Dolans Diaries 2 - Fishing With Dave

by Uncle Micky

Copyright© 2016 by Uncle Micky

Sex Story: Micky joins his sister-in-law's brother, Dave, for a day on the water. Surprisingly, the day also includes Dave's teen nieces, Paula and Dianna. A deal is struck for Micky's second job in Florida.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   .

(Many thanks to my colleague Phil Gorman for his proofing and editorial assistance)

A week after that first pool party at my brother’s, I called my sister-in-law’s brother, Dave. He had mentioned doing some fishing and a business proposition for me. We agreed to meet at the Sun Bay Marina, where he kept his boat, a week from that Friday at 9:00 in the morning. I took a mental health day from work and got to the marina a little early.

I was waiting by the boat when Dave pulled into the parking lot. He didn’t arrive alone. He had his two nieces with him. I had heard that Paula and Diana were going to be visiting from Grand Rapids. They are the daughters of another one of his sisters and I hadn’t seen them in a few years. Growing up, Paula was always very outgoing and active in all family activities. Diana was a much quieter child; she kept to herself and would often end up sitting with me as the other children ran off. We always had nice conversations; I liked her a lot; but, I didn’t see her all that often.

Paula, then fifteen, was finishing her sophomore year of high school. She was, and still is, very petite, with long, curly (permed), dirty blonde hair. She was very pretty, bordering on beautiful; a girl who might have been at her prime in looks, at fifteen, but instead, was just getting ready to blossom into a genuine beauty. She was a cheerleader, an accomplished gymnast, and her five-foot tall body showed it. She was as cute as cute can be and when she smiled her face lit up and her eyes twinkled. Her legs were beautifully developed, her body showed almost no extra weight and her breasts were filling out nicely and proportionately. She was wearing extremely short cut-off jeans and a white t-shirt.

Diana was fourteen and finishing the ninth grade. She, too, was a cheerleader, and a gymnast. She had jet-black hair and olive colored skin. She was slightly shorter than Paula and extremely petite. While Paula had more of a northern European look, Diana was definitely Mediterranean. She was a natural beauty with an angular jaw line and high cheekbones. She had on low-slung, “Pink” pajama-type sweat pants, with a black t-shirt that didn’t reach her waist. She was carrying a Paris tote bag over her left shoulder. Her exposed midriff was tan, flat, and taut. Diana walked with an air of confidence that was more appropriate for someone twice her age.

When she noticed me, Paula shrieked out my name and, came running with her arms extended for a hug. She about knocked me down when she literally jumped into my arms. Lord did she feel good! She delivered a full body hug that started with her legs wrapped around my waist and, her arms around my neck. Soon enough, she had her feet on the ground; but, maintained the tight hug. Her tits were rock hard and pressing right into my abdomen. She gave enough of a hip thrust to make contact with me; she released me and said, “Uncle Mike, I haven’t seen you in years! I wish you would come around more when we visit.”

“Maybe I should come around more. My God! You are a genuine beauty!” She smiled a shy smile, stepped back, did a quick spin and ended in a pose with her hand on her hip.

With an exaggerated southern drawl she said, “Why Michael, how you do flatter me!” She let out a laugh, turned back and, called to her sister, “Diana! Hurry up! Come here and say hi to Uncle Mike.”

Diana walked up, reached her free arm up and around my neck, pulled me downward and placed a soft kiss on my cheek. I put my hand on the small of her back and pulled her in just ever so slightly. She held on for a second, looked at me, and said, “Mike, it’s so good to see you ... I ... we ... we’ve all missed you.”

Diana then pulled back, placed her legs together, stood with a bit of an arch to her back so her little butt stuck out a bit, looked up at me and said, “When Uncle Dave said you were going out on the boat with him, we both wanted to come along.”

Paula was watching Dave bring the supplies to the boat. She turned to us and said, “She wasn’t going to come until she heard you were going to be here too.”

I glanced at Diana; but, she was glaring at Paula, who was already giggling about embarrassing her sister. I stepped behind Diana, placed myself between the girls, with one arm around each of them and said, “I don’t care how it worked out, or why. I’m happy the two of you are here and we’re going to have a great day!” I led them over to the boat, and we all proceeded to get things ready for a day on the water.

