The Omo Circle

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2016 by WelshWriter

True Sex Story: A true tale from when I was in my teens, true but highly embelished.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Slut Wife   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

It was back in the late sixties and I was working on a door to door sales job, selling vacuum cleaners. The Electrolux Z65 if I remember right, available in any colour as long as it was red and white. The money was good and I was making a good living as well as fringe benefits. We used to work late afternoon and early evening as this was the best time to find both the husband and wife at home. Almost as soon as I started the job I was told about the ‘OMO’ circle. It was explained to me that OMO stood for “Old Man Out” and meant that the lady of the house was alone and wanted a bit of male company. She would put a packet of OMO in the window to advertise the fact. For those that don’t remember it, OMO was a popular washing powder at the time. The takers were usually tradesmen. Milkmen, postmen or the one that interested me, door to door salesmen. I’d been on the job for almost a year and been all over the country with the firm but still hadn’t come across the soapbox and was beginning to think my colleagues were pulling my leg. Then something happened that really changed my mind.

We were working down in Cornwall, in the Truro area I think and I’d been assigned a small council estate. I’d been on the knocker for about half an hour, so it would be around 4-30 and was walking up towards a house, when I stopped dead in my tracks. There in the window was a packet of OMO. Could it be, had I found the elusive sex starved female. Now at the time I was in my late teens and didn’t have a regular girl friend and the thought of a horny lady waiting for me behind the front door soon had me responding in the usual manner. I took a deep breath and continued walking up the path until I standing on the doorstep. My hand was shaking as I reached up towards the knocker and I almost bottled out and turned tail but I swallowed hard and knocked on the door. After a couple of seconds I heard someone walking down the hall and the door swung open. As I introduced myself to the lady of the house, I could see that she was giving me the once over. I gave her the usual sales patter, the patter that was normally greeted with a polite “No thank you” and was surprised when she invited me in before I could finish the spiel.

As she walked infront of me down the hall it was my turn to check her over. She appeared to be a couple of years older than me and was roughly my height. She was slightly over weight but nothing serious. She had nice rounded ass cheeks that jiggled inside the loose fitting skirt that she was wearing as she walked. She opened a door and waved her hand for me to go inside. I found myself in the lounge and instantly noticed that this was the room with the window where the OMO packet was.

The lady smiled at me and sat down on the couch. “Okay,” she said, “show me what you’ve got.” Even as inexperienced as I was, I knew that there was a double meaning in her comment. I put the box down on the floor and bent down to remove the cleaner from it. As my eyes flicked up, I found that I was looking straight up her skirt and I was sure that she knew it too. I took the cleaner out of the box and began to explain the finer points of the product. She just sat there and I could see that it wasn’t the product she was interested in. Her eyes were somewhere else and there’s no prizes for guessing what. My cock was rock hard and with my tight trousers, which were the fashion of the day, it was quite obvious. I gave her the usual spiel until I got to the power of the suction. “The suction on this model is second to none,” I told her as I switched the machine on. She suddenly got up and walked over to the window and removed the packet of soap powder, then walked back towards me. I stopped in mid sentence as she came and stood right next to me. “It’s a bit noisy,” she said, “I can hardly hear you. Why don’t you bring it over to the couch then I’ll be able to hear what you’re saying.

She went and sat back down and patted the seat beside her. “Here, sit here, that should make it easier,” she said.

“Easier!!! Harder,” I thought but did as she asked.

“Now what were you saying about the suction?” I repeated the well practised spiel and saw her smile.

“I know something that has better suction,” she said as she looked down into my lap, “and it’s much more fun.”

I looked at her feigning innocence, but knew exactly what she meant. It was pretty clear that she was making a pass at me and me being the young horny bastard that I was, I wasn’t going to let it slide. “And just what would that be?” I asked, keeping up the pretence.

With that, she reached over and unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my flies. I forgot all about the Z65 and leant back and let her have her way. She pulled the top of my pants apart and put her hands on the swelling in my underpants.

“Mmm,” she said softly, “you have quite a good hose of your own there.”

I just leant back, my hands behind head leaving her to explore my lower region. I knew what was coming but still gasped as she slid her hand down the top of my underpants and her fingers brushed the tip of my knob. She pulled her hand out and put her fingers into her mouth and sucked them. “Mmm, that tastes nice,” she said and I realised that she was sucking my pre-cum off them.

She returned her hand to my waist and pulled the front of my underpants down. My cock sprang out and she groaned softly. “Oh yes, that is a nice looking hose,” she said as she lowered her head into my lap.

I looked down just in time to see my knob disappearing between her lips then felt her tongue washing over it. I just sat there watching her head bobbing up and down on my cock, she was taking the full eight inches and I could feel her brushing my pubes each time she took the full length into her throat. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls tighten and knew I was about to blow my load.

“Oh shit,” I gasped, “I’m coming.”

