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Incest Sex Story: A girl thinks she is safe taking care of her uncle... or would she...

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I had been playing with my young niece for some time now, she had always been reluctant to my advances, being a good little Catholic girl and very virginal, first I would pull her into my lap and hug her, letting her go as she started to struggle, then I held longer squeezing her more tightly. Before letting her go. Then I tried kissing her, she resisted, turning away, and only offering me her cheek to kiss, if she would let me kiss her at all. Then I started being a bit more demanding, and she would kiss me on the lips, but only in the briefest way possible. I accepted this for a while letting her think I was being appeased. But what I was really doing was softening her defenses for my true attack. I knew she would never give in willingly, but I also knew she would be willing to concede to me in small steps at a time, as long as she felt it would mollify me.

I let this go, and bided my time for weeks, softening her up, getting her used to it, till I thought it had gone on long enough, then when we were alone, and I knew we wouldn’t be disturbed, I pounced. At first she thought I was just playing one of my many games with her, but then she conceded that I wasn’t going to be mollified with a simple peck on the lips. As I forced my lips against hers, and my tongue flicked against her lips seeking entrance. She may have felt it was time to make another small concession, and allow it, but she still didn’t willingly let me French kiss her. I smiled evilly she wouldn’t be escaping this time with her feeble efforts.

She was alone with him when he started playing his games with her, they had been alone before and he had never gone too far, always stopping when she asked him to.

But this time when they were alone again, it was different, he was being far more aggressive, she couldn’t seem to fight him off, so she tried to let herself accept it, she let him kiss her, and even tried to make it look like it was ok with her, but it soon became apparent to her he wasn’t going to stop with a stolen kiss or two. His hand went up to her breast, something he had fleetingly done in the past but hadn’t pressed on with it when she would stop him by brushing his hand away. This time she was unable to stop him by brushing away his hands, and he squeezed, and pinch them with no signs of letting up. He was being cruel for the first time that she had known him.

She started to panic as she was alone with him, and there was no one to stop him. She started to struggle for real, but while before he had seemed weak, his grip now had the strength of iron. Now she was truly terrified, as he started to unbutton her blouse, this was more than he had ever tried before. He was still trying to kiss her, but as she turned away trying to put distance between them, he started kissing, and biting her exposed neck, it was hurting, and she couldn’t get him to stop. He wasn’t teasing her this time, she thought she knew what he wanted, and had teased her about it for months, always stopping well short of actually doing anything. He wanted to kiss her, and for her to kiss him back. What he was doing to her neck brought on a burning shame, she felt for sure he would be leaving embarrassing marks that her mother would be sure to ask her about.

She was a good girl after all, and for all his past teasing, she knew that he knew it. But this time was different, not only were they alone, she knew no one would be there for some time, there would be no eyes watching, and no one to come to her rescue.

She had first thought it would be safe to be alone with him, after all he didn’t always played his games with her. Now he was ... no he couldn’t be, No, she thought to herself again, confused, he would stop, he was still just teasing her, playing with her as he always had, but in a more aggressive manor, maybe if she conceded just a little bit more he would stop with being satisfied with her kisses, she didn’t fight so hard hoping he would stop as soon as he got what he wanted. Her blouse now fully unbuttoned and pushed aside, he was now working on her bra. No, she screamed to herself not that, but if she allowed just a little more he had to stop, he always had before. But this was far more than she was willing to go.

His kisses were hard, and demanding, he had moved back from her neck to her lips, his tongue had invaded her mouth most cruelly, and her heart was pounding. She didn’t want to be doing this. Then as she felt the cold of her exposed breasts, his lips moved from hers to them, covering them with sloppy wet kisses, then finding one of her nipples, he lacked on, and sucked in hard, tonguing, and then nipping at it with his teeth. Her body was burning with shame. He couldn’t continue this she thought to herself he had to stop. She was a virgin, she would tell him so, he would stop then she was sure. She was a good girl She kept telling herself.

She tried to get the words out, it seemed as soon as she was about too he would bite down on her nipple drawing out a moan, not the words she was trying to speak. She realized one of his hands was pushing up under the hem of her skirt, and into her underwear. No please not there, he has to stop, couldn’t he feel the burning heat of her shame?

But he didn’t, she was about to try again to tell him she was a virgin, when his fingers reached that spot she had been so careful not to touch herself, drawing out a sharp gasp, instead of her protest. No! No more she had to get him to stop before it was too late. His fingers were now pressing and circling that spot. Her body was now awash with the heat of her shame. She was burning with it. On fire, she thought she would perish in flames. And still his onslaught continued. His hand firmly against her most private of places. His fingers doing the unthinkable to her there.

His lips had never stopped their attack on her breasts, she looked down and saw he had bruised them numerous times, her nipples stood out swollen and ... and ... it was the shame of it all, someone had to stop him, she had tried, she would keep trying, for if she didn’t where would it end?

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