Gus and Gracie's Great Adventure
Chapter 1:Meeting The Olympians

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1:Meeting The Olympians - Two mythical beings switch Gus and Gracie's bodies, forcing them to live a day as each other's gender. PLEASE NOTE: This story isn't about transsexuals who are medically changed into another gender. It is about two people who are supernaturally forced to live temporarily as another sex. If you find this disturbing or objectionable, please don't read it. Thank you.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Transformation  

Our story begins in far off Mount Olympus, where that group of supernatural beings that were once thought to be gods resides. This is not the physical mountain of the same name in Greece, but exists in an inter-dimensional realm. We know now that the inhabitants were not gods, but they were supernatural and had powers that made them seem godlike to the ancients. The Olympians weren’t the only group of these beings, but they were the best known. In the days before the rules changed, when they could interfere with the mortal world at will, they and the other groups staked out different sections of the world for their own. The Olympians claimed the Mediterranean for themselves. It was the Golden Age of Greece, and their exploits were well recorded. Eventually the rules changed to a noninterference policy, and they were reduced to sneaky little forays into the world of humanity. This is about one of those times.

Aphrodite and Apollo sat back drinking ambrosia; their conversation revolved around the old days, before the hands off rule was passed. It had come about because of their interference in the Trojan War, where the “gods” turned a miner disagreement over that wayward trollop Helen into a ten year war. The powers that be decided that was enough; leave the humans to their own fate. From there the conversation moved to some of their more interesting clandestine trips to the mortal realm and the mayhem they created. Then Apollo became inspired.

“I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been there in a while. I could use a little fun, how about you?”

Aphrodite leaned back running her fingers through her golden blonde hair. “I could use a few laughs, why not? Let’s do it.”

With that they vanished, reappearing outside a night club in a city on the East Coast of the United States, dressed in contemporary clothing. Apollo was wearing a custom tailored grey suit, while Aphrodite had traded her diaphanous toga in for a tight satin appearing cocktail dress (who knows what it was really made of; we are dealing with the supernatural here). They were a striking couple; Apollo possessed all the physical male attributes that women love, and Aphrodite, well let’s just say there was a reason the ancients declared her the goddess of love; straight men and gay women loved her, straight women and gay men would love to be her. They stepped inside and looked around.

Gus and Gracie were in the club that night; not together of course, in fact they probably hadn’t seen each other, or if they did they’d taken no note of each other. Gus was there with a buddy and Gracie was with a girlfriend. Like most people who go club hopping, they’d all come hoping to meet somebody. Like most people who go club hopping, they weren’t having much luck. It was hard to understand why since they were both attractive people; not in a league with the two Olympians, but nobody was.

As it happened, both mortals were venting their frustrations to their companions almost simultaneously. Nothing was out of range of the super sensitive hearing of our two “gods”, even in the noisy atmosphere of the crowded club.

“You know,” Gus was telling his buddy, “in a place like this, the women have it easy. They get to sit back while fools like us by them drinks. They get to pick and choose while we go around like clowns trying to get their attention. It’s much easier to be a woman.”

Across the room Gracie was telling her friend, “It’s not fair; we sit here and wait while the men pick and choose. If we come on to them, they treat us like easy lays. It just isn’t fair. Men have it so much better, it’s easier to be a man.”

The two Olympians exchanged glances and, smiling, nodded to each other. This they decided wordlessly this could be fun and they went to work. The seduction of these two mortals would be easy, it was hard to call it work. Even without their supernatural powers they would be irresistible.

As Gus sat at the bar sipping his beer, he heard a voice alongside him, a soft, soothing, smoky voice, conveying a world of sensuality.

“Hello, mind if I join you?”

Turning, he was faced with the vision of Aphrodite; golden blonde hair, incredibly beautiful face, green eyes that seemed to gaze into his very soul. His eyes dropped down to take in her perfect figure. It was surprising that he could even answer.

“No, wouldn’t mind at all, especially if you’ll let me buy you a drink.”

