Dolan's Diaries 3: Good Neighbor Shae

by Uncle Micky

Copyright© 2016 by Uncle Micky

Romantic Sex Story: Mike Dolan, while settling into his new life, meets Shae, his fourteen-year-old neighbor from across the street. The young beauty unexpectedly steals his heart.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Food   Tit-Fucking   .

(Many thanks to my colleague Phil Gorman for his proofing and editorial assistance)


My move to Florida had gone better than expected. I found a perfect, semi-furnished place to rent, in an older residential neighborhood, just outside of my new school’s district. It wasn’t much, but it offered exactly the level of anonymity I needed. As for the actual move, I had so few things that I was able to handle it by myself. Another aspect of my new situation required that I use an alias for this part of my life. Except at school, my Florida name was Nick Manchik. I had false papers, bank accounts, an entire false life created. As I was unloading the U-Haul, the guy from across the street came over with a twelve pack of cold ones, and invited me for a beer break.

I accepted his invitation and took some time to relax in the backyard with my new neighbor, Ted. He paints bridges for a living, and said it kept him on the road a lot. He has three daughters; Amber, who was going into 11th grade, Shae, who was going into 9th, Alice, who was four and a son Ted Jr, who was three. Shortly, his wife Nancy came over and joined us. She was pleasant enough and must have been a looker at one time; but, four kids had put some miles on her. Ted offered to lend a hand with the unloading, but I knew he was just being neighborly and turned him down. It was nice of him to ask though.

After exchanging further pleasantries, and polishing off the beers, I got back to work unloading the furniture. Ted and Nancy headed home. I saw that their kids were in the front yard watching me unload the truck. I walked over and introduced myself. The older girl, Amber, was very nice looking, but appeared to have a bit of a bitchy attitude. I didn’t care for her much at all; as a matter of fact, my first thought was that what she needed was a good horse-fucking in the ass.

Shae, on the other hand, was a delight; she has a beautiful face, a smile that would captivate anyone, and a very likeable way about her. This made her even more attractive than her looks could be credited for. The little ones were polite and friendly, but too young to grasp what was going on.

My new life soon became everything I had imagined. School was going great and, before too long, some of the benefits started to show up, in the form of “eager” students and a couple of coworkers. The extra work I had arranged through Dave was turning out to be extremely profitable.

An important part of my side work was establishing my false identity. No one on the “dark side” knew my real name or anything about me. I had one main contact person, Jack, and dealt with a very attractive Eastern European lady who was maybe a few years older than me, named Myra. I had one colleague called TJ. I only saw him when something was coming in or leaving the country.

My “real” life at home was very hectic; little Shae became a bigger and bigger part of it.

Mr. Manchik’s Neighborhood

I loved having a yard to work in. In what free time I had, I was mostly working around the house. One day I was trimming the front hedges, with my mind wandering, and for some reason, I turned around; standing on the sidewalk watching me, was Shae. I stayed silent, as I looked her up and down. She was wearing a red tank top, blue gym shorts, white ankle socks, and white trainers. Her long, black hair was pulled back in a ponytail, with a few wisps of hair framing her face. The sun was shining on her face, her head slightly cocked, and she was looking at me with one eye squinted. Her face was radiant; a natural beauty.

“Hey Shae, how you doing?”

“Pretty good Mr. Nick; how’s the new house and everything?”

I strolled up to her and turned, so her face wasn’t in the sun anymore, and replied, “I’m loving it! This place is great, and I really like my neighbors.”

She liked that comment and said, “Well, we really like having you here, Mr. Nick. Can I give you a hand picking up all the branches and stuff you cut?”

I would have to had been an idiot to turn down such assistance. I spent the next half hour either trying to glance down her top or marveling at her perfect legs and ass. Before too long, if I was ever outside doing some yard work, Shae would be over to lend a hand.