Dave’s boat was a thirty-four foot, rigged-out, cruiser. There was a very nice forward berth area and another one aft. The main cabin area had a complete galley and, a comfortable sitting area. The top side seating consisted of two cushioned side benches, which ran along both sides of the boat. There were two swivel Captains’ chairs up front, two custom installed aft fishing seats, a fish cooler/cleaning station, and a live bait well. I could never figure out where he got the money for the things he had.

With my help, we got everything stowed. Dave took command and piloted us out onto the lake. The girls were sitting on the prow of the boat with their feet dangling down. When we entered open waters, Dave sped up and soon the boat was slicing through the water. The girls were hanging on for dear life and screaming every time the boat broke through a wave.

Dave explained that we were going to head west to Merton Island and anchor in the cove. The girls would go ashore, and we would fish and talk in private. The next thirty minutes was spent enjoying the ride and the view of the girls up front.

As we neared the cove, Dave slowed the boat and called to the girls to get ready to go ashore. They scampered back into the cockpit area and stripped off their outer clothes; exposing the bikinis they had on underneath. They both put their hair back in ponytails with scrunchies. Once ready, they tried to see over the front console as we made our way into the cove; but, due to their lack of height, had no luck. Paula knelt up on one of the captain’s chairs, leaving Diana with no way to see.

Diana turned and looked at me; I came forward, turned her around, and lifted her up by the waist. I snuggled her butt just under my chest, and folded both my arms around her waist. She shifted, ever so slightly a couple of times, until she was comfortable. I couldn’t believe how small and light she was. Her back was inches from my face and her aroma was so young, so soft, so tantalizing. I could see the very light, short, soft hairs covering her body; I shifted an arm down to hold her across the thighs. She leaned back, ever so slightly, and covered my face with her back. She leaned further and I had to move my head to one side in order to see. I loosened my grip, just a bit, and she turned slightly sideways to put her arm around my neck. I was greeted with a bikini-clad miniature breast, just inches from my eyes. We decelerated further as we entered the cove. Dave anchored the boat so that the aft was facing shore, and the bow was pointing out to the lake. The water was about three to four feet deep at the aft. He said, “All right, now you two get overboard and have some fun. Mike and I are going to talk some business and fish.”

I placed Diana back on the deck, and she headed to the aft. I turned in time to see Paula give Dave a hug and kiss. He gave her a gentle squeeze and pat on the ass as she turned to join her sister. They jumped off the boat, holding hands, and squealed when they hit the cold water. Of course, they were very careful not to get their hair wet. They headed to shore and started to explore the small, empty island.

Dave retrieved a couple of cold ones; we sat in the fishing chairs and watched the girls walking around on shore. I glanced at Dave and asked, “OK man, what gives?”

Dave laughed and replied, “What gives? A lot of things! What should we talk about first?”

Glancing back toward shore, I replied, “I think you should tell me what we’re doing out here with your nieces, before we talk about anything else.”

Dave paused, and said, “Fair enough. You don’t come around enough to see anything and I can’t say I blame ya; hell, if they all weren’t my family, I’d have nothing to do with any of them. Anyway, about two years ago, Paula starts to get all touchy-feely with me every time I see her. Crawling all over me, giving me hugs and kisses that are way too intense for an uncle and a niece. So, I decided, what the hell! I begin working her like any other piece of pussy I want and, a year ago, bingo! She gives in and I fuck her brains out, right down there, in the front berth, at the marina.”

I didn’t quite know what to say! He continued, “You know what I mean? Hell, I’ve watched you with Anna Maria ... she’s a hot little thing, and, she’s got it bad for you ... you gonna tell me you haven’t done anything there?”

At that point, I got a bit scared. Dave isn’t a big man, but he’s construction worker-strong, with muscles like steel. Not pumper, muscleman strong; but hammering nails for twenty years strong. I’m no slouch, but, I’m certain he could kill me with his bare hands in short order, and, we’re talking about his niece here. Before I could say anything, he said, “Mind you, I don’t really give a shit. Her mother’s a slut, and a pig, and Anna Maria will likely turn out that way too. Maybe you’re the only good thing in her life. Shit, if you’re not fucking her, I’m telling you to start as soon as possible, before she gets as big as her mother!”

I leaned back, sized up the situation, relieved I wasn’t going to die that day, and said, “Dave, I haven’t fucked her. We’ve done a lot of playing around; but, I haven’t gone that far. I don’t think she’ll turn out like her mother though. She’s got too much of her dad in her.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right about that. Maybe there is some hope for her. OK man, just make sure you’re good to her and help her when you can. Hey, you didn’t have anything to do with what happened to that asshole Eddie, did you?”