I expected her to pull her mouth off my cock, but instead she increased her suction and the speed of her bobbing. It was plain she wanted me to come in her mouth, and who was I to deny her. My cock suddenly erupted and my cumm shot into her mouth. I felt her throat contacting as she swallowed everything I had to give. After a couple of minutes, my flow stopped and she lifted her head and smiled at me. “Mmm that was good,” she said, as she licked her lips. “Why don’t you call back after you’ve finished and you can finish your demonstration. Oh don’t worry, my husband is on the trawlers and won’t be back for at least another three days. So we have plenty of time for a full demo.”

I packed the cleaner back into the box and said that I would be back at around nine after I’d been back to the hotel and changed. I suddenly realised that we didn’t know each other’s names. “Mike,” I said, “I’m Mike.” She kissed me on the cheeks. “Hazel, my name’s Hazel.”

“Right,” I said, “I’ll see you later Hazel around 9-00.” With that I headed for the door and carried on with my round.

The rest of the shift dragged and I was lucky that I didn’t get any more demo invites, my cock was rock hard for the whole afternoon, despite the treatment Hazel had given it. As soon as I got back to the hotel I stripped off and lay on the bed, my cock had been really uncomfortable, trapped in my tight trousers and to just lay there was relief enough. Finally my erection started to fade of its own accord and I went and took a shower. I splashed the ‘Brut’ on and put on clean underpants, with a clean shirt and fresh pants. I had to ask Brian, the boss if I could borrow the van for the night and agreed, giving me a knowing smile as he handed me the keys.

Hazel lived about ten minutes drive out of town and I was soon pulling up in her street. I was still a bit wary about the situation so I parked the van about a 100 yards from her house and walked the rest. As I was about to knock the door, it swung open and my half hard cock suddenly became fully hard. Hazel had dressed to impress. She was wearing a short, pink, lacy nightie over a pink bra and pantie set. She ushered me down the hall but instead of going into the lounge, she led me up the stairs to the bedroom.

As soon as the door was closed behind us she turned and kissed me hard on the lips. “Oh Mike,” she moaned, “I’ve been waiting for this all afternoon. I’ve been thinking of your big thick cock ever since you left.” She wildly tore my shirt off and unclipped my trousers and pushed them down over my hips, leaving me standing thee in just my underpants, which soon followed my trousers in a heap round my ankles. She pulled me towards the bed and sat down on it, spreading her legs as she did. “Now it’s time to check your suction,” she laughed as she pulled me down to my knees. “Show me how your suction works on my pussy.” I dropped to my knees and shuffled forwards between her thighs. Her pink lacy panties were pulled tightly across her cunt lips and I could see the damp patch on them. “Suck my cunt Mike, make me come with your tongue.”

I moved my head forwards and breathed in the mixed aroma of her arousal and her perfume. I began to run the back of my fingers over the pink lace mound and she gasped as they passed over her clit. Foreplay was my forte and I was determined, that after the amazing blow job she’d given me earlier I was really going to give her a good time before she felt my cock in her.

I moved my hand up and began massaging her pubic mound as I kissed all over her inner thighs, switching from one to the other. Each time I changed thighs, I brushed my lips over her lace covered pussy, pressing harder each time I did. Hazel was moaning softly as I teased her pussy through the thin lace. I twisted my hand slightly so that the palm was on her mound but the thumb was working on the top of her slit. I knew this was having an effect on her clit and her growing moans proved that I was right. She was now pushing her hips up towards my thumb and I felt it slide down through her slit. I had proved in the past that the feeling of the slight roughness on a woman’s clit is much more erotic than direct contact. Hazel’s moans were growing louder with every passing minute and, as yet, I hadn’t uncovered her pussy.

“Finger me Mike,” she gasped, “I need to feel something inside my pussy.” I’d teased her long enough and, with one hand pulled the crotch of her panties to one side. Now I could the pink petals of her cunt and moved my lips down towards her clit. Instead of touching it though, I blew gently on it. “Oh yes Mike, yes. That feels nice.” I did as she had asked and slid a finger into her and hooked it upwards, feeling for the swollen, corrugated area of her G spot. I didn’t need to ask whether I’d found it. Hazel’s response made it quite clear that I has. She squealed loudly and I felt the muscles around her vagina clench around my finger. “Oh Mike,” she squeaked, “you’re making me come. I’m coming.” I wasn’t going to waste her juices and moved my mouth to cover her pussy. I slid my tongue into her and just managed to reach the edge of her G spot. That was enough though and almost immediately her pussy began to spasm and I felt her juices flooding into my mouth. Like she’d done earlier, I swallowed hard, drinking down her sexual honey. “Ohhh yes, yes, yes,” she gasped as I probed deeper with my tongue. “I’m coming Mike, I’m coming.” The warning came too late as my mouth was was full of her juices and her back was arching off the bed as she writhed in the agony / ecstasy of her orgasm. “Oh fuck yes Mike, yes. That’s it. Yes, yes, yes.” It took all my energy to keep my mouth over her pussy as she threshed wildly on the bed. Her orgasm lasted for a full five minutes and when it was over she lay gasping for breath, her bra clad chest rising and falling rapidly.