One day she was hanging out, sitting cross-legged on the lawn as I was pulling garden weeds and asked me about the “lady” who had come home with me the previous weekend. I replied “Oh, it was nothing; we work together and decided to hang out a bit.” I indeed had a very good time with the slut! She’s a married English teacher and her husband was out of town for the weekend, so ... anyway.

Shae said, “So, she’s not your girlfriend or anything?”

“Nothing of the kind. She’s OK ... but not really my type.”

“What is your type?”

I pulled a few more weeds, sat back to look at her, and replied, “It’s kind of tough to say, kiddo; someone who I can just hang out with and be myself, someone who, for some reason I find attractive and desirable, I don’t know, someone who makes me happy ... and (with a smile) being pretty doesn’t hurt either.”

She gave this some thought as I gazed upon her. She was wearing a type of dark grey gym shorts and a simple light grey tank top. I was amazed at how petite she was. She couldn’t have been over five feet tall and as lithe as a ballet dancer. Her skin was a flawless olive color and her hair a radiant jet black. As is often the case, she was wearing her hair in a high ponytail with loose strands falling in front of her ears. Her neck was beautiful and screamed out to be kissed. Although tiny, her features were soft and very feminine. Amazingly, her breasts appeared to be perfectly developed for her body size. They were small, but only in the sense that she was small. On her, they were perfect in every way imaginable. I caught myself staring and awkwardly went back to working on the weeds.

She said, “I think I know what you mean Mr. Nick. Most guys make me uncomfortable; they’ll stare at me and it feels creepy. When you look at me, your eyes are soft and I feel comfortable ... well ... gotta go, see ya.” With that she was up and gone.

Quite often, when we chatted, Shae would complain about her sister, Amber. From what I was picking up from Shae, and observing in the neighborhood, my initial thoughts were correct. Amber was a major league bitch who seemed to try and target her little sister, primarily for the fun of it.

One day, after school, I noticed that Shae’s bus stopped at the corner. She walked home right past my house, before heading across the street. She was a sight to behold. I creepily began waiting for her to walk by, just to watch, as her way-too-heavy backpack would accentuate her tits because of the pressure from the straps over her shoulders. I usually had my hand on my dick as she went by and relief would arrive a few minutes later.

Sometimes I would sit on the front porch and she would wave and say hello; sometimes she would walk up and chat. I found that whichever way it worked out, I was always enthralled by her, and needless to say, rather excited. One day she told me she was trying out for the junior varsity cheerleader squad at school and asked if I would come to some of the games where she would be cheering. The mere mental image of her as a cheerleader was a thrill in and of itself. I readily agreed and hoped I would have the time to get to some games.

Halloween came around. I sat on the front porch, with a cocktail and handed out candy. I was warned by the neighbors that this was a big night in the neighborhood and, boy, they weren’t kidding! I think people trucked extra kids in! It didn’t matter; I love Halloween and had a great time. Shae and her very cute friend Connie, took their younger siblings trick-or-treating and the sight of Shae almost made me drop. She was dressed as a witch and wore a clingy black dress with a plunging neckline that accentuated every positive feature about her. I actually fumbled a bit when handing out candy because I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She flirted a bit and then continued on.

Shae’s First Job

A few weeks later, I was in the backyard on a Saturday doing some gardening when Shae rode in on her bike. “I thought you would be here.” Looking around the yard, she added, “Boy, do you ever have a lot of work to do! Do you want some help?”

Knowing that we would be alone in the backyard for some time, I responded, “Sure thing, but I think you had better ask at home first.”

“OK, but I finished all my chores for the day so it’ll be OK.”

When she returned, she announced, “Dad said it was fine with him; but maybe I should see if I can get paid for my work.”

“Paid? I thought you would help out of the goodness of your heart?”

She started to stammer a bit and I could tell she was feeling a bit embarrassed; so I quickly said, “I was only kidding! Of course you should get paid for your work. Tell you what, let’s sit down, have some iced tea, and hammer out a deal.” I headed to the back door, stopped, looked back and said, “You go sit at the patio table and I’ll be right back.”

