Amelia and Greg
Chapter 3

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 3 - When Greg O'Brien rescued Amelia, he knew that there would be problems with the people pursuing her. What he didn't realize was how it would complicate his life.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   NonConsensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   High Fantasy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Big Breasts   Prostitution  

Much later that night, I was awakened by Amelia crying. She was still pressed up against me and was soft and warm in addition to smelling very nice from the soap that she had used earlier. I couldn’t imagine what the problem was, but it had to be serious, as she was overflowing like a stopped up sink. I turned on the Magic Powered lamp on the nightstand to its lowest setting, so I could see her and try to determine what the problem was.

“What’s wrong?” I asked quietly.

“I need to be loved!” she wailed in tears. “Those men the other night used me and hurt me, but I couldn’t feel anything because of the drug. I need someone who will love me for myself, and not because they can have sex with me and do anything they want to me,” she moaned in tears and hiccuped.

“All right,” I agreed, and taking her in my arms I began kissing her. We kissed for a long time, and she was so passionate that I thought she would suck all of the breath out of me. After a while, I switched to kissing her eyes, then her dainty ears, and finally her small nose, before returning to her mouth for a time. This had relaxed her, and she had stopped crying to enjoy the feelings.

She sighed as I kissed down her neck and then down between those amazing large natural breasts of hers. I kissed, licked and sucked on one while using a hand to massage the other. Slowly, I moved to the center of the first one and the half dollar sized areola there along with its now erect nipple which was now half an inch long. I licked around on the areola for a time before sucking on its nipple. Lightly gripping it with my teeth, I pulled up on it before running the tip of my tongue across its top surface. Amelia gasped and a shudder ran through her.

Switching to her other breast, I treated it similarly while massaging the first one. Her reaction to my attention this time was sharper, and she arched her back as an orgasm hit her and then she collapsed back to the mattress breathing hard.

Following that, I worked down the rest of her body licking, kissing, and sucking on her soft warm skin. Finding her legs open wide and that she was leaking heavily, I didn’t start on her slit instead opting to start on her left leg and thigh at the knee and working my way up to her sex again with licking, kissing and sucking as I moved toward her treasure chest. Arriving near there, I again avoided it instead starting on the other leg and thigh the same way, finally arriving back at her still leaking slit.

Licking her outer lips, I cleaned her up before spreading them and starting to work on her inner lips. Amelia was moving her hips and pulling at my hair by now to draw me more into her. Slipping a couple of fingers into her, I next went to work on her clit with my lips, tongue, and teeth.

Amelia was by now moaning, screaming, crying, and trashing about like a wild woman, as orgasm after orgasm shot through her from my attention. She finally went rigid and passed out when I treated her clit the same way that I had her nipples earlier. She lay there passed out for many minutes following that.

I in the meantime, had moved off the bed. My hands and face were covered by her juices, and even my T-shirt was damp with them at the top. A shower seemed appropriate at this point, and I took one while she recovered. By the time that I returned from my shower naked, she had indeed recovered and gasped on seeing me naked.

“The fates have taken mercy on me and sent me a real man in my time of need,” she cooed with a broad smile on seeing my long, hard cock.

“Lift your butt up some, and I’ll spread this towel under you,” I told her and placed the thick towel that I was carrying under her and over the wet spot on the sheet.

“How was that for round one?” I asked, as I got back into bed with her.

“It was marvelous! Where did you learn that?” she asked with a warm smile.

“I was married to the same woman for nearly forty years. We never had any children because she had her ovaries removed to recover from a serious disease when she was just a teenager, but we had amazing sex during our time together,” I told her.

“Where is she? Did she leave you or divorce you?” she asked in a whisper.

“She died when we were sixty. It was the same disease that ultimately led to her death. There was nothing that the doctors could do for her. They didn’t believe in using Magic cures, and I knew nothing about my Talent or any Magic at the time. It wasn’t until after she died that I met a Magic user, actually one of the O’Connells, and learned that I have a strong Talent.

“I started the study of Magic immediately following that meeting. It took me a bit over seven years, but I finally achieved the rank of Senior Master. I was determined that I wouldn’t lose anyone else dear to me because of illness or incurable diseases. I have concentrated heavily on Medical Spells all of this time, so I was very upset to discover that I needed the help of another to care for you, even though she is a friend,” I told her, as she moved up against me again.

