Neighbourhood Boy

by Robbie Richkid

Copyright© 2016 by Robbie Richkid

Coming of Age Sex Story: My experiences of my first time as a young teen girl and it is not with the boy I am expecting. This is one short story with a slowish build up.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   First   School   .

I had never thought of Justin in that way before. We had been neighbours for about four years since his family moved into our street. He lived two doors down from me and we had only ever said polite ‘hi there’s’ to each other. At fifteen he was two years older than me. He had always been two years older than me and as such, we were never really friends. When we were younger our paths did cross now and again when we were playing in our respective groups and those groups sometimes mixed up a little. But now he seemed to exist in a different social world to mine, like bubbles that collide from time to time, just brief meetings here and there.

We saw each other more often than not on the way to school. He would either be ahead of me or behind me, or I would not see him at all. During my first year of High School he had been co-existing around me but I never really paid much attention. But now, all of a sudden, he was different. Or maybe I was different. But the co-existence between us was changing.

It’s not like I was not aware of boys. I loved boys. All through first year I had three different boyfriends. First there as Mitch, then there was Oscar and finally and presently there is Scott. All of them were in my year at school. Mitch was my first proper boyfriend. We started going out just after High School started and it lasted till Christmas when I finished with him. I was bored and I fancied Oscar. I got my friend to ask Oscar out for me and we started dating after New Year. Oscar was fun at first but soon he became annoying so we split before the Easter Holidays. I had four weeks without a boyfriend before Scott asked me out. He was quieter than a lot of the other boys but he was different. More mature but still confident. I liked that.

And now that I am in Second year we are still an item. Nearly six months and still going strong. Scott is handsome and very fit. Very, very fit. Damn I could eat him. I am madly in love with him. We make out all the time. He is such a good kisser. Deep, loving, frenching. Mmm. But we don’t go any further. He tried to feel me up once but I told him I was not ready. He respected that and has not tried since although he does mention it now and again. Just like when I was with Mitch and Oscar. I am not ready to play those sort of games. Scott is such an understanding boyfriend. I know some of my friends get a lot harder time from their boyfriends all wanting the same thing.

Carly Jenkins let Matt Dixon feel her up and the next day it was all round school. Carly was in tears and slapped Matt in Maths class right in front of Mr. Kendall, our Maths teacher. We all knew it was true because Carly told Matt that it was their secret. Matt told some other stories as well but I don’t believe him. He is such an asshole. Rumours are also flying round school that Debbie Farquharson and Kenny Archer have done it. But I don’t think it’s true either. Some of the boys in class have asked me if I am letting Scott ‘get some’. Boys can be such pricks. Immature, little pricks.

It’s not that I don’t love Scott. Or that I don’t want Scott to do those things to me. It’s just that I would die of embarrassment if word got out. As much as I trust Scott, I’m not sure I trust him as much as that. And what if, god forbid, we split up. He would tell all his buddies how easy I was. No, Scott would just have to wait. That didn’t stop me dreaming about it though.

It is a bit ironic that us girls spend all our time fending off the advances of boys when really deep down our bodies crave their touch. When we are alone, our minds can have a life of their own. At night when I have gone to bed, I touch myself and think of Scott. I dream that it is his fingers burrowing their way into my snatch. I dream it is his hands roughly squeezing my tits. I whimper Scott’s name as I bring myself close to orgasm. God, if only Scott knew what I did at night he would be totally confused considering I don’t let his hands anywhere near my hot zones. I finally bring myself off with my hairbrush. I fire it in and out of my pussy until I come. I close my eyes and dream of Scott’s hot body. I dream of what his hard cock would look like and I dream of him putting it inside me and fucking me with it. My hairbrush. Scott’s cock. Oh yes.

But still I keep the little hunk at arm’s length. Damn these social taboos. Why can’t we just fuck whoever we want, wherever we want, how often we like and not have people judge us. I sometimes dream of a world like that where people are fucking all over the place. I would be walking to school and Mr. Johnson from number fifty four would be fucking Mrs. Johnson over the bonnet of his car before he goes to work. And that tall blonde girl from sixth year would be sucking Mr. Kendall’s cock just as we walk into maths class and no one would think anything of it. And that Carly Jenkins and Matt Dixon would start fucking on the grass during lunchtime in full view of everyone. I wonder if everyone else has those dreams or is it just me.

So you could say I am somewhat frustrated. I never thought of me like that but the older I get the hornier I become. I replace Scott in my dreams sometimes. It changes from time to time. At the moment it is the guy from ‘Austin and Ally’. You know the blonde guy. He is so cute. I could eat him alive. In fact, in my dreams you could say I do. I pleasure his cock with my mouth. I suck his come down my throat. I suck and lick my hairbrush to pretend I am giving him felatio. He is a bit older than me but it doesn’t matter. It is only a dream.

