Cheer Squad

by Logco

Copyright© 2016 by Logco

Erotica Sex Story: Someone's story in high school just not mine.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Lesbian   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Public Sex   .

A lot of the quotes in the story are quotes I vividly remember either myself or someone else saying. If I can’t remember the quote I won’t put it in.

Cheer Squad Try outs

My name is Samantha Claire Collins. I was 14 years old, quiet and shy but I loved to dance and I cheered back when I was a young girl. I was still pretty much flat chested but I had a cute butt or so I was told. I left my hair down most the time but this specific time I did it in pigtail with red and white rubber bands to match the schools colors. I had brown kind of drab hair. I had pretty blue eyes and I was told they captivated a lot of people. I was only five feet tall and weighed just under 100 pounds. My hair was straight unless I used a curling iron or went to the salon and got it done up nice. When I’d go to the salon to put a curl in it they’d have to use a curling iron three times.

My sister Julie is the hot blonde haired green eyed girl that every guy wants to date and she had several boyfriends during high school and even now in college she has some too. She attends junior college but still college and at least for now she still lives at home. I’d heard a couple guys that she had brought into her room say she had an awesome butt and truth be told I have to agree. The only reason I heard them was because we have a house rule that the bedroom doors remain open during the day.

I was in high school and wanted to be accepted so what better way to be accepted, make some friends and be lusted after by most the guys then by becoming a cheerleader? The tryouts were weird you know most girls showed up in the typical sports bra and shorts or yoga pants and stuff like that. They refereed to us as fresh meat and told us to go in to the locker room and strip totally nude. That was the weird part and then they brought in cheer outfits no bra or panties were allowed but we did those underwear bottoms. We got dressed in those. Some of the girls were weirded out by the lack of underwear. I didn’t always wear underwear so it was okay for me. That day I had worn underwear cause I knew I’d be made to change in the locker room before cheerleading tryouts. I was a little embarrassed because I was the only girl except for a couple of fat girl that wasn’t wearing a thong or G-string. When the juniors came in to give us the uniforms they noticed that some of the girls were shaved down there and some had hair. I was neither I had not grown hair yet but my older sister assured me we were just late bloomers. She had grown boobs at 15 and now had C cups and she had pubic hair come in around 16 but she shaved it off now at 18. I was hoping that I’d have hair to shave off before 16 but was worried that I might never get it. I never did change in to what I had brought for tryouts but that was okay by me.

Some of the girls were really good some were really bad and others were somewhere in between. We were judged by the upper classmen and the head cheerleader. She was a bitch and a half named Summer. She had bleached blond hair and big possibly fake boobs but she looked okay. She could look better though.

When they called my name they got my last name wrong. How could you get the last name Collins wrong? They pronounced it Colligs. My hand writing was not too bad but they had you sign up on a computer for any clubs be in or team that you wanted to be on. I know they meant me. I went to center floor and give it my all with a big voice. The seemed unimpressed until I began my tumbling stuff then they were thoroughly impressed. They huddled up and discussed it quietly. They let me go back to the locker room and change back in to my day clothes less my underwear. Everyone who tried out had to wait around until everyone tried out. At the end of try outs they said, “The list will be posted on Friday. Be sure to check all levels.” I guess some people that were freshman like me had maybe done so well that they could be on higher class.

I went home that day hoping to be a new cheerleader. The tryouts were on Wednesday and I got there excited on Friday morning. There was no list posted yet but it was still early. I decided I’d check before and after every period. At the end of third period the list was posted. I wasn’t on the freshman list or the sophomore list. I was worried and saddened when I wasn’t on the JV squad. I was just shy of breaking down when I saw my name on the Varsity squad list. I would be with mostly seniors and a couple other class students that had done better than their class. At the bottom of the list in bold red lettering was written, “See Summer or another cheerleader for further information. First practice is Monday.”

Did I have any questions hmmm? The other 4 classes of the day were crazy and for me and just dragged on. I couldn’t sit still. I was just so excited. When I got home I went in to the back yard to work out on the trampoline and just work off some of my excess energy. I couldn’t wait for anyone to get home. I called my sister’s cell phone and left her a message saying, “I didn’t make the freshman squad.” I was going to go through not making the sophomore or JV squad but I got too excited and blurted, “I made the varsity squad. Don’t tell mom!”

