A Gift for Dad

by Meatbot

Copyright© 2016 by Meatbot

Erotica Sex Story: A son offers to share his girlfriend with his lonely father.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Petting   .

Zachary South lived with his father, in a nice house on an a small family farm, out a ways from town. Zack didn’t remember his mother, she’d disappeared long long ago, when he was just two or three. Stupid bitch, from what little his father had ever told him about her. They were better off without her. He got along well with his father, except for a few years when he was thirteen or so, but now that he was sixteen, everything seemed to be fine.

Zack felt sorry for his father at times, the guy didn’t really seem to have a life. He worked sixty hours a week, and the rest of the time he spent in front of the TV. Well, not really, he went to the gym a few times a week ... and he hunted some ... but he still didn’t really seem to have a life. And he had never had but one girlfriend, in all the years Zack remembered. And now she was long gone.

That’s where the idea started, really. Zack tried to think of the women that he knew, and which ones might go out with his dad. As far as he could tell, though, all the women he knew were married or hooked up. What to do, what to do, he thought. There’s gotta be something I can do.

Zack had just become sexually active, himself. That’s probably why this was on his mind so much. And all thanks to one girl. Serenity Smith. How he was lucky enough to ever end up with her, he wasn’t sure. She was the foxiest, sexiest girl in the whole school, and she seemed to belong totally to him, for reasons he couldn’t figure out. He was not a football star. He did not make straight A’s. He didn’t even have a nice car. Why the hell did she ever select him? He couldn’t figure it out, he just ran with it. She was the best thing that’d ever happened to him. He knew that. She knew that. All his friends new it, and they constantly reminded him of it. He knew that these were the best years of his life, and a small part of him mourned how empty and dead is life would be, when and if she finally tired of him and left him. He accepted the inevitability of that, in a way, and took what he could of her sweetness, living for the moment.

He’d even been the one to pop her cherry. And, of course, she popped his too, his symbolic guy cherry. They had done it in the barn, up in the hayloft, on a chilly winter Saturday when his dad had been called back into work. It was everything he’d hoped it would be, sexy and fun and momentous ... she came like crazy, and she’d smiled up at him after it was over, and he felt more love for her than he thought he could stand. He felt like the greatest stud in the world. She was so perfect. And she was all his.

They fucked every chance they got, and she’d gotten her mother to get her on the pill, “just in case.” Her dad didn’t know, of course. Zack often wondered what his dad would think if he knew that his boy was fucking a girl, now. He knew his dad would be upset, but he liked to think he’d be a little proud, too. Especially when he met her, because she was such a fox. His dad wasn’t an uptight religious nut, or anything like that ... he knew his dad just wanted what was best for him. She is, he thought. She’s what’s best for me.

One dark winter night he was talking to Serenity on his phone. She was being sweet, and slightly dirty, and he was idly jacking his cock as he listened to her.

“Whatcha doin’ now,” she said.

“Just listenin’ to a girl yap,” he said.

“Are you touching it?”


“Does the sound of my voice get you off?”


“Jerk it ... for me...”

“Say something sexy, then.”

“Oh, I want you, Zack ... I want your body ... I want your cum on my face, your finger in my ass, and your fat dick in my cunt.”


“Jeezus what?”

“You sound like a phone sex line.”

“How would you know that?”

“So I’ve heard.”

“That wasn’t sexy though?”

“That was intensely fucking sexy, yes.”

“Did you cum?”

“No, I haven’t really started yet.”

“I’m touching mine, now.”

“Oh shit.”

“I’m rubbing my little clitty bump, and thinking about the last time we went up in the hayloft.”

“Oh shit.”

“Zack. You were very sweet. You made me cum and cum and cum. Nobody else has ever done that for me.”

“Oh shit. I hope not.”

“No, you are the only one. You are my only one. I stuck my finger in it, when I said that. Way in. Like where your cock-a-doodle-doo goes.”

“Oh shit.”

“Say something other than oh shit.”

“Oh fuck.”

“Fuck, Zack, we gotta get together again. Sometimes soon. This finger shit ain’t really workin’ for me. Is your dad gonna work Saturday? I’ll ride my bike over, if he is.”