I am starting to worry I am some sort of secret nymphomaniac. I can’t seem to stop thinking of sex and fucking and cocks and sucking and getting banged hard. I’m bring myself off nearly every night. I saw this program recently. It was about the Manchester United youth team. In one of my dreams I pretend that two of the good looking boys were ravaging me, taking me to orgasm city. One would be fucking me and the other would be getting his cocked sucked. Damn those cute boys.

And so it came as a bit of a surprise that I found myself one night hammering my horny cunny with my hairbrush and thinking of Justin. Yes, Justin from two doors down. Damn, where did he come from. Yes he is cute and all, but what is wrong with me. I was beginning to think I have a problem. I was just glad that no one had invented some kind of mind reading machine yet. If only my friends knew.

I was starting to get a little infatuated with Justin. I would wait for him to leave school first and then follow him, just so I could check out his butt. When he waited for his mates, I would pass him and say ‘Hi’. I hoped his eyes were on me as I walked on, his eyes on my bare legs revealed by my short school skirt. I was getting horny just thinking about his eyes on me. But he is two years older. He probably wouldn’t look at someone in second year. Damn.

And so this went on for two or three weeks. My nightly routine was now becoming totally consumed my Justin. I would dream of his hot fifteen year old body, naked, between my legs with his perfect cock sliding in and out of my horny hole. I was saying ‘hi’ almost every day now as I walked passed him. I was resigning myself to the fact I was nothing to him. We had never even really had a conversation. I bet he had a fourth year girlfriend who was giving him what he needed. Then again I had never seen anyone around him. Strange, as he is so cute.

Fate conspired to bring us together one morning. It was raining heavily. Normally in these circumstances my mother would give me a lift. But she had just started a new job with an earlier start time. So that morning I was getting the bus. Justin was at the bus stop too. He was alone unsurprisingly. I said ‘Hi’ as normal and expected nothing more. I sat a couple of seats down from him at the bus shelter, my naked legs closed tightly together. I did have my schoolbag on my lap but placed it on the vacant seat to reveal more of my legs. Although I thought to myself that it was a forlorn attempt. But Justin surprised me and started to strike up a conversation. There were two first year boys in the shelter as well but they seemed pre-absorbed with their i-phones.

“You’re in second year Hannah, yeh” Justin asked. ‘Oh my god he remembers my name’ I thought. ‘He knows who I am’. ‘He loves me’. Well maybe not quite the last bit, but I was overjoyed that he remembered my name. I affirmed he was correct without making too much of an idiot of myself. “How you finding it?” he asked. “It’s a lot harder than first year. Especially Maths. I hate Maths” I said starting to ease into a normal conversation. “Wait until you’re in fourth year, it gets even harder” Justin added. Damn the bus was about to arrive. Damn bus. Why couldn’t it have broken down or something. “Drop by after school and I’ll show you how hard it is” Justin said as the bus pulled up. Did he just say what I think he said. Did he mean that to sound how it sounded. Did he mean to make sexual innuendo or was he just oblivious to the overtly sexual remark he had just made. If he had winked I would have known he was flirting outrageously. But he didn’t. He just looked at me and smiled. “When” I blurted out before he got on the bus. “I’m home most nights after school studying. Come round anytime” Justin said and he disappeared upstairs to the top deck. I stayed down below, left with my thoughts. And what thoughts they were.

Justin Yardley had just asked me round to his house. Maybe the remarks were purely innocent but the fact remained that Justin had asked me round to his house. I deliberated all day if the remarks were innocent or not. “Drop by after school and I’ll show you how hard it is”. Those were his exact words. Was it his Maths school work that he wanted to show me or was it his cock that he wanted to show me. I wanted to find out that night after school. But I had a netball match I couldn’t get out of. I thought about feigning sick but thought against it. I also thought going round that same evening would come across as very desperate, especially as it might be very innocent. It was also Friday so it would have to wait till next week.

I rushed home on Monday after school and waited and watched Justin walk passed my house. I was all set to knock on his door and say ‘hey, is now a good time for you to show me how hard it is?” but I could not work out what I would say. In the end I didn’t say anything because I did not go. I cursed myself for being such a weakling. I cried myself to sleep that night.

