Two Moms, a Daughter and a Pet

by maedhros21

Copyright© 2016 by maedhros21

Incest Sex Story: The sixth story in the Calloway/Edwards Family. Two stars are born while a mother trains her pet with the help of a guest star

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Incest   Mother   Daughter   DomSub   FemaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Fisting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Food   Double Penetration   Analingus   Porn Theatre   .

Hello again everybody, first off my apologies for the length of time it took to get this chapter finished. I try and think of the positive side ... George Martin still hasn’t finished book 6 in his series after five years and he gets paid to do it! Just kidding but real life definitely limits my available time. Now the good news and I hope some of you see it this way, this chapter is very long so it is split in two parts which are being submitted simultaneously. So depending on the mercy of the moderators they should both be out within days of each other.

Since forewarned is forearmed I tell anyone reading this is an incest story with overtones of cuckoldry. The heart of the cuckold part of the story will be in the next chapter when the father’s get directly involved in their wives lifestyles. There is also an exploration of some very light bondage in this chapter with some fetish play involved.

As always all the characters are over 18 years of age

It’s 10 a.m. and sitting at his desk Jack Calloway is lost in thought, his feelings torn between utter bliss and low level depression. The bliss came from this past week with his wife Donna and the complete rejuvenation of their sex life. It was so good he felt like it was almost like a second honeymoon.

After returning from a weekend visit with their daughter Katie, Donna had seemed like the woman he had married twenty one years ago. It was almost miraculous the change she underwent when returning home. She had gone from a woman who seemed to have not only no interest in him but also no interest in anything else. Well that wasn’t one hundred percent true. Every time their daughter Katie would enter their conversation she would always cheer up even if it was only briefly.

That’s why he had called their daughter and asked how she would feel about Donna visiting for the weekend. At first he sensed some hesitancy on Katie’s part but then after a moment or two she quickly agreed. It was actually right after letting Donna know about Katie wanting her to visit that their sex life started improving. Even still those few days were nothing compared to this week.

Monday night through Wednesday night it seemed like every wish he had was Donnas’ command to do. It had gotten so good that he found himself disappointed last night when she begged off sex claiming an upset stomach and headache. He had to admit he was feeling just a bit selfish when he let his disappointment show on his face when she told him no. For the briefest second after he told her he was let down he saw a glimpse of the Donna from a week earlier. Her face had gotten dark and it was almost as if she was biting her tongue trying to hold back some caustic comment.

That had bothered him slightly but what had led to his low level depression was what he overheard later in the evening. He had gotten up to use the bathroom and he heard Donna speaking in whispers on her phone. He assumed it had to be Katie because they had spoken on the phone every night this week for some time. It was almost as if she was living at home again and the nightly ritual of Donna spending an hour with her each evening had been renewed, except on the phone this time.

What he overheard had him confused and bewildered and once again questioning the fidelity of his wife. It truly confused him because he knew that right now Donna was on a Metro North train into Grand Central Station to start another weekend with Katie. His beautiful talented daughter was enrolled in NYU film school and was working on a major project for her professors. She had decided to make a documentary about a mother who suffered from ‘empty nest syndrome’ and she had chosen Donna as her subject.

She had asked her father’s permission to let Donna come to the city each weekend to work on the project. He had hesitated when she told him it could take up to six months of Donna spending her weekends in the city with their daughter. He had reluctantly agreed wanting to support his daughter in her pursuit of a degree and career. He didn’t let her know how lost he felt last weekend with his wife gone and him being alone. Instead he sucked it up and took the opportunity to try and shed some doubts about Donnas’ behavior before last week.

His doubts had gotten so severe he had even begun to suspect his loving wife of having an affair. The very idea had made him sick with worry and made him question the level of his love for his wife. He had sought out the advice of his best friend Steve and was completely floored when Steve had informed him that he himself was a willing cuckold and that Joanna his wife actively had other lover’s even right in front of him. Jack was stunned to say the least because he had grown up with a father who was also a cuckold and who allowed his mother to have lovers in their own home.

