Eskia Gets Bored

by Ahaz

Copyright© 2016 by Ahaz

Fantasy Sex Story: Eskia the Demonette gets bored. Her friend Enaria suggests she visits one of the upper worlds for a holiday, just for a few centuries, you know a quick break.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Magic   Lesbian   Fiction   Paranormal   Fisting   Squirting   Size   Body Modification   .


The following tale concerns the Demonettes as as such are not recommended practices for mere humans. Demonettes have a flexible structure that enables then to partake in activities that would not be possible for humans, Being a non-human immortal might help as well. So please do not try any of Eskia’s games at home, your internal organs can’t escape if they need to.

Please be assured that no Demonettes were harmed in the creation of the tales, well not much anyway.

Chapter 1

“I’m bored!” Exclaimed Eskia as she lay on Enaria’s bed with her tiny fist buried deep in Enaria’s cunt.

“Baby you can be bored all you like but fist me harder please!” Enaria gasped. She moaned as she pulled her nipples on her tiny breasts hard stretching the sensitive buds between thumb and forefinger.

Shrugging her shoulders Eskia concentrated on the job at hand, she giggled at the pun, and worked her fist and forearm deeper into her friend she giggled again as Enaria’s kidneys scurried quickly down into her legs to get out of the way of the invading fist.

Shifting slightly on the bed Eskia slowly slid her left hand in alongside her right stretching her lover wide. More internal organs ran for safety as Eskia crammed both of her arms deep into the tiny body.

“That’s better baby.” Enaria squealed. “Fuck! No one can do me like you can. Now slam fist me babes, please!”

Eskia gripped both hands together into a double fist and repositioned herself for better leverage then punch fucked the tiny Demonette hard until Enaria came with a squeal.

Withdrawing her fists Eskia brought them to her mouth and flicked lovingly at it with her tiny forked tongue savouring Enaria’s cinnamon flavoured juices while the Demonette caught her breath and coaxed various body parts back into their rightful place.

“How come you’re bored, you spent all last month with the Makalon demons, you should be leaking cum for a month at least.” Enaria giggled when she had recovered.

“I know, and the month before that I was with the Succubi licking their clits until I just about wore out my poor little tongue. It’s still sore look.” Eskia extended her thin tongue a full three feet until the forked tip tickled Enaria’s nose. “I’m just bored of fucking, fucking, fucking!” Eskia moaned.

“Well why don’t you go down to the summoning chamber. Go to an upper world somewhere for a few hundred years. Take a vacation.” Enaria suggested.

“I don’t know last time I did that I got summoned by the theocracy on Escradii6 for fuck sake. They kept me there for the full term as well, I spent six hundred and sixty six years providing stupid friggin’ miracles for the fucking masses. The only upside was the constant stream of young gladiators they sent me.” Eskia sighed at the memory, “Fuck they were horny bastards. Good stamina too”

“So why did you choose Escradii6 for a break, I mean It’s not somewhere I would want to go. I can’t stand theocracies.”

Eskia grimaced as she remembered getting tricked into going to Escradii6.

“Kv’ardrack was supervising the summoning hall that year,” She paused and looked at Enaria with a broad grin on her face. “D’you remember the exodus incident?”

Enaria laughed.

“Of course that was when someone let off a mass summoning bomb in the Kv’drecka warrens and ‘ported the whole lot of them to Dura2. What was that nine, ten thousand years ago?” Enaria’s eyes widened. “Was that you Eskia?”

“Yeah, well me and a few friends. They had pissed us off by setting Ellian up and leaving her to take the rap when their smuggling gig was busted.”

Eskia shrugged her shoulders and flapped her wings in amusement.

“It took most of the bastards the full treble six to get back. The council investigated of course but they decided that the bomb was smuggled in by the Kv’drecka before they were closed down. How was I to know that Kv’ardrack would hold a grudge that long, most Kv’drecka have the attention span of a Grennel.”

“So I was in the queue for Sol9 when the bastard pretended to trip and shoved me into the Escradii6 ring and poof I’m off to the most boring planet in the multiverse.”

Eskia sniggered, “They caught Jevonica just as I left, she’s still up there, she’s only got another three hundred years or so to go. Serves the stuck up bitch right.”