When I returned she was sitting with one foot up on the chair and her arms wrapped around her raised knee. She said thanks when I set the glass down and then asked, “Do you think you’ll be able to make it to any of my games?”

I sat in the chair next to her and apologized for not making any games so far. I explained “I have this part time job where I travel around and lead workshops for teachers, it pays really well and I just can’t pass on the money.”

“What do you do with your money anyway? From the looks of things you live like a monk! I mean, how old is that Jeep and where do you shop, Walmart?”

“Honey, the best way to get money is not to spend money. I have what I need to live and have some fun; after that, I send most of it to my brother to invest and make me more money.”

“So, are you going to spend some of that money on me?”

I knew she could just ask for money and I would give whatever she wanted; but, I said, “I would like it if you could come over a couple hours a week and take care of the weeding in the garden beds, and make sure that the birdfeeders are filled. That would be a couple of hours total and I’ll pay you ten an hour for that. If I come home and I see a bunch of weeds that have been there for over a week, no pay that week.”

“So that would be, like twenty a week ... I won’t be buying an iPhone with that ... but, OK. I like the job. I’ll take it!”

She beamed a smile at me and had her eyes locked onto my eyes. I stood up next to her and said, “Now, there may be times when I have a project in mind and if you help me, then I think there would have to be more money involved. What do you think?”

She popped up into the most cute, pert, cheerleader stance, back slightly arched, on her toes with her legs together, and exclaimed “I think it’s perfect! You’re the best neighbor ever!” She reached around and gave me a monster hug. She was in contact from her knees all the way to her head, which only came half way up my chest. My thoughts were completely captured by the feel of her two rock hard breasts pressing right into my gut. I hugged her back and realized I was starting to “stir,” so I began to pull my hips away from her a bit. I leaned forward as I pulled and bent away from her, which brought our faces closer.

Shae looked up at me, our eyes locked, she reached and gave me a nice platonic thank you kiss. I held it a little longer than she expected. I felt just the slightest of shivers run through her. I broke off and she looked up at me half startled, half excited. Her eyes went to the ground, she stammered something I could not quite make out, but I had an inkling of what was going on. I lifted her chin, gazed into her eyes, and asked, “Was that your first kiss?”

She nodded. I could see her eyes were starting to water a bit and she began to get a bit emotional. I replied, while bending to her and lifting her chin, “That kiss won’t do at all. Let’s make this something to remember!”

Her eyes began to close and I tilted her head, ever so slightly, to the left. She kept her lips soft this time and slightly parted; our lips met in a soft, gentle kiss that slowly built into a more strident, almost passionate kiss. My other hand was holding her by the small of her back and I pulled her in closer. She offered no resistance. I could, once again, feel her firm breasts against my body. She moaned quietly as she ever-so-lightly rubbed them against me. I so wanted to do more, but decided that the “slower the better” approach was best for this situation.

We parted. I smiled, and said, “A girl as smart, kind, and beautiful as you deserves to be kissed, and kissed a lot! ... Now, we need to get to work if you’re going to make any money.”

We spent the next half hour on our hands and knees, mostly next to each other. She was very happy to make plenty of casual physical contact, leaning into me, brushing by me, and making hand contact. We were both very happy and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.

While working, I got some insight into her life. Shae told me, “It’s really weird being the middle kid. Amber tries to be so bossy and doesn’t help with anything. I do my best to look after the little ones and sometimes it seems like I’m the only adult in the house. Dad is gone a lot and mom isn’t always up to taking care of us. Amber just brushes everything off and I’m left looking after everyone. Sometimes I think I might just burst. All I want to do is get out of there, but if I don’t look after Teddy and Alice, I don’t know what would happen.”

I was unsure as to what exactly to say, but I managed to respond, “You live in a dual world, you’re treated like a child, in many ways; then, you have to take on adult responsibilities and roles. Anyone who can balance that has my utmost respect. You’re a very special person, Shae. I believe you have the strength to see this through. Remember, you can always come here to blow off some steam or just hang out. I’ll always treat you like you, Shae, a wonderful person!”

