Meghan's Idea

by Ahaz

Copyright© 2016 by Ahaz

Fiction Story: Meghan works as bartender at Silks nightclub. Last year she published her first Lesbian erotic novel and has an idea for her second book. Note:- This short tale has no sex but sets the scene for the "Tales from Silks" stories.

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Intoduction to “Tales From Silks”

Meghan sat nervously outside of the office waiting for her interview. Less than a year ago she had waited just as nervously for an interview for a job working the bar at Silks nightclub. This time she had asked for the appointment with her bosses but she was still just as nervous, this probably meant more to her than getting the job here, this could be her future.

Eventually Sally came to the door and asked her to come into the office. Meghan went in and sat in the offered seat and waited until Sally returned to her seat next to Daphne on the other side of the large desk.

“Well Meghan, what can we do for you, you aren’t going to hand in your notice are you?” Daphne asked her.

“No nothing like that, it’s just that I’ve had an idea for a book and my agent and I think we need to run the idea by you and maybe ask for a little bit of help.” Meghan said, her confidence returning now that she had started talking.

Daphne and Sally looked at each other with a smile. Meghan had come to work for them after completing her degree in creative writing and had finished her first book earlier this year. The pretty barmaid had given her employers a signed copy each of the book just before it was released. The smile they shared was remembering how many times they had both needed to stop reading the hot lesbian romance to masturbate or lick each other to a climax before returning sated for the moment to the book. Meghan’s writing was good but as her “niche” market was lesbian fiction she was unlikely to reach the bestsellers list.

“Well you know we both enjoyed you’re last book, but why do you need to talk to us about it?” Sally asked.

“Well I want to call the new book ‘Tales from Silks” with the subtitle “True Stories of enduring Sapphic love” so as it was using your name then we thought we should check that you are ok with it.”

“Well we don’t own exclusive rights to the name, and anyway it could be some good publicity for us, in the right market.” Sally told her. “But you don’t really need to ask us for that do you?”

“Well no, what I was thinking off was getting some of the customers to tell me their stories, then I re-write them into a usable framework. Then I would need to check back with them that they are happy with what I have done with their story before I include it in the book.”

“That sounds like a great idea. What was it you wanted help with?”

Meghan was pleased with the reception her idea had received and eagerly asked.

“Well could we have a poster displayed in the foyer and also the small cloakroom, you know the one we don’t use any more beside of the toilets. Could I set up a small office there and tape people’s stories on my nights off?”

“I think that’s a great idea. Maybe I can persuade Daphne to let us tell our story as well and you can include the founding of Silks in your book.” Sally said grinning at her partner.

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