I smiled back at him and, with a smirk said, “Eddie ... hmmm ... what happened to him? I hope nothing bad?”

Dave roared in approval and said, “Man, that shitass ain’t stopped running since they found him!” Then Dave paused for a bit and continued, “OK man, here’s the thing with the girls, Paula told me that Diana has always had a thing for you. She says that Diana figured out what she and I were up to and wants to be included, but only if it’s you ... apparently she doesn’t care for her old Uncle Dave like her sister does. You know, you’re an uncle, just not a real blood uncle; that way she figures it’s OK ... and, like I told ya, she really likes you.”

This was a bit much to take in; but I had made up my mind that I wanted Diana the second I saw her this morning. Hell, I wanted them both! I looked down, nodded my head, and then glanced up at Dave and asked, “How’s this going to work?”

“I figure when they get back, I’ll keep Paula up here for a while and, when Diana goes in, you follow her and let things develop from there. Take the forward berth, Paula and I will stay aft.”

I nodded in agreement, and looked back to shore to see the two of them having fun on the beach. Without looking at Dave I asked, “So what’s the business you wanted to talk about? There is some real, actual money business, right?”

Dave turned to me and spun my chair around so I was facing him. He got very serious, and said, “You ever wonder how I can afford all of this? I can’t get all this shit just through my contracting business.”

“I’ve wondered. I just figured that’s your business, not mine.”

“That’s what I like about you Micky, you stay out of other people’s business, you mind your own, and always finish a job. I’m going to tell you about an opportunity and if you decide you’re not interested ... that’ll be the last we’ll ever talk of it, OK?”

“OK, let’s hear it.”

“My construction business is my side business; my real work is the importing business. I bring a lot of things across the border, from Maine to Minnesota. You’re going to move to Florida and my partners want to expand into Florida. You could still teach, and do this job; but, if things go the way I think they will, you won’t have much need for teaching very long.”

“Dave, what are you talking about, drugs?”

“Yep, mostly drugs, sometimes people.”

“People? What the fuck?”

“Girls; girls for the trade; which can be big money, at the right time. Mostly drugs though. Now listen, the way they’re going to set up down there, you won’t have to touch much of anything. You’ll meet the boat that has done the pick-up; and, then you deliver it to a runner who takes whatever it is to the final destination.”

“How much money we talking about?”

“You could be looking at twenty to twenty-five grand ... a month! There is a way to double the money if you’re interested.”

“Tell me.”

“It’s a part of the business we can’t do up here. It has to be in the South. These guys want to start exporting as well.”

“Exporting? Exporting what?”

“Girls, good old fashioned, All-American girls; the girl next-door, cheerleader types. There are clients in the Middle East, Asia, and South America that will pay very well for fresh, young American girls. You could double or triple what you make. I mean real money; don’t ever have to work again money. Now, understand this: they’ll get what they want; it doesn’t matter if you do it or not, they’ll get someone to do it. Regardless, the boats are not going to go back to sea empty.”

“God Dave, I don’t know, that’s a lot to take in at one time. You’re talking about some big risks.”

“I’ll give you one week to decide. Big risks equals big rewards.”

I drained my beer. I was still looking at the shore and I noticed the girls were wading into the water, heading back to boat. Mike leaned to me and said, “You should go help the girls get back in the boat.”

I positioned myself near the ladder. I helped Diana up and out of the water, and onto the deck. She was absolutely gorgeous in her black bikini, set off against her olive skin. The bikini was clinging to her body in a way that only added to the eroticism of the sight. She was so small, yet almost perfectly shaped. Her ass was nice and full below her tiny waist, and her legs appeared to be so thin; yet, they too had shape and tone. I caught myself gazing at her in awe.

I snapped out of my daze when I heard someone clearing her throat. I realized it was Paula waiting for me to help her up on the boat. I lifted her straight out of the water by her arms. In the process of placing her on the deck, she leaned into me and completed a full body slide down my front. She looked up and said, “Now that was nice. Uncle Mike, we should do this more often.”

I really didn’t hear her because, in the process of setting her down, her left bikini top slid up, exposing a pretty pink nipple, riding high, and erect from the chilly water, on a lovely white skinned tit. She saw where I was looking, glanced down, ran her left hand over her nipple, and said, “The water is a bit chilly today.” She gave her nipple a quick squeeze, and readjusted her bikini back into position.

