Cum Drunk

by Meatbot

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Erotica Sex Story: A girl is tricked by a frat house into performing oral sex on all its members.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   School   .

Holly Harmes enjoyed college, but mostly she liked living on her own. She was ready, after eighteen years of being a kid, to be master of her own destiny. Almost immediately, she began to try and find ways she could make the best of her new-found freedom.

Holly lived in the dorms, in a pair of rooms with three other girls. The girls all got along fairly well, and life was enjoyable except for those occasional times when their periods synced. As far as boys, Holly played the field a little bit at first, and burned through a string of hunky young guys, but she didn’t feel the need to tie herself down right away.

One night Shasta, a girl that roomed with her, told her about a frat party off campus. “There’ll be booze, and guys, and loud music, and guys, and lots of booze. Did I mention guys?”

Holly rolled her eyes, but she was interested. She knew that most frat boys were fairly rich, even though a high percentage of them were also assholes. Well, she could live with that, if it meant being treated like a queen for a night. She also knew that frat guys usually expected their girls to put out, and ... she could live with that, too. She was really to play around. She wasn’t a virgin, by any stretch, but she felt like it was time to widen her horizons a bit. And maybe widen something else, if she could find Mr. Right. Mr. hung-like-a-horse Right. Her list of requirements was actually pretty short.

She got the details from Shasta, and later talked to Adrianna, her best friend and roomie. They decided to just casually show up Friday evening, like they were invited, and let what would happen happen. Surely the guys wouldn’t kick them out, they were both fairly foxy, they thought at the same time, looking at themselves objectively. Surely they would be allowed to enter. Allowed, hell, they’d probably be dragged inside. Holly thought of some things she could wear to speed the process along.

By Friday evening, Adrianna was a little more reticent. Holly pooh-pooh her, laughing. “What’s the worst that could happen?” she asked her friend.

“I dunno...” said Adrianna. “I’ve heard some crazy shit that’s happened at frat houses before. So have you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” said Holly, still laughing. “That shit only happens at the big schools. We only make the news here for stupid shit, like people sliding down flagpoles and ripping their asshole out.”

Last year a guy had done that, he had gotten hung up on a cleat while hanging a flag from an opposing school on the flagpole. It was the biggest news in years, and he didn’t get much sympathy because of the school he was from. Too bad for him, especially since he’d be wearing diapers for the rest of his life. Holly laughed some more.

“Come on, it’ll be fun ... I promise...”

“Shit, Holly ... I think I’ll go home this weekend anyway...”

Holly shook her head. What a spoil-sport. Well, what the hell. She’d see if Shasta wanted to go. She looked the other girl up.

“I dunno...” said Shasta, “I’ve heard crazy mad shit goes on at frat houses.”

“Goddam it,” said Holly, peeved. “Who’s startin’ all these fuckin’ rumors? How bad could it be?”

“Well, okay,” said Shasta, “I’ll go, but if the guys start disrespectin’ me, I am fuckin’ outa there.”

Holly laughed. She wasn’t going for respect, she was going for fun. Maybe a little booze, and maybe a little fuckin’. The way she’d felt the last few nights ... the fucking was almost a sure thing. Surely she could find one studly man among the boys.

That night she finally finished her homework, and looked over at Adrianna’s bed. The other girl had gone to bed an hour ago, lucky bitch. Holly went down the hall to the john and peed and brushed her teeth, then returned to their room. She dropped her jeans, kicked her socks off, pulled her t-shirt over her head, and was unsnapping her bra when she heard Adrianna whisper.

“Looook ... I am yuh fath-uh...”

Holly laughed, and shook her head. Why she’d ever told the girl she’d liked those movies as a kid was beyond her. They did this almost every night now. She leaned down, and put her face in Adrianna’s.

“Only a master of eve-ill, Darth,” she said, and kissed Adrianna on the lips.

“Mmm...” said the other girl. They kissed again, slower.

“Darlin’,” Holly finally said, laying down on top of Adrianna. Damn, these beds are narrow, she thought for the thousandth time. It was cool enough in the room by now she had chill bumps. Everything stopped for a minute while Adrianna helped her crawl under the sheet and blanket.

“Holly...” Adrianna said, before she could start again.

“What ... mmm...” said Holly, pressing her lips to the other girls mouth yet again.

“I thought ... we’d decided ... to slow down...” said Adrianna, stopping a few times for more kisses.

“We decided to slow down, yes. But we didn’t decide to stop,” said Holly.

