Cum Again!
Chapter 1


Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Fraternal twins in college together, who found a game they could play involving lots of her girlfriends!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Interracial   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   Big Breasts  

My younger sister always has a bunch of her girlfriends over at the house. All girls that we go to school with, all of them beautiful just like she is!

We are Mark and Mary Morgan, fraternal twins.

She has taken her brown hair and lightened it making herself not look anything like me.

I wear glasses and she doesn’t. She’s beautiful and I am not!

However, our parents are paying for school and decided we would live off-campus together to save some money!

I am older than her by two minutes which I occasionally lord over her about.

Over the years we have done a lot together, including school and college.

It was getting very late, so I knocked on her door and yelled, “Ladies, it’s time to leave?”

The door opened and I was pulled inside and they put a blindfold on me.

“Mark, if you can guess who you are kissing then we will leave?”

That was her best friend Tiffany price.

“Fine,” I said. They have done this before so there wasn’t really a downside to this.

There were a great deal of giggles as I felt a body move into place.

“No hands Mark,” I was told by a voice I didn’t recognize.

I couldn’t tell who it was in front of me, but I knew who it wasn’t because of the various perfumes the girls wore.

A face moved in really close and I turned my head and the kiss began,

While I couldn’t immediately guess who it was the girl was pressing hard against my lips.

My goodness, she was a great kisser and I felt what were not very large breasts pressed against me!

This was getting rather serious as her hands were now on either side of my face and my hands were on her ass pulling her in close enough to feel my hardness. Yeah, I couldn’t use my hands!

It had gotten very quiet not even a titter from any of the six girls that were in the room!

I have had enough of this, and took off my blindfold to find the place was empty except for my sister Mary and myself!

The look on her face must’ve been similar to the look on mine, as she leaned up against me and said, “Fuck me big brother, please?

“No no no no no,” I said to her, “We can’t do that, can we?”

The girls had convinced her to do this because they told her I looked too good to pass up.

After another kiss just this time with my eyes wide open, I said simply, “Your place or mine, beautiful!

She turned me around and pushed me backwards on her bed and stripped herself completely naked, and very quickly got my shoes socks and pants off I pulled off my shirt and she got in place to give me a blowjob!

“Mary, this is wrong,” I said out loud.

That didn’t stop her, I didn’t think it would but it felt necessary to say!

It wasn’t a particularly aggressive blowjob, but she did know what she was doing and at the appropriate moment, I couldn’t keep myself from cumming all over her face.

“Thank you Mary,” I said feeling that was totally an inadequate thing to say to her.

Without saying a word she used both hands to get me hard again.

Once that was accomplished she crawled up on me and sank down leaning forward to ride me.

Well, she doesn’t have huge breasts, they are indeed very lovely and after seeing them for the very first time, she dropped one just above my mouth and I began to play and suck on it hearing her respond by moaning loudly.

“Mary,” I said, “I can’t cum inside you, we are brother and sister!”

“That’s OK Mark ... I’ve been on the pill since I was fifteen, just waiting for this exact moment to happen between us!”

“Are you crazy or something?”

“Or something,” she repeated.

“I think our next two years of college are going to be much more interesting than the first two,” I said to her.

“As long as you fuck me every night before we go to bed, that’s all I want from you!” she said, making it sound like an order, which was OK, I guess.

“What about mom and dad,” I asked.

“They are back in Plainfield, Indiana and don’t know anything about this and neither of us will tell them, will we, Mark?”

“Hell no,” I said flipping her on her back and taking control of this fuck!

“I did promise the girls that you would fuck each of them to keep them from saying anything, is that all right Markie?”

Now plowing deep, I said, “I will fuck any girl you want me to, just make sure that they are on the pill, please!

“I’m just about ready to come inside your pussy - is that OK with you?”

“Anytime!” she said with the prettiest smile on her face.

I went into high gear just before the bridge opened and I let the visitors filling my sister up with so much cream, it was dripping out of her when I was done!

Starting the next day, we fucked before school and the minute we got home we fucked some more.

We even started going out together after she went blonde. Now, she looked like a twenty-year-old blonde version of Elizabeth Hurley.

A week later she brought back the same girls and in her room she explained that she had some boys over that wanted to fuck.

Tiffany was first, (with big tits and long blonde hair of her own) as Mary held her down after putting a blindfold on her.

I removed all of her clothing below her belly button, licking her pussy just a little making her jump, then I fucked her until I came inside her. She had said thanks as my sister walked her out of my room.

They were given a choice to either get a facial, or a load.

Up next was dark brown haired Katrina, (Imagine Rachel Weisz, being only twenty) who had told Mary she was on the pill, so I got to fill her up as well.

She was followed by Norma, (Long dark brown hair, think Sandra Bullock), Emily, (built like Sofia Vergara) and Anne (Imagine a redheaded version of Catherine Bell) and I came, a lot, in all of them!

It seemed that five was my limit and we did that twice a week as she had gotten plenty of beautiful girls willing to volunteer for it.

We took a break as the Christmas holidays were upon us. I had fucked 35 different girls so far, 36 if you add in my sister, Mary.

Our two-a-days were getting quite adventurous, with her even letting me fuck her ass, during her period.

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