I worked out some more in the backyard doing tumbling and stuff. I heard a car pull into the driveway and knew it was my mom and I ran into the house. I met her at the front door. I was so bouncy that she could tell that I made the cheerleading squad but she was so happy for me that I made varsity. Julie came home from work and had gotten me a congratulations cake. Of course I’d share it with Mom and Julie.

First Practice

Monday could not come soon enough. Everyone was told at the first practice that during practice no underwear was to be worn. That meant no bra or panties. On game days we had to wear a thong or G-string in either Red or white that was our choosing. I figured that’d be a problem I didn’t own any underwear like that and even if I did I knew my mom wouldn’t let me wear it yet.

After practice while some of us were changing in the locker room Summer and all the experienced cheerleaders showed us another facet of squad life. All the girls on the team had to shave, wax or laser off their pussy hair. Luckily I was still bare so I didn’t have to do any shaving yet. The shaving thing was more about team unity than some perverted thing. The senior cheerleaders had to check us all out to make sure we were bare or willing to go bare. Most the girls had been on the team for 3 years already so they all knew about it. I had heard from my sister that it is a bitch to keep yourself shaved and if you don’t keep up with it it itches bad.

The following day I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t ask my mom if I could start wearing thongs and the first game was in a month so I had some time. I told Lisa--the nicest varsity cheerleader-- at practice that day that my mom wouldn’t allow me to wear thong underwear and Lisa suggested I just not tell her. If I didn’t tell my mom I’d have no way of getting them because no one could take me to a store to buy them. Lisa asked,” Don’t you have like a brother or sister that can drive you to the store?” I didn’t have any brothers but there was Julie. She could help me out and Julie did her own laundry granted it was in our Laundry room but she still cleaned her own clothes.

I decide later that day I’d ask Julie if she could take me to the store on the weekend when she didn’t work.

I figured honesty is the best policy so I told Julie I needed thongs so we went to the mall on Saturday and she dragged me to the shoe store. I went in with her and a former boyfriend was working there that day. He came over to us and we both had sat in chairs. I figured we were there for something Julie wanted and when Chris came over Julie told him that I needed thongs and that told me that Julie thought I meant sandals but I meant the underwear but I didn’t tell her then Chris measured my foot and told us it was a good time to buy sandals cause they were having a clearance on them so Julie decided to get them too. When Chris went to the back to get some optional sandals I made it clear that I needed thong underwear.

Julie looked at me like I was crazy but then she recovered. She said, “Well let’s see I could pin some of mine or maybe mom would be okay with you getting your own.”

I looked at here incredulously. I said, “There is no way mom would allow me to wear thongs. The only reason she lets you is because you are 18 and she thinks she has limited control over you.”

“I live in her house I’ll follow her rules but don’t tell her that,” Julie said. “If you are going to wear thongs you’ll have to get use to them first. I had a real hard time starting out with them but now I’m use to them. It’ll take a couple of hours maybe a day or two. Right now I’m not wearing underwear because when you wear thongs it’s almost like you aren’t wearing underwear.”

I looked around to see if anyone was looking or close to us. The coast was clear so I lifted my skirt enough to show Julie I wasn’t wearing panties either. I guess that was one of the first steps to get use to wearing thongs. We went to Victoria’s Secret and I picked out a couple thongs and when we got home I saw that Julie and I wear the same size thongs so maybe she wouldn’t have to pin them. I had chosen a couple of red ones and a couple white ones and one blue one. I felt very patriotic. The blue one was for nongame days. Julie came in to my room and told me to try one on so that I could start getting used to it. I dropped my skirt and pulled on little blue. (I would call it big blue but a thong is never big) and it felt really weird but Julie went off to her room with me in tow and pulled up a sheer yellow one. The crazy part was that seeing Julie in her tiny thong turned me on. That scared me a lot and I quickly went back to my room and pulled a pair of shorts on. Julie walked in to my room still wearing just the thong. When she walked in the thong had shifted a bit and I could see some of her pussy. So I tunred around and buried my face in my pillow.

Julie asked, “What’s wrong you left my room very quickly?

I didn’t say a word I only pointed at her thong. She looked down and moved it back in to place. Julie said, “That’s actually a good thing. It is a learning tool. Sometimes thongs shift and will show that. You are still bare so there won’t be any hair and as soon as it comes in you should shave it or get waxed ... Shaving gets you short. Waxing gets you bald.”.

