Junior Year
Chapter 15: Don’t You Want to Share the Guilt?

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 15: Don’t You Want to Share the Guilt? - David's Junior Year is beginning with a sharp edge to it. His best friend is dead. The girl he'd thought he would spend the rest of his life with is now lost to him as well. He's facing new challenges and pressures due to his rapidly increasing fame. He doesn't just want to survive - he wants to excel. He'll have to reach deep inside himself and find the inner strength and toughness, the resolve and focus, to achieve his dreams. Golden Clitorides: 1st Epic Erotic Story and Erotic Humor Story.

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Monday October 19

This morning Rachel had big news. How did I know it was big news? My first clue was she was actually waiting on us when we came down to stretch. The second clue was when she began to fidget and bounce up and down. It was all I could do to ignore her as I prepared to run. Her excitement had Duke and Buster frisky, and they were tearing up the backyard as they played.

I finally stood up and picked up my Bo staff.

“What are you so happy about?”

“I came in fourth at regionals – that qualifies me for sectionals – if I do well there I get to go to state - my coach thinks I didn’t run my best race so she says I’ll be a shoo-in for state – I was disappointed none of my other teammates placed high enough to go but I can hardly wait to see how well I do! Isn’t that great?”

She said all this in one burst of words. I had to concentrate or I wouldn’t have been able to follow it. She waited for my response as I froze for a few seconds, and then I smiled. From what I gathered she had placed well enough in her cross country regional to move on to sectionals. She squealed when I picked her up and put her on my shoulder. That got the two rowdy dogs to follow us down the street as I ran with her on her perch.

“David! Put me down!” she yelled. “I’m going to pee!”

Where do girls learn to say they’ll pee on you to get you to stop teasing them? They must have classes that teach them the look, the pout and the eye-roll; with the much more difficult sigh added for effect.

She was a little chatterbox the whole time we ran. I felt sorry for Greg when Mac became a little older. What was I saying? Kyle was just as bad. I couldn’t wait until Nate began to talk. Angie might actually disown one of them.

I planned my entrance at Lincoln High today. It wasn’t just girls who could do sexy. I wanted a few to realize I wasn’t without resources. The master, Adrienne, had taught me how to turn heads. I wore my handmade leather boots with the silver zipper on the side, AGed-15 jeans and my Tommy Hilfiger fitted leather racing jacket. The jeans had strategically placed rips to show a little skin, which meant I had to go commando. The sacrifices we have to endure for fashion.

My plan was all well and good except for one little detail: the girls had planned also. Sporty Brook wore her silk sweats that I was sure would trigger our school dress code policy as soon as she stepped inside. She couldn’t have even a thong on and wear those pants. She also wore a tight V-neck t-shirt, and her bra enhanced her assets. Classy Halle had dressed in black slacks, a pink cashmere sweater and high heels that enhanced her already superior posterior. Farm girl Zoe wore her work jeans, a plaid button-up shirt, and cowboy boots.

All that was missing was surfer girl Pam and Catholic schoolgirl Lisa Felton to complete my fantasy lineup. My California surfer girl seemed to have been avoiding me for the last couple of weeks. I would need to find her and see what was going on. It wasn’t like her to not talk to me at least a couple of times a day.

I did my best cool-kid swagger and struck a pose in front of the three girls. I was impressed when they purposefully checked me out and then acted as if they weren’t impressed. Who were they kidding? I was David Dawson, star quarterback, fashion model and movie star. I was giving them my best thousand-yard sultry stare when everything was ruined. Someone gave me a hip-check and about knocked me down. My archnemesis, Tracy, giggled and made me laugh. Curse that evil woman!

Tracy linked arms with my women and escorted them to the front door. I stood there, rooted to my spot, and admired the view as they walked away. The crowd of students clustered near the front door seemed to part like the Red Sea. I saw them each peek back to make sure I inspected their sexy little behinds. I bit my lower lip when they each put a little extra wiggle in their walk. Damn! I knew they had me right where they wanted me. I don’t know why I even tried.

