Disturbing Discovery

by Fraxo

Copyright© 2016 by Fraxo

Incest Sex Story: Coming home from work Dave makes a disturbing discovery.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Romantic   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   .

It had been a long week, so I closed my office early and drove home for the weekend. We had a lot of issues with several cases and a project were nothing went as planned. We were about to receive fines and had a possible lawsuit hanging over us if thing things didn’t start to work out soon. The only thing I wanted to do was to relax and spend a quiet weekend with my lovely wife and daughter.

When I came home there was an unknown car parked in the driveway. As I entered the house I heard some strange sounds coming from the second floor. I rushed upstairs and entered my daughter’s room. The first thing I saw was a pale ass hovering over my daughter’s equally naked body.


“DAD!” my daughter screamed.

The worthless piece off shit jumped off her, his cock now hanging limp, and trying to crawl inside his body.


The now stuttering wreck off a boy grabbed his clothes and jumped right out the door.

The second he was out the reality started to hit me. Every parent’s nightmare, finding out that your little child is not as little, and not as innocent as you wanted to believe. My 18 year old daughter, always my little sunshine, which I have tried to keep shielded from what I believe to be a corrupted world today. Her mother and I had tried to teach her about the things in this world, told her that love was something beautiful, and that she should wait until she found the special man for her to share that with.

Because then the intimacy between them would mean so much more and they would have a beautiful moment to share between themselves for the first time together. That people today, not even aware of it, always take with them their previous lovers into new relationships, and compares every little detail, that this lots of times leads to disappointment and sometimes cheating on one another or the breakings of marriage and relationships. My wife and I are strong believers of good morale and had tried to teach it to our daughter, clearly we had failed big time.

I looked over at my daughter, and couldn’t help it. Tears started to drain down my cheeks, and I was completely numbed. I didn’t know what to say, as I was at a total loss for words, and I don’t think I would have been able to say anything at that moment. I turned around barely able to walk and stumbled through the door.

“Dad! Please wait,” Judith said just before her voice cracked and she started crying.

I went down in the basement to my office and crashed in the office chair. My mind was in turmoil. Should I have seen this coming? Was this my fault? After a hard week, this was the final straw, and I fell asleep on my desk, and was woken by my wife stroking my hair a few hours later.

“Honey, are you okay, is something wrong?”

“No and yes darling. I’m not okay. I got home early today and found Judith having sex with some guy in her room.”

“WHAT? What did you say to her?”

“Honestly I wasn’t able say anything. I kicked out the guy, and rushed out of her room afraid that I would have a break down.”

“Aww honey,” my wife said and placed my head on her chest, stroking my hair.

“Judith has always been your precious baby girl.”

I sighed.

“I don’t know if I’m able to talk to her at the moment. Maybe you should talk with her. I thought we had taught her better values then this, and I still can’t believe this happened.”

“Neither can I, I’m just glad that I didn’t catch her like that. I don’t know how I would have reacted, and I guess you’re right. I should have a long talk with her. I just can’t believe Judith would do something like that.”

“Thanks honey, I had a really though week at work and this just took all the air out of me.”

“Well, why don’t you take a long shower and relax on the couch for a while, and I’ll talk to our daughter before making dinner.”

“Thank you,” I said and gave her a long kiss.

“I’m so glad we are old fashioned you and me, I couldn’t have bared the thought of us leaving each other just because so many others do.”

“Me neither,” my wife said and hugged me close.

The shower helped a bit on the sore muscles after a hard week, but my mind and heart would take some time to heal. The TV didn’t have much to offer, but I was able to find some old series on rerun. My wife came and sat down with me, hugging me close.

“Dinner is ready sweetheart.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have much of an appetite right now.”

“I know, but try to eat a little bit at least, and we can take an early evening afterwards. This is not easy for any of us.”

“I’ll try.”

Our daughter came down to join us at the table for dinner, and I don’t think we ever have shared a dinner in completely silence like that. I couldn’t look at my daughter at all, and wasn’t able to eat anything. Finally I got up and left the room without a word spoken.

It was still early, but I just didn’t have any energy left, so I got into bed. Sleep wouldn’t come easy tonight. My wife got into bed a bit later, and cuddled up against me. I hugged her close, and she stroked my back and hair soothingly.

“I’m sorry honey, I might be overreacting and seem like an overprotecting father, but she’s our only child, and I had such strong hopes and expectations for her. She could enlighten my darkest day with her smile and laughter just like you, and we always seemed to have a good and close relationship.