We were sitting on the lawn, looking at each other and we fell silent. I reached my hand out to her and she took it. I pulled her closer and folded her into my arms. I held her for a while and she started slowly sobbing. She turned into me, wrapped her arms around my neck and buried her head in my shoulder. I pulled her tighter and gently rocked her.

She slowly recovered and loosened her grip on me. I sat her on my lap and wiped the last tears from her cheeks. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and we stood up. I still had my arm around her and she was leaning into me.

I spoke first, “Shae, look at what a great job we’ve done on the beds in this yard! We are a great team and I would be lost without you. Do you think you’ll be able to get to the east and back fences? I’ll take care of the area over by the garage.”

Recovered, and smiling, she said, “Yeah, sure, I can get that done and, maybe, who knows? I might just do the garage as well. Are you going away again?”

I said I had a workshop to run in Pensacola and would be gone for a few days. In actuality, I had an appointment to keep with a fourteen-year-old blonde cheerleader in a small town two hours away that would need a lot of planning. I showed Shae where the bird seed was in the garage and gave her the code for the door.

Most of the time she worked alone; when we had opportunities to work together we would chat and playfully flirt with one another. We always kissed before she left and she seemed very satisfied with that level of contact. I managed to cup her ass, a few times, and she did not reject my advances. One time, while kissing, I gathered the back of her gym shorts and pulled them up, in order to give her a little pussy wedgie for extra stimulation. She was startled by the feeling and shied away. I gathered her in for a hug and she understood that I was not going to pressure her into anything.

A Voyeur’s Delight

One Saturday afternoon, Shae came over and told me that she would be busy all day helping with her little brother’s party. I was disappointed; but, what the hell, right? I ran some errands and decided to cut the lawn. It was around eleven in the morning by time I finished the back yard and took a short break before cutting the front lawn. When I came out, I noticed the two younger kids across the street were hanging around the front faucet in their swimsuits. I began cutting the lawn and, after a few passes I glanced back over and saw Shae and her friend Connie, both in bikinis, helping the kids fill up water balloons. I’m sure Connie’s suit was cute, but I only had eyes for Shae. Her bikini was a blue pattern and had a short, little, frill skirt around the waist. She was absolutely flawless! I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish the lawn because of the distraction, but decided I would work as quickly as possible and go watch the show from the front window.

Once done, I went inside and watched the two girls play with the youngsters and their water balloons. My hand instinctively went into my shorts. I was still sweating from my yard work and very soon I was by the window, stark naked, with a raging hard on. I used the sweat from my body to lubricate my hand as I jerked off watching the two young beauties as they frolicked about the yard. At one point, I thought I might have been seen when Connie was telling Shae something and she glanced over at my house. Nothing else out of the ordinary happened and I continued my self-pleasure until I couldn’t stand it anymore. My eyes were glued on Shae as I stood directly in front of the window and let loose with an explosion of cum that splattered on and covered some of the window. Luckily, I had moved my shirt and shorts under and in front of me so that much of the love juice ended up on them, reducing what I had to clean.

I threw my soiled clothes in the hamper and made my way into the shower. Once cleaned and dressed, I made a bite to eat, enjoyed a few cold ones and watched some hoops on the tube. The girls were no longer in the yard as the festivities had moved to the backyard. A little later, Ted came over and invited me to join them for some dinner and cake. I readily agreed and had a very interesting evening hanging with him and Nancy.

I was pleased to hear that the little bitch Amber had skipped the party to hang with her piece of shit boyfriend. Thankfully, Shae and Connie were still there. They had changed into tank tops and shorts. They floated around and in and out of our conversation. Every now and then Shae would pass behind me and draw her finger along the back of my shoulders.

Ted and Nancy wanted to be assured that Shae wasn’t a problem and thanked me for letting her earn some money. Ted said he thought it was great that I would pay five dollars an hour for her help. I glanced at Shae and she gave me the cutest little devil smile. Deep down I was very much assured by this because I now knew that she would lie to her parents about what we were doing and that she was as much in on it as I was.