“A drink is a good start,” she purred, “a white wine please. After that we’ll see what else I’ll let you do. My name is Roe, by the way.”

Gus was dumbfounded; he realized he was living out a male fantasy. Things like this just didn’t happen to guys like him and he wasn’t sure how to proceed. All he did know was he was going to proceed somehow, he couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to get to know this incredible creature. The possibility of having sex with her was just too unbelievable for him to seriously contemplate. But he didn’t have to contemplate anything, it was going to happen. He was under her spell. He didn’t know it, but he no longer had a say in the matter. The rest of the time at the bar was just a dream like haze; another round of drinks and some small talk laced with Aphrodite’s double entendre. Finally she looked at him and smiled.

“Let’s get out of here and go to your place. It’ll be more intimate, besides this dress is uncomfortable as hell.”

Gus felt as if his heart would stop. Wordlessly, he paid the tab and they left the club, walking to his car. It never occurred to him to ask how she’d gotten to the bar; whether she had a car, if a friend had brought her, or anything else. All he knew was this dream girl, the most gorgeous woman he’d ever met, apparently wanted to have sex with him. He was mesmerized.

On the other side of the bar, Gracie was having a similar experience with Apollo. Minding her own business, she heard a voice from alongside her.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

She turned expecting to find some creep standing next to her, instead she saw an incredibly attractive man. All she could do was nod her head, staring at him with her mouth open. He gestured to the bartender for two more drinks.

“Come here often?” She shook her head.

“Can you speak?” She nodded her head.

“OK, why don’t you speak?” She shrugged her shoulders.

The whole situation amused Apollo. “It’s going to be hard to have a relationship with you if you don’t say anything. I have to assume you don’t find me attractive.”

Fearful he would leave, Gracie found her voice. “No, my God no, you just took me by surprise. I didn’t know what to say.”

“Well, what would you say if I asked you, ‘my place or yours’?”

“I’d say that it was up to you.”

“OK then, your place, after we have a few drinks first.” Seems Apollo had a fondness for Jagermeister.

“Certainly”, she stammered. “But, what’s your name, who are you?”

“Call me Paul”, he smiled at her over his drink, “and I’m just a guy who’s been smitten with you on sight; love across a crowded room.”

Meanwhile, Gus was driving Aphrodite to his apartment. The ride home was just a blur to him. All he could think of was the beautiful creature sitting beside him. A walking, talking, wet dream fantasy, and apparently she was not only willing, but actually wanted him to fuck her; unbelievable. He could barely contain himself.

Pulling into the parking lot of the apartment complex, he parked the car. When they got out he took her hand and they walked towards the building. Gus noticed something, she seemed to know exactly where they were headed. It was almost as if she were leading him. He figured it was probably his imagination, besides, one look at her and he felt she could lead the way all she wanted. Just being near such a beautiful woman, holding her hand was more than enough. He was almost afraid to think of sex with her. When they entered his apartment Aphrodite turned quickly and kissed him with all the passion you’d expect from the love goddess. Gus was left breathless it was as if everything in his body went numb except for his penis, which seemed about to explode. Perhaps the numbness was a drop in his overall blood pressure caused by blood streaming into his cock. Or, perhaps it was just a part of the spell Aphrodite had cast on him.

When their lips parted, Aphrodite stepped back from him. Her hands went to the back of her dress undoing the top clasp above the zipper. Then she turned her back on him.

“Can you get the zipper for me, honey?”

Gus quickly undid the back of the dress. She turned back around slowly, brushed the dress off her shoulders, smiling seductively at him. Then she let the dress fall to the floor. Gus gasped for breath. She was incredibly beautiful. Her breasts were large, not ridiculously so, but above average. More importantly though, they were perfectly shaped and firm looking, unusually firm for their size. If Gus had been thinking straight, he would have assumed they were implants, but all he was thinking was how utterly perfect they were. He only thought that briefly, because he was overwhelmed by the whole experience and really wasn’t reasoning anymore, just reacting.

