Car Problems

by mtnrebel

Copyright© 2018 by mtnrebel

Erotica Sex Story: When her car breaks down in an all black neighborhood this white middle aged mother is in for a long hard night. A slightly fictionalized account of an incident that actually happened to me.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Public Sex   .

I walked into the dimly lit bar and took a seat about three stools from the end. The bartender walked over and gave me a long look with one raised eyebrow. “Something wrong?’ I asked him. “Nope. We just don’t get many white women in here is all. What you needing?” “How about a MGD.” “A WHAT?” “Miller Genuine Draft” “We ain’t got that” he replied. Great. The evening continues to go down hill. “Well how about anything that doesn’t come from Mexico and wasn’t brought here by a horse drawn wagon.” “Gotcha” he said and walked off.

Don’t get many white women? Well considering the neighborhood that shouldn’t be surprising. I looked around the bar and saw it wasn’t anything you’d find in a tourist pamphlet. Not all that big with tables and chairs scattered around the middle of the room. The bar with stools on one side and a row of booths along the back wall. Juke box. Pool table that looked like it had seen its best days somewhere about 1950. Dim lights but still bright enough to see everything clearly. Besides me and the bartender there were about ten or twelve men scattered around the room in small groups. They looked to range in age from late teens to early sixties. All black. All looking at me.

The bartender sat a beer down in front of me and I downed about half of it in one gulp. “Bad day?” he asked. I shook my head and smiled.

The day had started out great. I had drove up to Lexington the day before to visit my youngest son, Andy, where he goes to college. After a nice quite visit most of the evening and a great seafood dinner, which he actually paid for, we went back to his dorm for a little mother-son time. That’s code for he fucked me almost to the point he had a heart attack. We were laying there on his bed relaxing. Well I was relaxing with his cum load slowly working its way out of my cunt to make a puddle on his mattress while he was still trying to catch his breath. The door opened and his room mate walked in with a loud “Holy shit!”. I just smiled and waved. “Andy I thought your mother was coming up to visit today. What happened?” Andy laughed. “That’s Mark,” he said pointing at Mark “and Mark this is my mom!”

“Holy fucking shit! I don’t believe this!” Mark stuck his head back out the door and half shouted “Tom! Wade! You ain’t gonna believe this but Andy’s been in here fucking his mom!” Before you could say “motherfucker” there were at least half a dozen heads trying to look through the door at the same time. Then they started shoving their way in. At that point I knew a nice quiet visit with my son was out the window. What started out with everyone looking at my seeping cunt and asking questions turned into all of them trying to grope my tits and twat at the same time. That turned into your regular run of the mill gang fuck which ended up with me having my legs held into the air pulling a train. I still have no clue how many ended up getting a little of something but it was way up in the morning when we finally got to go to sleep. I took a shower while Andy changed the sheets on his bed.

We slept in the next morning and despite all the protests from his dorm buddies we got out of there unfucked. We enjoyed a nice movie and dinner together and then it was time to hit the road. That’s when the trouble started.

Stopping for gas was an ordeal. For some reason the pump didn’t like my credit card and it took over ten minutes just to get gas put in the car. Then like a fool I tried a short cut one of the guys from last nigh suggested. Yes folks we do talk while fucking. Of course I took a wrong turn and got lost. Trying to back track only made things worse and I ended up getting even more lost. If that is possible. I ended up in a section of the city know affectionately as “coon town” locally. Then the car stopped running. I coasted over to the curb and after trying a few things came to the conclusion that the fuel pump had bit the big one. Great. Something I can’t fix setting by the side of the road. I called Andy and had to settle for leaving a message on his voice mail. Fuck. If he was recovering from last night by taking a nap it could be hours before he got the message. Spotting the bar about halfway down the block I decided that was better than staying in my truck and off I went.

So in response to the bartender’s “Bad day?” question I gave him a run down of how things had been going. Leaving out how the night was spent in the dorm, of course.