My choice to come to school in model clothes was a mistake. Even though Brook, Halle and Zoe weren’t impressed, the rest of the female population noticed. The rip in my jeans on my left buttock seemed to be a magnet. At every turn I found someone would either grab or pinch my butt. I had to enlist Tim, Jim and Wolf to be my bodyguards until I could get to gym class. I had boxers in my duffle bag that should help.

Coach Diamond sent me to the trainers to be checked out. I had a few dings, but nothing major. I went back out to the weight room to work out with Wolf. Today we did our lower body.

“I would just die if April said she wanted to do what Clare did Saturday,” Wolf blurted out.

I glanced around to see if anyone was listening to us.

“Why?” I asked.

His head snapped up and stared at me. He knew how I was, and he couldn’t believe I’d asked that.

“I couldn’t let her do that.”

“Why?” I asked again, as I raised my eyebrows.

“What do you mean, why? I wouldn’t want a bunch of other guys pawing her.”

I agreed with him completely, but I was feeling contrary this morning.

“So far I’ve only heard a bunch of me responses. What about her?” I asked.

He looked confused.

“All I’m hearing is you talking about what you want. What about what she wants?” I asked.

“I’d have a real problem if April wanted to pull a train,” he snapped at me.

“But you were willing to help Clare,” I said.

“That’s different,” he complained.

“Okay, explain to me why it’s different?” I asked.

“I was just one of many. Clare had sex with multiple partners, right in front of her boyfriend.”

There were so many things I needed to teach my poor ignorant friend. Where should I start?

“First off, you went next to last, correct?” I asked.

He just nodded.

“Think about it. I bet you can figure out how many people you had sex with,” I said, and I could tell I needed to be clearer. “No condom, remember?”

He gave me a sour look. Clare had made a point that she wanted everyone to cum in her.

“That’s not the same,” he complained.

“Denial is a river located in Egypt. It’s not, however, the state of refusing to admit the obvious truth, despite what some misinformed friend might tell you. Don’t listen to him. It’s a river. Really, it is,” I said.

“Fuck you, Dawson,” Wolf said.

“Don’t make me pull out I told you so,” I warned him.

“Again: fuck you.”

I just smiled at him, which caused him to give me the middle finger. Go figure. I had only tried to be a friend.

“Just saying,” I said to give him one more shot. “Now let’s talk about fantasies. Have you and April ever talked about what either of you might want to do?”

He wouldn’t meet my eye, so I wasn’t sure if he had or not.

“Let me throw one out for you that you might relate to: let’s say April wanted to have sex with two guys. Would you consider that?” I asked.

He and Jim had dated Cassidy at the same time, and I knew they’d had a threesome.

“If I was one of the guys,” Wolf snapped back.

“Don’t you think that’s what Chad was doing? I know April would never suggest something like that, but if she did, and in some alternate universe you had a brain freeze and agreed, wouldn’t you want to be there to make sure she was okay?” I asked, and then let that sink in before I continued. “Besides the fun of a threesome for you, I bet you’d want to be there for her.”

He gave me the same look my dad did right before he needed a beer. I let him wrap his mind around that before I hit him with the big one.

“Clare’s fantasy was hers. We can debate all we want about what we’d do if our girlfriend came to us and told us she wanted to do multiple men. Chad’s a bigger man than I am. I would never agree to it, but I think he realized she might do it on her own to satisfy her curiosity. He was able to help her organize it, and then be there to make sure she was safe.

“I’m a big believer in communication. If April felt she could tell you something like that, I would hope you’d listen to her and not make her feel bad about it. If you jumped on her, she’d never feel she could tell you something that would make you uncomfortable. Now, I’m not saying you should go along with her desire to do everything she wants. Just like she needs to filter some of your dumbass ideas. I guess what I’m trying to tell you is that it’s okay to react the way you did, but you were only looking at how it affected you. You weren’t looking at it from her point of view,” I said.

“I still wouldn’t let her,” Wolf said with a sheepish grin.

“I wouldn’t either,” I agreed.