She glanced over at Diana, who was getting a towel from Dave, looked back at me and quietly asked, “Uncle Dave talked to you, didn’t he?”

“Yes, he did, and I think it’s great! Now, if you want to...” I couldn’t finish because she let out a laugh, and pushed at me saying, “You are so bad ... you are so bad.” She turned, got a towel from Dave, and said, “Diana! Why don’t you go inside and get changed, maybe Uncle Mike can help you?”

Diana turned and looked at me; I stepped up to her, took the towel from her, turned her around, put the towel over her shoulders, and began to dry her as I guided her down the stairs to the fore cabin. Once inside, she stopped and turned to face me.

“Mike, I want you to know that this was not my idea ... well, most of it ... anyway ... but Paula put this together without me knowing, at least ‘til earlier today ... I know you didn’t know what was going on and, you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to ... I mean, I’m kind of young and you’re a grown man and all ... anyway ... I would understand if you didn’t want to...”

This took me by surprise. I placed my hands on her shoulders, looked her right in the eyes and said, “Diana, I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be, or anyone else I would rather be with. Honestly, I was just as surprised as you by all of this but, I’m more than OK with it; as a matter of fact, I really want to be here with you.” I pulled her a little closer and said, “I really want to be with you.” I leaned down and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

She returned the kiss and then pulled slightly away, looking down, she said, “I know I’m not the smartest, and I’ll never be as popular, or pretty, as Paula; but, I know that I’ve got to learn all about life. I need to be as smart as I can be, and I need to know how to do all of this.”

“Diana, Paula is a beautiful girl, but you’re a complete knock out! Don’t try and compete with her, be yourself ... I think you’re amazing! Have as much confidence in yourself as you have beauty. You’ve always been one of my favorites.”

She looked at me as if she was going to cry. I turned her around and without saying another word, I continued to dry her off. Working down along, and then, inside her arms. I toweled her lower back, and reached around to dry her flat stomach. I held her close to me and kissed the side of her neck. Slowly I moved to the back of her neck placing gentle kisses along the way. She began to melt back into my arms; then, I slid further down her back until my mouth was at the lower tie string of her bikini bra. I latched onto the string with my teeth, and pulled on it until the knot was undone. She instinctively lifted her hands up to her chest and said, with a slight giggle to her voice, “Miiiike!”

I continued downward onto my knees, and laid some kisses on the small of her back continuing down to the outward curve of the start of her glorious ass; from there I continued, toweling her thighs, inside and out; then, on to the rest of her legs and feet. My head was just below her ass when I turned into her and kissed her along the back of her thighs. She squealed a bit, and rose onto her toes. I let the towel drop and turned her around to face me. I ran my hands up her legs, until my fingers were at the top edge of her bikini bottoms. I leaned forward and kissed all around her belly button and, then slowly, worked downward to the edge of her bottoms. Her breathing was shorter now, and she was tensing up slightly. I could tell it was a combination of anxiety and arousal. I kissed along her lower abdomen and only slightly pulled down on her bottoms in the process. Her hands were holding onto either side of my head as she started to push her pelvis into my face.

I worked my hands up behind her back as I raised and placed kisses along the center of her body on the way. I worked my mouth up her neck, to her chin, and then, onto her beautiful, red lips. She was looking at me, right in the eyes, as we began a long, deep, wet kiss. Her tongue was very actively seeking out mine; our lips parted as our heads turned in unison with the dance of our tongues. I pulled her in tight and reached for the upper tie of her bikini bra. I pulled the knot out, and gently removed the small piece of cloth from her chest. She reacted by pulling my t-shirt up and over my head.

Once free of my shirt, I took a moment to take in the sight of this beautiful, black-haired, fourteen-year-old girl. She was standing half naked in front of me with a look of abandon, along with a touch of trepidation, in her eyes. Her tits were marvels! They were, of course, small, about a half lemon size; they had a slight conical shape to them and the lower half was just starting to develop a bit of roundness, offering a hint at what would develop in the future. They were only slightly lighter in color than the rest of her body. Her areolas and nipples were a light brown color and those cute little nipples were starting to stand at attention. Her breathing was quicker, and deeper, as she pressed back, reaching up to kiss me some more. I reached down with my right hand, cupped her ass and lifted her off the ground. I was standing straight up as she wrapped her legs around my waist, and began riding my torso, while passionately French kissing me.