I feel like I’m losing her, well honestly I feel like I’ve lost her already. I don’t like the way the world have turned today, and I hoped that our daughter wouldn’t be like that, but I guess I’m just a hopeless dreamer unable to see the reality in it all.”

“No darling. I’m at loss for words just as you, and I know how close you two have always been. Don’t worry, sweetie I’m here for you and just take your time. I know how hard this must be for you, and it is for me too, but we don’t always know our reactions to things and incidents and we just have to work ourselves through it at our own pace.

I know this will take some time for you. I’m here for you, but please don’t shut me out. Let me know what you’re thinking and I’ll help you as best as I can. We’ll help each other, and we’ll come through it like we always do.”

The sleep overpowered me sometime during the night, but it was a restless sleep and I was as tired as the night before when I woke up.

We always use to eat together as a family, because we think that a meal bonds both family and friends together. Nothing was said during the breakfast, and my appetite wasn’t much present today either. After breakfast Judith rushed back to her bedroom, and I helped Katie to clean up.

“I’ll talk to her later,” my wife said.

“But I think she needs to be alone and think through her actions a while before I talk to her. Why don’t you and I spend the day in the garden today, and do some of the work we planned, and try to make both you and I to think of something else for a couple of hours?”

“Yes, I think that would be a good idea. I love you Katie, I don’t know what I would have done without you. You truly are my better half. I just can’t see how I can be anything for you.”

“No baby, don’t say that. I love you too. You always make me feel safe and protected, you totally spoil me, and I have always been happy with you. We are just a bit different you and I. We fulfill each other in many ways. I guess I have always been rational and structural about many things. You are an emotional and passionate person, and that is some of the things I love about you. We’re just a bit different. Don’t be too hard on yourself. We both got hurt by our daughter’s actions, but we deal with it differently.”

“Thanks again honey,” I said and gave her a long kiss and a good hug.

“And yes, I’m happier with you than I could have ever imagined. To cuddle up to you on the couch after a hard day and see your beautiful smile, to wake up beside my beautiful girl every day makes my life worth living. I guess I’m just embarrassed that my emotions sometimes get the better of me. Come baby; let’s tend to your garden.”

The garden work that day actually helped some as Katie made sure that I always was busy doing something, and didn’t have time to think about the incident yesterday. I didn’t see Judith all day, and was glad to have my mind on something else for a while. My wife was a nurse but would have made a high class psychiatrist. We made a lot of work in the garden, skipped lunch and worked until early afternoon. Katie gave me a kiss and thanked me for the help, which she had wanted to have done for some while now.

“No, thank you. For helping me by having my mind on something else for a couple of hours.”

I cleaned up a bit, as Katie started on dinner. As I approached the kitchen I was actually surprised to be hungry. My mood of course was pretty much the same as yesterday, and the thought of facing my daughter once again made my stomach flip. Throughout dinner I couldn’t help to notice that my daughter kept looking at me. I tried to look up sometimes, but then she would glance towards the floor in clear embarrassment. Not much was said, and after dinner I went to the garage and spent some time cleaning and organizing.

I love cars, and have a few projects ongoing. Judith loved to spend time with me in the garage helping me out. She was always a daddy’s girl and learned a lot over the years, and seemed to love cars herself. We even had a veteran car together that was nearly fully restored, and that we planned to use this summer. I guess that’s really in the blue at the moment. She probably doesn’t want anything to do with her old man anymore. I’ve heard so much about other people treating their parents like they were the worst that ever happened to them, wanting to leave their hometown and parents behind as soon as possible. All Judith wanted at the moment was probably to leave her old senile father behind.

When dad came into my bedroom that day the world stood still. When he looked at me my heart just broke. I had never seen anyone with such a hurt expression before. It looked like he was going to faint, and when he staggered out of my bedroom, I knew it hurt him badly, and nothing was ever going to be the same. Daddy that had always been there for me, supported me, and been the best dad I could ever imagine. Knowing that he had been hurt in the worst way possible made me feel awful.

“Daddy! Please wait!” I shouted and my voice cracked and I started crying.

I cried and I cried. I wished that none of this had happened, and to just hug my daddy close to me again. When mom returned from work I prepared for a verbal assault. I didn’t have to wait for long. After a while she entered my room.

“Young lady! What am I hearing? What has gotten into you? I thought we had taught you better than this?”