She held her arms out to him and he stepped in and took her in his arms, relishing the feel of her warm, soft flesh. His hands massaged her back sliding slowly downward, slipping behind her filmy panties, feeling her ass cheeks. He was beside himself, lost in lust.

“Who are you Roe? I don’t understand this. Why me?”

She raised her hands up to his face, holding it between them. Then she gazed into his eyes.

“Don’t question it, my darling, just enjoy it. Won’t you do that, just for me?”

Gus numbly nodded his head. Stepping back, out of his arms, she took his hands and walked backwards, leading him to the bedroom. Even in the back of his mind, he didn’t wonder how she knew the way or could travel backwards so gracefully without bumping into anything. He didn’t care. He was going to get laid by the most gorgeous woman he’d ever met. Nothing else mattered.

Once in the bedroom, she proceeded to calmly undress him, or at least start to undress him. She would unbutton his shirt and he would yank it off; unbuckle his belt and undo the front of his pants and he almost jumped out of them, push his shorts down and he tossed them against the wall. So it went until he was stark naked, his throbbing boner pointing out and upwards at her. She sat on the bed and removed the last of her own clothing, which was easy since all she was wearing were panties, elastic lace topped stockings, and high heels. She lay back on the bed and waited for him.

To Gus it seemed as if she wasn’t interested in much in the way of foreplay, but wanted to get to the main event. That was a good thing, because he was probably not capable of much of it anyway. Getting on the bed with her, Gus began feeling her breasts, then kissing them; kissing and stroking the nipples with his tongue. Then, moving slowly upwards he began kissing the tender flesh of her throat and neck. Finally their lips met and they kissed hard and lustfully, their tongues probing each other’s mouths. Gus didn’t even realize he’d positioned himself above her until she gripped his aching cock and guided it to her waiting pussy.

As his erect prick entered her, he noticed there was something different. Though he went in easily, she was incredibly tight, plus her cunt seemed to be able to grip him, squeezing and releasing his hard-on, as if it was milking him. She moved under him in an almost serpent like motion, undulating and twisting to meet his every thrust. Suddenly he came, his cock exploding like a volcano, spewing warm cum rather than hot lava deep into her, draining himself. He sobbed out loudly, while Aphrodite purred contentedly in his ear.

He raised himself up enough to look at her face. She slid a hand behind his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. Gus didn’t understand it, she seemed so cool and deliberate yet the sex had been incredibly hot and her kiss conveyed such passion. The kiss ended and she looked at him.

“You did good, my love,” she gave him a quick peck on the lips, “really good.”

Gus moved over and lay beside her on the bed. He wanted more. He envisioned a night of passionate unending sex, but as soon as his head hit the pillow he fell into an inexplicable deep, exhausted sleep. His night of unbridled pleasure was over.

Over at Gracie’s apartment, the story was similar only as seen from the distaff side. Apollo seemed to have some sort of magical effect on her. She was basically his to do with a he pleased. The good thing was that it seemed to her what he wanted to do was thrill and excite her. She sat on his lap as they kissed, his tongue expertly probing her mouth, slithering across her tongue, enticing it to life, drawing it past their lips; the perfect French kiss. His hand slid under her skirt and up her inner thigh causing a quick little shiver to run up her spine. Step by step, during brief interruptions in their foreplay, he began to slowly undress her. Even the slow removal of her clothing seemed erotic to her.

Finally, her discarded clothes scattered about the floor, he scooped her up in his arms. Gracie was impressed by this, not that he was capable of picking her up, she was a smallish woman after all, but that he could do it from a sitting position seemingly without effort. He carried her into the bedroom, like Gus being led by Aphrodite; she never questioned how he knew exactly where the bedroom was. In fact, she never even noticed.

Once in the bedroom, he set her down easily on the bed. Straitening up, he began to disrobe. Gracie couldn’t take her eyes of him, fascinated by the sight of his magnificent body slowly revealing itself. She could feel herself growing wetter, hotter, impatiently, waiting for him to come to her. She didn’t have to wait long as he sat on the edge of the bed next to her. Leaning over he kissed her lovingly while his hands fondled her breasts. Breathing heavily, she slid her hand over to his erect cock. She felt herself shiver with anticipation; it felt huge. He moved down, his lips kissing first one of her nipples then the other. Already hard and erect, she felt them tighten even more.

