Mrs. Evans's Revenge

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2016 by WelshWriter

Fiction Sex Story: Follow up story to "Phone Sex With Mrs Evans"

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   .

My pantie stealing and phone sex with Mrs Evans went on for a couple of weeks with me changing the panties each time she did any washing. I was really enjoying myself now as I used an assortment of her underwear to wank into as I sat reading my ‘younger / older stories in my magazines. Then one day things changed dramatically!!!

I was off school for half term and was in the house alone, when an envelope addressed to me popped through the letter box. No stamp and the fact that it was too late for the postman meant that it had been hand delivered. Inside was a note that read. “Mike call this number. I know what you’ve been up to.” There was no signature, just a phone number. I read the number several times but didn’t recognise it and eventually picked up the phone and dialled it. After a couple of rings it was answered by a female voice. “Mike?” “Yes,” I replied, “who’s this?” There was a slight pause then. “You might not recognise the voice Mike, but you’d definitely recognise the panties I’m wearing. They’re the red satin ones.” I was stunned into silence and almost dropped the phone. “Are you still there?” the voice asked. I stood dumbstruck for a moment then replied. “Y-y-yes. Is that you Mrs. Evans?” I heard her chuckle as she replied. “Well unless you’ve been stealing panties from other washing lines, it has to be doesn’t it?” “W-w-what do you want,” I stammered. “Well,” she replied, “I know you’re mother and father are at work so the first thing I want is for you to return the panties you stole yesterday. Bring them round now!!!” “H-h-how did you know?” I asked. “Well when you bring them back, I’ll show you. I don’t like being kept waiting so make it snappy.” As she spoke I could detect a slight chuckle in her voice.

I knew there wasn’t much I could do but comply so I went to my bedroom and took the panties, a red lace pair, from their hiding place and headed next door. I hadn’t had chance to rinse them out so the crotch was stiff with at least three loads of my cumm. I walked up the front path and saw Mrs. Evans standing at the window watching me. As I mounted the steps to her front door, it opened and stood there, hands on her hips. There was a slight scowl on her face but she didn’t look as angry as I’d expected. “Come in Mike. I think you have something that belongs to me,” she said, as she looked at the pair of panties scrunched up in my hand. As I walked through the door, she closed it behind me and grabbed the panties from my grasp. “I thought it was this pair,” she said, as she ran her thumb over the crotch. “It looks like you’ve made good use of them Mike. Oh and thanks for washing the others before you put them back.” I just stood there speechless as she fingered the cumm stiff crotch then she told me to follow her into the lounge and told me to sit on the couch. I sat there not knowing what to do or say as she took a seat opposite. She was still holding the panties as she stared at me. “The red satin pair was the first wasn’t it Mike?” she said as she sat and waited for my reaction. “Y-y-yes,” I stammered. “Then the black pair but I lost track after that. Which ones did you like best Mike?” Again I was lost for words. “Come on Mike, you must have a favourite pair.” I wasn’t really sure what to say, they’d all felt good wrapped around my teenage cock but eventually I stammered my reply. “I t-t-think I liked the white lace ones.” “Good choice,” she said, “they were expensive. Wait here.” With that she got up and left the room and I was tempted to get up and run but, before I could make up my mind she was back and she wasn’t empty handed. She was carrying the white lace panties. “Here you are,” she said, as she tossed them to me. “If you like them so much, you can have them. I’ve got plenty more, as you know.” Whether it was by accident or her good aim, the panties landed in my lap, covering my rapidly hardening cock. “You can keep them Mike, on one condition.” “W-w-what condition?” I stammered. Mrs. Evans smiled “ Well I want to watch you. I want to watch what you do with them I want to watch you wank off into them!!!”

This was something I hadn’t expected and I was stunned. Wanking into her panties in the privacy of my bedroom was one thing but doing it in-front of her, well, that was a different thing all together. I was so shocked that my growing erection dwindled and my cock was now limp and lifeless. “Before you make your mind up Mike, I think you might like to see this,” she said as she got up and turned the TV on. Flicking on the DVD player she sat back down. As I watched, the screen flickered into life. ‘Caught In The Act’. The titles came up then a shot of her garden. I held my breath. I was pretty sure I knew what was coming next and I was right. I saw myself crossing her lawn, then removing the black panties I was carrying and replacing them with a pale blue pair. Mrs. Evans stopped the DVD. “Do you need to see more?” she asked. I just sat there and shook my head. “I’m sure your parents would be shocked if they saw this wouldn’t they Mike. Their son, a pantie stealing pervert!” I just nodded. “Well if you don’t want them to see it, you know what to do.”

I knew what she wanted and I couldn’t believe my reaction. One of my fantasies was on the verge of becoming a reality and I’d lost my bottle. “What’s the matter Mike,” she asked, “lost your nerve? Maybe this will help.” As I sat there she stood up and pulled her skirt up around her waist then sat down again. She was right, I did recognise the panties she was wearing! The red satin ones that had started all this off. “Did they feel nice Mike? Did they feel good that first time?” As she spoke, she ran her fingers over the crotch where they covered her cunt lips. The exact place where I’d deposited half a dozen loads of my teenage cumm. Now being your normal horny teenager, the sight of Mrs. Evans sitting there, her legs open wide stroking her pussy and the only thing between me and it, a thin layer of red satin, my cock began hardening again and when she slipped a finger inside them my mind was made up!!!

