Frolics on the Bus

by Robbie Richkid

Copyright© 2016 by Robbie Richkid

Erotica Sex Story: Daisy encounters Marcus on a bus trip from London to Torquay and immediately takes a fancy to him. Lucky for Marcus she is horny as hell.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Public Sex   Slow   .

Daisy was feeling frustrated. She had hoped she and her boyfriend, Lee, would have found time to have sex that weekend. But it turned out to be impossible. Her parents were always around and worse, wanting to spend time with her before she left to spend the week with her Grandparents in Torquay during the summer holidays. Daisy lived in South London with her parents. A single child, she wanted for nothing and generally got what she wanted. She wrapped her Dad round her little finger and her mother chose her battles wisely, avoiding the hysteria that Daisy sometimes brought. Both parents were full-time professionals working long hours sometimes, allowing Daisy a lot freedom and spare time. Freedom she enjoyed and used, like getting her boyfriend Lee to come round after school and fuck her.

Daisy and Lee had been going steady now for about six months. It was a serious length of time for two fourteen year olds. Daisy had wanted to lose her virginity before she was fourteen and Lee had been a willing partner. They had only being going out two weeks when Daisy had seduced Lee and gotten him into bed. Ever since, they had both enjoyed regular sex two or three times a week, a couple of times a week after school, and once at the weekend. Neither of their parents were aware of their sexual adventures but both knew they were going out as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Daisy’s parents liked Lee. He was polite and boyishly good looking. Daisy had lied to her mother when she had broached the subject of sex with Daisy, who feigned horrified terror at the thought, saying she was not nearly ready for sex. Daisy’s mum had believed her and as such no more was said. Daisy had arranged to be on the pill by herself and she trusted Lee to be faithful to her, thus avoiding the need for condoms.

During the weekend in question, Daisy’s parents had invited Lee for Sunday lunch, completely missing Daisy’s point when she had said she wanted to spend some time with Lee before she went away for the week. Daisy had tried to protest but her mother had shut her down. Daisy thought her parents could be so annoying, especially when they wanted to spend quality time with her. And so it was that the four of them spent Sunday lunch and afternoon together with the teenagers secretly wishing they were somewhere else. Lee did a good job in hiding it though, being the perfect guest. Daisy on the other hand had made her feelings known on several occasions. Daisy knew she had gone too far when her father scolded her. Daisy remained relatively silent for the rest of the afternoon, her mother asking her why should could not be more well-mannered like Lee.

She had dressed to impress her boyfriend as well. She wore lilac, stretch, Bull Denim short shorts. They were just passable as not obscene, but went very close to revealing too much ass. On its own it might have passed as acceptable, but complemented by a severe cropped stretch top accentuating every curve of Daisy’s torso, the look was incredibly sexy. At least she is wearing a bra her mother thought as she deliberated whether to fight another battle and decided against. Daisy’s father caught glanced at his daughter’s nymph like look and decided it was not his domain. Anyway, they weren’t going anywhere. Daisy was barefoot as well, as if revealing as much flesh as possible was her primary aim.

Lee struggled all afternoon not to stare too long at his hot girlfriend in the company of her parents. Daisy’s look could best be described as sultry. Not just in her demeanour, but with her dyed dirty blonde hair which was a little unkempt but straight. It came down past her shoulders as far as her nipples. Daisy was constantly flicking it back over her shoulders in a manner that appeared frivolous and natural but was overly dramatic for effect. Waiting for dinner she was crossed legged on the rug face down on her iPhone. When Lee spoke to her she looked up, flicked her hair back and arched her back to stretch her top across her ample tits. Daisy would smile and inwardly laugh at the effect she had on boys and this boy in particular. Lee would gaze at Daisy’s beautifully tanned, perfect skin. Daisy had been blessed in every visual department and she used it all to maximum effect. Daisy cursed again at their lack of opportunity to be alone. How she wished Lee could ravage her there and then on the rug. It wouldn’t have been the first time on that rug either.