“Mom, I’m so sorry.”

“Is he your boyfriend?”

“No,” I staggered.

“What?!” mom screamed and started to sob.

“Mom, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

I started to cry again. Mom left my room crying, and I felt worse than I’ve ever felt before. That both mom and dad that had always been there for me got hurt, made me feel horrible.

Mom announced dinner sometime later, and I somehow got down to the kitchen. Seeing my usually strong and smiling daddy now like a shadow of himself dragging himself towards the table made me nearly cry again. He couldn’t look at me at all during the meal, and just sat poking the food. When he left the room without a word I couldn’t help myself anymore, and started to sob. Mom stared at me.

“I think you should go to your room young lady and think through your actions. I don’t think I need to say how much you have disappointed your father and I. We will talk sometime during this weekend, you and I.”

I just nodded, and went up to my room. I cried, and hated the girls at school for talking and pushing me about my virginity. It’s not a big deal, you’re the only virgin left at school, everybody does it, were just some of their statements. I cried myself to sleep. The breakfast was as silent as dinner the day before. I spent the day in my room. At dinner I couldn’t help but stare at dad. He looked up sometimes, but I couldn’t meet his gaze. Late in the afternoon mom came to my room.

“Why Judith? He wasn’t even your boyfriend?”

“The girls at school kept mocking me about being a virgin, and I thought Kurt was a nice guy. I wasn’t really sure I wanted that type of relationship, but invited him over because I liked him. I thought we could hang out, and get to know each other. Hopefully he’d be interested in me, and I would really like him to be my boyfriend. But he wasn’t interested in talking. He kept pushing me, fondled me, and ripped my clothes of, kept saying that I shouldn’t be a tease, and that if I wanted to be his girlfriend he would need to see how good I was in bed. I got really scared and tried to stop him, but he was too strong. He took off his clothes and was about ready to jump me when dad came and kicked him out. If dad hadn’t showed up, he would have raped me!”

And as that thought struck me, I started shivering and crying again.

“Oh, sweetheart,” mom said and came and held around me.

“This was what your father and I tried to warn you about. That you should trust yourself, and don’t worry what others might think. I hope you learned a valuable lesson baby. Sex should be between a couple that truly loves each other and not something casual to do because everybody else does. I think it’s time you and I have a long talk Judith.”

Mom sat next to me on the bed and her hand started stroking my back.

“When your father and I met we got madly in love. It was more usual to save yourself for marriage then, but there were still people having sex then as there is now. Your father and I discussed this and we both wanted to wait. We were early in our relationship and we didn’t know if we would stay together, and hadn’t discussed marriage at all, but we felt strongly for each other. We both wanted our wedding night to be special, no matter who we ended up with.”

“Yes mom, I don’t want to try that again, and I’m certainly not inviting any boy home again.”

“Did he hurt you and how much did you two really do?”

“We kissed a bit, and he fondled my breasts, but he was rough and just seemed to care about himself.”

“Did he make you ... you know ... go down on him? Force you to give him a blowjob?”

“No, he ... OH my!” and I started to see how horrible all of this could have gone if my father hadn’t rushed in when he did.

I hugged my mom closer and shivered even more.

“Many guys are just like that, just caring about themselves and don’t care about anything other than doing things that pleases themselves. I’m just so glad that you are okay, and didn’t get hurt.”

“I did get hurt,” I whispered.

“Where?” mom asked.

“When I saw daddy’s face, and saw how much it hurt him. I wanted to take it all back, to tell him that nothing happened, to thank him for saving me, and just have him hold me like he did when I was a little girl and had a nightmare. But he stood there and looked like he was about to faint. I’ve never seen that expression with dad ever before.”

“You know baby, you were always his little baby girl, and he loves you very much. He always said how proud you made him, and that he never could have wished for a better daughter. And I felt the same way.”

By then both mom and me had started to sob again.

“Mom, I’m so sorry. You two have always been there for me, and the worst part is to know how much I have hurt the both of you. I wish you had a better daughter.”

“No honey, you’re still our daughter no matter what. I’m just so glad that you are okay and didn’t get hurt. You know we never lied to you and have always told you the truth. I won’t start lying to you now, and I think you need to know the truth. The truth is your father was badly hurt yesterday.”

“He looked heartbroken mom.”

“Well sweetie, that is true. To see you like your father did broke his heart. You mean everything to him and me, and he got quite a shock walking in on you like that. You need to talk to him, and tell him all the things you told me. He needs to hear those things from you, not from me. From what he told me, it must have looked like it was voluntarily and that you were right in the middle of it.”