As the evening passed, the kids were sent off to bed and both Ted and Nancy began to put away quite a bit of drink. After polishing off all the beer, they switched to wine, and when that was gone, they pulled out some rum and took the remainder of the kid’s Cokes. At one point, as Nancy was telling a story, I could detect a change in her speech pattern. A definite accent emerged as she spoke. I leaned towards her and asked, “What part of West Virginia you from Nancy?”

She seemed surprised and replied, “Southern portion of the state, not too far from Beckley. How did you know?”

“I’ve know lots of folks from down there. I could hear it in your talk.”

“I try to hide it, but sometimes it slips out. I met Ted here when he was working on the 64. He’s from Florida, an original cracker!” She then carried on for some time longer.

Eventually, Nancy was close to passing out and Ted carried her inside, telling me they were going to call it a night. I walked home intrigued by this development, but now some of the things I had noticed earlier about them became clear: they were both full-throttle drunks!

Taking It to the Next Level

I had been away, “working” for a few weekends, and each time I came home the yard was in fantastic shape. Shae came over one afternoon to pick up her pay but I had to leave quickly in order to oversee a delivery down at the pier, next to the shrimp wharf, so we only had a moment together. She came into the kitchen, I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. Our kisses were like those of two lovers who had been apart for weeks (which, in a way, we almost were.) This time she surprised me by sliding her tongue into my mouth and enticing mine into a dance. My dick was starting to hurt a bit as it grew and, in my position, it had no place to go. I cupped her ass, lifted her, shifted and rearranged my fella so that it was lying against my lower abdomen. She sensed this and slithered down a bit until her crotch was firmly pressed against my now screaming erection. We continued to kiss and began a grinding, dry hump. She was really starting to get into it and began rolling her hips up and down, letting out soft sweet moans.

I came to my senses and broke away. I set her on her feet and said, “Shae, I have to go ... it’s really important...”

She cut me off and asked, “Do you have a date? Are you going to see your teacher friend or a girl friend?” She was hurt and upset by being left alone once again. I dropped to my knees in front of her, which put my head at the level of her chest.

I pulled her to me and held her as tight as I could. I nestled my head into her breasts and she wrapped her arms around my head and held me close. I looked up and said, “No, no, and no. I have to help a friend who is in a bad spot. If I don’t get there in time, he might be in real danger. I can’t let anything happen to him. Do you understand? This is real important! There is no one else ... Shae, you are the only one on my mind, and in my heart.” I couldn’t tell her the whole truth but in a way I was being truthful enough for, the past few months, only she had been on my mind. She had taken over my fantasy life. I ached every day to see her and spend time with her. “Try and come by Saturday and I promise we’ll have time together.”

Saturday came and I could see a lot of activity across the street. I decided to clean out my gutters to pass the time. Around 11:00 Ted, Nancy and the two little ones packed into their truck and took off. Shae and Amber were on the front porch waving goodbye. I watched a little longer, and soon enough, a small Civic pulled up, Amber came running out, hopped in and took off. Shae then came out, looked around and went back inside. I took my ladder around back and started on the gutters there. Within minutes, Shae showed up. I could hear her walking up the drive, but pretended not to notice her until she said, “Hey Nick! We’re going to have some time together, right?”

I didn’t look down at her and replied, “Sure, but first there are a few tasks that need attention, I’ll be done with the gutters in a few minutes and there’s some weeds under the garage hedge.” She said a quick OK and went to work. I still hadn’t looked at her yet, but I doubled my efforts to finish the gutters as quickly as possible.