Daisy was due to get the National Express bus at four thirty from Victoria Coach station in central London. Normally she would happily have went by tube from their local Stockwell Tube Station, but once again her parents insisted on dropping her off seeing as it was a Sunday and the traffic would be light. After a quick snog on the doorstep, Lee left the Palmerston household cursing under his breath his sexual frustrations. Back inside another row was erupting between Daisy and her mother. Daisy was refusing to change her clothes for the journey to Torquay. Daisy had compromised by putting on a light zipped sweater although she knew it would be discarded at the first opportunity. The short ten to fifteen minute journey from their house to the coach station was pretty much completed in silence, her father driving and her mother still furious.

All was forgotten as they hugged and kissed each other before Daisy climbed aboard the National Express bus. The coach was very quiet, with only a handful of passengers on board. Plenty of people obviously had better things to do on a fine summer’s evening than spend five hours on a coach to Torquay. Daisy headed straight towards the rear of the coach for some peace and quiet to listen to her music to while away the hours. She chose a seat on the right hand side of the bus, three rows forward from the back. She spotted her mum and dad and waved through window but they struggled to see her through the smoked glass. Daisy removed her zipped sweater and smiled to herself at her own sexiness and wished her mother could see her better to show her who had won.

Seeing as her parents could not see her she settled down by the window and placed her bag on the aisle seat beside her, her main suitcase already despatched into the hold below, before she got on the coach. Staring out of the window, waiting for the coach to leave, Daisy was he oblivious to the last remaining passenger boarding the coach. It was only as he approached the rear of the bus that she noticed him. At first she cursed to herself that her space was being invaded but her outlook changed when she realised what a good looking you man he was. Daisy was not sure if she would describe him as a man or a boy but he certainly caught her attention. Daisy thought he looked around eighteen but he still had a boyish look. She must have stared a little too long as he smiled at her and sat down on the seat directly opposite on the other side of the bus.

Daisy soon realised again how horny she was. Seeing this strapping young lad had reminded her. Daisy was also oblivious that the coach was now moving and heading out of the station. Daisy became acutely aware of how little she was wearing and hoped the boy opposite was turned on. She wanted to look across but thought it too obvious. Daisy was keen to see if this boy would engage with her. She considered her options. She feigned stretching with her arms high in the air, arching her back. She looked directly forward, if a little to the left, and thought, maybe hoped, that she could see this boy looking across at her with her peripheral vision. Daisy hoped he might strike up a conversation, but he did not. Maybe he thought she was to young? Daisy thought age was not important.

The boy in question was named Marcus. He was eighteen and was from Torquay. He had been in London for the weekend staying with two of his friends who he was about to share a flat with before they started their degrees at the London School of Economics. They had been looking at properties all day Saturday before hitting the town in the evening. He had spent that day recovering from a hangover before heading back home for the final few weeks of the summer.

Upon alighting the bus he had done the same as Daisy and noted the bus was quiet before heading to the back for some space. He had noticed Daisy before she had noticed him, giving Marcus the opportunity to appreciate Daisy’s feminine beauty before he turned his gaze as he got nearer. Marcus could sense Daisy had noticed him and he deliberately averted his gaze to ensure Daisy got a good look. Marcus knew he was good looking. He had absolutely no trouble attracting girls. Just the night before, he had snared a young filly back to his Travelodge and fucked her senseless. Marcus liked fucking attractive young girls. Marcus looked down and caught Daisy’s eyes upon him. He smiled and noted her awesome figure as well as her young beauty.

In one quick look Marcus could see that she was younger than he had first thought and cursed a little in his head. But he also noted her fine bust that was descriptively accentuated by her top. He noted the beautiful skin of her mid riff and her thighs. All this in a second’s glance. He deliberately chose the seat opposite and pondered this young beauty sitting across the aisle. Marcus glanced across and watched as Daisy stretched. Damn she was a fine figure of a girl, his eyes fixating on her breasts. Marcus would normally have struck up a conversation had it not been for her age although he was sure she was doing her stretching for his benefit.

Daisy decided on a different tactic. The bus had only departed Victoria Coach Station two minutes earlier. Daisy got up and moved to the aisle and turned, with her back to Marcus, she attempted to put her bag onto the overhead shelf. She had deliberately removed her shoes to make it more difficult. Daisy was just over a metre and a half tall. She had also deliberately bent over slightly to arrange things in her bag before closing it. She hoped that Marcus had taken advantage of the view. He had.