“I thought we decided only on the weekend...” said Adrianna, her breath hot in Holly’s face.

“Yeah, yeah, well it’s Thursday, that’s fuckin’ close enough,” said Holly, taking the other girl’s earlobe in her teeth.

“Ouch. Okay. But not all night, please? I gotta have my sleep, I almost fell asleep in Durham’s class again.”

“Sorry ‘bout last night,” Holly apologized. “I know, I get carried away sometimes.”

“Baby...” whispered Adrianna, “I’m not complaining. I love this shit, and I love you.”

“Oh, darlin’, I love you too...” whispered Holly back. “If you just had a cock, we’d be the perfect couple...”

“You picky little bitch...” whispered Adrianna, licking the inside of Holly’s ear. Holly purred like a kitten. So what if the party sucked. This was almost as fun as getting her cunt filled with man-meat. She knew what was going to happen in the next few minutes. Adrianna was going to slide down her stomach and do what she did best. The girl was the best cunt licker in the school, bar none. Holly knew once she got her started she’d go for hours. This was as much fun as any old dumb party. And guys? Fuck guys. She didn’t need guys, not as long as Adrianna still had a tongue. She smashed her mouth against her roommate’s, and tasted the other girl’s spit in her mouth.

Holly didn’t have any classes on Friday, so she just sat around the apartment and waited for evening. Shasta showed up, and a little after six they dressed. Holly wore a tight, almost blindingly white miniskirt that barely covered her pussy. She hadn’t had the nerve to wear it out in public yet, and she almost covered it with her jacket at the last minute. Shasta, a little more conservatively dressed, giggled at her.

“Fuck it,” said Holly, tossing her jacket on the bed. It was brisk enough outside she knew her nipples would pop through the top. She felt like there was no way they’d get turned down at the door. She’d shaved her legs this morning, and, on impulse, shaved her pussy for the first time in a year or two. She felt all nice and smooth down there, and she had topped it off with a tiny white thong. She felt like she was ready have the affair of her life. She knew once she sat down and crossed her legs, any guy in the place would be hers. And with that thong, she’d had to cross them. It was almost literally dental floss.

The girls walked down the sidewalk and out of the dorm complex. They looked at each other and giggled when they heard tires screeching on the road next to them. A car went by slowly and guys hung out the window and hooted at them. The apes, thought Holly. What a bunch of classless thugs. She was ready to meet a real gentleman, tonight. One that knew how to treat a lady.

They approached frat row at last. Holly had a chill, feeling the breeze blow on places that were usually sheltered. She suppressed a shiver, knowing it wouldn’t look sexy. They finally came up the sidewalk, and stood at the door of Kappa Omega Kappa. A few flowerpots filled with pathetic dead plants sat on the windowsill. The place needed a paintjob, bad. And what was that smell? The building looked deserted, on top of everything. There’s a party here? wondered Holly. Fearlessly she pressed the doorbell.

The wind blew under her skirt again, making her shiver. Damn, where the fuck are they? she wondered.

At last the door slowly creaked open. A kid stood there, literally, a kid. Is this somebody’s little brother? Holly wondered.

“Hi,” she said, in her best Southern-girl accent. “Has the party started?”

“Party?” the kid said. Holly looked down and saw him holding a beer. Where there’s beer, surely there’s a party, she thought.

“Yeah,” she said. “Thuh party.”

“Uh...” the kid said. He looked up and down her, stopping for a noticeable pause at the hem of her skirt. He was no dummy. He knew what was hidden by less than an inch of cloth.

“It’s just starting,” said an authoritative voice behind him. The kid stood back, and they entered.

In spite of the freezing wind blowing up their asses, Holly and Shasta walked slowly into the main living room of the frat house. Seven or eight guys laid around on couches and chairs, staring at them. The room was a pit, totally trashed. Old milk cartons and TV dinner trays littered the floor. And that smell. She heard Shasta clear her throat behind her.

“Well, good evening, ladies,” said a boy, coming forward. Boy? This was a man, finally. Tall, lanky and handsome ... this is more like it, thought Holly. A few more of these would be nice. She looked around.

Well, maybe he’s the pick of the litter. Surely there were more men around. It was just boys in the room, at the moment. She could hear music playing, coming from a hallway. Is that where the party was?

“We just heard there was a party goin’ on here,” she explained to the cute guy. He reached for her hand, and she gave it to him. He leaned down and kissed it, like she was a high class lady or something. She giggled.