“Thanks to daddy coming in and saving me from Kurt’s assault, I’m still a virgin mom, and I don’t think I will be able to trust a guy ever again.”

“You will find the caring and loving guy for you out there someday.”

“All the guy’s at school talks about is how many girl’s they slept with, and the girl’s they keep looking at is the girls with the shortest skirts and biggest boobs. And the only reason the spend time with girls like me is to take some cherries as they call it.”

“Again, Judith that is what your father and I talked to you about. Virginity isn’t something to be taken, but to be given. And you should give that to someone you truly love, preferably a husband. I guess your mother is old fashioned and was out of date a long time ago.”

“No mom. I just don’t think I will be able to find a man for me at all. All the guys I know are immature jerks, and after yesterday I don’t think I would be able to trust a guy again.”

“I think we all had a rough day yesterday. Tomorrow you will have to talk to your dad. I will leave the house and leave you and your father alone for a couple of hours.”

“But I’m so scared mom.”

“Scared of what?”

“Scared that daddy will hate me, and not love me anymore because of what he saw yesterday.”

“Your daddy loves you very much. Just tell him what you told me, and take things from there. I guess this would take some time for all the three of us to deal with, but I’m so glad that it didn’t turn out to be what it looked like.”

Mom held me and kept rubbing my hair till I finally fell asleep.

I went to bed and tried to read a bit, but after reading the same page five times I put the book away. Katie joined me in bed after a while, and snuggled close to me.

“Don’t worry Dave. Our daughter and I had a long talk today. Tomorrow I’ll leave you two alone for a while so you can talk.”

“But Katie, I don’t know what to say to her. I don’t know if she even likes me as her father anymore.”

“As I said Dave, don’t worry. Things aren’t always what they seem like, and now our daughter needs you to be there for her.”

“She probably hates me now, and doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. She doesn’t even look me in the eyes. What do you mean things aren’t what they seem?”

“She is probably too embarrassed to start to talk with you at the moment, but trust me. She needs you there for her right now. And no, she doesn’t hate you. It’s the other way around. She loves you like she always have, probably even more now. As for the situation yesterday you need to talk to her. Let her explain what happened, and don’t judge her before she has told you everything. It will probably be a bit awkward for the both of you at first, but you both need to talk. Promise me Dave, that the first thing you do is to give her a hug before you start to talk tomorrow?”

“Ok, I’ll talk to her. But I don’t understand how a hug would make any difference, even if she would want me to which I highly doubt.”

“Just trust me.”

“Ok Katie, I will,” I said and watched Katie fall to sleep almost instantly.

I found myself thinking about facing Judith the next day, and was worried to how it might end. Last time I was facing my daughter it ended in tears.

True to her words, Katie left me and Judith alone in the morning. I went down to the living room and waited for Judith to get up. When she finally came down, she still didn’t meet my gaze.

“We need to talk Judith.”

She just nodded, and barely lifted her eyes from the floor. I went over to her and hugged her. She then broke down in tears. She put her arms around me, rested her head on my chest and cried like I’ve never heard her before. Her entire body was shaking as she continued to cry for several minutes. After a while she stopped crying, but continued to sniff now and then. We sat down at the couch, and I held around her a bit more until she calmed down.

“You want to tell me what happened Judith?”

“Yes dad,” she said as she wiped her tears away.

“The girls at school kept mocking me about being a virgin. They told me that I must be the only one my age, it wasn’t a big deal, every ones doing it and so on. I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. But there was this guy I was interested in. Kurt.”

“He was the one in your room the other day?”

“Yes he was. I invited him over because I wanted to get to know him. He seemed to be a really nice guy, and someone I might be interested in going out with, maybe a boyfriend someday. We talked a bit, but he clearly wasn’t interested in talking. He kept pushing, fondled me, and told me that I shouldn’t be a tease. He also said that if I wanted to be his girlfriend he would need to see if I was any good in bed.”

“What a prick!”

“I was really scared, and tried to make him stop, but he was too strong. He ripped my clothes of and was ready to jump me when you came home. If you hadn’t showed up he would have raped me dad!”

Judith started to sob again, and I hugged her close to me again.

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.”

“I’m still a virgin thanks to you daddy. Thank you for saving me.”