“Serenity, just come over no matter what. He won’t know, and he wouldn’t care if he did. We’ll just disappear up into the hayloft. He won’t have any idea where we are.”

“I can’t be ... noisy, though, if he’s around.”

“Maybe you can not be noisy, Serenity.”

“I don’t know if I can do that. I can’t make any promises.”

“Serenity. Do you know any single available women my dad’s age?”

“No. Sorry. Why?”

“He needs a girlfriend. He needs a life. All he does is work.”

“Work, and babysit you.”

“Pretty much. I’m tryin’ to fix him up with somebody, but I can’t find anybody.”

“I’ll keep my eye peeled. Did you put an ad on Craigslist?”

“No ... I’m not that desperate yet...”

“Well, shit.”

“Yes. Shit.”

“I gotta go, Zack. Dinner’s ready.”

“Night. I love you.”

“Night. I love you.”

Zack hung up, and finished, thinking of Serenity. She was just too much. She was the sexiest thing alive. Maybe this weekend, he thought. Maybe she’ll come over this weekend. Shit. I should have saved it.

She did come over, that weekend. And to his delight, his dad went to a gun show with his buddies. He waited impatiently for Serenity to show up. She finally came down the lane, on her bike, and he was at the gate.

“We got two hours baby, get your ass up in the hayloft,” he said, and she stared at him, her mouth opened.

“Well,” she finally said. “Pleased to meet you, too.”

“Come on, Serenity. I’ll lick you ... we got time for me to lick you...”

Serenity liked being licked. She dropped her bike, and he followed her up into the hayloft. They had glorious, wonderful sex for two hours, with lots of licking. Finally they cuddled up under an old quilt, and feeling the delightful smooth feeling of naked body rubbing against naked body. After a while a truck came down the hill, and turned into the drive.

“Oh, shit!” he said, jumping up. “It’s my dad!” He furiously started getting dressed.

“I thought you said he wouldn’t care. He wouldn’t know, you said.”

“Well, let’s not tempt fate. Serenity. Put your clothes on, and lets go in and see him. You’ve never met him, right?”

“I’ve never met him right.” she said, slowly pulling her panties up. He found her bra and turned it inside out for her. She turned her bra back the way it was supposed to be. “Why must I meet him?” she asked.

“Because you will be part of the family someday,” he said, hoping with all his might.

“I see. Well, okay. But what if he doesn’t like me?”

“He’ll like you. He’ll like the shit outa you.”

Zack was right. His dad, Ben, liked the shit out her. She was pretty likeable, so that wasn’t surprising. He asked her to stay for dinner, and he even talked to her mom when she called home to ask. All was fine. Then he decided there was nothing suitable to fix, so he ended up taking them out to a fancy restaurant. At the end of the evening, he let Zack take her home in the truck, so he could take her bicycle, also.

They sat in her driveway, separated by a reasonable distance, just in case someone was peeking out a window.

“So, what’d you think. Are you gonna help me find him a girlfriend.”

“Oh, yes, I suppose so. I’ll keep my eye peeled, like I said.”

“It is very important that she be likeable to me, too. I don’t wanna live with a bitch, if they hook up.”

“Yes, I will keep that in mind. Any other requirements?”

“She must be fairly foxy and pleasant to look at. I don’t wanna have to see an old crone all the time.”

“You will have me. That is not a strict requirement.”

“Okay, okay. Just pick out somebody you’d like to live with.”

“Me? Suddenly it’s all on me?”

“No, I’m still looking, too. Do you know Miss Crane, at school? Do you know if she’s shacked up or anything?”

“I do not possess that information. She’s kind of a bitch, though.”

“Yes, I thought so too. Just thinking.”

“Well, I’ll think too. But I’m much more interested about when we can hook up again.”

“Maybe tomorrow afternoon?”

“Tomorrow is what, Sunday?”


“Possibly. Let me consult my calender,” she said. She looked at her phone. After a moment, she said, “Yes. Sunday is good. If my Mom says I can.”

“Serenity. You are sixteen years old. Does your mom still have to tell you what you can and can’t do?”