His initial resolve to immediately leave Donna if he were to find out she had been unfaithful had been shaken after hearing both his father and Steve explain why they stayed with their wives. It essentially came down to the question of how deep one’s love goes for their partner. Steve had explained that Joanna and his sex life had not only gotten better but was at a fever pitch after he accepted her need for extra marital sex. He asked Jack if on the outside did it appear that his marriage to Jo looked like it was in any trouble and Jack had shook his head and said no. In fact this came hours after he had jealousy asked Steve the secret to why Joanna and he couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

So after being given a new perspective to consider Jack had awaited Donnas’ return eager to see if her weekend away had helped. His suspicion of her having an affair had been forgotten for those few days because she was with Katie and there was no opportunity for anything like that to happen. Then when she came home and basically fucked him to death for three nights out of four he had put his concerns aside. That was of course until the conversation he overheard last night.

“Oh yes baby, I can’t wait to have you inside me again. Yes of course I did just as you told me to, I fucked him to death this week. Well except for tonight, I begged off tonight because I want to be fresh for you tomorrow. What’s that? Why yes of course I love him and I have to admit the sex this week was amazing but it still didn’t compare to last weekend with you. Jack has always been a great lover but the taboo aspect of our lovemaking takes you and me to another level, one he can’t compete with. No don’t worry he’s deep asleep,” Donna whispered.

Jack just stood outside the bathroom door with his chin hanging and his stomach in turmoil from his wife’s conversation. Who could she be talking to? How is she able to do this without Katie finding out, oh god maybe Katie even knew about it and was helping Donna meet up with her lover. It all made him suddenly sick to his stomach and instead of just peeing he found himself throwing up his dinner from before. The only saving grace from what he overheard was Donnas’ sincere statement that she loved him and always considered him to be a great lover.

But then he questioned even that, he asked himself how she could do anything like that if she really loved him. Then he wondered about the whole taboo thing she mentioned, she must mean the thrill of cheating that must be the taboo she spoke about. He cleaned himself up and quietly returned back to his bedroom not wanting to hear anymore of Donnas’ obviously secret conversation. He lay in bed wondering what his plan of action should be now that his deepest fear was confirmed.

As he lay there he couldn’t help but wonder if he was able to live a life like Steve and his father. Could he knowingly send his wife off to be in the arms of another lover as long as she still loved him as she had said? If her were to decide the opposite it meant a life of loneliness and heartache because he would probably lose his daughter too. She was after all a pure mommy’s girl and that might explain why she would help Donna harbor such a dirty secret. Donna was probably able to convince her that she needed someone else and that it meant no threat to her marriage, all the things that cheaters tell people.

So as he sat in a mental fog in his office he picked up the phone and spoke to his one closest expert on the subject of infidelity, Steve Edwards. He asked Steve if he was free that night and Steve told him that coincidentally Joanna was staying in the city that night so he agreed they could meet for dinner.

That little bit of information about Joanna staying in the city sent a shiver down Jack’s spine because she had tried months ago to recruit Donna and him into their lifestyle. Of course up until last week he had no idea of this invitation other than hints by Donna about possibly including other people in their sex life. He had shut her down quickly and now wondered if in fact it was Joanna that had found someone for Donna to play with. Maybe she had finally convinced Donna that she needed to get what she wanted even if he objected. He decided that he would come right out and ask Steve about Joanna’s possible involvement in whatever Donna was doing this weekend when they met up tonight.

If in fact Joanna was responsible for convincing his wife to have an affair he had no idea how it would affect his friendship with Steve. The two couples had been friends since Steve and Joanna had moved next to them almost twenty years ago. Their daughter’s Katie and Trish were more like sisters than just friends and it was why they were now roommates together. It would be hard enough to deal with an affair by Donna without the added complication of it all being at Joanna’s urging.

Jack of course had no clue as to how wrong he was in his perception of Joanna being responsible for Donna playing around. He would be shocked speechless if he found out right now that in fact his own wife’s lover was their daughter and that the two of them were responsible for the latest adventure in Joanna’s wild sex life, her new ownership of Patricia her daughter.

While her husband was deep in thought about the future of his marriage Donna Calloway was just getting off her train in Grand Central Station. She thought back to a week ago when she was in this same spot at almost the same time. She had been a different person then, a person who was in need of a wakeup call in her sex life.

She had gotten off the train back then with the fantasy of approaching her twenty year old daughter and confessing an unnatural attraction to her. Little did she know that Katie felt the same exact thing and that the weekend would become a completely life changing event for both of them. By the time she had boarded the train to return home on Monday both Katie and her had explored every inch of each other’s bodies in the most intimate ways possible.