Now I understood why Katie seemed so calm yesterday after her talk with Judith. I felt a huge relief, but also worried about Judith. Rape victims suffer for years after an attack, and Judith must be having a hard time right now.

“When you showed up daddy, I wanted to thank you for saving me, and hug you close and have you comfort me like now. But then I saw the look in your eyes as you saw me. My heart fell, and I just wanted to die. You looked heartbroken, I’ve never seen you so hurt before, and to know that I hurt you that badly was the worst part of it all.”

“Honey, I’m glad you are okay. And I don’t think I need to tell you that I’m quite relieved as well. When I saw my little innocent baby girl in a situation like that I didn’t know what to do. I’ve seen how a lot of your girls at school dresses and behaves, and hoped that you wouldn’t be that way. When I saw you like that, I felt that your mom and I had failed as parents, and that you wanted to be and behave like everybody else.”

“I’m not so little anymore, but I’ll always be your baby girl daddy. And I don’t think I’m able to trust any guy again, so you don’t have to worry about that part anymore.”

“Don’t worry about that baby. Someday you’ll find the right guy for you.”

“After the attack, I’m not able to trust anyone. And the boys at school are all like Kurt. All they look at is the girls with large breasts and short skirts, and all they think about is getting laid.”

“I’m just glad that you are okay. I thought I had lost my baby girl when I walked in on you like that. Your mother and I will be here for if you need anything. That punk should just be glad I didn’t get my hands on him.”

“Thank you.”

She giggled.

“I think you scared him good enough daddy.”

“Well, is this something you want to press charges on baby? To file a report against him?”

“No, I don’t think so. I just want to put this behind me. Besides, he will probably say that I was in on it, and that nothing never happened anyway.”

“Okay baby. Just let me know if there is anything I can do for you.”

“I will daddy. Thanks again,” she said and kissed me on the cheek.

I made us some food, and by the time Katie was back, Judith and I was watching television with Judith cuddled up next to me with my arm around her.

“It’s so good to see both of you okay,” Katie said and hugged both of us.

“I see you and your father had a good talk.”

“Yes, we did. Thank you both mom and dad.”

“You’re welcome sweetie. Your father and I are just glad that you are okay.”

After dinner we all watched a movie together. Judith was still cuddled up next to me throughout the evening. After Katie and I went to bed, Judith knocked on our door and entered in her pajamas when we asked her to come in. She looked nervous and shy, and clearly wanted to ask about something.

“Mom, dad? I can’t sleep, and I am not comfortable alone in my room at night right now. I wondered if it would be okay if I sleep in bed with you?”

“Of course sweetie,” Katie said and patted our bed.

“Is it okay with you too dad?”

“Of course baby.”

Judith smiled and got into bed with us. She lay down between me and Katie, and placed her arm and head at my chest. She sighed and seemed to relax as soon as she lay down with us. I stroked her hair, as I used to do when she was a little girl and had trouble sleeping. Just after a few minutes Judith was asleep with a smile on her lips. Katie looked at me and smiled.

“These days have been hard on her. She had a tough experience with that boy. This will take some time to heal.”

“I know,” I said.

“I’m just glad she’s okay, and that I didn’t lose her. That was what I feared the most.”

“We will just have to help her in any way we can.”

Judith’s mood returned to her usual happy one during the first days. There was one change in her behavior though. She was more affectionate with me than she ever was before. Hugging and kissing me several times during the day. Whenever we were in the living room watching television or just relaxing, she always cuddled up next to me on the couch hugging me close. At night she shared bed with Katie and me, and she always snuggled up next to me. Sometimes I would wake during the night and in the need for a visit to the restroom. When I left the bed, Judith would get restless, tossing and turning and her hand searched my side of the bed. Then when I returned, she would wrap both her arms around me again before she settled down and seemed to relax. Every morning when I woke up, she was still by my side keeping me close.

This kept on at the same pattern the first week. Judith had got a call from one of her girlfriends, and she had finally managed to get Judith out of the house for the first time since the incident. Katie and I were in the living room reading, with Katie resting her head in my lap.

“Katie, have you seen Judith’s behavior lately?”

“Yes dear. I think this is the first time for a week that your lap wasn’t occupied.”

“But why is she behaving that way?”

“That Dave is quite simple. You are her knight in shining armor.”

“I’m her what?”

“Her knight in shining armor. You saved her from the attack last week. Therefore she seeks your comfort and protection whenever she can. Even in her sleep she won’t let you go.”