After football I went with Cassidy and Brook to the dojo. On the ride over Brook made me call Zoe and clear the air between us about what happened at the dance. It was a quick conversation and she apologized. I did the same about not calling back right away. Someone—Tracy—must have clued her in about me not staying mad if you gave me a chance to cool off, so she was fine.

When we began to practice I found that the weighted Bo staff I ran with each morning helped with my quickness. Cassidy was still lightning fast, but I was able to hold my own. Afterwards I usually found Pam in my apartment. She wasn’t around. I was ready to call her when I received a text from Frank Ingram, my new PR agent, to see if I had some time. I brought up my video chat.

“Have you heard of catfishing as it relates to online social media?” Frank asked.

“Yeah, I think there’s a show on MTV about it.”

“There’s a new show that will compete against it coming out this summer. They want to show how hard it is for someone people assume is a catfish to get dates. The premise is that no one would believe they were actually on social media to find a date. I think you’d be perfect for it, and it would raise your awareness,” he said.

“Sounds like a huge hassle. Plus, my friends already think I’m a diva sometimes. Wouldn’t I look like a D-List wannabe who was desperate for celebrity?”

“We would make sure you didn’t come off looking like a Kardashian.”

“God, I hope so! I can see it now: David A. Dawson, the next David Hasselhoff.”

“Do you sing? We can see about getting you bookings in Europe.”

“Thanks. I’ll be the next big thing in Romania.”

“Come on. It should be fun,” Frank said.

Maybe for him it would be. I caught enough hostility on Twitter. I could just see it if I joined Tinder or one of the many other dating apps; I’d be the target of even more internet trolls with beer muscles. I’d already seen how unsettling that could be when Tommy Cox had stalked my family and me.

“I’ll think about it,” was all I could say for now.

“Don’t think too long. They need someone soon,” Frank said, and then showed me my new website.

“I hope it’s okay, but we hired Lily to help us with you. She already knew all about you and seems to have a good instinct about your promotion,” he said.

“Actually, that sounds great to me. Lily’s been a big help.”

He then went into detail about his plans and preparations for when I went to LA for my movie release. He’d been in touch with Kendal, and they were arranging both auditions and appearances. I knew this was all part of it, and resigned myself to let them do their job and just put on a happy face.

When he hung up, I started to realize what I’d done when I hired him. The media circus was about to begin. I went back to my uncle’s warning. It was too late to change my mind now.

Wednesday October 21

After football practice, Brook and I were to meet with some people from Range Sports. We were told that one of the people we would meet with was in charge of safety and wanted to assess our skill level as skydivers before their insurance would sign off on the shoot.

I arrived at school and was dressed to work out when Wolf stopped me. He had a panicked look on his face.

“I have to show you something,” he said when we were alone.

I didn’t expect him to drop his shorts and show me his dick.

“Dude, I don’t swing that way,” I told him half-seriously.

He didn’t even smirk, so I knew he was really worried about something. I took a closer look and there was milky-looking liquid on the tip of his dick. My mouth fell open as I made the connection.

“Tell me it doesn’t burn when you pee,” I said.

He looked away from me. Fuck!

“Come on,” I ordered.

I took him to the trainers’ office and found Jill and Becky with their feet up on the desks and cups of coffee in their hands. They looked at us and I smiled.

“You both will thank me later,” I said, which confused them. “Show them your dick.”

Wolf made a move to bolt, but I grabbed his arm.

“Listen, dumbass. If one of them sees it, they’ll both want to see it. Trust me, this is your best option to lessen the embarrassment,” I said.

“Yeah, show us your dick,” Jill said with a big smile.

Wolf took a deep breath and dropped his shorts. Both women had big smiles on their faces, and then it dawned on Becky what the problem was. She got up to take a closer look. When she started to reach for it, I stopped her.

“Gloves,” was all I had to say for both of them to become concerned.

“When was the last time you had unprotected sex?” Jill asked.