She felt his fingers stroking her cunt lips and an electrifying sensation as he touched her clitoris. Expertly he continued to manipulate her pussy as she felt the first spasms of an orgasm beginning to rock her. She turned her head, looking at the wall, moaning out soft cries of ecstasy as she came. As her orgasm subsided, she looked at him smiling shyly and realized he was moving over between her legs. She drew her knees up, thighs spread to accommodate him. Seeing his hard-on approaching her, she was slightly intimidated by its size. She was sure she’d never had one as large as that before. While she was nervous she was also eager at the same time.

The head of his swollen cock pressed unerringly against her wet pussy lips, then without hesitating, pushed forward slowly. She exhaled sharply as it penetrated steadily into her, literally taking her breath away. She couldn’t understand it, but it seemed as if there was something more going on, something different about this than just the mere size of his erect penis. Whether it was his confidence or his seeming ability to do the right things physically, she couldn’t tell, but she knew this was going to be one memorable fuck.

Her legs wrapped around him, ankles crossed behind his back, Gracie savored every second of his easy steady thrusting inside her. Each forward jab seemed to stretch her cunt out deliciously, thrilling her, exciting her beyond her comprehension. Then she felt a light wave of perspiration moistening her torso, and a series of muscle stiffening jerks throughout her body; she was cumming again. Sobbing out blissfully, she clung tightly to him, wanting more.

His hand stroked her head, smoothing out her hair in a comforting fashion. As soon as her orgasm settled down, he kissed her lips. She slid her tongue into his mouth like some passionate form of offering, thrilled when his own tongue caressed hers lovingly. All the while his cock continued its back and forth into her pussy. No longer maintaining a steady pace, he changed back and forth between fast, short strokes and longer slower ones.

Now Gracie never considered herself to be multi-orgasmic, fact is it was rare for her to have an orgasm during intercourse. Usually they happened during foreplay. Another sad fact is more of the orgasms he’d had in her life were self-induced, usually when she finger fucked herself, masturbating out of frustration. Now, however, she could sense the approach of a second one, third if you count Apollo bringing her off with the hand job.

Then there was the force filled rhythmical contractions of her abdominal and pelvic muscles as she came. It was an exhaustingly blissful, gloriously intense orgasm. This, she thought to herself, is the way sex is supposed to be but seldom was. As her own spasms faded, she felt the throb of his erection as he shot a load of cum into her. It was a magnificent end to an epic fuck. She had never been so well satisfied sexually in her life. The last thing she remembered was the feel of his cock pulling out of her as she, like Gus fell into a deep contented sleep.

Gus woke up early, a call of nature. He glanced at Aphrodite lying on the bed presumably asleep. He still couldn’t believe his luck. Why had this beautiful creature chosen him to sleep with? He didn’t dwell on it, there would be plenty of time to figure that out. For now, he figured it was best to not look a gift horse in the mouth; just be thankful that it had happened. He stumbled groggily to the bathroom naked, still half asleep. Standing in front of the toilet, he reached down and lifted the seat and lid. When he went to take hold of his dick he got his first shock, his hand came up empty. A quick panicky grope at his crotch further confused him. It was as if he’d been somehow castrated; balls and cock were gone, replaced by a few fleshy folds.

In horror he looked around catching sight of his reflection in the mirror. Instead of his familiar image he saw a smallish slim disheveled woman staring back at him with a terrified look on her face. He told himself it was a nightmare, there was no other explanation. He had to pee now more than ever. Turning around, he sat down. He felt the cold porcelain on the back of his thighs as he fell backwards until his back hit the tank, then he slid down, his ass in the water and his feet in the air.

“Aw, shit!” He was startled to hear his voice echoing in the room was high pitched and unmistakably female.