“You still haven’t forgiven her for dumping you!” Enaria laughed. “Eskia that was five thousand years ago, give it up girl!”

Eskia sighed.

“I know, but I loved her and the bitch went and broke my heart.”

Enaria softly stroked Eskia’s long black hair then kissed her gently.

“I know sweetie, but that’s life, I hate to think how many times I’ve been hurt. But we gotta move on.”

“Hey did you hear about Hardain?” Enaria chuckled.

“Hardain, that’s a dead loss. I went there about two thousand years ago and I doubt that it’s even changed very much. They will never develop too far, there’s not enough metal in the planet’s crust to make any serious civilisation.”

“I know, anywhere that uses iron as part of their currency is kind of fucked.” Enaria replied as she got up and walked naked into the kitchen. A few minutes later she came back with a can of coke for each of them.

Chapter 2

Eskia took one of the cans and took a long drink.

“Thanks hun, Brjak still smuggling stuff from Sol3 then.” She grinned.

“Yeah, only cost me three eggs for a twelve pack this time and guess what else he gave me.” Enaria picked up her pouch and started rummaging around in it, she pulled out a small paper bag.

“Now close your eyes and hold out your hand.” Enaria instructed. When Eskia did as she was told she felt something small land in the palm of her hand, opening her eyes she saw a small blue tablet shaped like a rhomboid. Eskia looked at it curiously, written on the top of the pill was the word Viagra. She looked questioningly at Enaria.

“It’s a pill from Sol3 for human males who can’t get their dicks hard, for human females it apparently makes their orgasms a bit more intense.” She sniggered.

“Now if you were a Mr’drand I wouldn’t recommend taking them. I heard that K’nathie took one and exploded, it’s going to take him centuries to rebuild himself. But for Demonettes it has a, well just lay back on the bed and swallow it and you’ll see.”

“Uh, Enaria, I know I said I was bored but I’m not sure I want to explode just now.” Eskia pouted.

Enaria kissed her briefly, “Trust me sweetheart, lay back, spread your legs and swallow the pill.”

Looking doubtful Eskia did as she was asked and lay back on the bed spreading her legs. Enaria immediately sealed her mouth over Eskia’s pussy. To Eskia’s surprise she didn’t do anything else, just lay there waiting, shrugging Eskia popped the pill in her mouth and swallowed it.

Moments later a strange sensation swept through her body, for a second or two it felt like every bone in her body was vibrating when suddenly her body was flooded with intense sensations. Eskia screamed as she came harder than she ever had in her long life, she felt herself squirt into Enaria’s waiting mouth.

Eskia had barely recovered her breath before she felt the vibrations begin again and with a shriek she erupted again. When Eskia felt the vibrations a third time her vestigial wings folded over face as her body shook through another orgasm.

If Demonettes could pass out from the intensity of their orgasms Eskia would have been unconscious for most of the next eight hours as her body was wracked again and again with the most incredible sensations.

Eventually Eskia’s wings unfurled and she looked down her belly at Enaria’s grinning and very sticky face.

“Oh my!” She gasped. “Enaria, don’t ever give me one of those again.” She grinned. “Or at least not for a few years.”

Chapter 3

Enaria crawled up Eskia’s body and gave her a sticky kiss. Laughing she stood and pulled Eskia up to stand beside her on wobbly legs.

“Ok love, after we have a shower it’s my turn.”

“Oh goody,” Eskia chuckled, “I could do with a long drink after that.”

As the pair showered they talked about the effects of the drug. They both agreed that even a Demonette couldn’t take that level of pleasure very often but once in a while it was a fun way to spend a day.

Before long they were back at Enaria’s bed and Eskia watched as her friend stretched out on the bed, Eskia lay down between her legs and held her open mouth to Enaria’s wet pussy.

“Now just remember, don’t lick, it’s going to be intense enough as it is without any help.” Enaria told her.

Eskia just winked at her as Enaria swallowed her tablet. Before long Eskia could feel the vibrations running through Enaria followed by her lover squirting her cinnamon flavoured juices into Eskia’s waiting mouth. To Eskia’s surprise as the juices hit her throat she felt a small orgasm sweeping through her own body.

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