She had also agreed to star in a film for Katie’s school project, one that started with the premise of a woman dealing with empty nest syndrome but evolved into something different. The new premise for the film was much more controversial and her daughter was pushing the envelope by even attempting it. It was going to show the real life incestuous affair of a mother and daughter from a positive point of view.

Her daughter had gotten the inspiration not only from the feelings they shared for each other but by others too. It seemed that as the weekend progressed and Katie was open with her new relationship with Donna amongst her friends and associates they got very interesting reactions from them all. Instead of any kind of disgust or revulsion they instead were greeted with a range of feelings from awe to jealousy over their odd love affair. In fact the biggest surprise to both Katie and Donna had come from her daughter’s lifelong friend Trish who expressed the same desire for her mother Joanna.

The young woman was so intrigued and aroused by the incestuous angle of her and Katie’s weekend that she had not only agreed to be their camera person for the film but also agreed to something else. It was the top thing on this new weekend with Katie and Trish had set it up, a new website for Katie and her that would feature live streaming tonight.

Donna was slightly surprised to hear from Katie last night that Trish had accomplished everything needed for their debut tonight. The surprise came from knowing how much Trish’s own life had changed this past Wednesday because that was the day that she got her own incestuous fantasies fulfilled. According to Katie the night had made Trish a different person; she was now properly collared and had no issue with telling Katie that she belonged to her mother.

She herself hadn’t heard from Joanna about her night with Katie but she would see her tonight because she and Trish were going to be observers to the night’s web debut. Then the four of them were going out on a double date for the night. She shivered at the idea of Trish being owned by Joanna because she herself had given control over to Katie of their new relationship. It wasn’t as extreme as what it sounded Trish had promised but Katie was Donnas’ mistress and had total control of her sexlife.

When she had agreed to Katie’s suggestion last week it felt so right and natural. In fact she had told the young woman on their first day together that she needed her to take control. It allowed Donna to let herself go and do things that might otherwise have left her awash in guilt. In giving control to Katie she funneled that guilt off as being someone else’s responsibility. It was Katie’s control that made her feel safe and comfortable enough to face her husband on Monday when she returned home.

It was also Katie’s control that allowed her to enjoy sex with Jack on the first three nights of the week because she was doing it on her daughter’s command. If she hadn’t been commanded to fuck Jack senseless she might have shied away again from fear of him realizing she had been with someone else. Instead she went into the sex with Jack with a gusto she hadn’t felt in over a decade hopefully making him feel safe again in their relationship.

Before exiting the station Donna made a point of stopping at Lilac Chocolate inside the Grand Central Market. She picked up two boxes of chocolates, one for Katie and one for Trish. She knew her gift was modest compared to the things Joanna had showered her daughter with this week but she wanted the girls to know she was thinking of them too. She had actually been with Jo when she had gone way over the top in shopping for Trish’s first date with her. She wished she could shop for Katie the same way and she very well could if it was only the finances to consider.

She couldn’t do it entirely because she would have to explain the money to Jack. As it was there were already a few dubious charges from last weekend on their cards such as the visit to the toy store and Victoria’s Secrets. It was a good thing she was the one who paid the bills for the two of them and he most likely would never see the statements with those charges. If he did she was all ready with a story of how she took the girls to the shops as a way of bonding with them as adults. It wasn’t really a lie when she thought about it; the bonding of course was of a completely different style than anything Jack would be thinking.

For a brief moment she felt a twinge of guilt, not over what she was doing but the lying she needed to do to achieve it. She had never lied to Jack in all their twenty one years of being married but in the last week she couldn’t count the number of times she had done just that. She once again wished to herself that her husband could be more like Jo’s husband Steve, a willing happy cuckold.

Three years ago if you had even mentioned the word cuckold to her she would have had no clue what you were talking about. Then came the earth shaking revelation from her best friend earlier the year before. In her friend’s confession she had described a sex life that had left Donna wet and squirming in her seat. The things Joanna had done were the things of fantasies not things that happened in real life.

She had been with numerous men and women and not just one at a time, no there had been threesomes, foursomes and orgies. It had filled Donnas’ head with images that aroused her and made her question her own sexlife with Jack. Then Joanna had dropped the second of her three bombs that afternoon when she told her that it all happened with Steve’s knowledge and encouragement. That he actually got off on her being with other people both without him and in front of him. It was then that she heard the term cuckold for the first time ever.