Two men came up and sit down beside me. One on either side. I glanced behind me and the other bar patrons had moved up and were now sitting at the tables closest to me. The bartender walked past and smiling at me said “I told you that you were a rare thing in here.”

Sliding his barstool a little closer the guy on my right leaned over and asked what was I doing in this place. I simply replied “Broke down. Waiting for my ride.”

“Damn. You don’t look broke down to me. You look like you could give someone a couple of good rides yourself. I bet you could give everybody in here a ride and still be in fine shape.” Subtle. Very Subtle. I heard the sound of wood scrapping across the floor and felt a slight bump. The man setting to my left had slid close enough that our hips were touching and put his hand on my bare leg right at the hem of my skirt. I looked over at him and smiling slightly pulled my purse from the bar set it in my lap. I placed my hand inside and when they heard a slight metallic “click” the man on my right asked what that was.

“Not much. That was the safety going off on a Springfield Armory 45 ACP that’s cocked and locked.” His eyes got real wide and I smiled again. “Look fellas I don’t mind you trying to put the moves on me. In fact I expected it. And don’t try any of that bad ass black macho shit either. Black cock and gangbangs aren’t anything new to me but don’t even think you’re gonna pin me in, grab me and just do what the hell you want. You’ll end up hurt. Bad.” They both eased back a little bit.

The bartender laughed and sat another beer in front of me. “Looks like the lady has more balls than both of you boys. Might be time to change your tactics some.” I grabbed my beer with my free hand and gave him my brightest smile. Looking back at the guy on my right I said “Be nice. Try being polite for a change and a little conversation might go a long ways.”

“You gonna take your hand out of that purse?” “Not till I see how you boys are gonna behave I’m not.” “OK. So what are you doing here anyways.” “Didn’t you hear what I told him” pointing at the bartender, “that was the truth Bud. My car broke down.”

“So you’re just gonna sit here and drink beer until somebody shows up to rescue you.” I looked around at the lack of any video games, working pool table or dance floor and replied that it looked like about the only option. That or go wait in my truck.

“I wasn’t joking when I told you that you looked like you could do us all without working up a sweat. I’d bet you could do that and still be ready for more. You look like a real good fuck to me.” Again. Real subtle. “Oh I don’t know. Anything in here worth fucking?” He leaned forward and looking at the guy on the other side of me said “Looks like we might be on.” He stood up and after getting his pants undone, it took him a couple of tries, I guess he was a bit excited, he pulled out what looked to be about ten inches of thick black snake. He shook it at me a couple of times and asked if I might be interested in this. Something slapped my left leg and looking over saw the other guy had his cock pointed at me too. I heard the other bar patrons stand up and start moving around behind me. My guess was they were moving in closer just in case things started to get interesting. I shook my head and said “I know you black guys always do things in groups, hardly ever alone, so I’m guessing you’re expecting me to fuck all of them too after you get your rocks off.” “Depends. You got anything worth fucking? Lets see.”

I sat my purse back up on the bar, to their relief, and in one quick movement reached down and pulled my skirt up to my waist. Setting back on the stool I turned toward him spreading my legs and went “Well?” “Damn man! She’s got one hot looking slick pussy between those things!” He spun me around to face the group that was now very close behind me and shouted “Just look at the pussy on her!”

Now I’m in my mid 40’s, about five feet six, 180 pounds, with black hair and hazel eyes. Yeah I’m a bit chunky with a slight pooch for a belly. I also have a big round ass. Always have. Can’t help that. Boobs? They’re 38DD’s and yes they are saggy. They droop but still manage to bounce and swing all over the place with the right motivation. Big brown areolas with hard pokie nipples.