“I am truly charmed,” he said. “My name is Ralph.”

“I’m Holly,” she said, and motioned to the girl behind her. Then she looked again, doing a double take, seeing the door close on Shasta’s butt. You bitch! she had time to think. You fuckin’ bitch! Runnin’ out on me!

“I’m sorry your friend ... had to leave in such a rush,” said Ralph, in his smooth baritone. The guy talked like he was in a play or something. He’d said charmed earlier, but she was the one charmed, now.

“Please,” he said, “have a seat!”

He swept an crumpled assortment of porno mags into the floor, and helped her sit in a chair. She smiled at him. She was vaguely aware of the nine or ten other guys in the room staring at her like they’d never seen a girl before. She wondered when the last time a female had entered this room. Not even the maid had been here in a while, it looked like.

“The party hasn’t actually begun yet,” said Ralph. “We are waiting on the refreshments to arrive. Would you like to come to my room and view my etchings?”

In spite of liking him, she almost snorted at that one. She wondered if it was a joke. What a prehistoric pickup line. She looked at Ralph. He was a hunk. Yeah, she thought. Fuck the etchings. I’d like to see your room. I might even like to stare at your ceiling for a while.

“Certainly,” she said.

“Oh, I am an inhospitable host,” he said, dramatically placing his hand on his forehead. “May I offer you a refreshment?”

“Uhm,” she said. “Got a beer?”

“Oh, that we have. Most certainly,” he said, and nodded at one of the guys behind him. The kid that had answered the door stepped forward, and Ralph whispered to him. The kid took off down the hallway.

He returned with a can, and Ralph thoughtfully popped the top for her. She smiled at him and gave him a small toast, and then took a sip.

Holly, though a fairly typical and normal young adult, did have an almost amazing amount of self control. It was tested to the limit on that day, as she drew a swig of bitter pig piss into her mouth. It was all she could do to keep from spraying it all over Ralph the mouth, but she didn’t. She swallowed, and gasped. The look of adulation in Ralph’s eyes turned to admiration. He knew how bad the cheap shit was. This is one tough little bitch, he told himself. This one might be a challenge.

Holly placed the can on an end table, making a silent vow to let it stand there for all eternity. She would not touch it again. Ralph put his hand down to her, and she took it and rose. He led her from the living area down the hallway to a small bedroom. On his exit from the room he had given some hasty and whispered instructions the the door kid to “let the party begin”, unquote. The kid had nodded, and raced away.

Holly was no dummy. She knew by now there was no party here. She was already planning her graceful exit, possibly after giving Ralph her cell number. But she followed him to his room, and stood gazing about her in surprise as he shut the door.

The guy wasn’t lying. He had etching, he had fucking etching hanging on his wall. Well, artwork, pictures, whatever. And goodness, she thought. Those people are ... they are fucking.

She looked at the other wall. All his so-called “etchings” were erotic in nature. Some of them looked very old, or rather the people in them looked old. And that man ... goodness ... that man had an enormous ... she remembered some of the prehistoric porn she’d had to read in a literature class ... the man had an enormous “member.” She smiled to herself.

“Ralph...” she said. His eyebrows raised when she spoke his name. “Ralph ... you have very interesting tastes...”

He laughed. “I have many interests...” he said. “Making beautiful young ladies laugh and smile is foremost among them. Holly, dearest ... I keep the good stuff in my room. Forget that horse piss ... here ... try this!”

He opened a bottle with a corkscrew, and it popped like a gunshot, making her jump. He smiled and she giggled. He produced two wineglasses, and poured an inch into each of them. He handed her a glass, and then swirled his around and sniffed it.

“A delicate bouquet...” he said. “Reminds me of ... Paris ... the spring before the war ... my grandfather sat on the veranda of a small restaurant, and sang about love to a girl that was much like you. Her name was Miranda. My family often laughs about Grandpa and Miranda on the veranda.”

She smiled, though his story was horrible, and the wine was almost as nasty tasting as the beer. This is culture, bitch, she told herself. Get that shit down, and like it. She took another sip, willing her nose to stop tingling. Do not sneeze on this man, she told herself.

Ralph blabbed on. She wondered if he’d read this shit somewhere, or if he was making it up as he went along. The guy had a career if he wanted it, she thought. She wasn’t sure if it was seductable quality material, but he did say funny things every now and then, although sometimes he probably didn’t intend on them being so funny. She just smiled and nodded.