Julie stripped off her thong and showed how bare it was. She grabbed my hand and pulled it toward her pussy. As she ran my hand over it I shivered. I was feeling really weird.

First Game

The practices were kind of hard but once in a while we’d have a light day but most of them were really hard. The girls were pretty hard on me because I was only a freshman and they had gone through three years of high school before making the varsity squad. The only girl I knew had skipped sophomore and JV was Summer. That’s why she was head cheerleader. We had our first game on a Friday and we all worked hard right up until April fell and broke her ankle. We were kind of depressed so we weren’t all that perky but we tried to move forward. The East High Wildcat’s went in at halftime down 24 points but they came back in the second half and dominated. The West High Knights never even made it past their own 35 yard line. EHS won 38-27. After the game we decided to head to April’s house well some of us luckily I was part of some of us. We got there and April had her leg bandaged from the toes up to mid-calf. I didn’t know anyone that had a broken bone personally. April had her 8th grade brother as her servant. She was given a bell by her mom that she’d ring whenever she needed her brother Tyler. Even though he was year younger than me he was really hot. He had short spikey hair and dazzling blue eyes. He was muscular but thin and tall at least 5’ 10”. I was curious what his penis looked like. One time when he came into the room he even squeezed my butt and I liked it. I decided if he was single when he started high school the next year he’d date a sophomore aged varsity level cheerleader.


With the exception of Lisa I was not getting along well with the varsity level cheerleaders. I don’t want to point fingers but I think Summer is behind it. I decided to ask my mom if it was possible that I could have some cheerleaders over for a sleep over. She was not too happy with the idea because e she would be out of the house until at least the next morning but because Julie was going to be home mom decided it’d be okay. I set up the sleep over for the weekend after our next home game. The truth is I wanted to invite all levels but decided to keep it small and invite only the other Varsity cheerleaders. The only one who actually confirmed was Lisa. The others said things like, “I’ll see if I can make it.” I was not expecting many but maybe a few others would also show up. I didn’t actually like her but I wanted Summer to show up because if I could get her on my side the others would come around too. I kind of didn’t want all of them to come because I figured eight girls--even with Julie’s--help would be hard to control. The party started at 7 and Lisa showed up at 7. I was kind of worried that Lisa was the only person there but a little relieved too. We ordered a pizza and it came quickly and we finished it before 8 o’clock even rolled around. Then right around the doorbell rang and both Lisa and went up to answer it. It was April who had decided to come despite her injury. She needed our help to get down to the basement where the sleep over was going on. Lisa was pretty strong so she carried April down the stairs with only a little help from me. I brought down the crutches after we got April comfortable. She was on the outside so if she needed to go to the bathroom it’d be easier for her to get up and over to the bathroom. Right around 8:05 just after I had gotten comfortable again there was another ring at the door. Lisa stayed with April I opened the door and there was Summer and a couple other girls. I Was hoping that’d be it. Six is enough. I knew we’d need some more food like more chips and salsa and a couple more pizzas. I went online to look and see if there was any type of order 5 get the 6th for free because I was not sure we could afford the pizzas. I found a new place that had a deal like that it was called Mario’s so I decided we should try that. The deal was actually BOGO no limit. The only problem was whatever you ordered would be the same as the free one. I figured that could still work. We ordered and for the first time I remember the pizza guy was a girl and she was cute. We were all nervous to try the pizza and because I was the youngest I offered to “take the bullet.” I took a bite and it was by far the BEST pizza I had ever tasted. The other girls tried it and most of them agreed with the exception of Lynne Chen. She apparently didn’t like the pizza that much. Everyone said she was crazy but I didn’t agree with everyone else. The last thing I needed was a girl on the Varsity squad mad at me for something as trivial as taste in pizza.

About 9:30 people started getting tired but we weren’t quite ready to go to bed yet but we decided to change in to our pajamas of some sort. We went in to the bathroom in two groups and changed into our respective sleep clothes. I just took off my bra and panties and put on an old pair of shorts from about 7th grade. They were small but they weren’t too small. I noticed all the girls were wearing tank tops to bed so I decided to go to my room and change in to a tank top as well. When I returned back I was shocked even though they may sleep in tank tops tonight three of the girls were topless and playing with their tits. I was not surprised to see Summer as one of them but I was pretty shocked to see Lisa doing it. I realized after only a short time that in addition to them playing with their tits they also had a hand down their pants and I think Angie was the only one that didn’t have her hand in her panties on her shaved pussy. Before long Summer dropped her pants and wasn’t wearing underwear (no surprise there). Her shaved pussy was soaking wet and I could she was getting close to cumming. I was no stranger to masturbation so I decided to join the party myself.