The third bomb of course was the biggest and had inadvertently led to the change in Donnas’ life that started last weekend. Joanna confided in her that she had an unnerving attraction to her own daughter Trish and that is had gotten so strong she felt nervous being around her. Donna knew that it was that conversation that had opened her eyes and legitimized her own feelings for Katie that had been hidden away forever.

Still it was the cuckold thing that was on her mind right now because she wished Jack knew about her and Katie. She wished that these weekends would be happening with his full knowledge and consent just like Steve gave Joanna. Of course this was just a fantasy but she hoped the future might make it a reality because Steve had promised to try and get Jack to see the merits in being a cuckold for his wife.

She kept her fingers crossed that Steve could succeed and that someday she could make love to Katie right in front of her husband, maybe they could even invite Katie’s friend Scott from last weekend too. Jack could see her fucking a young man with a huge cock right in front of his eyes while she ate their daughter’s pussy. The idea was making her wet and if she wasn’t in public she would have her finger’s buried in her cunt. She needed to get to Katie’s and plead with her mistress to put out the fire in her pussy.

Katie was in her bedroom helping Trish to get it ready for tonight’s debut performance of ‘The mother daughter hour’ as it was being advertised. Yes they had arranged some flyers and after Trish had finally returned home yesterday they took some and distributed them to some of the more well known lesbian bars in their neighborhood. Katie had also called Naomi and a few other women who had met her and Donna last weekend when they were together.

Lastly she called Scott, the guy she had picked up last Friday night from the culture club. She had asked him to try and be discrete in who he told and the only reason she even told him was because he shared his own incestuous fantasy about his own mom with them last week. Before they got off the phone he asked what the chances were of them hooking up again and hinted at wanting to include Donna even more than she was last week.

Katie smiled to herself because that was actually the second reason she had called him. She wanted to have him over tomorrow night and let Donna fully enjoy her first real extramarital cock. She was eager to help her mother take that huge piece of meat that Scott had and then she salivated at the thought of eating a creampie right from Donnas’ stretched out pussy.

She hesitated a bit though because she had promised Robbie from upstairs that she would arrange a double date for her and Robert her husband. Then she figured it out, she would ask them if they wanted to share an intimate dinner with her and her mom on Sunday. She knew that they had promised to keep Sunday for themselves but she was sure Donna wouldn’t mind. Besides after the couple left they would still have the rest of the night together, in fact they would be spending it completely alone.

Trish who had been there every step of the way last weekend now had her own agenda this weekend. It was Joanna’s intention for the four of them to go out tonight then return here for some fun and games. The rest of the weekend for her best friend sounded like a mysterious thrill ride. Joanna had told her that Saturday when they woke up they would both be returning home to Connecticut. She had plans for her new pet and wouldn’t share the details but she did allude to including people they knew back home. At the very least Joanna was going to play with her right in front of her father on Saturday night.

Knowing that little fact made Katie’s mind move in the very same direction at her mother was thinking right now. She wanted to somehow get her dad on board with the idea of being a cuckold. Trish had given her encouraging news when she shared that her dad Steve had for some reason been talking to Jack about the idea of being a cuckold. He had even confessed in detail the lifestyle that he and Joanna now lived. Of course he never mentioned anything about Trish being involved because it hadn’t actually happened yet when they spoke; it was still in the planning stages.

She could only close her eyes and imagine how hot it would be to sit there watching Steve in his chair while Joanna owned their daughter right in front of him. When Trish had returned yesterday in the early afternoon the very first thing Katie noticed was her collar. What Trish hadn’t noticed when she first put it on Wednesday night was her initials that were done in diamonds. It was actually a beautiful piece made from hand crafted soft black leather along with the gem stones. It had gotten more than a few questioning comments during school today.

Katie had made up her mind then and there that Donna would be wearing one by the end of this weekend too. After all wasn’t she now Donnas’ mistress and her mother deserved the very best from her. She wanted to get some time to talk in private with Joanna too about the proper training and treatment of a submissive property. Maybe she would decide that she didn’t want her mother to experience anything too extreme but she needed the knowledge to make that decision. Of course it would be her own decision too and not one she consulted with Donna about because part of being a good mistress was knowing what is good for your sub.