“Yes, since she is the guardian of my precious virginity. She has veto power.”

“Heh,” he said, thinking of her precious long-gone virginity. That was something he thought of every day, something he would remember for a long, long time. He was proud of that one. He did good.

“Goodnight, darling. I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“Goodnight. I love you too.”

A quick chaste little kiss, and he drove home, bemused, and thinking furiously. His dad. It was a challenge, now.



“You ever thought about getting another girlfriend?”

A few seconds of silence.

“Yeah, hell yeah. It just hasn’t happened yet. It will, eventually.”

“I think it’d be good for you.”

“Yeah, yeah. I do work a lot, though. My time is limited.”

“You don’t have to, but you do, yes.”

“I do, yes.”

“Well, me and Serenity ... are kinda looking for one, for you.” There. He just came out and said it.

Some laughter.

“You guys are looking for me? A girlfriend? Well, thank you. Please let me know when you find her.”

“It’s not that funny. Serenity agrees with me, she thinks you need somebody. Everybody needs somebody.”

“True. Well, thanks. I appreciate the thought.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Your girlfriend is quite the little prize. You are very lucky.”

“Yeah, I know. She tells me that. Everybody tells me that.”

“She’s very cute. And I could tell she’s smart, too.”

“Yes, she’s very smart. Possibly too smart.”

“Well, she’s smart enough to pick a good boyfriend. You are a good guy. I’m sure you treat her right.”

“Yes, I have no choice. I don’t dare lose her, I’ll never find another like her, I know.”

“Well, just treat her right, and maybe she’ll stick around.”


“If I was twenty years younger ... I’d be fighting you tooth and nail for her.”

“Heh. Yeah, dad. Like you’d have a chance.”

“Hey. I was quite the ladies man, back in the day.”

“Yeah, and look at the loser you picked.”

“Well, that one was an accident.”

“Dad ... was I an accident?”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that. No, you were planned, and expected. And appreciated.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

Sadly, Serenity did not get to come over Sunday afternoon. She had family crap to do, she said. He understood. Maybe next time. She did agree to go get something to eat after school with him the next day. At least she wasn’t embarrassed to be seen in his stupid car with him. The anti-makeout-mobile, as he thought of it. It had no back seat. Just a ledge thing, and then the trunk opened into it. What was that shit, he thought. Who thought that shit up? What’s a kid supposed to do?

When Zack finally fixed his dad up, a few weeks later, it was a disaster. The woman, a friend of Serenity’s mother, was nice looking, but so totally anal about everything the date was a disaster. His dad came home early, shaking his head. The woman had picked about the food, and sent it back to the kitchen three or four times. She bitched because he did not park the car straight, and her door would hit the car beside it, which it probably would have done even if it were straight. She adjusted his collar several times, and freaked because a small piece of tape was stuck on the tip of his shoe. It just went on and on, and Zack and he had a good laugh over it.

“I will probably do my own selecting, from now on,” his dad finally said, and Zack sighed.

“Just tryin’ to help, dad,” he said, and his father nodded.

“Appreciated. But let’s just let it happen naturally, instead of rushing it.”


That Thursday, he took Serenity to Hardlee’s, in his car. They sat in a booth for an hour, and talked. She finally scooted all the way over, and cuddled against him. He put his hands around her and pulled her to him.

“Zack. I been thinkin’,” she said, and he nodded.

“I knew you would start, at some point,” he said.

“Really. I been thinkin’ serious shit,”

“Yes, I suppose that is inevitable, once you start thinking.”

“Fuck you. Listen to me. This is very serious, and may have long term ramifications to our relationship, if you take it wrong.”

“Okay...” what the fuck was she jabbering about?

“Zack. I been thinkin’ seriously about something, since I met your dad. Your dad is very cool. I like him a lot.”

“Yes, he is cool. He’s a nice guy.”

“Zack ... please don’t take this wrong. Please, please. I almost don’t have the nerve to say it to you, I don’t want to screw up things between us. But I think I know you well enough, though. I think you understand me. And I think we love each other enough. We have a strong love, Zack, a one in a million. Strong enough to stand almost anything. Right?”