I stood up and looked down at her. She was still breathing heavily and her face was flushed. “Oh my God Mike,” that was fantastic, absolutely fantastic.” I just stood there watching her breathing slow and the redness leave her face. I hadn’t finished with Hazel yet, I had a more to give her, a lot more.

Hazel finally regained her composure and smiled up at me. “That was great Mike, but there is something I would prefer in my pussy.” She reached up wrapped her fingers round my cock and pulled me back onto the bed. I lay beside as she slowly worked her hand up and down my shaft. Then I noticed something that had slipped my attention, she had a large fitted wardrobe with double mirrored doors. The feeling of her soft hand on my cock was magic but looking in the mirror and seeing her actually doing it was like watching a porn movie with us both as stars. Hazel smiled at me through the mirror and moved her hand down over her stomach and ran it over her swollen lace covered pussy. She groaned as she slid a finger under the elasticated leg and made contact with the naked flesh beneath the lace.

I reached down and began to tease her right nipple through the lace of her bra and felt it stiffen between my fingers. I moved to her left breast and repeated the action on that one and soon both nipples were hard and erect. I slid my hand under her back and unclipped her bra, freeing her full breasts from the constriction of the garment. I pushed the bra up and exposed her twin orbs. They were magnificent, each one tipped with a hard erect nipple surrounded by a deep pink areola, the size of a small saucer. I moved my head down towards them and teased my tongue over the wrinkled skin. I was still watching out performance through the mirror and saw, as I sucked one of Hazel’s nipples into my mouth, her hand move sharply. She gave a little yelp as her hips rose off the bed, drawing her finger deeper into herself.

Pretty as she looked in the panties, they were blocking my view of the action, so I moved down between her thighs and took hold of the waist. Hazel raised her hips and I pulled the offending garment down over her thighs and slipped them off her feet, taking the time to put them to my nose, breathing in the scent of her arousal. While I was removing her panties, Hazel had shrugged the straps of her bra down her arms and was now laying there in just her stockings and suspender belt. Her legs were spread and her wet pussy beckoned me. I got up to my knees, I wasn’t ready to give her my cock yet. This might be the last time I saw her and I wanted to make the most of it. I took her right wrist and guided her hand back between her thighs, while moving the left one to her breasts. I leant and watched, as Hazel got the message and began sliding a finger through her pussy lips. Her left hand was alternating between her breasts, pinching each nipple in turn. I was kneeling between her thighs slowly stroking my cock as Hazel put on a show for me.

With her her first and third finger, she parted her pussy lips and slid her middle finger into her wet, pink hole and began slowly sliding it in and out of herself. I could see her juices glistening on it each time it re-appeared from inside her. The temptation was too much for me and I placed a hand on each ankle and raised them off the bed, bending her almost double. Her pussy lips were now stretched wide and her pink hole beckoned me. I lowered my face and began sliding my tongue through the wet valley, from the hard pink bud of her clit, through her pussy lips and down to the wrinkled skin around her anus. I kept this up for ten minutes, occasionally dipping my tongue inside her. I looked for a moment and Hazel was pinching and twisting both nipples. Loud moans escaped her lips as My tongue probed her pussy. “Oh my God,” she moaned, “fuck me Mike, please fuck me.” Her wish was soon to be granted but first I had one more experience for her.

I straightened up, still on my knees and shuffled forwards, closer to her wet pussy. I felt her tense in readiness for my entry, but instead, I took my cock in my hand and, at first tapped gently on her clit with my knob. She mewled softly but when I increased the force of my taps her mewls turned to moans then to squeals as I beat a tattoo on the hard bud. Now she was wailing uncontrollably and I knew it was time to give her what she wanted.

I positioned my knob at the entrance to her love tunnel and let it rest there. When she was ready, she would make the first move and that came seconds later. She arched her back and my cock slid into her. “Oh yes,” she groaned, “yes, yes. Fuck me Mike, fuck me hard.” I did as the lady asked and drove my cock deep into her feeling my knob crash against her cervix. With her knees almost touching her breasts I would be able to give her my full eight inches. I began a slow steady fucking motion, sliding in and out of her juicy pussy. She in turn started to reciprocate with her own actions, her hips rising and falling in unison with my thrusts. We were working like a well oiled machine and each time my knob his the back wall of her pussy she yelped with a mixture of pain and pleasure. I pushed in as hard as I could and held my cock firmly pressed against her cervix. I could feel her inner muscles spasming around my shaft, she was wanking me with her pussy muscles and it was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt.

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