This got worse and worse. That meant he had slept with April since he got home. Then I thought about my other teammates with girlfriends: Jim and Piper, Alan and Stacy, Tim and possibly Tracy. The last one made my blood run cold. The last thing she needed was to catch an STD after everything she’d gone through. Kelly was currently single. I wasn’t sure if Brandon was dating anyone. I cringed when I thought of Kendal. She would kill me if they had hooked up and he’d caught the clap on one of my recruiting trips.

“Who was that with?” Jill asked.

“I think I caught it on Saturday. I didn’t start showing symptoms until last night. I don’t think we need to worry about me being contagious before that,” Wolf reasoned.

“I hate to break it to you, but you don’t have to show any signs to pass on an STD. You could very well have passed it on right after you contracted it,” Becky explained.

Then the two trainers turned and looked at me.

“I was a good boy,” I said as I raised my hands to ward them off of me.

“Drop your shorts,” Jill said to me in a stern voice.

They wouldn’t believe me, so I did. I made sure Becky had on new gloves before she examined me. While she did that, Jill took Wolf aside and they discussed who all might be involved. I was sent back to PE to lift. When I got out of my shower, I found Mr. Hasting talking to Coach Diamond. I was relieved that for once I wasn’t in the middle of it.

By lunchtime, everyone that was involved was missing, as were Stacy, April and Piper. I was relieved to see Tracy. The rumors flew, but none of them had guessed what was going on. Of course everyone was sure I knew what had happened. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the boys were all the ones who went with me on recruiting trips. What confounded everyone was why Stacy, April and Piper were missing. Better yet, why was I still here.

I figured they had all been taken to be tested and treated. I doubted anyone would figure that was what had happened.

Then I thought about the three girls. Alan had survived hickey-gate. I doubted Stacy would be as forgiving if he gave her an STD. I wondered if they called your parents for something like this. I was in my prep class when my mom stormed in. That answered my question. I just got up and followed her out of the school. When she had me in the car, she started in.

“I received an interesting call.”

“I hope they told you I wasn’t involved,” I said.

“They did, but I thought we might just get you tested anyways.”

Then she lectured me the rest of the way to my appointment with my family doctor. You would think that a seventeen-year-old would be able to see his doctor without his mom. Guess again! I think they wanted to play a little game called Scared Straight, because I was shown a series of pictures of the possible effects of unprotected sex. I think my balls actually crawled up into my body when I saw what could happen.

Thankfully, the nurse walked my sample down to the lab and they tested it while Mr. Happy vowed to never want to spend time with another woman. Bad things happened! If he wasn’t a believer, I was. Then my test results came back, and I was given a clean bill of health.

On the way back to school, I found out what my punishment would be for my fun with Brook the past weekend.

“Your father and I will go on all your recruiting trips from now on. You are also not going with anyone else. It sounds like you’ve all been irresponsible. All it would take is for something like this to get out and you could do serious damage to your career as both a model and actor. I understand that most universities don’t want troublemakers on their teams, either.”

“What about Brandon? He organizes everything for me.”

“Brandon was supposed to be the responsible one that was to look out for you. I talked to Tom and he was let go. I didn’t think I needed to be on your trips, but I was mistaken. You’ve made significant strides towards growing up, but I can see you’re not there yet. You brought this on yourself, so I don’t want to hear any complaints. Is that clear?” she asked.

“But I didn’t do anything,” I complained.

When would I learn to shut up?

“David Allen Dawson, do you want me to dig into what happened on all your recruiting trips?”

That would not only be no, but HELL NO! I could see a long stint locked in my room if she found out about swinger parties and hookers. Believe me, if my mom decided to find out, she would. All she’d have to do was get Alan alone and she would have him broken in five minutes. If she wanted to be cruel, all she had to do was put Tami on the case. She could get me to admit to everything. I now had the proper motivation to shut up.

“I love you,” I tried.

She accepted my offer of surrender.

Before football practice, my friends about died. Coach Hope had the team meet in shorts and t-shirts in the film room.

“Everyone, settle down,” he began.