Sexual experience

I had been masturbating for about three minutes when Summer got up and stood in front of me. I was face to pussy and I didn’t know what to do. I mean I knew what Summer wanted me to do but I had never done very much with a girl. If she had a dick I would have gladly taken it in to my mouth but this was sort of an innie not an outie. I had thought about eating a pussy or two in my life but never actually figured it’d happen but here I was. I noticed the shapes and way a pussy was actually constructed for the first time. Back in health classes they discussed it but I didn’t pay much attention cause I figured I had one so I knew it. I had been laying and toying with mine since I was nine so I thought I knew it pretty well.

I figured this was just hazing and anyone that was freshman, sophomore or junior on a higher squad or team would have to go through stuff like this. I decided to do whatever I could so I began licking and sucking on her out very wet and very sweet pussy lips and her inner lips which produced more of that sweet liquid. I have to tell you that as much as I had dreaded this I was kind of enjoying the taste. I noticed that after practice Summer was always the girl with the most body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion powders and stuff like that in her locker. She also seemed to be the first girl in the shower and the last one out. I had watched her once from behind and noticed that she really washed herself quite bit at school and probably even more when at home. I figured she was clean and the taste was divine. The smell was not as great but not really bad either. I decided to try something that always got me to finish and I stuck a couple of fingers inside her and there was no real response. Just then I heard Lisa cry out she was orgasming and I realized that she had a sophomore between her legs that was eating her out. I lifted my head just long enough to see that but then Summer shoved my face right back down. I curled my finger and worked her g spot. That got her really close and then I lightly nibbled on her and she lost it. She started convulsing, soaking my fingers and face with her juices and flooding my mouth with her nectar of the Gods. Once she was done she seemed to melt and she fell on top of me knocking me on my back. She continued to convulse for at least the next ten minutes and I just lay there enjoying it all. Summer was in her post orgasmic state but I was enjoying only a little bit less than her.

I was able to roll her off of me and stand up. I didn’t remain standing for long cause both my legs had fallen completely asleep. I straightened my legs in front of me and started to feel the blood flow get back to them. I looked over to where Summer was and she was laying on her back not moving and deeply breathing. I think she was passed out but still recovering from her orgasm.

I scooted back until I was leaning with my back against the couch. I pulled my shorts down and off and began masturbating myself. I just wished that someone else was going to do that but no such luck. Just as I started I heard April’s orgasm. I looked over to see it and the sight was quite funny she was on her back with one leg up in the air and her injured leg still on the ground. Just like all of us when her body was racked by orgasm she was convulsing wildly and shivering. April had left her shorts and maybe her panties on so there was an increasing wet mark forming. If she didn’t care then neither did I. I was working my bald little pussy and had made a silent promise to myself. Three was my magic number. I wouldn’t stop until I had at least three orgasms. I had never exceeded one. But I saw April going for what I think was number two and the same for Lisa.

Lynne Chen was the only one still fully clothed but it seemed like she wanted to join in. I hit my first orgasm. I crawled over to Lynne and lifted her shirt exposing two conical shaped breast with very red nipples. I tried to take her shorts off but she held on to them for dear life. I decided I’d just eat her through her shorts. I started licking and then something occurred to me I might be bisexual I mean with Summer I was forced but now I was eating Lynne of my own volition. Did I care if I was bisexual hmm? I’ve heard people say that all women have a little bisexual in them. Is that the deal with me? Am I letting that bisexual out or am I just a full blown bisexual? Lynne was getting close so she kicked off her shorts and she wasn’t wearing panties. I’m not condemning her cause I don’t wear panties to bed either but Lisa had told me the time she wears any panties is when she dons a thong for the games. While I was eating Lynne I was fingered my own pussy too we were both very close and I was hoping we would pop our corks at the same time. I was just about there and Lynne was so close too. When I started so did she and I dug my face so deep in to her that if it was possible I would have my head stuck in her pussy.

