The Bar Mitzvah

by Grey Dragon

Copyright© 2016 by Grey Dragon

Coming of Age Story: Be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it, as three young men learn the hard way...

Caution: This Coming of Age Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Mystery   Crime   Slow   Caution   Prostitution   Royalty   .

Be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it, as three young men learn the hard way...

You might say this story started at the Bar Mitzvah of three close friends, young men, that were also the sons of prominent Attorneys, Partners of a well-known Law firm.

The three in question had just completed coming of age rituals or in other words their respective Bar Mitzvah becoming a full-fledged members of the Jewish community with the responsibilities that come with it. These include moral responsibility for one’s own actions; eligibility to be called to read from the Torah and lead or participate in a minyan; the right to possess personal property and to be legally married according to Jewish law; the duty to follow the 613 laws of the Torah and keep the halakha; and the capacity to testify as a witness.

Bar mitzvah celebrations have become an occasion to give the celebrant a commemorative gift. Traditionally, common gifts include books with religious or educational value, religious items, writing implements, savings bonds (to be used for the child’s college education), gift certificates, or money, often Monetary gifts in multiples of 18 are considered to be particularly auspicious.

The young men being the sons of prominent Attorneys, had in attendance at their celebration party afterwards, a large gathering of the upper crust members of the Jewish community, and their friends, the many gifts were therefore many and lavish, the three young men had received a rather large amount of cash, for young men that had just turned 13, it was quite literally a God send.

The egos of such young men being what they sometimes are, rolled the substantial amount of cash into tight bundles and stuff them in the front of their trousers, where they made an impressive bulge. They secluded themselves to discuss how to spend their newly acquired wealth, and the merits of each idea. Naturally soon the conversation turned to a sexual nature, as for its uses.

They all agreed that since they were men of means, they should act like men of means. How best to accomplish that, they took stock of their options, clearly a Jewish girl was out of the question, that left them with gentile women, with that they looked about for one that seemed most likely. For all their claims of maturity, well they were just thirteen-year-old’s. Let’s face it they were very, very horny thirteen-year-old’s with a pocket full of money just burning to be spent.

It didn’t take long, for there was a smokin hot woman that was surrounded by older men, she was probably around twenty-one, twenty-three tops, drawing attention being dressed more like a super model than anything else, putting most of the other women to shame. You could tell she was not Jewish just by the clothes she wore. Well honestly it was really a conservative woman’s Business Suit, but on her, well it might have been a thirteen-year-old’s boy’s wet dream.

Since they were the guests of honor, they were able to steer the woman away from the others, for a more private talk. Once they had gotten her alone, they just came out rather crassly, flashed a lot of money and said “If you got the time we have the cash.” The young woman didn’t seem a bit taken aback by the blatant proposition, she coolly appraised the young men, their sophisticated looks, being the sons of well to do family’s with fists full of money. The young men saw that she was seriously considering them.

After just a bit, satisfying herself of her appraisement, she said, “OK boys, but it will cost you.” The young men were not put off with her calling them boys, they were willing to overlook that for the opportunity of their gratification.

The young men said, “How much?

She shot back without hesitation, “A thousand,” then smiled, “Each!”.

The young men were startled being faced with the amount, but they were flush with new found wealth. But that was some serious cash. They discussed it between themselves, never having done this sort of negotiation before. They tried to bargain with her, offering something less.

She stood firm, “No, take it or leave it.” She started to look impatient at their wasting her time, often looking at her watch. “There are other people that want to talk to me.”

The boys snickered at that thinking is was some sort of code word. They decided, “OK, it’s a deal.”

They waited.

The woman said, “Cash first boys,” then added, “You haven’t done much of this have you?”

The young men didn’t want to look inexperienced about this, even though they were. The handed over the money.

She smiled then, looking around, folding and placing it under her blouse apparently tucked into her bra. “How do you boys want it, all together, or privately?”

The boys stopped, disbelieving they were about to get what they had asked for, they spoke again to each other, then thinking they didn’t want to embarrass each other should something go wrong, they said, “Privately,”

She smiled again, good choice,” then looking around and checking her watch, bent down and confidentially whispered something in each of their ears. Then straightening, turned and walked away.

It took a moment, but the young men looked at each other and said, “We been had.” Another agreed they had been cheated, and they all took after the young woman.

When the caught up to her they started asserting that she had cheated them. And she insisting that she hadn’t. This of course drew the attention of those within ear shot. And the mothers as well. They soon drew a crowd of onlookers.

What’s going on here, one of the fathers asked. The boys quickly realize they had stepped in it, and would have to be careful just what they said especially before their mothers. Being the sons of high powered attorneys’ they thought they knew what to say. They then went on that the woman had agreed to perform services, had been paid in advance and had failed to deliver.

Asked if they had a contract, they admitted that it was an oral agreement.

Someone in the crowd snickered.

One of the onlookers a Senior Court Judge, said this sounded like a breach of a verbal contract. The boys agreed. Well we should be able to clear this up right now, if I may, I will act as the Judge, who will represent the young men. All three of the fathers said they would. A formed a quick huddle with the boys, from time to time one of the fathers would take a quick look at their wife’s. And immediately saw a problem.

the judge asked, Young lady, who will represent you?

She replied, she would act in her own defense. He nodded, but not at all sure that was a good idea, after all she would be going up against three of the sharpest attorneys’ in the game.

Then he asked for volunteers to be the jury. The mothers asked if they could be on the jury. The judge was about to say no, when the young woman said she had no objection to that. The judge looked very doubtful at this, but consented.

The two of the fathers at first saw this as an opportunity, the third was not so sure suspecting something.

Okay the judge said shall we begin?

There were nods of agreement all around, the judge said let the parties be sworn in. One of the fathers wanted to object, but quickly withdrew it. The boys and the woman were sworn in to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

The plaintiffs went first.

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