He had a duffle bag on the podium and he reached in and pulled out a lifelike representation of a penis. Of course a roomful of boys would laugh if they saw their football coach pull a dildo out of his bag. There were some funny comments. The one that made me laugh was along the lines of you shouldn’t drop your soap in the shower with Coach around. That one got us all a look that had us a little nervous. I think we all realized we were dealing with a Marine.

He then pulled out a condom.

“I’ve been told that we need to have a talk about sex education, specifically the importance of using a condom during sex. I’m going to assume you’re all brain-damaged hormonal teens who don’t remember your talk in middle school.

“First, this is your penis,” he said as he held up the dildo. “This is a condom. Your penis does not go into a vagina without a condom. The proper technique is to actually open the condom wrapper. I’m sure some of you will forget this step, so let me repeat it: open the damned wrapper.”

Coach tore open the foil pack and held up the condom so we could all see it.

“Then you roll the condom over the shaft of your penis like this. Be sure to leave room at the tip for, oh, hell, just do what I say,” Coach finished.

Yuri raised his hand. Coach was surprised, but pointed at him.

“Two questions: where do we get condoms, and where are the women that will allow us to use one on them?” Yuri asked.

“Ask David,” Coach said, and stormed out.

All the little dumbasses looked at me. I just flipped them off.

Brook and I skipped the dojo and went to our local airport where we were supposed to meet someone from Range Sports. We found him in the building where we’d taken the skydiving classes.

“You must be Brook and David. I’m Don Maier. Range Sports has asked me to make sure you’re safe on your shoot on Saturday. Did you bring your jump logs?” he asked.

He reviewed everything and seemed to be satisfied. Then he ruined our day.

“Neither one of you has enough experience to use a wing suit. There are too many dangers for skydivers of your limited experience for Range Sports to sign off on it. Both our insurance carrier and I would not allow it, even with a waiver.”

“What types of things would we have to worry about if we were to wear a wing suit?” Brook asked.

“When you first exit the plane you have to be aware that a wing suit is very different than regular skydiving. It is more like gliding, in that you can get some lift. If that happens when you exit the plane, it could result in a tail strike.”

I winced at the thought of hitting the plane. My guess was that might be fatal.

“Then there is the chance of a flat spin, or uncontrollable spinning. If you haven’t trained on how to stop that, you’ll have a problem deploying your parachute. Then there might be the issues of a burble, a vortex in the parachute deployment area; and twists, a spinning parachute. If your parachute malfunctions, you have to deal with all that extra material you’ll have from both the parachute and your wing suit. Finally, you have to depressurize the wings prior to parachute deployment. Part of doing that is slowing down. Wing suit jumps can hit speeds in the 220-mile-per-hour zone. If you’re going that fast you very well could rip your parachute. You seem like great kids, and I would hate to see you hurt, so I’m going to have to not allow you to try the wing suits,” Don said.

What Don didn’t realize was that to Brook and me, what he just described made us want to do it even more. I heard we could fly through the air at 220 miles per hour. Maybe I could get a suit with a Superman logo on my chest. I’d also seen the videos of base jumps with wing suits. I got a little hard at the thought of screaming just over the trees as I flew down the side of a mountain. I think if we had any mountains nearby, Brook and I would have hurtled off one by now.

Don then showed us the wingboard. It looked like a stealth fighter. It was eight feet wide and had small winglets on the end of the wings to decrease drag, according to Don. In the center was a place for what looked like a snowboard. It would disconnect from the wingboard when you decided to use your parachute.

The wingboard would be attached to the back of an airplane by a towrope, much like water skiing. The only difference was that about eight feet before it hooked to the board there was another towrope that was attached to a handle. This was what we would hang onto for stability. It also had a button we would push to release the snowboard-type of device from the wingboard.

Don showed us video of the tests. The only part that made me nervous was the takeoff. Unlike everything we had done up to this point, where we jumped out of the plane, with the wingboard you took off behind the plane like a glider. It looked an awful lot like trying to ride a skateboard, tied to a car, and going 60 mph. Don explained our speed at takeoff would be 55 knots (60 - 65 mph) and then as we climbed we would reach speeds of 80-90 knots (about 90 - 110 mph). Once we were at cruising altitude, we would be steady at 100-140 knots (115-150 mph). When we jumped we would need to bleed off speed before we used our parachute.