She was broken from her thoughts by both an incoming text and Trish asking what she thought of the setup for tonight. It was from her own lover telling her that she had arrived in Grand Central Station. She would be at their place in 30 minutes or so.

“That was from my mom, she’s almost here!” Katie said happily.

Trish just gave her a hug and a smile but said nothing. She seemed to be lost in her own world at the moment.

Katie had noticed it immediately when Trish had returned yesterday afternoon. She had spent all night Wednesday and all Thursday morning into the afternoon with her mother. It had profoundly changed her friend and she wondered just how deep the changes were. It wasn’t a bad change by any means in fact Trish seemed at peace with herself right now. It was as if she found exactly what she was missing in her life and now she seemed ... well complete.

Katie had tried to fish for details of the previous night when she returned but all Trish would tell her was it was the most amazing night of her whole life. She did let on a few details of course that left Katie speechless and in awe of how much influence Joanna truly seemed to have. The idea that not only had Trish dined at Per Se but also met the famous chef Bill Armstrong had been the first shock. The second was more like an atom bomb dropping; her best friend had actually met Katy Perry. Not a quick hi I’m Trish Stevens type meeting but an actual get together in her dressing room.

Katy Perry was a favorite of them both and the idea that Trish hung out with her and had the promise of meeting her again was mind boggling. She also sensed that there was more to the story about meeting these two celebrities but she couldn’t pry it out of her. All Trish would do was say again how the night was the most amazing one of her life.

She was slightly more forthcoming when Katie asked her about being in bed with her mother Joanna. Before answering at all she thought she saw Trish shudder in orgasm at just the thought of the night before. She wasn’t sure but her friend had the most satisfied smile when she told Katie that saving herself for Joanna was everything she expected it to be and more.

What Katie didn’t know and Trish wasn’t allowed to tell her was that Joanna had forbidden her to give any details of a sexual nature to Katie when she got home. Joanna knew it would drive her daughter’s friend mad with curiosity and more so would demonstrate the control she already had over her daughter. It was killing Trish to not share every sordid detail from that night with Katie, from actually making out with Katy Perry and playing with and sucking her breasts to the promised private dinner that Bill Armstrong would cook for them here in their apartment.

She almost shared that detail but held back because it would lead to other questions she was not allowed to answer. Joanna had promised that if she was a good puppy that she would allow her to share all the details of their night when the four of them went out tonight. Thinking of herself as a little puppy with her mother as her mistress immediately made Trish moist between her legs. She already missed and craved her mistress’s caresses and commands. She was already looking forward to tonight and what Joanna had promised for the evening. She had told Trish that she was a bad puppy by inadvertently teasing both Donna and Katie last weekend. So she needed to be punished for being a bad puppy in front of her best friend and her mother.

The place that the punishment was going to take place and what exactly it would entail Joanna would not share. It left Trish eager to be punished if just to find out where they would be going tonight. In one sense Katie was so correct when she made the observation that Trish looked at peace with herself. Trish would admit that at no time in her life did she feel as content and happy as she did right now. She had a newfound closeness with her mother that had escaped her grasp for so many years.

She had always envied the close relationship that Katie had with Donna over the years. There was nothing sexual about it, well maybe there might have been an undercurrent of attraction between them when Katie hit 18 but it always left Trish wanting the same thing with Joanna. She knew now that she could never have had the same thing with her mom because Jo was just wired so differently from Donna.

Instead now after going as far as signing over an ownership contract and committing herself over to Joanna’s control she had gotten what she wanted on an even more intimate level. She not only got the physical satisfaction from sex with her mother but she would also get her attention constantly. Joanna had already told her that there wouldn’t be a day that went by that she wasn’t involved somehow with Trish’s life from here on out. She had total control of the young woman’s sex life and she was going to train her in the proper ways of being the best pet imaginable.

So when Katie told her that Donna was almost there it grounded her in the moment once again. She gave her best friend a huge hug and a smile and finished double checking the equipment for tonight. She had gotten Katie to procure three video cameras and tripods from her film department at NYU for tonight. Of course it would have to be a regular thing because according to Katie if the live stream tonight was popular enough she wanted it to be a regular part of her Friday nights with Donna.