I had never been to a boy’s slumber party but a guy friend of mine told me that they don’t sleep during a guy slumber party. At this slumber party some of us fell asleep I fell asleep after a while wondering if I was bisexual, gay or just experimenting. I hoped for the latter. At one point during the night I awoke with a total cotton mouth. I went up to the kitchen to get bottled water. Already there was Julie she was wearing just her night shirt and no panties at all. I asked her why she wasn’t wearing panties and she said that she had heard us all masturbating and decided to get herself off just like we had. I was embarrassed. She fell asleep without putting her underwear back on and figured there was no really reason to put any on now. I saw her smooth pussy and was turned on by that too just like the other two pussies I had seen earlier in the night.

I went back down to the basement to go back to sleep. When I get back down there Lisa was awake as was Summer. Summer was just getting up to go back to sleep in a different place. Lisa asked me about eating two pussies tonight and getting off twice. She asked me not to masturbate while eating her out which would be hard but I decided that was okay. She asked me if I was willing to eat another one and because I knew she meant hers and she had been nicer to me than all the other girls I was more than willing. I dropped to my knees and pulled down Lisa’s thong with my teeth she was kind of weirded out by that and truthfully so was I but I had done it and decided to move on. I began working on Lisa’s perfect pussy. It much like mine was smooth and I think she waxed. She tasted excellent. If I was going to go lesbian she’d be the reason.

After getting Lisa off She dropped to her knees and had me sit on the couch. She was about to start eating me when she stopped just inches short and said, “This is how it’s supposed to be.” I figured she was going to give me the best oral sex of my life and I’ve received oral only twice in my life three times including Lisa but this was far and away the best ever. I wondered if Lisa was perhaps a lesbian or bisexual. Later that day I found out that what Lisa had meant is that once you give someone on the team oral they have to return it. I had a pussy licking coming from Summer and Lynne.

When I woke up it was nearly afternoon and mom was apparently staying with a friend overnight and I had some cleaning to do. Luckily there are drains in the basement and also good the floor is tile so the cum that had been spilled on the floor would be easier to clean up than what Julie and I had left in our bed sheets over the years. Julie brought her sheets down to through them in the washing machine as she had climaxed she told me 5 times in bed last night. She was wearing a thong and pants. Her pants where low rise and the thong was not so it showed clearly above the pants so she had what she had taught me was a whale tail shirt which goes without saying and no bra.

Julie spoke and asked me, “Who was the girl with the broken foot? She was quite the hottie.”

“She has a broken ankle and her name is April,” I replied and I instantly started thinking had she got eaten out during and then I remembered she had been I remember her on her back good leg on the air casted one down still on the ground. It still made me laugh just thinking about it. Julie joined me on the floor and helped clean up all the cum and the old saying about many hands make light work is true. We were done in no time. Julie opened a couple of windows. I t was still warm enough that we could open windows.

She said, “Even though the physical evidence is gone the smell down here is obvious that there was sex being had down here.”

I got to thinking Julie had made the varsity volleyball team as a freshman too so I wondered if she was forced into lesbian acts sort of like I was the night before. I decided not to ask so I just decided that she had but there was no reason to ask her.

It was 4:00pm when mom finally got home and both Julie and I looked at each other Mom had the freshly fucked look on her face. We were both curious as to whether or not she had been having sex with a man or a woman.

Mom didn’t say a word she just went straight up stairs to bed. Julie and I smiled at each other we knew that she had a lot of sex the night before.

My Sister’s Turn Julie was the only one that hadn’t had actual sex. She went down stairs with me and we sat down to watch TV. Before she knew it I was on my knees between her legs and was pulling her jeans down. She had several orgasms the night before but there is just something about having someone else doing it. She lifted her butt and her thong came down with the jeans I dove right for her pussy and began licking. I was like a crazed woman. Julie tasted unlike anything I had ever tasted before. It really tasted reat. I f ound another girl I’d go lesbian for but I still was still pretty sure that I was just experimenting.

“What the hell are you doing?” Julie yelled?

“We both know mom had sex several times last night and I had sex with several girls too. You are the only one that didn’t have sex last night.” Julie thought about it then agreed and let me get back to work. It didn’t take her too long to get off and just as I was about to pull away Julie wrapped her hands behind my head and pulled me back to her pussy. I didn’t mind so I went back to eating her pussy. I got her off again rather quickly but Julie still kept me pulled to her pussy and I was more than happy to continue working her pussy. Finally after her third orgasm she let go of my head but I felt like I wanted to keep going but she was I guess to sensitive she pushed my head away. She pulled me up and kissed my face licking some of her juices off my face. I had tasted my juices off my fingers but I didn’t know anyone that ate it licked it off a face.