“Right, yes. True. I do love you, Serenity.”

“I love you, too. I want what you want. I want you to be happy, and because you want it, I want your dad to be happy.”

“Thank you. You are the sweetest ever, Serenity. I love you forever.”

“I love you forever, too. That’s why I’m gonna ask you this.”


“Zack. Just to give him hope, and to give him something to keep him going ... let me fuck your father.”

Amazingly, it didn’t really shock him that bad. It didn’t make him mad, or crush him, or anything. Maybe I’m in shock, he thought. Maybe she’s just joking. He looked at her. She looked uncharacteristically serious. Maybe not. He thought about it. She was right, his love for her was strong enough. It didn’t even freak him out to think of his father fucking her. His father was a hardbody, for an old fart. He didn’t even have a beer belly, or much in the way of love handles. She would just climb on top of him and ride him like a rodeo bronc, he knew. He realized that in his mind he’d already accepted it. If that’s what she really wanted...

That gave him some thought, though. Did she want this just for his father, or did she want some of it for herself, too? Was she wondering, after fucking him, what it would be like to fuck somebody else? And so what if she was, he thought ... he’d wondered what it was like, too ... but he didn’t care enough to fuck up what he had with her for it.

Will this fuck us up? he thought. It won’t from my side. What if they fall in love? Hah hah. Fat chance. He’s twenty something years older than her. This will just be a quick jump in the sack ... assuming it’s just this once. I love her enough to share her, he thought. I am not freaked out. I am not fucking freaked out over this.

“Serenity,” he finally said, hugging her harder.

“I love you. I appreciate what you are offering. I know my dad would appreciate it, if we can get him to accept it. It will not fuck up our relationship, I don’t think. I will still love you more than anything in the world. And I don’t think you will leave me for him. But, I’d still get to see you every day if you did.”

She poked him hard in the stomach. “Don’t make jokes. This is very serious.” she said.

“Yes, I agree. It’s serious. And, I say yes. If you can figure out a way to get him to do it, you may fuck my dad. I give you my permission. Can I watch?”

“Fuck you,” she growled. “Now, help me think of a way to break it to him.”

A week passed on that one. Zack drew a blank, every time Serenity talked about it. Which was pretty much every time they met. Zack realized that he’d have to admit to his dad that he was fucking her, first. Probably. Either that, or admit his girlfriend was not a virgin when he was. Well, that could happen. But, he decided, it would be easier to just admit it. He thought it would make his dad more likely to go for it.

Finally, they settled on a plan, of sorts. Next Saturday night, Serenity would come over, early, and spend the evening with him and his dad. She would be loving and rub about on his dad innocently, kind of get him hot and bothered. Then, with enough time left in the evening for her to do it, and get home at a reasonable hour, they could do it, while Zack watched TV or something. Zack did not get to watch, she stressed. He understood.

“Okay,” Zack said. “At some point this week I’m gonna break the news to him that we’ve been fucking for a while.”

“Yes, good idea. Only, do not say “fucking”. Say “making love” or something silly like that.”

“Yes, making love sounds much better. I’ll remember that.”

The other important thing was that Serenity get to spend enough time with the South family for all this to occur. They were talking on the phone, when she told Zack her scheme.

“I have talked to Chastity Zoer. She’s a pretty good friend anyway, and she has agreed to cover for me, with my mom. I’ve spent the night with her before, and I think I can pull it off, this time. You can take me over to her house in the morning, and my mom can come and get me there. I have already told her that the four of us...”

“There are only three of us, at this point, if you’re staying with her.” he said.

“No, there is four. She has a boyfriend, too. And my mom knows that her mom is even freakier about rapist ramboes that she is. She’ll let me go out with you because she knows that Chastity’s mom will be keeping an eye on us, and all that.”

“Serenity. Does your mom even know I exist?”

“Hell yeah. She’s seen you in the driveway before. I’ve told her all about you. Well, almost all.”


“Anyway ... Zack ... if your dad goes for it, after I do him and take a shower ... I can spend the night in your bed, right?”