A change of tactic was needed. I was with friends dawdling home when Justin passed me. Justin said ‘Hi’ as I looked at him. My friends teased me and said they would tell Scott. After five minutes I left my friends and tried to catch up with Justin. Luckily for me I caught him at the end of our road. I just came out with it. “Is that offer still on” I asked. Justin didn’t respond straight away so I felt compelled to explain further. “You were going to show me how hard your fourth year maths is” I added. I cursed myself that I did not say ‘You were going to show me how hard it is’ but I could not bring myself to say something like that. Those words had become something else in my head that it was impossible to remove. “Sure, why not” Justin said as if it was nothing. Damn it, it was not nothing. I convinced myself that I had gotten it all wrong. I was beginning to feel rather silly.

I was inside Justin’s house. I had never been inside the house before. Justin dumped his bags and offered me a drink. Two glasses of water were produced and he picked up his bag and headed through to his living room. He dumped it on the floor beside the couch and sat down. I sat down as well, a seat space apart, my bare legs together as I sat slightly side-saddle. Justin ferreted in his bag and fished out a Maths book. Damn, he was talking about his maths after all. Justin explained a couple of things form the text book. It was Greek to me. And boring as shit. As I looked at the text book feigning interest, I could feel Justin’s eyes on me. When I looked up he would look away. I also caught him looking at my legs. I started to think naughty thoughts again.

“Do you have a girlfriend Justin” I asked. It was off topic but I sensed that if he was interested in me then he was too shy to say. “No, I’m not the boyfriend type” Justin said mysteriously...”What does that mean” I asked.” “Well, I’m just not into settling down with one girl, you know”. He looked at me as he said this, waiting for a reaction. I understood exactly what he meant. “Does that mean what I think it means” I asked coyly. “What do you think it means” asked Justin. “That you sleep around with different girls” I said matter of factly as if it was normal. “You could put it like that. Justin said adding “Maybe I shouldn’t have told you. You looked a bit shocked”. I was shocked. I just didn’t expect it.

“Well aren’t you the sly one” I said trying to be relaxed with the whole subject. “It’s not something I brag about” explained Justin. “That’s not why I do it” he added. “I know why you do it” I said smirking. “What I mean is that I don’t sleep with different girls as some kind of sport ... I do simply because I...”, “ ... want to”. I finished Justin’s sentence for him. Justin was about to explain further but I helped him out. “So long as everyone’s happy with the arrangement and no one gets hurt then hey, what’s the problem” I said acting all grown up. “Thanks Hannah. That’s exactly the way it is. Honesty is the best policy” he said.

“Why are you telling me all this” I asked. “Because I think you’re really beautiful” Justin said. Just like that. Wow. He looked at me as he said it. He didn’t say anything else. I let the words surround me. ‘He thinks I’m beautiful’. I smiled. He brushed my cheek with his fingers. “Do you have a boyfriend ... I’ve seen you around with a pretty boy with spiky fair hair” Justin asked. “Yes, Scott, he’s my boyfriend” I admitted even though I did not want to. But he had seen us. “He’s a very lucky boy” Justin said. “Not as lucky as he’d like to be” I said sarcastically. Justin laughed. He knew exactly what I meant. “Too young eh” he said a little resignedly.

‘Non, no, no’ I screamed in my head. ‘I’m ready. God, I’m ready’ I wanted to say. Instead I said “I’m just not sure I can trust him, you know”. Justin agreed saying “I get it. I’ve been there. It’s taken me some time to get girls to trust me. To make them believe that I wouldn’t tell anyone any of our secrets ... at some point you are going to have to trust somebody” Justin said and again he stroked my cheek. I held his hand to my cheek. It was at this point that I knew he wanted me. My body wanted him to but was I prepared to lose control. He was right. At some point I would have to trust someone. I trusted Justin. He was two years older than me and he wouldn’t want anyone knowing he was a cradle snatcher. Plus he’s had all these girls and I didn’t even know about it. There was no gossip at school. He was discreet. I trusted him. He was the one.

As Justin caressed my cheek I moved across and straddled him. I had left my shoes behind on the floor, my naked soles dangling off the end of the couch. I caressed his beautiful face and we kissed, tenderly at first and then passionately. Our tongues telling the other how much we wanted each other. As my hands caressed his face and as my tongue continued to invade Justin’s fifteen year old mouth, his hands caressed the back of my thighs. OH MY FUCKING GOD. His touch was amazing. He lightly caressed the back of my thighs with his fingers as I continued to suck the saliva from his mouth.

The feel of his hands on my naked skin was divine. I wanted his hands to go further. And they did. Higher and higher they gradually went until Justin hands were caressing my panty covered ass. His touch was sensational. I could have creamed myself there and then. I wanted him to explore me further. I was losing control and I liked it. I broke off our kiss and whimpered “Oh Justin”, and he squeezed my butt all the harder and nuzzled his face on my small breasts.

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