in concern.

Greg then recounted what had happened when he awoke, and finished with, “I left them a little present to teach them not to interfere with Wizards.”

“A little present?” I asked, not understanding.

“I cast the Burning Salamander spell and set it to cover all of those in the room when the first one to enter spoke,” he told us, and I saw Sylvia blanch.

“You used the ‘Burning Salamander’?” she asked in a whisper. “How long did you set it for?” came out even quieter.

“It will last about six hours, depending on how many of them entered the room,” he told her.

“Greg, you are a demon, but I like it,” she said with a smile, and moving over stood on her tiptoes to kiss him to his surprise.

“I was worried that those men would come after you,” he told her following the first kiss. “I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you,” he told her and wrapped an arm around her to give her a little squeeze, and she in turn collapsed against him and began to cry. Greg noticed this immediately.

“What’s wrong Syl?” he asked and tried to dry her tears.

“Kiss her, that’s what she needs,” I told him, and could see his confusion at my words. “She loves you!” I added.


“Just kiss her. She’s loved you since the day you met in college,” I told him, but Greg didn’t get a chance to kiss her, as Sylvia stood on her tiptoes again and gave him a kiss that would have knocked out a lesser man, or one who wasn’t a Senior Master, anyway. Greg did eventually manage to wrap his arms around her, and they didn’t move for a good five minutes, but had to eventually come up for air.

“You never said anything!” he exclaimed.

“You were often so unapproachable,” she whimpered in tears, and he looked even more confused.

“But ... but what about Amelia?” he asked.

“She loves you also. We both do. Since shortly after she arrived at my place, we have been plotting how the two of us could share you, but nothing has worked out the way that we planned it because you were already here when we returned,” she told him in a very quiet voice.

“Share me?”

“Yes, we both want you, but we are willing to share you,” I told him, as I moved up against him also, nearly ready to cry.

“Share me ... but how?”

“As your Wives, naturally,” I told him.


“The O’Connells have multiple Wives, why shouldn’t you?” Sylvia asked.

“But... !”

“No, buts, we both want you, and the only way to do that, is to share you,” I told him, as I pressed myself against his other side from Sylvia. Greg was really startled by what we had said, so both of us took advantage of this and we both kissed him.

While we recovered from that, I remembered what he had said about them injecting a tracking chip into him.

“What about that tracker? We need to get it removed as quickly as possible,” I told him, and Sylvia looked concerned also, but Greg only smiled.

“Oh no,” he said with a big grin, “That tracker stays right where they put it for the time-being. If the ‘Burning Salamander’ spell isn’t enough to convince them to give up, then we’re going to play tag with them while we have a very nice vacation, and they try to catch us,” he told us with a big smile.

“Demon,” Sylvia said again, also with a big smiled. I was just confused, and it must have showed on my face.

“We will be visiting places that I am well acquainted with. Places that will be separated by many miles, but which we will be able to transfer to in a second or so while they must figure out where we are, and then drive there to attempt to catch us,” he told me.

“How will we know when they are getting close though?” I asked.

“That was a part of the spell that I left in the room. Along with the ‘Burning Salamander’ spell, I included a second component in the spell. Each of them received a marker, that I can detect when they are with in twenty miles or so of us, and we can move again,” he told me with a vicious smile while looking at his old fashion mechanical watch.

“Those in the store room should have another four hours or so under the ‘Burning’ spell, and it will require a considerable time for them to recover from its effects. Therefore, I suggest that we have our dinner, and then get some sleep before we leave on our vacation,” he told us.

Greg reheated the food with a spell, and we all sat down to eat. Sylvia sat so close to him that both had trouble eating. She also looked like she would climb up on the table and allow him to take her there if he were to even hint that was what he wanted. While I put the remaining food away, Greg and Sylvia used spells to clean the dishes, utensils, pots, and pans.

Shortly up in the bedroom, I heard Sylvia take in a sudden sharp breath when she saw Greg’s naked cock. We were all naked, and I had been greatly surprised to see the dark green vines and leaves that appeared to grow up Sylvia’s arms from her wrists to her shoulders. At first I thought that they were tattoos, but when Sylvia saw me looking at them, she explained that they were the marks of a Mage and that all Mages got them when they came into their power.

In the shower, it was obvious that Greg was excited by the sight of both of us naked, as his long cock was as hard as ever. Sylvia stood next to him under the water for a short time and stroked his cock before falling to her knees and starting to suck it. Soon she was deep-throating him, taking that long cock of his in her throat before easing back some to breathe. She had done that five or six times when Greg erupted as she took him in her throat again, and he pumped his cum down her throat and into her belly. Sylvia leaned against his legs for a short time breathing heavily when he had finished before taking him back in her mouth again to suck and lick him clean.

“Now you’ll be able to last in me a long, long time tonight,” she told him, as he lifted her up and kissed her passionately.