“Seven years?” she asked in surprise.

“That’s to become a Senior Master. I could do a lot of Magic at even Third Level. I already had a Master’s Degree in Business, and only needed to take the Magic portion for the Undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Magic. For the PhD degree as a Senior Master, I needed to take the academic as well as the Magic part of the degree,” I told her.

“It takes so long,” she said in a depressed voice.

“There is much to learn, and some learn faster than others. Many of the O’Connell Children are able to pass the Senior Master exam by the time that they are twelve or so, but they are surrounded by Magic all of the time, and start their study of it at six years of age. Additionally, they have huge Talents, and the ‘Book of Dreams’ teaches them a part of what they need to know while they sleep,” I told her.

“What is this ‘Book of Dreams’ that you mentioned?” she asked, interested.

“It’s a book that the O’Connells possess. It teaches you Magic while you sleep. It will also teach you to speak, to read, and to write Gaelic, which is one of the master languages of Magic.”

“Why Gaelic? Surely that is a rather obscure language,” she noted. “Why not English?”

“There are some beginner spells in English, and some additional ones in French, but to learn advanced Magic spells, you require the use of Gaelic, and not just modern Gaelic as spoken in Ireland, but older versions of the language. The spells don’t work if translated into English. It may have something to do with the ability to summon sufficient Magic to perform the spells,” I told her.

“In my study of literature, I learned French to be able to translate reference material on my own, but Gaelic is so different from either English or French,” she complained.

“Still, they all have their roots in the Celtic language, though old Gaelic may be closer to the original Celtic, although I understand that there are two ‘varieties’ of Celtic, a ‘P’ variety and a ‘Q’ variety although I don’t know the difference The O’Connells would I’m sure,” I told her.

“It’s all so complicated and will take so long to finish. There is no way that I could ever do it on my own,” she told me in a choked up voice. I took her in my arms before speaking again.

“You wouldn’t need to do it alone,” I told her, and took a long breath. “I would be happy to help you,” I continued.

“You hardly know me, and while I’m grateful for you saving me and getting me healed up, I couldn’t impose on you for something like that,” she replied.

“Amelia, you are a very attractive young woman, and I have found both you and your Talent very appealing. I believe that I could care for you very much even enough... ,” but I stopped there fearing to offend her, or to be laughed at.

“Enough for what?” she asked before understanding showed on her face.

“You hardly know me!” she said in shock.

“True, but I would like to get to know you a lot better,” I told her.

“I don’t know, this is all so confusing. The study of Magic, Gaelic, and now romance raising its head. I need time to think,” she pleaded.

“Take as much time as you need,” I told her.

“But you are already so much older than I am. How do I know that you would still be here in seven or eight years?” she asked after a time.

“Wizards are able to cure diseases and correct other maladies. They can and do live very long lives. There are many who are several hundred years old,” I told her, but she appeared to be asleep or thinking, and didn’t reply. I lay down beside her and waited for a reply.

We lay there for a long time, and Amelia hadn’t moved at all, just lying there flat on her back with her arms on the mattress. It was much later, and dawn was approaching when she spoke again.

“Love me,” was all that she said. I moved over to her and then on top of her. I had no more than moved into position and had slipped into her, when her body clamped itself around me like an animal trap snapping closed. Her arms came up and went around my neck pulling me down to her lips. At the same time her legs came up around my hips and her feet locked together behind my butt, trapping me in her. I started moving in her then, trying for long slow strokes, but it was not to be, as Amelia’s body started moving faster and faster in search of another massive orgasm.

It wasn’t long in coming and neither was I. When that orgasm exploded out of her belly, she arched her back as I slammed deeply into her, and every muscle in her body locked up solid. Her pussy changed from a velvet glove to an iron vice that clamped down on my cock buried deep in her and squeezed and released it rapidly while I sprayed my seed all over her insides.

We both collapsed to the mattress shortly after that when her muscles relaxed, both spent and breathing with difficulty. I rolled off of her automatically when she released me, and we both lay there for a long time recovering. I must have gone to sleep, as the sun was shining through the bedroom windows when I next looked around. Amelia was asleep next to me with a smile on her pretty face, I just turned over and went back to sleep.

While Greg and Amelia were enjoying themselves, others in Charleston were not so fortunate.