I finished, put the ladder away and came around to where she was working. My initial view was incredible! She was on her hands and knees reaching under the bushes pulling weeds. I could only see her back half and her cute little ass was partially covered by a very tight, short pair of blue short-shorts. Her legs were slightly spread and her tanned, fit, slender legs were a work of art. She pulled back and out of the hedge, turned to me and sat back so that her ass rested on the ground between her feet. The view up the inside of her thighs, to her tightly stretched shorts, was only beaten by the top she was wearing. She had on a white, cut-off, half-shirt that barely covered her tits. Her flat, taut stomach was fully exposed and the way the shirt hung from her, only emphasized the size and firmness of her tits. I immediately noticed that her nipples were partially erect and forming small little nubs through the fabric. The whiteness of her shirt provided a truly erotic vision of her dark areola at the prow of her breasts.

“Well, it’s about time you finished. I only have a few more weeds to get.” With that, she moved back under the bushes and began to attack the weeds. I lay down on my side, supporting my head with my right hand, in a position to watch ‘dat ass as she worked. She glanced back and asked, “Are you checking out my ass? My god what a perv!” She smiled, shook it a bit, spread her legs a little further and arched her back enough that her shorts could not have been any tighter across her little tail.

My only response was, “You bet your sweet, little ass I’m checking out your sweet, little ass! I could stay here all day!” I then noticed that by lowering my head a touch, and looking up between her “gates of heaven” thighs, I had a clear view up her shirt as it hung down from her body. It was a marvelous view! Highly erotic and exciting! Her tits were luscious mounds hanging down from her chest. They shook, ever so slightly, as she worked and were topped by two delightful nipples, whose brownish pink color contrasted nicely with her natural olive skin. As I watched, I couldn’t help but get “stirred,” so I discreetly rubbed my dick to enhance the excitement. Very soon, she finished her task, backed out and turned to me with a cute devilish smile on her face. With a light sheen of sweat on her face, and the sunlight hitting just so, she appeared to glow right in front of me.

I didn’t try to conceal the fact that I was checking out every inch of her as I took in this vision of beauty. Her luxurious hair was pulled back in a high ponytail which emphasized the beauty of her face. Her eyes shone and her smile was brilliant in the way that can only be from one so young. I was no more than six inches from her with her right knee being about level with my stomach; if I had curled up, I could have nearly encircled her.

She leaned forward, just a bit and placed her hand on my shoulder. “Nick, I can’t stay very long. Mom and dad will be back pretty soon ... I hate that we can’t find time to be together.” Her hand lingered on my shoulder and, as she spoke, I noticed that her forward lean had opened a view under her shirt revealing the gorgeous bottom of a tit. My eyes were darting from her face to her shirt. I took my right arm and reached it around her waist, feeling her soft, exposed skin. She sidled forward a bit so she was right alongside me.

Slowly rubbing her back I said, “Shae, I wish we had more time to be together. We need to use the time we have, the best we can, and try to figure something out.” She was gazing into my eyes when she shifted her weight and, using her hand and hips, pushed me over on my back. She ended up leaning on my chest, still half-sitting on her hip next me. I slid my hand on her back up and inside her shirt until I found the nape of her neck and drew her down towards me. With my right hand, I reached down, cupped her ass and snuggled her in closer. She smiled and playfully squirmed her ass into my hand as our faces came closer. I knew my hand on her back had to have forced her shirt high enough to expose her tits; but, in our position, it was impossible to see anything; regardless, she stopped just inches away from me and put on a very adult face.

She leaned in and began covering my face with soft kisses while saying “I just love the way you make me feel. I’m so hot I can’t stand it.” With that I pulled her closer, we kissed deeply and passionately. Our lips were working in unison and our tongues were engaged in the type of dance that only nature can choreograph. I had to remove my hand from her back and rearrange the positioning of my dick to accommodate the raging erection that was developing.

She pulled back, sat up a bit, took my right hand from her ass and placed it just above her hip. She started to guide it up her side and slightly to front. “You know, you can if you want to.”

I gave her a sort of quizzical look and asked, “I can what?” I started to slide my hand under the front of her shirt just barely touching the bottom of her tits.

“You can touch my boobs if you want. I know you like looking at them and that makes me feel all sexy and wanted.”