It was that part, bleeding off speed, which he needed to teach us. The plan was for a tandem jump with a dual skysurfing board. That way Don could control the jump and we would get a feel for it. Then we would do a couple of jumps solo, but Don would be with us in case we got into trouble.

All went well until the last jump. I saw Brook glance over at me with a mischievous smile. She then pointed her board down and took off like a shot. A split second later, I did the same, except I tucked so I could gain even more speed. Brook glanced back to see if I had followed her and was surprised when I went screaming past her. We could hear Don call us bad names over the radio, but the chase was on.

That was when I decided to show off and did a barrel roll. Brook, not to be outdone, tried to do a loop. The only problem was that when she raised the nose of her skysurfing board, it started to bleed off her speed and she effectively stalled out. I filed that away as a good lesson and thought it sucked to be her. I knew Devin would love this, because it was so much like snowboarding. The only problem was that it was way too short of a jump. My altimeter gave me a warning noise to tell me I had gotten too low. I tipped the nose of the board up and then deployed the chute. I couldn’t wait to see the footage my GoCam had picked up.

Landing was not fun. The stupid board skimmed across the ground and the chute was caught in a breeze. I ended up doing a face plant. I discovered that snow was much more forgiving when you did that. I would have to edit that part out.

We’d just pulled out of the parking lot when Brook reached for my shorts. She pulled them down, grasped Mr. Happy, and checked him out.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I wanted to see if you had any signs,” she said cryptically.

“I think if you need a sign, he’s standing up and begging,” I suggested.

“Not that sign.”

“I didn’t get a 666 tattoo for the sign of the beast, but we might discuss it if you want me to get one,” I teased.

She was busy examining my cock and just ignored my smart comments. Then I realized what she wanted to know.

“You’ve had all your shots, right?” I asked.

Her head snapped up and she released Mr. Happy as if she’d been holding a dead rat. I found a closed office complex and pulled around back. I grabbed my cock and waved it at her.

“Come on, baby. Be my little crack whore and suck my diseased cock.”

Her eyes got huge and when I grabbed the back of her neck, she was ready to scratch my eyes out. I burst out laughing. She had a confused look on her face, and I took advantage and pulled her head into my lap. Brook found half my cock in her mouth. She knew I would never knowingly give her an STD, so she began to give me head.

The Jeep was a terrible place to have sex. I pulled Brook out and turned her around so she was facing the car. I just put on a condom, pulled her shorts aside and pushed my member into her moist snatch. Brook loved me to pound her from behind, so I obliged. The first time took the edge off.

Brook lost her clothes and enticed me into joining her in the back seat. I was more than willing and quickly had another condom on. This time I took my time to get her fully aroused. I loved her tight little body. I marveled at how it responded when I used my large hands to awaken her desire. I coaxed her onto her stomach and massaged her back and buttocks. She moaned as I teased her sex and then dropped down and ate her exquisite little mound. It was already red and puffy from our previous session.

When she began to push back against my tongue and whine, I pulled off and quickly replaced it with my dick. Brook gave a satisfied grunt when I filled her with my long, thick cock. I was in the perfect position to see it stretch her as I buried my bone. I leaned forward and kissed her on the back of the neck as I began to lovingly fuck my little adventure-junkie. This was new for us. She soon was close and asked to be able to look me in the eyes. She flipped over and I covered her again, putting my face next to her ear.

“You’re a special girl, Brook Davis,” I whispered.

She shuddered and came hard. She wrapped me up in her arms and legs and held me tight. It allowed my hips to fuck her through her orgasm, which rolled into another one, and another. Brook took it like a champ, and I finally felt my second load arrive in my own earth-shattering experience.

“Dang, I had no idea I could do that. You set the bar pretty high for next time,” she said.

“If we start to play top that, you’ll find I’m out of your league,” I shot back.