She didn’t eat all of her juices off my face she scooped up some on her fingers and fed it to me. My face was far from clean with at least four girls’ juices on my face but there was no dirt, dust or any other nasties on my face. Julie scrapped juices off my face three times the first times the dominant taste was Julie’s the third was maybe Summer’s juices. I was surprised that hadn’t been soaked in to a sheet or down the drain. She noticed the weird look on my face with the third taste and asked, “Another girl?” I didn’t verbally respond I just shook my head yes.

Shower Time

I went into the bathroom and Julie followed me in we both needed a shower and decided to take them together. We had never done this that I remember but maybe as youngsters.Save some water although we would probably use all the warm water anyway maybe some of it would be from our undoubted play time. We got in and started by cleaning our hair and then rinsed it and I grabbed the bar of soap to move on to my face but Julie stopped me. She put the soap back in the soap dish and then dropped to her knees she began eating me out and it took me a bit longer to cum for the first time but I came hard and that was when I realized why Julie stopped me from washing my face. I came only twice before I pushed Julie way and then I followed her example and licked most my juices off her face. Then I sopped some of it off her face although most of it now was gone due to shower water running but there was still some that I was able to feed to her.

The next day was Monday and we were back at school and to practice. I was going to bring up to Summer and Lynne that they both owed me a pussy eating but when I opened my locker a note fell out that said I owe you one and it was signed by both Summer and Lynne. I waked down the hall and just to make sure asked Lisa if this was an IOU and she assured me it was.

She asked, “Are you going to use it today because you totally could?” I looked at Lisa horrified. I didn’t know how I could use it she said you’re a varsity cheerleader “I think that gives you enough credit to get into the senior bathroom but if you’re going to go in there brace yourself. There is some stuff going on in there that you may not be ready for, she said.

I figured there might be smoking but mom had done that for my entire life and probably longer. Since then she had stopped.

Later that day I took a big step and went in to the senior’s bathroom when I saw Summer enter and I was going to use the IOU with her. As soon as I walked in I was shocked not only was there smoking some of the seniors were smoking and two girls were bent forward being fucked by two varsity basketball players. Most of the people looked at me right away the basketball players were not looking in my direction but everyone else turned to look at me including the two girls getting fucked. They just turned their heads and looked beyond the basketball players. Summer glared at me and asked, “What do you want and what are you doing in here. I reached into my thong where I had put the note and handed it to her. She looked at it and sat me down and pulled my thong right off. She dive in and began eating me out very well too. I would be done soon but then I went off as soon as one of the Basketball payers finished and pulled his softening cock out of one of the senior girls and that got me to go off right away. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen even bigger than those porn stars I had watched on the internet. The girl pulled up her pants and handed her thong to the basketball player. He put it in his pocket then stood behind Summer with his shorts still around his ankles. I was in a trance looking at his massive cock. Even soft it was huge. Summer finished drinking my juices and then she turned right around and took his massive cock into her mouth and down her throat like it was nothing at all. I think Summer had to clean his dick off. In the 4 years I had been giving blowjobs I had never been able to do that.

I got home and was pretty much silent. Julie was worried and asked me, “What is wrong with you?”

“I lied and told he I wanted to go to April’s to see if she was doing okay.” The truth was I couldn’t tell her about the senior basketball payers fucking the senior girls and the drinking and the smoking

Julie drove me over there April had an older sister that Julie used to hang out with but they hadn’t hung out for quite a while cause April sister moved away and got married and then left the guy and Julie had no idea what happened to her.

Tyler’s Turn I got there and her mom answered the door. She knew I was there to see April so she sent me upstairs I went in to April’s room but she wasn’t there. I looked around and April’s mom went out to talk to my sister. I wandered down the hall thinking maybe she was in the bathroom. The door was closed but when I knocked there was no answer but I guess Tyler heard me knocking so he peeked his head out his door and told me, “That door is always locked so we have to enter through my room. Give me a minute. He retreated back in to his room and I followed. He was not expecting that. He was lying on his bed totally naked and jerking off. He had a nice dick for an eighth grader so I climbed up on his bed and climbed between his legs and started working it with my hand and then started sucking it. I thought it might have been his first blowjob but he moaned at some point about a minute into it, “You are so much better than Eva” then came and I swallowed every bit down.