I wasn’t going to waste any more time. I slid my hand up, cupped a firm breast while bending my wrist upward to lift her shirt at the same time. She deftly lifted the front of her shirt and slid it back over her head exposing two of the most perfect tits any man has ever laid his eyes upon. For whatever reason I thought of the old expression, ‘the face that launched a thousand ships.’ Now, I understood completely what was being written about Helen. As I brought both hands into play, her face had a look of a goddess, approving of the adoration she was receiving and the power she was wielding. Her breasts were magnificent; they stood individually, very firm and yet still pliant. They proudly stood out from her chest and were topped with slightly puffy areola, which held perfectly sized nipples. They were not the breasts of a girl her age; they were rounded at the bottom, almost full in size and, meant to be admired.

She placed her hands on my chest and asked “When you said I was on your mind, did you mean it? Do you think about me a lot?”

“Yes, so much it almost scares me! I imagine times like this, I think about how beautiful you are. I think about how much I like having you around, and I think about how much I miss you when we’re not together.”

“That’s good, Nick, because I think about you too; I mean, I think about you a lot when I’m alone, you know, like in bed and stuff.”

I pulled her in close for a kiss and said, “Same for me.”

She pulled back and readjusted her shirt back over herself. She placed a hand on my stomach and said, “I have to get home. If my parents see me dressed this way they’ll kill me.” She leaned down and we shared a nice kiss.

I held her and said, “I know you have to go, but you are leaving me in quite a condition.” I gave a quick glance down to my crotch where a very prominent, and obvious, erection was straining at my shorts.

She looked down and cautiously slid her hand over the bulge, sending waves of excitement through my body until finally resting her hand on my shaft, giving it a slight up and down rub. She looked back at me, continuing her hand movement and said “I think you should be able to take care of this by yourself. As a matter of fact, if you watch out your front window I might be able to help. I know you like watching from the window.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“One day, while walking home, I noticed you watching me from your window. When I got inside, I peeked out and could just make out movement behind the window. Haven’t you wondered why I always pause in front of your house on my way home? Then, the other day, Connie thought she saw you, but I told her she was crazy. I knew better though. You got careless and I could clearly see what you were doing ... don’t worry, I think it’s hot and sexy. We need to do it together sometime ... you know ... from a distance.” She gave me another kiss and, as she stood, she said, “Don’t forget, look out the window.” With that, she was gone.

Long Distance Love

I headed into the house, stripping down to nothing and made my way to the front window. Shae was standing on her front porch looking my way. I leaned forward enough so that she could see me. She smiled, waved to me and then sat down on the porch steps. The porch steps at her house are made of flagstone. On both sides are large brick sidings that conveniently serve to block the view from either side. The way she was leaning back on the steps made her invisible to anyone who wasn’t directly in front of her, as I pretty much was.

She was sitting with her legs spread, leaning back against an upper step, with her elbows propping her up. Her hands moved to her stomach and she began to rub herself up and down from the top of her shorts to just under her shirt. She alternately looked back and forth for cars or people passing and across to me. She sat up straighter and reached under her shirt. She started cupping and running her hands over her tits. She slowed her movements and lifted her shirt enough to fully expose herself to me. She used her thumbs and forefingers to pinch her nipples, and then slid her palms over them, eventually cupping her tits and squeezing them together. As she continued her self-caressing; I was slowly stroking myself to a full erection. When she cupped her tits I reached down with my left hand, cupped and fondled my balls. I arched myself so that this would be visible to her. When I looked at her face, she was smiling, looking directly at my movements.

Shae slid her hands down to her shorts. She lifted herself ever so slightly, and pulled her shorts down just a little bit. She reached her left hand down to her crotch and slowly started rubbing herself. She was looking directly at me as she rubbed herself. I could see her face start to contort with pleasure as she began to run her fingers in circles around her crotch. My dick was fully erect and I was having a tough time catching my breath. I had never been so excited in quite this way.

Then it happened.