He seated her on his bed, and sat beside her holding her hand in his paw. He asked her about what she was studying, and where she had grown up, and what were her goals in life?

“Goals?” she said blankly. She didn’t actually have goals, yet. Just to get through the next twenty minutes looked like a tough one.

“Yes, your dreams, your hopes and aspirations,” he said grandly. He suddenly dropped to his knees before her, still squeezing her hands in hers.

“My single dream,” he said, “is nothing more than to spend an hour between your wonderful thighs.”

Goodness, he doesn’t waste time, she thought. To the point.

“Ralph,” she said, shaking her head. “I like you. You are sweet, and funny. But I don’t know you that well. Not for something like that.”

“Oh, we must change that,” he said. “We must make that happen. You must know me, and I you.”

An hour later she felt like she knew him pretty well. Possibly even better than necessary. They had sat and talked and sipped wine, and she felt herself relaxing and getting looser. The room was nice and warm, and other than occasional risque comments, he was almost a gentleman.

Ralph had risen from the floor, and sat beside her, so close their knees touched. His hand, occasionally touched her, too. She didn’t mind that much. She was warming up to him, just like he’d intended.

“Holly, my dearest,” he whispered, and placed his mouth to her ear when she bent down. “I want to rub you down with baby oil. I want to massage you, and make you feel good. I want to feel you beneath my fingers. May I, darling?”

“Ralph ... I dunno...” that did sound kinda like fun. She liked to be rubbed. And he looked like he had big strong hands. He stood.

“Just sit up slightly,” he said, taking the hem of her miniskirt in his hand. She did, wondering why she was following his orders so meekly. Was it just because he was handsome and, so far, fairly thoughtful and polite? He carefully drew her dress over her head. She sat, almost naked, except for a small bra and that tiny thong. Almost as an afterthought she covered her crotch with her hand.

He reached his hands around her, and she felt his fingers on her bra strap. “May I?” he said, although he’d already done it, when he asked. He slid her bra down her arms.

“Oh, you are divine,” he said, and she felt like he really meant it, it wasn’t just sweet talk this time. She knew she had nice tits, enough guys had told her in the past. Adrianna had even told her, just last night.

“Ralph...” she said shyly. “Please lock the door.”

“The door is fine,” he said in his hypnotic drone. He kept talking, but she didn’t really hear what he said. She took another sip of wine. The shit didn’t taste that bad, now. She gulped down the rest of it, and he refilled her wineglass. She felt his tentative touch on her nipple. He was easy and gentle, and it felt good. She liked having her tits played with. And fuck, were her nipples ever hard. Her nipples usually stayed hard, but this time it was special.

“Where’s that rackbub ... backrub...” she finally said. Her tongue wasn’t working right, for some reason.

“Just lay down on your stomach, darlin’,” smooth-talking Ralph said. She lay down on his bed and sighed. She felt good. Tired, but good. She closed her eyes, and felt his hard, strong hands knead her shoulders. She flinched as something cold dropped on her back, and then she giggled. Baby oil. He rubbed it in, over and over, up and down her back. His hands were as hypnotic as his voice. She yawned, and wondered what Adrianna was doing right about now. Will I get my midnight kiss here or there? she thought to herself.

“Holly, baby...” she heard Ralph say. She mumbled something. His hands went lower and lower, down her back, and she flinched as he squeezed her ass. She flinched, but it felt good. She sighed and mumbled. He squeezed harder, digging his fingers into her bare ass. She felt him spread her butt cheeks apart, moving the strap of her thong, and she knew he was looking at her butthole. She giggled, instead of being upset.

This went on for quite some time. It was relaxing, and felt good. It felt good to have her ass massaged and squeezed. She was sure it felt good for him, too. Everybody likes to squeeze a little ass.

“Turn over, darling,” he said. “I have something I want you to see...”

She sighed again, and slowly rolled over, looking at him. He was standing beside the bed, his hands on his hips, and right away she saw what he wanted her to see. He had pulled his cock and balls out of the zipper slit of his jeans. He stood there, arrogantly, maybe even a bit, uhm, cocky. Like he had something to be proud of.

Holy shit, said Holly to herself. That is something to be proud of. Ralph had a pretty goddam impressive cock. At least eight inches long, although she was a girl and feet and inches didn’t always add up in her mind. But, shit. He was a monster. She smiled up at him, not even remembering to be shocked.