I cleaned him off and then asked, “Who’s Eva. He reached over to his bed side table and picked up a picture frame that was face down and handed it to me. She was a cute girl but I knew just from it being face down that he and Eva were broken up. She looked maybe 10.

He said, “She’s 13 that’s an old picture.” I figured maybe they had been together for a while.

“When you get over her and start school next fall I’ll be waiting for you.” I said. His face lit up and he was clearly happy and hard again. He put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. When I told him I’d be waiting for him he got hard again. He got hard again fast and I didn’t want to leave him with blue balls so I sucked him off again. He lasted longer this time but when he came he regained his breath and informed me that April was at physical therapy and that she’d be home very soon. So I left his room and went to wait in April’s room.

Tyler walked into the bathroom and I heard the shower start. I was waiting patiently for April to come home but I also wanted to join Tyler in the shower. I was walking around her room and I began snooping. Her closet was open and I was looking some her super sexy clothes and some of the more casual stuff. I wanted to try on some sexy stuff including a very short red cocktail looking dress. I went to her closet and right before I was able to grab it to try it on. I looked to see that no one was coming and the doorknob was turning so I went right back to a second chair sitting in front of April’s computer. April walked in a tank top and very short shorts. She wasn’t wearing a bra and maybe not underwear either. She looked at and asked, “What are you doing in my room?”

I told her that I was waiting for her and her mom said I could wait in her room. She smiled and nodded and said “I guess that’s okay. Would you mind if I change?” I didn’t have any objections we were both girls although I still felt like a 10 year old boy and she was a big breasted teen age girl. She grabbed her shirt and pulled it right off. I expected her to put on another shirt and then change her shorts maybe but she didn’t. She stripped off the shorts and stood in front of me totally nude and kind of surprisingly she had some hair on her pussy. She saw my surprise and said, “I guess I gotta shave before next practice huh? Just please don’t tell Summer about this she is a stickler and a bitch about it. Actually she’s more of bitch in a half.”

I laughed at what she had said about Summer but she looked at me. I nodded in agreement that I wouldn’t tell Summer.

She asked me if she could tell me something and I nodded. She said, “Everyone thinks I’m a senior but I’m actually a junior. I’m hoping to be head cheerleader next year but Summer won’t pick me that because she believes I’m a senior If she hasn’t select one yet and if she doesn’t select one by the end of the football season The coach will pick. “I know of a way I could get her to pick me too but I’ll wait till football season ends.”

I suggested, “Maybe you should tell Summer you’re a junior and that will tip the scales in your favor a bit.” April sat down on her bed Indian style and still naked. In that position her pussy lips spread slightly and that’s when it happened out of her pussy came something white. At first I thought I was seeing things and then I saw more. I know exactly what it was. It was unmistakably cum. She looked down to where my eyes were pretty much glued and she noticed the cum too.

“Oops sorry that’s not supposed to happen. I thought Mark had shot it deeper. April said Everyone on the cheer squad knew who Mark was he was a physical therapist and a massage therapist as well. The company his dad had founded was under contract with the school. If you needed physical therapy because of something that happened at school you’d go there. You’d also get a discount with that company Mark also happened to be Summer’s older brother. I hadn’t actually met him or seen him but from the other girls said he was like a Greek God. I kind of wanted to get hurt just so I could meet this guy and see if he actually was what all the other girls said. I devised a plan.

I asked, “Would you mind if I came with you to your next therapy appointment?” I would kind of like to see this guy and see if he is really as hot as all the girls say he is.”

April replied, “Would you believe me if I told you he was. She asked and then without waiting for an answer April got up and walked towards me she opened a drawer to my right and pulled out another pair of shorts slightly longer but still not completely covering her ass. She had a nice ass though. She went in to another drawer on the same dresser and pulled out a bra she held it in front of her and turned to me, “Bra or no bra,” she asked. It really depending of what shirt she was going to wear but either way she had perky breast so I just shook my head no and she put the bra back in her drawer. Then she went to her closet and grabbed a random fitted t-shirt. She pulled it on and it fit to her body like a second skin. She spotted the red dress that I had seen earlier and took it out. She asked< “Would you mind trying this on I think you’d look sexy in it.”

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