I pulled out of her and slapped my dick across her clit. She jumped like I’d used a Taser on her.

“No,” she moaned as she tried to scoot away from me.

Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on your point of view — the Jeep didn’t have enough room for her to escape me. I dick-slapped her again and I think she had a little orgasm. I reached for my pants to get another condom when she opened the other door and crawled out.

“Where are you going? I was just getting started,” I teased her.

“Keep that thing away from me,” she said, and then squealed as I followed her out the other side of the Jeep.

It took her a moment to realize we were running around naked in a parking lot. I scooped her up and gave her a raspberry on her left butt-cheek. She squirmed loose and grabbed her clothes. She kept a wary eye on me as we got dressed.

“I’m hungry,” she announced. “Feed me.”

Smart girl. I’d just had sex. Fill my stomach and the next thing you know I’d be in a coma, a very satisfied coma.

Friday October 23

My recruiting trip gang was not a happy bunch. Someone had let it slip out that they had gotten the clap. Jim, Wolf and Alan were now single after they had to have their girlfriends tested. Tracy and Tim never got a chance to get further than their date to Homecoming. For some reason they were mad at me because they thought I should share the blame.

I explained that I’d taken the heat for the orgy we’d had on our trip last year. I wasn’t about to step up and take some of the blame for what they did. Wolf came to my defense and told them that I’d warned him to double-wrap it before they joined in on the gangbang. I then told them my mom had taken me to get tested and the resulting punishment. They were a little embarrassed when they realized they hadn’t had to have their moms in the room while the doctor checked their dicks out. They were also apologetic when they learned Brandon had lost his job. To be honest, I should have fired him when Alan and Tami ended up in my bed.

I think they were just used to me taking the heat when we did bonehead things. I’d learned my lesson. If it was my fault I would say so, but I’d be damned if I would take the blame for them getting gonorrhea.

I only had five more weeks of school left. I found myself taking tests before everyone else had to, starting today. It was all part of the accelerated plan Ms. Jaroslav, my guidance counselor, had devised. I would take my finals the Friday after Thanksgiving, three weeks before my fellow classmates. That is, except for Halle, who joined me today.

We were ensconced in an office where Ms. Jaroslav could watch us while we took our tests. Halle had also helped me with the script for the movie. We found a little time each day to work at it, and then most Thursday nights I would go to her house for dinner. It gave her mom a chance to check our progress. She seemed impressed I’d learned my lines so well.

I’d missed last night because it was my nephew’s second birthday. I talked Rita, Trip and Halle into joining us at our house. The kids had gone into sugar overload. It was so bad that Duke showed me he wanted to go into our apartment and be in his crate.

The plan for the movie was for Rita and Trip to travel back to LA two weeks ahead of Halle and me. The rest of the cast would do their script walk-throughs and prepare for when we arrived. Halle was one of the stars, and needed to be on set and ready come the Monday after Thanksgiving. I would have a couple of days to settle in before I had to be on set.

This would be a new experience for me, because most of the shots would be done on sound stages at the studio. For my last movie, the majority of the shots were done on location, and only the ones that needed a lot of CGI (Computer Generated Imaging) added were shot in-house. Rita told me that word had gotten out that I would have free time, and Kendal should start to receive some calls about my availability. Personally, if I was to be there for work, I would rather be busy.

Tonight we played Riverside at their place. Last year had been easy. We had won 45 -10 without breaking a sweat. I admit I hadn’t really taken this week seriously, football-wise. I’d spent more time on the academic side of my life. Tonight felt like a reward for taking care of business.

I always loved the drive into Riverside. Of course, the town was built along a lazy river, and the main road into town took you over an old metal suspension bridge. It was one of the first of its kind in our area and was a landmark. The other landmark was the courthouse on the edge of the town square. It had a large brass dome which had turned green over the years. The downtown was full of small businesses. They had been smart and become known for antiques. We had spent a weekend or two wandering through the stores. I especially liked the Fudge Shoppe. What kid wouldn’t enjoy a place where you could sample different types of fudge? Dad always felt guilty and bought a box of assorted fudge after Greg and I would decimate their sample platters. I think that was their plan all along.