Marcus stared at Daisy’s ass and groaned inwardly. Damn how he wanted to play with that ass. Marcus marvelled at Daisy’s skin, the back of her thighs right up to the start of her buttocks, her waist and her sexy back, all lightly tanned. All thoughts of her being too young were being quickly dispelled. Was she putting on a show for him he thought? Marcus continued to watch as she started to struggle to reach the shelf above with her bag. He watched her stand on her tip toes and delighted at her leg muscles stretching.

“Let me help” suggested Marcus as he rose to his feet and reached from behind Daisy. His extra thirty centimetres making all the difference although he did have to tilt forward and lean against Daisy’s back. “Sorry” Marcus said smiling at his travel mate. His smile said he was not sorry at all. Daisy turned slightly towards him, her hand lightly on his side for balance, and said thanks. But it was no normal thanks. It was a ‘thanks’ dripping in suggestion. It was her smile that accompanied it. It was the tone of the ‘thanks’. It was the hand on his side as she said it. “No problem at all” replied Marcus smiling back and raising his intonation as he finished his sentence.

Daisy returned to her seat but this time sat with her back to the window, her bare feet up on the seat beside her. Marcus changed seats and sat in the aisle seat instead of next to the window. The pair started to strike up a conversation. Daisy learned that Marcus was from Torquay and had been in London for the weekend flat hunting and was heading back in September to start University. She learned that he liked surfing and had recently split with his girlfriend. Marcus learned that Daisy was from South London and was heading to Torquay to stay the week with her Grandparents. Marcus found out about the music Daisy was into and Marcus listened to one of her headphone earpieces. At no point was either’s age ever mentioned.

When Daisy asked Marcus what he was going to study at University, he lied. “Physiotherapy” Marcus said confidently, adding “I just love running my hands all over female bodies” he said half joking. Daisy giggled and chastised herself for not coming up with some form of response to keep the flirting going. “I specialise in massage ... these hands have talent” Marcus added. “I could give you a massage if you want Daisy” offered Marcus. Marcus’s style was direct. For him it normally worked, but he was in unchartered territory with someone so young. He felt a little nervous doing so, but he did not show it. “What here” asked Daisy a bit taken aback. Marcus clarified by saying “Yeh, a foot massage”. Daisy was up for that.

Marcus wasted no time. Daisy’s feet were only sixty centimetres away. He swivelled round and pulled Daisy’s right foot towards him. Marcus wrapped both sets of fingers round the roof her foot and used his thumbs to gently stroke the arch of her foot. He applied enough pressure not to make it too tickly. Marcus at first concentrated on what he was doing before raising his gaze after a couple of minutes to look at Daisy. “That nice?” he asked. “Yeh” came the reply with Daisy smiling broadly. Marcus raised Daisy’s foot and brought his right hand underneath her calf muscle. He used it to hold Daisy’s foot in the air and used his left hand to massage Daisy’s sole above her heel.

“You have sexy feet Daisy” complemented Marcus. “I bet you say that to all the girls” chided Daisy playfully. “Not all” replied Marcus intimating that he was experienced. “I give some girls a different foot massage altogether” Marcus said suggestively. “What do you mean?” asked Daisy genuinely intrigued. “Well ... the kind of foot massage I have just given you I would give to anyone ... my mum for example. But I have another technique which I used to get girls turned on...” explained Marcus. He let his statement linger for a few seconds before adding “wanna try it?” Marcus looked Daisy straight in the eye as he said it. Daisy bit her lip and nodded adding a timid “sure” in reply.

Marcus applied more pressure than normal to the sole of Daisy’s foot. There was no great technique involved, but the comments this would ‘turn Daisy on’, combined with the increased pressure applied, was enough to have the desired effect. Daisy was already incredibly horny so it did not take much for her to feel the effects of Marcus’s touch. “Is it working?” asked Marcus, grinning. Daisy was keen to keep the charade going. She was not sure where it would lead, but Daisy thought Marcus was incredibly sexy. A real man. Daisy closed her eyes and licked her lips. Marcus’s right thumb caressed Daisy’s right calf for increased effect.