“Ralphie. You got a nice weenie,” she said, a lazy smile on her face. He smiled back down. He knew he did. She wasn’t the first that had told him that. He even had a girlfriend who regularly reminded him of that. But his girlfriend wasn’t as sweet as this sweet young thing laying in his bed. He licked his lips, hoping to hell his girlfriend didn’t come checking up on him this evening. That would be ... unpleasant.

“Darling Holly,” he said. “You may use my body any way you see fit, for your pleasure. I give myself to you.”

She took a deep breath, and reached her hand out. Holly want, she thought. Holly want now. He felt hard, hard and warm. She rubbed down his shaft, finally sitting up and grabbing him with both hands. He felt fabulous in her hands, just like what a cock should feel. I’m through with boys, she thought. I’m ready for a man.

He let her play for a while, then slowly inched forward. She didn’t require much of a hint, and finally, holding his monster delicately in one hand, she leaned down and took him in her lips. At first she just slurped around on the tip, feeling the hard cap of his cock on her inner lips, but she finally sucked him in as deep as she could. Damn, she thought, that feels cool. And huge, the damn thing felt like a fucking summer sausage in her mouth. This was just too damn cool.

Ralph let out a sigh of relief. He’d thought it would be his hand again, tonight. But, damn. A knock on the door, later, he was getting a nice knobber. The girl was no Linda Lovelace, but she had some suction, and a little bit of style. She rubbed the back of his cap with her teeth, almost enough to hurt, ran her tongue around the cap, and then teased his piss-hole. He sighed again, and relaxed. He could do this all night, if she could.

But then, damn. A creak from the door. It was a guy named Jerry, peeking in. Ralph motioned him to go away, but Jerry opened the door even further. Then he made a blow-job motion with his hand, opening his mouth.

“Later,” Ralph mouthed, irritated. These guys. This was his girl. Although ... the deal was, if a girl came in, share and share alike. This was just the first time it had happened. There wasn’t a true protocol established. And ... he’d taken the initiative. He’d taken care of her, while the other guys just stared and drooled.

Jerry finally backed away, and shut the door. Holly looked up and the click of the lock, but her eyes were still focused for looking at his cock. He almost smiled. What an innocent little thing she was. Truly, this was his lucky day.

They went another ten or fifteen minutes, and two more interruptions from the door before he finally gave up, and told his prostate to go for it.

“Baby, get ready,” he said softly, and moments later he filled her mouth. His balls were as impressive as his cock, and she held it in until the last squirt, gulping as fast as she could. Still some dribbled out, and she giggled helplessly as it dripped on her knees.

“Oh, thank you, darling,” Ralph gushed, finally pulling his softening cock from her tired mouth. “You were wonderful. I am a lucky guy.”

Fuck yeah, she thought. But, you’d better get that bitch pumped back up, pretty quick. I wanna be lucky, too.

He sat beside her, and they cuddled for a while. She woke up a little, but she still felt fuzzy and tired. That goddam wine, she thought. Wine. Where was her glass? She took another sip. That shit’s not bad at all, she told herself, draining the glass again.

“Darling...” Ralph continued to talk, non-stop. “Darling ... in a few minutes I am going to make love to you ... like what you deserve. I want to send you to heaven and back. I want to make you scream in ecstasy. But first ... take a few moments and look at this...”

She looked up, and saw him holding his phone. What the fuck? she thought. That picture ... it looked familiar ... shit, it was her. It was her, sucking his dick. Sucking his fucking cock. The next picture was the top of her head, and a few inches of his cock, obviously going into her mouth.

“What the fuck?” she said, looking at him. She tried to grab the phone, but he easily kept it out of her reach.

“Don’t worry, darling,” he said hurriedly, “I will show these to no one.”

“You’d better the fuck not,” she growled. She was wide awake, now.

“Of course not. I’m sure you’ll be ... cooperative ... we are friends, now. And friends help each other out.”

“What do you mean,” she said. She looked around for her blouse and skirt but didn’t see them.

“Holly ... my fraternity brothers are my brothers, just like my real brothers. Well, if I had any, they would be.”

She was silent for a minute, and stared at him.

“And?” she finally said.

“I just want you to be as friendly to them as you have to me,” Ralph said. She snorted.

“You mean, you want me to give them blowjobs,” she said. She shook her head. And she’d fallen for this motherfucker. She’d put his dick in her mouth.

“Holly, Holly,” he said soothingly. “If that’s what you want to do, yes. I hope you’ll be receptive to making the boys happy. That’s what this world needs, a little more happiness.”

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