“So you’ve noticed that too?”

“Yes dear. A mother notices a lot of things.”

“But what do we do about this?”

“For now we don’t do anything.”

“We don’t do anything? But why? This wasn’t a behavior she had earlier. Isn’t it like we encourage her if we don’t do anything about it?”

“Because you are the only guy Judith trusts at the moment. If you do anything that indicates that you are rejecting her, she will never be able to trust a guy ever again. If you reject her now, she will be rejected by the one person she trusts and feels keeps her safe. Then she really will get problems, and you could end up losing the relationship you have with Judith. She won’t be able to trust you anymore, and will withdraw from contact with you.”

As I said earlier. My wife never ceases to amaze me.

“Wow. So we just continue like we do now? Even sharing bed with her?”

“Yes Dave. She has a lot of things to go through before she will be able to heal fully from that incident, and for now the best thing you can do is to be there for her when she needs you. Even in bed.”

I leaned down and kissed her.

“You know what Katie? You are just amazing. I don’t know what I would do without you. You could have a huge career as a psychiatrist or psychoanalyst anywhere.”

Katie smiled and kissed me back.

“Well, I have an analytic nature, and combined with my mother instincts it helps out now and then.”

I took both mine and Katie’s book and threw them on the floor, and attacked her on the couch trapping her underneath me and started to kiss her. She giggled like a schoolgirl, and tried to throw me off.

“Oh no you don’t Katie. For the next hours you are mine, while we have the house to ourselves.”

“Yes Master,” she said with a sparkle in her eyes.

This is what I love about my wife. Always the playful one, with a bubbling personality.

“You don’t know what you have gotten yourself into this time girl,” I said and lifted her over my shoulder and headed for our bedroom.

I couldn’t resist the temptation, and slapped her ass a few times on the way.

“Has your slave been a bad girl Master? Do you need to punish her?” she purred.

“Yes, I think she needs some punishment.”

Katie continued to giggle all the way to the bedroom.

After some joyful time in the bedroom Katie and I shared a shower afterwards, and I was out of strength the rest of the evening. My loving wife has two personalities. The loving housewife, and a tigress in bed. As much as I love our time together in marital activities she totally drains me of strength afterwards. When Judith got home I was watching the evening news.

“Hi daddy,” she said climbed onto my lap and kissed me straight on the lips.

Then she placed her head on my shoulder and made a satisfied sigh. I was a bit stunned by her actions, but remembered Katie’s speech earlier so I tried to not make a fuzz about it.

“How was your day sweetheart?”

“It was okay. We went to the mall, but I’d rather stay here with you daddy.”

“I’ll always be here for you baby, but it’s okay to spend some times with your friends as well.”

“I feel uncomfortable going out. When I’m near you I feel protected and safe. It was difficult going to the mall today. Every time a guy got near me I got scared, and just wanted to run away.”

“You had a frightening experience, and this will take some time to work your way through. Both your mother and I is here for you whenever you need anything. We will get through this together.”

“Thanks daddy. I love you.”

“I love you to baby.”

When Judith entered our room before bed that night, she didn’t wear her usual pajamas. She was wearing bra and panties. And it looked like something from Victoria’s secret. Partly see through from what I could tell. I looked at Katie when Judith entered our bathroom before going to bed. She took my hand in hers.

“Dave, she is no longer our little girl. But she still needs you.”

“But didn’t you see what she’s wearing?”

“Yes, I did. But please Dave. Promise me that you don’t reject her and scare her off. She feels safe with you, and she needs your help to recover.”

“I still think this is crazy, and it didn’t get any better with that outfit, but okay. I’ll try my best.”

“Thank you darling.”

When Judith climbed into bed, she spooned me with her back against me and placed my arm over her belly. Once again she fell asleep in just a few minutes, with a smile on her face. I sighed and looked over at Katie again.

“I know Dave, but look how happy she is. She feels safe and protected around you. Judith told me that she nearly ran from the mall today whenever a guy got near her.”

“This is not easy for me Katie, but I trust you, and I love the both of you.”

“Thank you Dave,” she said.

“I know. This will be difficult for you. It won’t get any easier,” Katie said and turned around to sleep.

During the night I woke. I was rock hard, and my shaft was nestled between Judith’s cheeks. I tried to move so that I wouldn’t be pressing against her. But Judith still had my arm clutched in hers, and scooted back towards me again, until I once again had my cock pressed against her. Finally I gave up and fell asleep again.