“You are incredibly beautiful” complemented Marcus. “Thanks” acknowledged Daisy tamely. “And damn sexy too” added Marcus. There was a slight pause before Daisy asked coyly “are you trying to seduce me Marcus?” “I sure am” was his reply. “Would you like me to seduce you some more?” asked Marcus. Daisy nodded. Marcus leaned a little further over and raised Daisy’s foot a little higher, still holding her calf muscle in his right hand and caressing her foot with his left. Marcus lowered his face and licked Daisy big toe. He licked the fleshy part underneath and then between her big toe and the one next to it playfully penetrating the gap with his tongue. He then took the whole toe into his mouth and sucked on it. Daisy was amazed at the sensation Marcus’s tongue was giving her. As Marcus continued he pushed against her foot and forced her leg back into her body at a right angle to the seat. His fingers left her calf muscle to playfully stroke the underside of her thigh with the outside of his fingers. Like some mild electric taser gun, the experience sent shivers up and round her whole body.

Daisy had never experienced toe sucking before and unbeknown to her, Marcus had never given it to anyone either. Marcus was proving to be a master bluffer. After he finished he asked if it met with her approval. “My god that was amazing” she confessed. Marcus grinned and wondered what else he could get this little vision of beauty to do. “That’s not in the course I’m studying” Marcus said. “What else isn’t in the course your studying” asked Daisy brazenly finding the right words to flirt outrageously. “Ha, lots more” teased Marcus.

Marcus offered Daisy to come and sit on his side of the bus. He suggested that it might get a little cold later on in the journey when the sun went away. He added that especially as she was wearing so little clothing she would definitely get cold and he would gladly keep her warm. Daisy did not want to wait for the sun to disappear and moved across immediately. Marcus moved across to the window seat to make room and could not help but stare at Daisy’s bare thighs, wincing as his balls received the signal from his eyes. Marcus made no effort to hide his gaze and Daisy leaned into him, resting her head on Marcus’s arm. He raised his arm inviting Daisy in further to rest her head on his torso.

As Daisy snuggled in she turned herself slightly towards him and rested her right hand on Marcus’s chest. She raised her legs and tucked them in under her thighs. “You are so muscly” Daisy complemented Marcus. “You must really work out” she added as her hand gently stroked Marcus’s left pec muscle through the thin material of his t-shirt. Marcus did work out. He prided himself on his physique. It heightened his self-confidence about how attractive he was to the opposite sex. If anything, Marcus was over confident and on occasions he had put girls off by his lack of modesty and expectant assumption that they would do whatever he wanted. Marcus had learned to be a little more tactful to get the results he wanted.

Daisy grinned at Marcus as her stroking became more like massaging. “Yeh, I do one hour a day every day” explained Marcus, adding “I do 100 sit-ups every day as well ... you don’t get abs like these without some pain”. As he said this he lifted up his t-shirt to reveal his abs. Daisy bit her lip at the sight of Marcus’s six-pack. He held his t-shirt up almost inviting Daisy to feel them. Daisy could not help herself and lowered her hand to take in the sense of the hard muscles across Marcus’s abdomen. As Daisy felt the warm flesh in her hand, her horny snatch twinged with excitement and she pressed her thighs together hard.

Soon Daisy’s hand was wandering further than Marcus’s six-pack. She was now exploring his bare flesh all over his torso and she wasn’t hiding how much she was enjoying it as she looked into Marcus’s eyes and bit her lip again. Daisy was pressing harder into Marcus’s body with her own, as she gorged her hand on his upper flesh. Daisy gazed at Marcus willing him to somehow satisfy her horny desires. How, she did not know, but her body was telling her that she was aching for some release.

Marcus stroked Daisy’s cheek with his left hand, feeling her perfect skin. He used the outside of his fingers at first and then his thumb. This action invited Daisy’s face closer to his and inevitably their lips met. In the first two or three seconds it was lips only, gentle kissing, but very soon their tongues were invading each other’s mouths. Their kissing was all about passion. Daisy had been unable to control her tongue, lips not enough to satisfy her aching want, and Marcus had responded in kind. Marcus’s hand held Daisy’s head underneath her hair as he pulled her into his mouth willing her to go deeper and deeper as his own tongue explored every crevice of her sweet little mouth that it would reach. How she tasted good he thought.