Oh, hell yeah. That would be too cool. Yes, the shower part would probably be a necessity, for all involved. He didn’t want to be sliding around on his dad’s cum. Ugh. Still, that would be cool, to have her in his bed.

“Serenity. When we go away to college, this is gonna be so cool. We’ll get to do this shit every night. Hell, maybe we can even move in together.”

“Shit. Yeah. Except that first year, you have to stay in the dorms, at Northwest.”

“Yes. We’ll work something out. It’ll be killer, though.”


“So, you’ll be over about six, Saturday night? Or will we actually have to go to a movie?”

“No, Chastity and Herb are actually going to a movie, he’s picking her up, and they are supposedly going to meet us there. So her mom will not actually know if we are there, or not. She will just have to trust us.”

“Heh,” he said.

“Yes,” she said. “Heh.”

The closer it got to Saturday, the more nervous Zack got. He finally realized Thursday night that there just wasn’t any time left. He just had to tell his dad.

That night, as they ate two TV dinners in front of the TV, he finally started the ball rolling.

“Dad,” he said. “Hit the mute.”

His dad did, and then waited.

“Dad,” Zack said, summoning up his courage. “I gotta tell you something. I think you deserve to know. I respect you that much.” Butter him up good, he thought.

“Okay...” Ben said, sounding a bit puzzled.

“Dad ... I just want you to know ... Serenity and I love each other very much ... she is the one for me, I know it ... it’s not just puppy love ... Dad ... for a while now, we’ve been ... making out. Pretty heavy...”

“Okay...” his dad just stared at him. Shit, thought Zack.

“I’m trying to say ... we’ve made love ... I think you deserve to know that ... but don’t worry, she’s on the pill ... nothing will happen...”

“Zack. Thank you for confiding in me.” his dad said. “Although I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with this knowledge. You are sure she’s protected? Do you guys have any idea how much a baby would screw up your lives?”

“Yes ... I think we do. Yes, she takes her pill every day...”

“Well, all I can say is welcome to the adult world. I’m not going to give you a lecture. In this day, I suppose it’s inevitable that you kids start early. Are her parents aware of this?”

“Hell no,” Zack laughed.

“Well, be very aware of that. They might not take to kindly to you having your way with her. That is one thing to be very careful of.”

“Yes, I’m ... aware. We are careful. And we don’t do it a lot...”

“Well, good luck to you. I hope you’re right, Zack ... I hope she’s the one. She is very sweet, a very nice girl.”

Oh, thought Zack, you don’t know the half of it. But you will, you will.

“Dad,” he said. His dad raised an eyebrow.

“Sixteen is not young, any more. Most of my friends got their cherries popped when they were thirteen or fourteen. I’m in the minority.”

“Well, thanks for waiting this long.”

“When did you?”

“When did I what, lose my virginity?”

“Yeah. How old were you.”

“Well ... I almost hate to say it, but I was just fifteen. To a miss Lydia Bynes. The girl that should have been your mother.”

“Heh.” he was surprised his dad had admitted he was younger than he was. That is cool, then, he thought.

“Zack. Just keep in mind that you’re young, and you have your whole life ahead of you. There’s college, and all that. If you do tie yourself up, make sure it’s with the right person.”

“Yeah, dad. I will. I have, I am. I’m sure she’s the right one. I just hope she keeps thinking that.”

“Well, it does take two. But, if she is the right one, she’ll stick around.”

They small talked for a while longer, and Zack thought it had gone well. His dad did not freak. He did not ground him. He did not take the anti-makeout-mobile away. He just accepted it, and moved on. Good, good. Maybe we do have a chance, he thought.

That Friday, he talked to Serenity again, at length, about what they were planning on. They were sitting in McDerp’s, this time.

“And you are sure?” he asked, wanting to give her an out, before the thing got underway.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure. I’m a bit nervous, now that it’s this close.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“What if he freaks? What if he yells, and tells me to get out? What if he calls me a whore or something?”

“Serenity,” he paused. He didn’t know how to really get this part across. He’d just say it. “Serenity, my dad is not like that. I’ve never seen him get mad, except that time somebody put shit in our mailbox. He won’t call you anything. If he doesn’t agree with it, he’ll just say no. I know him that well, at least. He’ll just say no, and go on with his life.”

