Dog on the Side


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Erotica Story: Dumb yet likable Joey uncovers a sexual trend for dog sex and prepares to go global.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   .

Hi, I’m Joey;

This is not so much a story as an account of how things led up to me going into the sex industry.

As I progressed through college I’m not much of a hunk; no personality or ambition to speak of.

I liked women the same as the next guy. But it was always the other guys females went for to start with.

But some will recall that I was approaching twenty when I discovered the pulling power a handsome dog could exert on certain females.

That is to say some girl’s do have a dormant urge to bitch with a dog that is simply waiting to be sprung.

Coming across that knowledge and learning to use it to my advantage would propel my life further than I could have imagined at the time.

Elaine was my first dog fuck; a cute virginal college-girl of sixteen who was simply jogging in the country park; when she stops to rest on the bench I’m sat with my dad’s dog “Captain”.

She’s smitten by Captain and offers to meet me at the café before we leave the park.

God’s truth we then sneak into the baby changing cubicle so she can give some oral to that dog!

This Elaine then wants to meet up in the park again; to explore some of the sexy suggestions I had put in her head; after she’d enjoyed herself with the dog’s cock!

I was happy to agree to another meet up.

The jolt I’d got, simply from watching the action, was plenty enough for me.

On our following meeting, we met near the picnic table again.

This time Elaine wanted to go into the cubicle alone with Captain.

So not wanting to miss the action I found a small window down the side of the block.

God’s truth, she does a strip-tease with her nipples erect on this dog before laying down and pulling that hound’s body up close to her naked flesh. Her hand was busy between his loins, giving his cock plenty of encouragement as she cooed to him.

Well I was I was trembling with excitement the same as she was. I could see the dog did too ‘cause it’s cock had come our real big and juicy.

She was in awe at it’s evil beauty, its base-knot and it’s blue veins.

I could see the sweat glisten on her face.

Cap suddenly pushes his wet nose into her cunt and she was loosing control. His cock waged lewdly in her face and she instinctively sucked it.

I could see her throat swallowing!

She cried out then as she knelt up on all fours. He sniffs her cunt, then he’s on her in a single leap!

His hairy chest was on her naked back, his paws encircling her waist, his panting head alongside hers. His thick glistening cock found it’s mark and with hefty shunt, slid in up to the hilt.

She cried out. Then he went at her like a steam train. He had her finished in double quick time: not to mention myself perched peering through the window!

Sharing those erotic escapades with Elaine at the country-park that summer, soon passed and come that autumn, she’d entered university and contact between us had ceased.

For me though, those few risky ventures had changed the course of my sexuality.

I no longer hankered for conventional sex or romance.

I became a Don Quotie; seeking- out maidens who needed rescuing from the tedium of sexual convention. Or for the less literate; to convert frustrated females into depraved slut-hood.

With Captain by my side, it was the thrill of the chase; to sniff-out hibernating bitches in need of an erotic induction.

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