He’d forgotten about the seat. No God damned wonder woman were bitching about that, he thought to himself, fucking things are dangerous. Hands on the edge of the bowl, he pushed himself up to a sitting position and proceeded to relieve himself. He hoped this was a hallucination and not a dream. If he was still asleep he was afraid he may have just pissed the bed. Finishing, he got up and grabbed a towel to dry himself off, not knowing or caring if it was piss or toilet water. Then he rushed back into the bedroom. Aphrodite was lying on her side wearing a filmy tunic, her head propped by her arm.

“Morning, sunshine,” she smiled at him coyly, “what’s new?”

“What’s new? Fucking look at me. What the fuck do you mean what’s new? Damn, this is one really screwed up dream.”

She swung her legs off the bed, sitting up.

“It’s no dream, sweetheart, it’s for real.”

“Real? No, it can’t be, I’m not a woman!”

She reach out, her index and middle fingers extended, pointing towards his breasts.

“Not real, those aren’t real?” Her middle finger folded under as her arm lowered slightly, pointing to his crotch. “That’s not real? Guess again, sweetheart.”

“Roe, what’s this all about? Do you have anything to do with it? Did you slip me a drug or something?”

“First off, Roe is short for Aphrodite, THE Aphrodite. You’ve heard of me, perhaps?”

“Like in mythology?” She nodded her head. “Something like Venus I think, I don’t know. This is impossible.”

“No,” she seemed annoyed, “no, Venus is something like me. That Roman bitch has been imitating me for millennia. But, back to the point, it is more than possible, it has happened. And, by the way, I don’t need drugs to get my way.”

She shook her head and stared at the wall, mumbling, half under her breath, “Something like Venus! Mortals, no wonder I like fucking with the stupid bastards.”

“But why me? What did I do?” He still wasn’t sure if it was real, but he hoped for an explanation.

“Simple,” she retuned her gaze to him, “last night at the bar my friend Apollo and I heard you and the girl whose body you’re now occupying both state that the other gender had it so much easier than you. Giving you both a taste of the other side, it just seemed like a natural.”


“Yes he’s with the girl who now has your body. Cute little trick, isn’t it?”

“You said a taste, so it’s not forever?”

“No, it’s not irreversible.”

“Well, when do we go back? How do I do it?”

“Simple, all you have to do is have sexual intercourse with the girl, then all returns to normal.”

He’d often been told to go fuck himself, but he couldn’t help but think that this gave a new meaning to the term.

“OK, so how do I find her?”

“Oh, did you really think it was going to be that simple? Foolish mortal, you have to go out and look for her. I’ll not be doing your work for you.”

“But I’ve got a couple of important business appointments for this afternoon, what am I supposed to do?”

“Make them as a woman, then start looking afterwards. Now, a few things you should understand. Until you change back, this is your body. You will respond physically as a woman, and you will find your ‘feminine side’ becoming more and more assertive mentally and emotionally. You don’t need to worry about pregnancy or diseases, there’s a self-correct aspect to it.”

“Don’t worry about that, the only guy I’m having sex with is me, when I find myself.”

“Maybe, but like I said, your feminine side will come out. You’ll be thinking and responding more like a woman. There are clothes in your closet, make up, and anything else you’ll need to get started in your closet.”

“Makeup? I need make up?”

“Men,” she said, shaking her head. “Of course you need make up.”

She reached out and laid her hand on top of Gus’s head. After a few seconds she removed it.

“I’ve just passed on the knowledge you’ll need on how to use makeup, along with a few other things. Now, god luck, and happy hunting.”

She leaned forward and gave Gut a friendly kiss on the cheek. Even his feminine side thought how nice it would be to have sex with her as he watched her saunter out the door. Then he realized he was on his own.

Across town, Apollo was standing over Gus’s prostrated form. There was an amused smile on his face. Gracie had fainted as soon as she got out of bed and saw her new penis, complete with a morning erection. He could see explaining this to Gracie wasn’t going to be easy.

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