“And I’ll be embarrassed for the rest of mine. How can I ever face him again, if he says no?” she asked. He fervently hoped that wasn’t true. He didn’t want to lose her, if his dad said no. He didn’t even want to take the smallest chance of it.

“You can face him. He won’t treat you any different. He’s a seriously nice guy, Serenity. He’ll love you for it, for just offering, even if he says no, I think.” He really thought that, too.

“Shit. Well, okay, let’s do it.”

She came over about three. She brought a small bag with her, and they left it in his car. They played around outside for a while, he took her down to the pond, and the potato patch, or where it used to be, and they just wandered the farm for a while. They finally found his dad, working on a mower in the barn, and sat and talked with him for a long time. Zack felt like the progression of events had started. He could tell his dad really liked Serenity, his dad was noticeably different around her, to someone who knew him well. He was louder and funnier, and more animated. Pretty girls just do that, Zack knew. And this one was the prettiest one of all. He idly wondered if his dad was jealous, now that he knew Zack was doing her. He kind of hoped he was.

Finally, five-ish, they went inside, and his dad cooked a large country-style breakfast, for dinner. Serenity ate like she was famished, and they both laughed at her.

“When you gotta be home?” his dad asked her. She and Zack traded glances.

“Well,” she said. “I don’t actually have to be home tonight. I’m spending the night with my friend Chastity. We might all go see a movie later, we haven’t decided yet.”

“I see,” his dad said. “Just making conversation.”

Serenity and Zack moved to the couch, and watched TV for a while. His dad finally came in, with a gun, and Serenity shrieked. His dad laughed. “Just cleanin’ it,” he said, and proceeded to take the gun apart. Serenity got up and went over and watched him, and he explained all the parts and how it worked and all that. She acted very interested.

They are getting along just fine, Zack thought. Good. She was her usual feisty self, and she picked at his dad some, making him laugh and weakly defend himself from her verbal sparring. Zack could tell he loved just talking to the girl. Just you wait, he thought. Just you wait until she’s sitting on your face. We’ll see who does the talking, then.

Zack was stunned a few minutes later to look over, and see his dad sitting in his big chair, with Serenity perched on his lap. Goddam, he thought, that girl moves quick. He quickly glanced back to the TV, not wanting his dad to think he was mad or anything. He pretended like it didn’t bother him, and it actually didn’t. This is his night, he thought. I’ll get some sloppy seconds, later, but now, this is his night. He idly wondered if his dad ever jerked off, or had wet dreams. He might be pretty full of the stuff, Zack thought.

Serenity lay back again Ben’s body, comfortable. She liked him, she really liked him. She now liked him second only to his son. Even her own family came in way third. If he just says yes, she thought. This will work out perfectly if he just says yes. Father and son. This will be kind of cool, actually. She though of, what if the situation were reversed. Could she sit comfortably on the couch at home, knowing that Zack was fixing to fuck her mother? No, she could not. That would not work at all. She was glad Zack loved her enough to let her do this. She was surprised at herself, at how eager she was to try somebody else. But Zack’s father was the only person she’d ever actually consider doing. Anybody else wouldn’t be fair to him.

She turned on his lap, and cuddled into him a little more. He didn’t seem to know what to do with his hands, and she took them, one at a time, and draped them over her stomach. Her hard flat stomach. He pressed them, palms down, into her stomach. It felt good.

Zack pretended to go to sleep. He even snored a little. He desperately wanted to know what they were doing, but he didn’t want to spoil it. He didn’t figure his dad would just out and out take advantage of him sleeping to feel off his girlfriend, but he figured that Serenity would realize why he was pretending and make the best of it. He almost thought he heard her whispering. Well, somebody was whispering.

He was right. It was her. She had leaned back, and was whispering into Ben’s ear. He had a hard time even listening to her, it was such an intense experience for him, feeling her lips touch his ear, and her hot breath literally entering his ear canal. Damn, he thought, this girl. Damn.