I moved us over to the berth and leaned forward as far as possible, laying her down on a pillow. I crawled up on top of her and resumed our kissing; I broke off and started the oral journey back down to her crotch. As I moved, I took hold of her bottoms and slid them down her legs and off her feet. I reached for the berth door, closed it, and turned back to face her.

She was on the bed with her knees up and together. I took her left ankle in my hand and lifted her foot to my mouth. I kissed her instep and tickled the bottom of her foot with my tongue. She began giggling, and squirming, as she tried to turn over and get away. I snatched up her right ankle, and now had both of her legs in the air. I placed the backs of her ankles on my shoulders and began to kiss my way down the inside of her legs. I tried to keep contact with her eyes, which were growing bigger with every advance I made along her legs. I reached her inner thighs, and started to pay much greater attention to my mouth play. Eventually, I was laying flat with my face right in front of her pussy. Her legs were spread; so, what was once a pretty, little, puffy slit, with a fine narrow covering of jet-black pubic hair, was now a beautiful, spread open, pink flower of virginity.

Her outer lips were open, forming a picture-perfect, upside down, teardrop opening, with a small clitoral hood at the top. Her slightly protruding lips were a deep, soft pink with delicate, gentle folds. At the bottom, I could make out the start of her inner lips and the entrance to fourteen-year-old heaven. I placed the tip of my tongue at the bottom and slowly worked it up the length of her slit; parted the lips, and darted my tongue into her delicious pussy. I repeated my motions, moving my tongue closer and closer to her hidden love button. Her hips began to move in synch with my tongue. When I finally reached, and tongued, her clit; her ass was off the mattress in the air, jerking with the motions of my tongue. When I retreated, she dropped back down and, quickly we repeated the process. Her hands were on either side of my head as I ate her pussy with as much gentleness, and vigor, I could manage to balance. She started to say my name as her bottom began to quiver. I kept the tip of my tongue on her clit as she rose from the bed and proceeded to have, what I can only describe as, several mini orgasms.

After a moment, she dropped back onto the mattress and pulled me up to face her. She looked into my eyes and said, “Oh Mike, I’ve never felt anything like that before! ... I thought I’d had an orgasm before; but, it never felt like that!”

I was on my side next to her, gave my mouth a wipe, pulled her to face me, and gave her as sweet a kiss as I could muster. I broke away, brushed her hair from her face, and said, “Diana, you have the sweetest tasting juice I’ve ever tasted. Everything about you is perfect.”

I couldn’t get anything else out as she lunged in for another kiss. I pulled her close, and lifted her leg up over my side. I slid my hand down across her ass, and ran the tips of my fingers along her wet, warm slit. She adjusted, moved her free hand down to my crotch, and found my rock hard cock straining against the fabric of my shorts. She kept murmuring “Mike, Mike, Mike” as she tried to move over on top of me.

I rolled to my back and started to remove my shorts. She moved off a bit and took charge of pulling my shorts down and off. As she was watching the shorts come off. she looked up at my dick, stopped, and jerked back a bit. Her eyes were wide as her mouth fell open. I was fully erect, having a thick, hard-looking, dick. No long, slender, needle-dick pecker for me!

Apparently, it wasn’t what she was expecting because, suddenly, she yelled out, “Paula! Paula! Come here, Paula!” She sat back and stared at my dick.

I didn’t know what to think. I reached for her saying, “Diana, it’s OK, come here.” She shied away a bit more, still staring at my dick. I started to go a little soft at this point.

I heard Paula’s voice as she came down the stairs to the cabin, “Diana? Are you OK? What’s going on?” Paula opened the door, and took in the whole scene; I had no idea what to do.

Diana looked at Paula, pointed at my dick, and said, “What do you expect me to do with that! It’ll kill me! I’ll be ripped apart! I’ve never seen one like that!”

Paula looked at Diana, looked at me, looked at my half-erect dick, and looked back at me.

With a devilish grin, and sparkling eyes, she started to crawl past Diana. “So, Uncle Mike, you’ve been holding out on us, haven’t you? My lord! I’ve never seen a cock so thick.” She reached for my dick, paused, looks up at me and asked, “May I?”

I realized that she was topless. She and Dave must have been fooling around up on deck, shaking this off, I replied, “Most certainly! Be my guest, go right ahead.”

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