We arrived about an hour before game time and the stands were already filling up. I noticed it was mostly the orange and blue of our Bulldogs. I did my usual and wandered off before the game. I found I needed to do something to take my mind off the game for a while. Of course, if I talked about football or played touch football that didn’t count, because it wasn’t me obsessing about Riverside.

I went out and found the cheerleaders sitting in the stands talking to each other. I spotted Pam and decided to talk to her to find out what was going on. I hadn’t spent any time with her for a couple of weeks. I didn’t expect the two of us to hook up; it was more that I missed our friendship. She was one of the few people that knew how to pull my chain in a humorous way. She cracked me up when she would start in on me about liking her so I had to do such and such.

I think I startled her when I sat next to her and hugged her. She blushed when she saw it was me.

“That your girlfriend?” I heard and turned to see Jeff, my favorite reporter.

“Actually, they all are,” I announced as I pointed to all the cheerleaders.

“Can we get a picture of you with all your women?” Jeff asked with tongue firmly in cheek.

The girls all sat around me while the paper’s photographer took a photo. I smiled when Pam sat next to me. I was disappointed when Jeff and some other reporters wanted to talk to me before the game, so I never did get a chance to talk to Pam.

Riverside felt like I was up against our JV team in practice. I knew after our second series that Coach Hope wasn’t going to let me play the second half, so I decided to have a little fun. We had just gotten the ball back for our third possession, already up 14 – 0. I had us get into our huddle.

“Who wants to hog the ball this series?” I asked.

Kelly raised his hand first. It was close between him and Johan. I hadn’t counted on our center wanting the ball. Coach Diamond had decided to run our triple option package in the hopes of eating up more clock. I didn’t think any of us really wanted to embarrass Riverside.

In the triple option, I decided who ended up with the ball. On this drive, Kelly would get it every time. On the first play he about broke it, but was tackled after he picked up eleven yards. On the next, he went for eight. It took five plays for Riverside to figure out Kelly would get the ball every time. On the seventh play, Coach Diamond figured it out and pulled Kelly from the game. When we ran the option for the eighth play and I pitched it out of bounds to Kelly, I found myself on the bench.

Kelly went back into the game. The offense must have told Trent that Kelly got the ball, because he received it on a jet sweep and scored to make it 21 – 0.

On the next series, Coach Diamond made wholesale substitutions. My half-brother Phil was even able to play some varsity ball. If he would ever get into shape, he’d be a pretty good ballplayer. He thought that because he was related to me, he had natural talent. I’d tried to explain to him that if he ever wanted to be good, he would have to put the work in. The game ended in a 35 – 3 final that could have been 100 – 0 if we had wanted it to be.

The good news was that nobody got hurt on either team. When I found my seat on the bus I thought about tomorrow. It was the first day of turkey season. Somehow Zoe had invited herself to go with Brook, Halle and me. I suspected that the three girls didn’t want to hunt, but wanted to be there for the photo shoot and the making of the video when Brook and I tried out Devin’s new toy.

Everyone met at our house when we got back. We planned to spend the night at the farms, since we needed to be up before sunup to be in the turkey blinds. Dad said Devin had contacted Uncle John and he would join us to go hunting. I was glad to hear Dad mention that Cora, Pam’s sister and Devin’s fiancée, was in LA with her mother looking at wedding dresses. I had half-expected to see her this weekend.

I was surprised when the girls showed up with their own shotguns. Halle, Brook and Zoe rode with me while Mom, Dad, Greg and Duke took the other car. Angie had zero interest in anything to do with hunting, except she told Greg she wanted a turkey for Thanksgiving. I smiled when he was given his orders.

It was late when we left our house, and I soon found I had three girls in my car sound asleep. Zoe sat in the passenger seat so I nudged her. I needed someone to talk to or I would join them. I already knew that I would need a nap after we went hunting or I wouldn’t be worth anything later in the day.

“You have to keep me awake,” I said.

“Sorry, did we all fall asleep?”

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