Ben wasn’t even a part time pedophile. Well, that’s not fair, she certainly wasn’t a kid. She had an incredible figure, to him, slim sexy flat stomach, which he’d just rubbed, by the way, nice plump hips and thighs, and the sexiest, pert, perky little boobs he’d seen in a long time. That kid is lucky, he thought, dipping his wick into something this delectable. That kid is damn lucky, I hope he realizes it.

“Mr. South,” she whispered, and he stopped her right then and there.

“Ben,” he whispered. “Ben.”

“Yes, Ben,” she whispered. “I want you to know that I love your son very much. I love him more than life. I love him more than I even love myself, if you can believe that.” They both giggled at that.

“I just want you to know that I’ll never mistreat him. I will be the perfect mate to him. I will love him until we are old people, and we will die on the same day, just because we can’t stand to be apart.”

“I understand,” he whispered back, feeling her ear on his lips. God, he thought, that is sexy. Just her ear is sexier than fuck. He wanted to stick his tongue in it so bad it hurt. He was suddenly aware of his erection, almost pushing into the crack of her ass. Oh, shit, he thought.

“Just wanted you to know,” she said, and then she kissed him, right on his ear. Oh shit, he thought again. Oh shit. I am gonna cream my jeans if this girl don’t get off me. He didn’t want her to get off, though.

They just lay there for the longest time, while Zack slept. Well, Serenity didn’t think he was really asleep. She thought he was taking the easy way out, on this part of it. She was right.

Ben’s hands were still flat on her flat stomach. Just her belly felt sexier than shit to him. He thought about sticking his finger in her belly button, just so he could say something of his had been inside her body, but he didn’t. He didn’t want to be intrusive. He didn’t want to freak her out.

She finally put her hands over his, and just held them. He was content. He didn’t figure she’d done it for any reason. He was aware, though, when she slowly scooted their hands upwards. Further and further up, towards her fabulous tits. Finally, he could feel the underneath side of her breasts, against the back and sides of his hands. She felt nice and soft. He wondered if she was aware of where his hands were.

Yes, she was aware. She wanted to just plop his hands on her tits, but she realized that was probably moving a bit too quick. She thought the same thing that Zack thought, that he probably wouldn’t take advantage of his son’s girlfriend. And, they were both right, he wouldn’t have.

It was eight o’clock. Zack finally pretended to wake up. He went to the kitchen and got some pepsis. They sat around and drank, and Serenity finally stretched and sat up. She slowly crawled off Ben’s lap, and sat on the couch beside Zack.

“Ben,” she said softly, and he gave her his full attention. Oh, shit, thought Zack. Here we go.

“Ben, I came over tonight for a special reason.” she said, and he nodded.

“Zack and I have been thinking, thinking a long time on this. And we’ve decided to do something about it. It’s something that means a lot to him, and because of that it means a lot to me.”

“Okay...” Ben said. Oh shit, he thought. They want to get married. Oh shit.

“We know that you haven’t had a girlfriend in a long time. Zack says years. You’re an adult man, and you have needs. You know that. It’s not normal, to go that long. It’s not good for you, mentally or whatever.”

What the fuck? he thought, nonplussed. Is this about me, or them?

“Ben. We’ve decided, we’ve decided on something to help you, until you do get a girlfriend. And you will, eventually, we all know that. It just hasn’t happened yet. But, until then ... until you do ... Ben ... we wanna offer ... we wanna offer me, to you. I want to. Zack and I. We want you to make love to me.”

Oh, holy fucking shit, he thought. What the fuck. That is what this is all about? Me? Me, and my inability to have a meaningful relationship with the opposite sex? Hell, to have a relationship period with the opposite sex. Shit. Shit.

His mind raced. In spite of that, he didn’t know what to say. They just sat, and stared at him. One part of his mind did have the presence of mind to think, oh, hell yeah. I’d do that.

“Kids...” he finally said. “I’m not sure if you realize what you’re saying, what your doing ... but, before we go any further, thank you. Thanks for thinking of me. But I can’t do that, you know it, and I know it. I cannot take advantage of you, Serenity. I just can’t. It’s not done, it doesn’t work that way. You two are a sweet couple. I don’t want to screw that up.”