Morning came, and I found myself alone in bed. After a long shower, I joined Katie and Judith for breakfast. To me Judith seemed to be her usual happy self again, and I commented about that to Katie after Judith left. By now when Judith left, she gave me a kiss right on the lips, and a long hug every time she left the house.

“That is just how she is when she is home and around you. I don’t think you know how much that incident actually scared her.”

Katie sat down in my lap, and kissed my cheek.

“Dave can you promise me that you will do what I tell you to help our daughter?”

“Yes of course. I already told you that.”

“No, Dave. I need you to promise me that no matter what I suggest, how weird it may sound that you will do whatever it takes to help her.”

“Now you got me really worried Katie. What do you mean?”

“Please Dave. Just promise me that you will. And that you won’t hate me or particularly not Judith. Please?”

“You still got me really worried Katie. Of course I won’t hate you or Judith. I love both of you very much. But what are you saying? What do I need to do?”

“I will tell you when the time is right, but don’t worry about it now. Just promise me that you will, and not to push Judith away in the meantime.”

“Ok Katie. As I said I trust you. I promise I will do my best to help her.”

These conversations with Katie lately had me really worried. Judith had clearly been more damaged from the incident than I thought, and it was all psychic. I still had no idea what Katie meant but I loved both my wife and daughter dearly and this was all Katie’s field, so I trusted her to know what our daughter needed to heal.

After the incident Judith had been away from school for a couple of days. One of the days she got home crying and jumped onto my lap and hugged me tight. Katie was on her afternoon shift at the hospital that day.

“What’s the matter sweetheart?”

“I hate guys,” she sobbed.

“What is it?”

“Kurt has been setting out rumors about me. That we slept together, that I was a complete slut but lousy in bed.”

“Oh baby.”

I stroked her hair and tried to calm her down.

“I’m sorry babe. Some guys are like that. They are afraid to lose face, and therefore they tell others what they want them to believe in order to keep their status and appearance. You are better than him. And all your friends and you know that none of those rumors are true, and in time those rumors will die out of themselves. Come on baby. I’ll make us some food, and we can watch a movie or something afterwards.”

“Ok. Thank you daddy.”

The kiss I got from her this time surely lasted longer than any daughter father kiss should be, but I pretended not to notice. During the movie she once again cuddled next to me. Her hand was placed on the inside of my thigh, dangerously close to my cock. Truth told, my daughter is a beautiful girl, and these last days with her close to me didn’t leave me unaffected I’m afraid. I just hoped she didn’t move her hand any closer, because the warmth of her hand on my thigh had made some stirring in my groin. No matter how much I tried to tell myself that this was my daughter, she still was beautiful, and I couldn’t help being affected by her.

I wondered how long our sleeping arrangement was going to last. Judith was now barely wearing anything in bed, and that was starting to become a problem for me. With Judith sharing bed with Katie and me, there wasn’t room for nightly activities between us anymore. Katie was now head nurse at work, and worked mostly daytime, either early or in the afternoon. That didn’t make things any easier on my part either.

Then one night I had an erotic dream. When I woke my cock had worked its way out of my boxers. Judith was lying against me pressed close to my chest, and to my horror my cock was pressing into her labia. The only barrier between us was her thin layer of panties. I sneaked my hands down to put my cock inside my boxer again. Of course groggy from sleep I was not careful enough, and my hand brushed across Judith’s pussy and she moaned in her sleep. I found her panties damp, and I couldn’t help but pull my hand back and up and smell it. And yes, it was the musk smell of a woman in arousal. Somehow I was able to rearrange my cock and Judith’s and my position without her waking. But not without whimpering protests from her in her sleep.

Katie had one of her rarely night shifts that night, and when she got home Judith had left for school. I sat in the kitchen with a now cold cup of coffee trying to gather my thoughts.

“Hi honey. What’s the matter?” she said.

I’ve never been able to hide any of my emotions from my wife, she reads me like an open book.

“How long are this sleeping arrangement going to last?”

“As long as Judith needs to. Why?”

“Because you and I haven’t gotten as close as we used to lately, and to have a young nearly naked girl cuddled up close to me in bed is hard.”

And then Katie started to laugh.

“So it’s hard?” she said, giggled and looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Nice choice of words. So now I’ve got myself some competition. Is that what you’re saying?”

This statement of course made me flush deep red.

“Katie! This is not funny!”

“You are so cute when you’re blushing Dave.”

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