If Trish’s hunch on what would happen tonight were correct then within a month or two they would have enough money to buy their own equipment. That would be much more favorable because it would take them off the college radar. It was already a wild and crazy idea and coupled with the film that they started working on might cost her best friend her scholarship. Technically incest was illegal although in some states it was only illegal if it occurred between an adult and an underage person. Luckily New York State was one of those states; there was no breaking of the law in any of their relationships, hers and Joanna’s nor Katie and Donnas’.

However not being illegal doesn’t mean it has to be acceptable to others and society has such a stigma against incest that she would be shocked if Katie was still in school after she finished her film. Her film idea for her sophomore project had morphed from how the feelings of an empty nest drove a mother into her daughter’s arms into a treatise on how incest is not a bad thing with Katie using herself and Donna as an example. It easily could be academic suicide but if she was lucky enough to appeal to the Avante Garde cutting edge side of her professors taste in film it could be a masterpiece. After all this was New York City, the leader of the Avante Garde film movement for generations. Katie’s film would be bold, controversial and straight from the heart all things that someone could clearly see if they could avoid being blinded by the subject matter. Of course there was also going to be enough graphic footage of Donna and Katie enjoying each other sexually that if it got rejected here it could possibly be the biggest grossing porn film of all time, far surpassing the original Kay Parker classic Taboo.

She was secretly happy that they had gotten so much graphic footage done last weekend because now with the new events in her own life she needed to be free for Joanna. She would still be their camera woman and her mother knew about this but she couldn’t spend whole weekends with them. In fact she hadn’t told Katie yet but Jo was taking her home to Connecticut tomorrow and keeping her there till Monday.

Once again Trish had no idea what that would involve and how the rest of the weekend would play out but that was the beauty in being owned, she just had to go along with whatever Joanna had in mind. After spending just the one exquisite night with her Trish knew it would not be a boring Saturday or Sunday in the Edwards household. At the very least she was sure that Joanna would take her right in front of her cuckold father’s eyes to show him how Trish was now her pet. She shivered at the thought of being naked in front of her father and having him see her submit to Joanna in every shape form or fashion. That thought also made her panties wet, she needed to focus on the here and now unless she wanted to change them repeatedly today.

“Damn girl would you please focus on the moment, I just told you that my mom will be here in a few minutes. I need to you to go and get the strap on that your mom borrowed the other night. I would ask you how it felt having that thing shoved inside you but I wouldn’t want to see your silly silent smile again. Can you at least nod your head yes or no if you enjoyed it?” Katie teased.

Trish’s eyes lit up at the mention of the dildo she had just recently shoved to the root inside her pussy. She thought back to how full she felt as Joanna rammed that thing in and out of her like wild woman. She also remembered her mother’s promise that she was going to take her anal virginity this weekend with the same thing. She had given Trish a series of butt plugs yesterday afternoon before she left to help stretch her out with the instruction that she was to always have one in her ass until tonight. Right now she had the middle one shoved in her hole and she loved the way it gave her ass a full feeling, it was a new and unique type of feeling for her.

In response to Katie’s question she actually did giver another of her silly silent smiles but also nodded her head vigorously in a yes motion to let her know emphatically how much she enjoyed it.

Katie missed Donna something terrible and she knew her mom felt the same way. She was going to fuck her as soon as she got here to take the edge off of her mother’s needs. Then she was going to make Donna suck her pussy for at least an hour straight to make up for some of the orgasms she missed out on this week. Her mother told her every night that she missed her mistress even though she was having sex with Jack again. She had told Katie that the sex was great again with her father but it still paled in comparison to the orgasms she had in her daughter’s arms.

By midweek Katie had been feeling a little bitchy and extremely horny and had purposely called home just when she figured Donna would be fucking her father. Donna had no choice but to stop fucking her husband to respond to her lover’s call. She didn’t know it for sure but it had to have gotten under her father’s skin. She had made Donna go into another room and have phone sex with her while her father was waiting impatiently back in the bedroom. Both women had orgasms as Katie listened to her mother tell her how she much she missed and loved her pussy.

She knew there was no faking what Donna had been telling her either, both women were genuinely hot for each other. She knew something that she would never call her mother on but her gut told her was true. She knew that if she pushed Donna to leave Jack to be with her she could have that; such was the level of her mother’s lust for her. She also knew it wasn’t just lust; the two of them shared a bond and a love that had been nurtured nightly all her life. It had just now become an adult manifestation of that love and neither of them had any plan to ever give it up now.