“You won’t, dad,” Zack said. “We’ve given this a lot of thought. You won’t.”

“It’ll...” Serenity said. “Mr. South. If anything, it’ll make what we have stronger. It’ll make us ... more of a family.”

“Darlin’,” he laughed at that one. “My little dear, sex does not cement families together. Love cements families together. Sex usually destroys families.”

“It won’t ours. Dad. We love each other that much.” Zack said.

“Zack ... Serenity...” he was exasperated. “You’re just a couple of kids, my apologies ... but you’re just a couple of kids. Life is way different than what I think you guys think it is. People just don’t do things like this. Well, maybe hillbillies do ... but normal people do not.”

“Dad,” Zack said. “We are not normal people. We love each other more than what is normal. We love each other strong enough to get through this. Like she said, it’ll just make us stronger.”

“Mr. South,” she said. He laughed, interrupting her.

“So it’s back to Mr. South? What happened to Ben?”

“Okay. Ben,” she said. “Think of this as a gift. Accept it in the spirit that it’s given in. Just for tonight, forget everything, and enjoy yourself. I have confidence in my ability to make you enjoy yourself. Please. Do this for me, for Zack, and most of all for yourself. Make yourself happy. And give me a little happiness, too. Zack ... we’ll worry about Zack, later.”

Ben South sighed. He didn’t feel like he was getting through to these two. He knew his son was slightly stubborn, but, in the short time he’d known her, he could tell this girl took stubbornness to a new level. He knew she was going to be tough. He didn’t want to send her home disappointed, embarrassed and possibly mess up the kid’s relationship. But he knew he couldn’t do what they were asking.

“Guys ... thanks again ... I appreciate it greatly, and yes, I admit I’d love it ... but I just can’t. Understand? I just can’t”

“You can, Ben,” said Serenity, stubbornly. How right I was, he thought. “You can do it. We wouldn’t ask you to do it if we didn’t have some confidence that we could make you see it from our point of view. Listen. There’s nothing wrong with what we ask. We are all adults. We are in command and control of our bodies. Take some pleasure from me, please. Zack will stay in here and watch TV, and you and I can just go in your bedroom for an hour or two. It’s okay. Nothing bad will come of it.”

“Actually,” Ben said, “You guys are not adults. Not for another two years.”

“That’s a silly law,” said Serenity. “Yes, I believe we are adults. We can drive, we can think, we can decide our destinies. We are old enough to have sex, and we’re old enough to decide who we have sex with.”

“Shit,” Zack was surprised to hear his father cuss. That’s a first, he thought. Ben continued. “I just can’t. I wouldn’t be able to keep from seeing Zack’s face. Honestly, I’m not sure I could ... get it up,” he was embarrassed to say those words in front of a teenaged girl, but he did. Although, he didn’t think they were true.

“Hey,” said Serenity. “What I felt underneath me, when I was on your lap? I don’t think you’ll have a problem.”

He did get embarrassed, at that. It had been that obvious? He hadn’t thought so. Well, it was true. He knew he’d have no trouble getting it up. He’d just said that to try and head them off.

“Sex is a serious business,” he said. “You guys think you’re experts at it just because you’ve had a few rolls in the hayloft. Yes, I found your love nest, a few weeks ago. I’m not an idiot. Sex is more than just ... fucking. The emotional parts of it are much more important, and delicate. Sex causes hidden entanglements in people’s live, it mixes things all up. It causes unseen problems, problems that lie low for years, and then spring up, totally fucking up people’s live. I don’t want to take a chance on any of that, with you guys. You guys have a beautiful thing going. Don’t fuck it up. Don’t do this.”

“Ben,” said Serenity. “You are right about a lot of that. And I don’t think I’m an expert at anything. But, in the end, I believe what I said, what Zack said. Our love is strong enough. And this will only make it stronger. If we all agree to that, and agree to work out any problem that may arise, we can do this without worries. I think that. I think that we can.”

“Shit,” he said, bowing his head, shaking it. “Shit.”

“Dad,” said Zack. “Do this for me. For yourself, and me. Don’t cheapen Serenity’s offer. Just say yes ... please?”

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