Shae reached her fingers across to the side of the crotch of her shorts and pulled them back, exposing her glorious pussy to me. She leaned forward a bit, as her right hand moved down her thigh to her pussy. She ran her fingertips up and down along her slit until she stopped and slowly opened her lips. She started making quick circles up at the top and started rolling her hips in reaction. Her head rolled back as she took a finger and pushed it inside her pussy. I could see that she had inserted her entire finger and started quickly moving it in and out.

She looked back at me and I did my best to coordinate my stroking with her finger fucking. She then shortened her strokes, keeping her finger buried inside and used her thumb to stroke her clit. I couldn’t take it any longer! I could feel it first in my gut, then down to my balls. My orgasm built inside me through my balls and then into my dick. I turned directly to the window and shot load after load onto the window while looking at Shae as she watched and began to climax herself. Her stoking slowed, her ass lifted from the steps, she curled a bit and then convulsed rapidly, two or three times. As I was catching my breath, holding my dick, milking the last of my cum out, she quickly covered herself up and darted inside.

I cleaned up, took a shower, got something to eat and watched some hoops. My work cell phone rang; it was Jack. He shouldn’t have been calling until midweek. With some trepidation, I answered and agreed to meet him at 4:30 at a very public, dockside restaurant. When I asked him what was up, his only reply was, “Business, very profitable business.”

I grabbed a beer and sat out on my front porch. The pickup was back in Shae’s driveway. The front door opened and she came out and ran across the street. She had on a red tank top, blue gym shorts and white trainers. She came up the steps and sat in the other porch chair. I smiled at her and said, “You know what girl? You amaze me! I can’t believe what you, we, just did...”

“You liked it, huh? I’ve never cum so fast in my life! It was so hot! I gotta tell you something: Some of my dad’s friends from work are coming over today, and that means a lot of drinking. Amber isn’t going to be home and I know that by nine or so everybody will be gone and mom and dad will be passed out.”

I was looking over at her house and asked, “So, what’re you thinking?”

“As soon as they’re all drunk and passed out, I’ll come over here and we can be together.”

“I like the way you think! I have some errands to run, but I’ll be back in plenty of time.”

“Great, but I gotta tell you something: we can’t go all the way ... you know my fifteenth birthday is coming up, right? Anyway, mom took me to the doctor last week to get me on birth control.” I was visibly surprised by this and she added, “Amber got knocked up when she was fifteen and had to get an abortion, mom says we’re not going through that again; so, it was off to the doctor for me. At first I didn’t like it ... but now, I think it could be worth it; I have just a couple weeks to go to be sure.”

“Agreed, no all the way ... but I do have some condoms; that would be safe.”

“No, when we do it, we’re going to do it for real.”

“Again, I like the way you think, I have some ideas as to what I’m going to do with you, think you’ll be ready?”

She got up, headed for the stairs, looked back at me and said, “I’m not the one who has to be ready. You better go take a nap and make sure you have plenty of strength.”

“Hey! Make sure you come to the back door.”

The nap idea sounded good, so I went in, set the alarm for three and fell asleep thinking about Shae’s thighs wrapped around my head.

A Change of Plans

I had only met Jack once before and that was when I first came to Florida. Since then, we’ve only spoken on the phone. I’ve dealt with many of his “minions” throughout the year and everything had gone smoothly, for the most part. There was the one time I was asked, and highly compensated, to make one cheating minion disappear. I didn’t like this part of the job, but it needed to be done. I was surprised at how easy it all actually was. Dave had warned me I would likely be tested, and, if I passed, I would be “in.”

Our meeting was at a dockside bar and grill. We sat off to the side by the water’s edge. Jack is pretty nondescript but has a definite Amer-Asian look to him. We ordered some drinks and appetizers and engaged in small talk until our orders were delivered. We then began to discuss business.

I opened the conversation, “I must admit I was surprised to hear from you on a weekend, I hope there aren’t any problems?”

“No, no problems. I want to make a new proposition to you, one that could be very profitable but, at the same time, carries greater risk.”

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