“I had thought of asking you for something like that for the last several years, but never did, as I thought that it would offend you, and you wouldn’t want to see me anymore, and I valued your friendship more than sex,” he told her, as he held her close under the running water.

“You should have, Greg. I would have been happy to suck you off any day or every day since we first met in college,” she confessed through her tears, as he held her close and rubbed her back to try to ease her sorrow. Eventually they moved out from under the water, and he began rubbing soap on to and into her skin for a long, long time. I showered while they were busy. Eventually, Sylvia took the soap and washed him, especially that long and now hard again cock of his. While we were drying off, Greg turned to speak to me.

“I’m sorry, Amelia. This hasn’t been much fun for you,” he told me.

“It’s all right, Greg. Tonight is Sylvia’s night, she’s waited a long time for it. I’ll have you later when you’ve recovered,” I told him, as we all returned to the bedroom.

In bed Greg and Sylvia kissed and rubbed against each other for a short time before she pulled him over on top of herself.

“Fuck me, Greg. Plant a baby in my belly. I’ve waited so long for you, and I can’t wait any longer,” she whispered, and thrust her pelvis up until all of his long cock was buried deep in her.

I had felt Sylvia do something with her Green Magic during dinner, but had no idea what it was at the time. Now on hearing her words, I suspected that not only had she canceled her pregnancy prevention spell, but being a Mage, I wondered if she could control her cycle, either causing it to occur early or delaying it. In either case, I suspected that she would be pregnant shortly with Greg’s child.

I had contemplated canceling the pregnancy prevention spell that he had used to keep me from getting pregnant also, but I wasn’t able to do anything to hurry my cycle or to delay it. I didn’t believe that Greg had noticed what she had done.

While I had been contemplating all of this, those two had been having slow passionate sex with each pushing into the other, and it went on for a long, long time. I noticed that Sylvia had several minor orgasms before their pace had increased to even more frantic levels, and eventually she let out a scream, arched her back to drive Greg as deep as possible into her before going rigid for a time. Greg also grunted several times and his body jerked as he filled her with his seed for her to grow into a child.

Shortly they both collapsed onto the mattress where Greg rolled off of her after several seconds, as they both lay there breathing heavily for many minutes. Sylvia eventually managed to roll over partly onto Greg, and the two of them went to sleep. I cuddled up on his other side and was soon asleep also. Some time later, I was awakened by Sylvia’s touch.

“Can you move over some, Amelia? I need him in me again,” she whispered. It appeared that she had stroked and sucked him back to life, as he was hard again, and she slid down that long cock of his into the cowgirl position before commencing to move back and forward for a time before adding rising and falling to her movement on his cock.

Greg was awake by now and had both hands on her breasts as she moved. Eventually, she leaned in and kissed him passionately as she continued to move before increasing the speed of her movements. Eventually, they both screamed again, and Sylvia collapsed on top of him. They both lay there so long without moving that I was worried that something was wrong until Sylvia began to moan.

I helped Greg move her over on the bed a little to what would be her regular place since she was still either passed out, or asleep one, but she was breathing okay. Greg turned to me when we had finished.

“Tomorrow will be your day,” he told me before kissing me.

“Yes, she wore herself out tonight,” I admitted. We all snuggled together after I pulled the blanket up over us, and we all slept very well for the remainder of the night.

It was late when we arose the next morning, and the sun was shining in the bedroom windows.

“We should get up and eat. There are preparations to be made before we can leave,” Greg told us, as we all got off of the bed revealing the several dried spots on the sheets. Sylvia looked embarrassed, but I knew what needed to be done and took charge.

“You two go shower, while I take care of the sheets and my morning business. I’ll start breakfast then while you finish up,” I instructed them in a bossy voice.

“Yes, dear,” Greg replied with a smile.

“All right,” Sylvia agreed and took a few steps away from the bed but very gingerly.

“I’ll take care of that little problem in the shower, Syl,” Greg assured her, and helped her into the bathroom. I used a cleaning spell on the sheets before folding up the blanket that we had used last night. I took care of my morning preparations while they spent a long time in the shower. It seemed that Sylvia needed more attention than Greg or I had thought.

Breakfast was ready when they got downstairs, and we ate at a leisurely pace. Greg had more instructions for us over breakfast.

“Following breakfast, I’ll need to inspect the camping gear and decide what other items we will need for our vacation. Following that Sylvia, I’ll drop you at your place so you can collect some clothes for our trip. While she’s doing that Amelia, I’ll drop you at a clothing store to purchase outdoor clothes and shoes while I go to get the additional camping gear and some food.

“For clothes, you’ll both need sturdy jeans and warm shirts plus some jackets for the evening when it will be cooler. Shoes should be good climbing / trekking boots. Also get some form of hat to shade your face and neck along with sunglasses.

“If you’re missing any of that Syl, we can pick it up for you,” Greg finished.

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