Snowey White and the Seven Dwarves

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A twisted tale of a Princess's tail

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Group Sex   .

Snowey got married to her Prince Charming. He was not the best looking or the brightest but he was reliable, made lots of money, had a nice pecker, and always did what she wanted.

They had the usual fairy tale wedding. Snowey’s slutty older sister, who was always regarded as a role model, urged the bride to book their honeymoon at the “Seven Dwarves Inn” where she had taken her husband several times. The so-called “Inn” was really a single luxury suite in the rear of a residence. It boasted a private back yard with a hot tub and other amenities that you might expect.

The operators were really dwarves, several of whom were related to each other. Three were in residence and the others helped out as needed.

Snowey and her new husband settled in the first evening after the wedding. They splashed in the hot tub and screwed in the yard before retiring to the suite. Snowey served the provided beverage to her groom who promptly fell sound asleep. He wouldn’t awaken before morning, according to the dwarves.

The dwarves were small in stature but nature had not shortchanged their genitals. Snowey happily tried them all on for size and semen production, first one at a time, then in groups. The most satiated and sperm-filled she had ever been, she slept by her husband after a wedding night she’d never forget.

She wasn’t concerned that her husband would feel her cum-slicked cunt in the morning and wonder what she had been doing. She did a quick douche though so she could feel him after the gang bangs. He had been trained to think that her natural lubrication felt so silky. His first piece of her ass was right after his older brother, who she was dating at the time, had fucked her. Wanting more cock, she just went to the next bedroom and got in his bed. Her pussy enjoyed both brothers, plus a couple of other guys, until very shortly before the wedding. So this honeymoon was perfectly consistent with her slutty character. Quite a bit better, actually. Her previous daily record had been three peckers separately, and a MFM threesome.

Her cunt was busy that honeymoon week. She’d fuck her husband morning, afternoon, and night. After their midday and evening screws, she’d give him the sleeping potion. Then she had a few hours to spend in prolonged sessions with multiple horny dwarf peckers.

The dwarves’ small stature made for some interesting arrangements that were awkward when you were trying to position full-size bodies. She liked the way their mouths were right at tit level so her big hangers got lots of attention. It was great when she was on her hands and knees. They could stand behind her and slip their dicks in. After one dick stimulated her snatch for a while, and often lubricated it with hot seed, another could quickly and easily take its place. Double cocking her cunt was a new and delightful experience. Mirrors on the wall let her watch the action like a porn movie. Their prostates were pretty productive too. Big spurts of hot semen got her off the best.

Her husband did mention how well he slept. She smiled as she replied that it was because of all the good sex. He said he liked having her all to himself, referring to her premarital behavior which he was partially aware of. She just smiled as innocently as she could.

Damn, her period didn’t come a couple of weeks after the wedding. She was concerned, of course, that any issue of her womb might be of unusual stature, considering the many billions of dwarf wigglers that had been put there. It might also be black due to the young neighbor boy who had slipped in the back door every day before and after the honeymoon to ply her with his long pecker. Most importantly, she was not ready to be a mother, period!

Big sister had dealt with this before too so they took a girls’ trip to a nearby city and got the situation cleaned up. Time for a change of contraception.

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