“Damn that bitch has one juicy looking cunt.” Someone in the group said. I was now looking at the other nine men that had been in the bar. They were either naked from the waist down or were standing there with their cocks sticking out of their pants. I was staring at an arsenal of nine hard black cocks. “You boys sure are taking a lot for granted aren’t you?” I asked. “Bitch some of us don’t like being called boy so watch it.” “Well I don’t like being called bitch so deal with it.”

The guy on my right swung me back so that I was facing him. As soon as he got me turned, he stepped forward so that he was between my legs. Grabbing my legs, he pulled me forward so that my ass was right at the edge of the stool and my cunt was hanging over it. Easy access. “Whoa big boy. Nobody gave you the go ahead here. The guy running the place might not want this kind of thing going on in his business. The bartender sat another beer in front of me, when the hell did I drink the last one, and said “OK by me but if anyone gets any pussy in here I’m getting’ some too. Just remember that.”

“Well I guess we’re on then” I said.

The man in front of me moved forward and put his cock head against my pussy. Parting my lips with his fingers he slid his cock half way in and smiled at me. What ever happened to foreplay? When I smiled back, he took hold of my ass and plunged his cock in as far as he could get it. Wiggling around just a bit to get in a position he liked he started taking long hard strokes, slamming his cock into me. With the speed he was fucking me and the way his eyes were glazing over I knew it wouldn’t take him long to cut loose. Everyone was crowded around now watching the show, enjoying watching that cock working my cunt over. Well I was too. He lasted longer than I thought he would. About ten minutes into fucking he started slamming into me harder. So hard I had to grab the bar with one hand and who ever was standing beside me to keep from getting knocked off the bar stool. Then he went as deep as he could, took a couple of short hard strokes, and started to shudder just a bit. That was when I felt his cum shooting into and splashing against the walls of my pussy.

That set me off. I felt my pussy start to spasm and I tried to slide forward more to get his cock farther inside me. Of course I slid off the stool and my wrapping my legs around his waist was the only thing that kept my fat ass from hitting the floor. He was as still as a statue now but that didn’t matter. I was humping and riding his cock for all I was worth. As soon as I stopped moving, he sat me back on the barstool and removed his cock. Just as soon as his cock head popped out of my hole the cum started flowing out. That must have been a good-sized load he dumped in me. He hopped back up on his own stool and said, “She is a good fuck, the rest of you better get you some quick before her ride gets here.”

I was immediately spun around so that I was facing the man that had been setting on my left. He was primed and ready to go. Not quite as long but thicker than the first man he was sliding his cock in me even before he had me adjusted to where he wanted me. With my legs spread and being pre-lubed with my own juice and what cum was still in me from the first fucking he went in easily. The rest of the crew was crowded around doing what men usually do at times like this. Hooting, hollering, cat-calling, yanking their cranks. The usual stuff. I was hearing how bad this guy or that guy was going to tear my pussy up of course. About how great my pussy looked with all that dark meat slamming into it and opinions about what it was gonna look like when they were all done. Somebody decided that they could get a better view of my tits bouncing around without my top so off it came. I don’t know who yanked it off me but I never saw it again. Several had their phones out taking pics and video. Nothing unusual there but one guy was actually talking on his. That could be problems a little later. It has been before.

With his comments like “This is some good fucking here” and “Damn she’s got one hot cunt here” I thought this guy was really enjoying the fuck he was getting but apparently, he thought it could be better. He motioned to one of the spectators and my left leg was being lifted up and out. He almost pulled me off the damn barstool. Well fine then. I managed to get my right leg up enough to plop it up on top of the bar. I wasn’t having an easy time keeping my balance but now he had unrestricted access to my pussy. And he took advantage of it. Another beer appeared beside me and I picked it up and took a big swig. Surrounded on three sides by a group of men I had never seen before, spread out as wide as I could go considering the circumstances with one foot planted firmly on the bar, tits being mauled, grabbed, squeezed, twisted and pinched while getting slammed by a big meaty black cock. I took another big swig of my beer and thought I wasn’t doing to bad considering my lack of support and balance.

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