“That f ... ing broad must be half muskrat,” Gunther swore as he and Joey tromped through the swampy area along the shore of the Ashley River in the area behind the Citadel in the darkness with only a hand light for illumination.

“Careful your upper Midwest origins are showing,” Joey warned him, as the big man gave him an angry stare.

“Fuck you asshole,” Gunther told him, before taking up his angry quest for the young woman again.

“Where the hell is she?” he demanded as he played the bright light over the swamp grass again. The beam revealed nothing but the grasses, empty space, and the occasional wild animal that fled at their approach. They continued to move forward but were unable to see much in the dark.

“Where the hell is she?” he grumbled again into the cell phone later just before he and Joe stepped into an unseen hole under the water, and sank up to the middle of their chests.

“You should be very close to her by now. I have the tracker in your phone very near her signal location. She has to be out there near you. Maybe she is lying down or partly submerged in the river,” Chip told them from his chair in the nice warm room behind the bar where he was running the tracking equipment from.

“Listen, asshole, I’m up to my chest in cold river water, and there ain’t no broad out here. Do you hear me, asshole?” Gunther screamed into his phone. The loud noise caused a flurry of activity as the night creatures in their vicinity scattered in all directions. There was even a small doe that broke from the edge of the river and headed up the Ashley, but on a more inland course. Joey saw her pale rump move in the low light level from the hand lamp.

“There she goes!” he shouted in surprise just as the image disappeared into the darkness.

“Where?” Gunther roared.

“Going up river. I saw her for just a few seconds, but she was definitely running up river from us,” Joey told him in glee.

“She’s definitely moving again,” Chip confirmed over the phone.

“Damned bitch. I’ll ring her f ... ing neck when I catch up to her,” Gunther grumbled, as he moved to try to get out of the hole they were presently in.

“Come on!” he shouted at Joey who was still congratulating himself on spotting her. Gunther reached out and yanked at Joey’s arm causing both men to slip in the slimy mud of the swamp and fall full length into the cold swamp water.

Damned bitch, I’ll kill her when I catch her,” Gunther screamed in rage.

“You have to catch her first,” Chip reminded the now completely soaked pair over the phone.

“We ain’t going to catch shit, as soaked as we are,” Gunther grumbled.

“We’ll catch pneumonia as wet as we are in the cold tonight,” Joey moaned in misery.

“The boss is sending Ed out there in the van with dry clothes, food, and plenty of hot coffee,” Chip told them. “Move over to Hammond Avenue and he’ll pick you up there. I’ll keep track of the broad. You can catch up to her later,” he finished, and smiled from his place in the warm room behind the bar, as he had a sip of the beer he was drinking. It was a good thing that neither of those in the swamp could see him, as they would have wiped that smile off of his face, and then finished his beer as well as the others in the room.

I awoke a bit late the next morning and stretched a little before sitting up. Amelia was near me, but she was facing away from me. Just as I sat up, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye, but it had vanished by the time I could move my head to look at it, and I was sure that it wasn’t just my imagination, I thought there had been a book there at the head of the bed, a small rather thick book, and I knew just what it was, as I had seen it before while in school. It was the ‘Book of Dreams’, but what in the world was it doing here, I wondered?

It would need to remain a mystery for the time being, as I had no authority to call the ‘Book of Dreams’ to me. This however, was a clear indicator, at least to me, that I needed to take Amelia to see the O’Connells, and it would need to be at UGA, since I also had no access to their Realm, and it was sure to be guarded by a powerful protective spell. Amelia stirred and sat up while I was thinking about this.

“Good morning, Greg,” she said sweetly with a smile.

“Good morning, Amelia. Did you sleep well?” I answered.

“Yes, I slept very well, but I had a strange dream, which I don’t remember now, only that I had it,” she told me with a look of concern on her face.

“Perhaps you will remember it later,” I told her, as I threw back the covers revealing the now dried spots on the bottom sheet and the towel from our activities of last night.

“Perhaps a quick shower wouldn’t be out of order,” I suggested, as I rose from the bed.

“Yes, I believe you’re correct,” she whispered, as she too rose from the bed, and picked up the used towel and revealing the stain under it.

“Would you like to go first, while I deal with the sheets?” I asked.

“I believe that we should shower together,” she said with a smile, before asking, “Could I help with changing the sheets? It is a rather large bed.”

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