Without getting up, I unclipped the top of my jeans and lowered my zip. My cock was now fully hard again and as I pulled the top of my jeans apart the bulge of my erection was obvious. Not wanting to take things too fast, instead of getting my cock out, I pushed the panties down the front of my boxers and wrapped the lacy material around my cock. Mrs. Evans’s eyes were locked on my crotch as I worked her panties up and down my length. I looked across at her and saw that she was now really working her fingers into her cunt and I could actually hear how wet she was. I could feel the different texture of the lace as it smoothed over my knob and knew that I was leaking pre-cum. I also knew that if I carried on at this rate I would be shooting my load soon, very soon. I needed to slow things down!!!

I pushed the front of my boxers down, exposing my lace covered cock. After unwrapping it I draped Mrs. Evans’s panties over it and put my hands behind my head. I saw puzzled look cross Mrs. Evans’s face, not sure what I was doing. I was about to something I’d learned while playing her panties. With my cock hidden by the white lace, I flexed my stomach muscles, causing my cock to twitch under it. I saw Mrs. Evans smile. “Ooh,” she said, “there’s something alive under there Mike. Do it again.” I did as she asked but this time really put some effort into it and my cock jumped so much that the panties slid off it. “Mmm,” she said, “you are a big boy aren’t you Mike.” Now I’ve never considered myself big, but looking back I suppose seven inches was on the well endowed size for a sixteen year old and her compliment made me feel good. I began to show off now, flexing my stomach muscles and making my cock jerk violently.

Mrs. Evans scowled across at me. “That’s enough messing around Mike, show me what you do with my panties, as if I didn’t know.” Wrapping the panties around my cock again, I started to slide the lacy material up and down my shaft and closed my eyes to intensify the sensation. In my mind it was Mrs. Evans’s fingers around my cock and I groaned softly. I worked the panties over my knob, smearing my pre-cum over it. Again it wasn’t my pre-cum, it was Mrs. Evans’s wet cunt on my knob. As I sat there in my own little world of fantasies, I heard Mrs. Evans groan and on opening my eyes, I was treated to the sight of her, mature cunt. Her eyes were still locked on my lace covered cock but now, she’d eased the crotch of her panties aside and I could see her slim fingers sliding in and out of her hole. I must have stopped for a moment, because she suddenly looked at me. “Who told you to stop Mike,” she said, “keep going. I want to see you cumm in my panties.” I resumed my stroking, this time keeping my eyes open though. Seeing the real thing was better than any fantasy. As my own orgasm got closer it was a struggle to keep them open though but I persevered and as I felt my cumm coursing up my shaft, Mrs. Evans spoke again. “Take the panties off just before you cumm Mike, I want to see your cock spurt. I want to see your cumm flying.” Two minutes later Mrs. Evans got what she wanted and as I pulled the panties off my cock, it erupted, sending a jet of my cumm into the air. “Oh yes that’s it Mike,” she groaned and I saw her back arch up off the chair. “I’m coming Mike, I’m coming too.” With that she let out what was almost a howl as her whole body went rigid and I could see her cumm flooding from her pussy. For my part, I just kept pumping my fist up and down my shaft, sending spurt after spurt from the tip of my cock. As my orgasm subsided, so did Mrs. Evans’s and we both sat there for a couple of minutes recovering.

“Right Mike,” that’ll do for tonight, you can put it away now.” Her words snapped me out of my fantasy and I looked across at her. “Have you ever been with a girl Mike,” she asked. Grudgingly I admitted that I hadn’t. I saw her smile at my confession then she stood up. “Well I think I’m going to enjoy being your first teaching you what to do Mike, but like I said that’s enough for tonight. I’ll let you know when your next lesson is.” Then she walked to the lounge door. “You’d better get home before your parents get back. I’ll call you when I know you’re alone.” With that she led me back down the hallway and showed me out of the door. “See you soon, and don’t forget to use these,” she said as she handed me the white lace panties and just before she closed the door behind me she added, “and don’t bother to wash them this time.”

All that week I made good use of the white lace panties, wanking off into them every night, my mind filled with the image of Mrs. Evan’s fingers inside them playing with her cunt. I was beginning to think she’d had her fun with me and I wasn’t going to get a call from her but on the Saturday afternoon when my mother was in town shopping and my dad had gone fishing, the phone rang. I picked it up and my cock sprang instantly to attention. “Hello Mike, how are my panties, nice and stiff I hope? I know you’re mother and father are going out tonight so I want you round here ten minutes after they’ve gone. Understood? It’s time for your second lesson.” This wasn’t so much an invitation as an order but I wasn’t going to argue.

My parents left the house at seven and I was at Mrs. Evans’s front door, white lace panties in hand, ten minutes later. I was about to knock, when it swung open and Mrs. Evans stood there smiling. “That’s what I like Mike, punctuality and I see you’ve brought the panties with you.” She stood aside and I stepped inside. “The lounge I think,” she said, pointing down the hallway. I felt like a naughty schoolboy as I walked in-front of her.

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