She sincerely hoped once again that they could pull her father into the fold of their new relationship as their willing cuckold because it would solve so many problems. She closed her eyes and once again played a visual of one of her newest fantasies in her head. In it Donna was on her hands and knees taking Scott’s huge cock in her pussy while her mouth was firmly attached to her dripping pussy. She held her mother’s face firmly against her leaking cunt and turned her head to see her father sitting passively in a chair watching the scene in front of him. In his hand was his own cock and he was stroking it eagerly wanting to make himself cum while the two most important women in his life were fucking away on the bed.

She was woken out of her fantasy by the familiar sound of Trish giggling while watching her.

“Now who seems to be lost in her own head?” Trish teased at the look on Katie’s face. “Would you like to share what’s going on in that perverse mind of yours?”

Katie looked at Trish and gave her one of the silent smiles she had been receiving from her roommate since yesterday.

“Oh I see, I guess I deserve that. I just can’t talk about Wednesday night in detail ... I was given a command not to by my ... moth ... my mistress.” Trish said softly.

When she heard that, it truly started to dawn on her just how seriously Trish was taking her new role with Joanna. She was happy for her friend and decided to not push her anymore but instead to respect the commitment she had undertaken with her own mother.

Katie was wearing a pink camisole that her mother had bought for her last weekend in Victoria’s secret and took the strap on and secured it around her waist. She saw the look of lust on Trish’s face as she watched and wondered if Joanna was going to want to share her new pet. She was hoping that tonight they could all get to enjoy each other because she sure wouldn’t mind a crack at Joanna’s beautiful body either. Maybe they could fuck and have their lover’s play with their tits and clits while the two Alphas’ in the room enjoyed themselves.

She knew it might seem odd to some that in the new dynamic of her and Donnas’ relationship that Katie was the Alpha but only to those who didn’t know Donnas’ upbringing. Her mother had been raised by ultra conservative religious parents and just learning to enjoy sex had been a chore for her when she met Jack. So now as she became involved in what her parents would think of as the most blasphemous perverse type of relationship she could ever have she needed Katie’s confidence and control. It led to her being a natural submissive who had also given active control of their new lifestyle over to her daughter last weekend.

She didn’t think that what they had established was anywhere near as encompassing as what Joanna had done with Trish but it was still a mistress/sub relationship already. She found it empowering in an intoxicating way to want to control her mother but she also wanted to maintain some balance between them. She still wanted times when she didn’t have to be mistress but could instead just be Katie the daughter so they had established a password to let Donna know when Katie was in mistress mode, the password was Goddess.

As the girls were getting things together in the apartment and Katie was eagerly awaiting Donnas’ arrival to start their second weekend together, she was just emerging from the same Astor Place train station as last weekend. She could easily have taken a cab and had to resist the urgency to get to Katie’s place right away.

She knew that Katie was probably going to take her as soon as she walked in the apartment; her panties were soaked through in anticipation. She wanted to take the time to walk from the train station once again because she loved this neighborhood so much. She felt like her soul belonged here on the lower east side of Manhattan, like she had lived previous lives in this very area.

Of course it had changed dramatically since she was dating her soon to be husband Jack and they lived together down here. That alone had been a huge change for her, to be living with a man out of wedlock. She remembered her parents basically disowning her once they found out, instead of it hurting her it made her resolve even stronger to escape their control. It was their own loss that they had missed her wedding and had never to this day met their only grandchild.

Last week when she emerged from the train station she had been bombarded by memories and this time was no different. Of course she was also a nervous wreck last week wondering if she was crazy in thinking that her daughter was sexually attracted to her. That question had been answered emphatically on that first morning when she had gotten to the apartment. Katie had hinted at something happening between them and the hints had been pretty bold but Donna still doubted herself until their lips had met for the first time outside of a boutique only a few blocks from where she was right now.

It was ironic that her thought was on that very boutique because as she was crossing Second Avenue she heard her name being shouted in the distance.

“Donna, Donna, over here!” she heard.

She turned in the direction of the voice and saw Naomi Johonsonn the owner of that very same boutique.

“Oh Naomi, how are you!” she said as the two of them embraced.

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