There passionate kissing continued Daisy’s hand continued to explore underneath Marcus’s t-shirt, pressing and feeling harder than before. There kissing went on for about three to four minutes before Marcus broke off before saying “Oh my god Daisy, you are making me so hard”. Daisy grinned and naughtily replied “am I”. Even more naughtily, Daisy’s hand moved south and felt the bulge through Marcus’s jeans. He was right. Daisy could feel the rough outline of something hard beneath the denim. “Oh Daisy, that feels so good” Marcus encouraged. It did feel good but it made Marcus crave more of Daisy’s touch.

Marcus wondered if Daisy might go further so he allowed her a minute to take control. But she did not. Daisy was unsure, mainly because of where they were. Being on a public bus was not exactly conducive for what she wanted to do. Daisy was apprehensive that Marcus might freak if she took the next step. She needn’t have worried. Realising that Daisy needed encouragement, Marcus asked “why don’t you explore a little further ... there’s no one that can see us.” Marcus said the last bit looking down the bus as if to emphasise he would keep a look out.

Daisy’s right hand stopped caressing Marcus’s bulge and reached for his belt. Seductively she pulled the strap out of his jeans and pulled to release the buckle. She then released the two sides of the belt from each other, revealing Marcus’s top button. With her delicate fingers she undid the top button and found the top of his zip. She pulled it down seductively, staring and grinning into Marcus’s eyes. Marcus grinned approvingly. Daisy’s hand slid inside Marcus’s jeans and felt for the outline of his hard cock. Still hampered by the tightness of the jeans, Marcus raised his butt and slid his jeans down to his knees. Daisy now hand a fantastic view of the log that was being restrained by the white, stretch cotton, boxer style briefs.

Daisy felt the outline of Marcus’s erect penis and look upwards for a reaction. Marcus responded by once again pulling Daisy’s head towards his face. Their tongues passionately embraced again as Daisy’s hand explored Marcus’s cock and balls through the cotton. But Daisy wanted more. Daisy wanted to feel the large erectile toy in Marcus’s pants. She wanted to release it and play with it. As they continued to suck the saliva from each other’s mouths, Daisy moved her hand to find its way under the waistband of Marcus’s boxers. Her fingers first crept underneath and slowly the rest of her hand followed, stretching the material so she could get a good feel and hold of Marcus’s warm hard shaft. Marcus released from the kiss saying “oh yes baby”. As Daisy gently moved her hand up and down his shaft, she playfully licked Marcus’s ear before asking “does that feel good?”

His reply was affirmative before adding “let me help you get a better hold” as he once again raised his butt and pushed his briefs down to meet his jeans. Marcus made a point of once again checking the coast was clear and that they would not be interrupted. Daisy wondered at Marcus’s cock. It was a lot bigger than Lee’s. Probably seven inches maybe. It wasn’t too wide and Daisy thought it was perfect. Big, but then that was to be expected for a man like Marcus. Daisy caressed the length of the cock before gently caressing Marcus’s tight balls. Daisy had played with Lee’s cock loads of times and knew what to do. She moved the foreskin up and down, gently at first, before getting into a rhythm. Daisy enjoyed the power she was exercising, especially as she was so much younger.

“Oh that feels goo baby” Marcus encouraged as Daisy continued her work. She was used to making Lee ejaculate at her touch but she marvelled at Marcus’s control. She had not realised that only sixteen hours earlier Marcus had been fucking some other horny young fanny and was well able to control himself. “Marcus kissed Daisy again before whispering in her ear “take me in your mouth baby”. Like some dutiful little slut, Daisy flicked her hair over her left shoulder and bent over, her mouth taking in Marcus’s bare helmet instantly. Saliva soon covered Marcus’s cock as Daisy took him in deeper and deeper. Marcus realised that Daisy’s position was a little awkward so he offered to help.

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