Wishbone: Along Came Jacki

by The Sympathetic Devil

Copyright© 2016 by The Sympathetic Devil

Mind Control Sex Story: Dave finds his friend Jake has been using The Wishbone to transform his mother. But what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control   Magic   Shemale   Fiction   Paranormal   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Transformation   .

Dave came home from work early, his bitchy boss having told him he wouldn’t be needed there anymore. He hated his life! How was he ever going to get laid when he was unemployed and still lived in his mother’s apartment at 25?

Something was weird. His mother’s clothes are scatted all over the living room. She pitched a fit if Dave so much as left his jacket on the arm of the couch, but now her bra is hanging from the ceiling fan.

Her clothes weren’t the only ones either. A man’s jeans and T-shirt are there too, and a pair of sneakers that Dave might have recognized but he really couldn’t think about it right then. It didn’t matter WHO was getting naked with his mother. SOMEONE was and Dave really didn’t want to be there right just then.

He was about to leave as quietly as possible when his friend Jake cameout of his mother’s room, heading towards the kitchen, stark naked.

This was just too much.

“What the fuck?” Dave exclaimed.

Jake turned about, eyes aghast. Thankfully, he covered his package with his hands as he scrambled for something to say.

“Uh, ... I can explain, Dave!” he said.

But he wasn’t looking at Dave. He was looking at the end table beside him. Dave followed his gaze and saw a small bone. He looked up to see that Jake had forgone modesty and was dashing for it. Dave didn’t know what it was but damned if Jake was going to get it until he explained what the fuck he was doing naked at his home.

Dave grabbed the bone and Jake howled.

“Dude, give me that!” he exclaimed. “It’s mine!”

He grabbed for it and Dave jumped back, uncomfortable with a naked man advancing on him.

“Stay back!” he yelled.

The bone in his hand throbbed as if it was alive. Dave stared at it, then looked back at Jake. Jake’s face is a masque of horror but he was staying away from him, looking longingly at the thing in Dave’s hand.

Just then, a woman came out of Dave’s mom’s bedroom. She looked like Dave’s mom, and yet she didn’t.

For one thing, she looked ten years younger. For another, her brown hair was a tousled mess and stretched down to her waist, when it had been cutin a pageboy style that morning. Her once sagging, medium-sized tits now looked like a pair of volleyballs.

Most dramatic, however, was that her usual stressed expression had been replaced with a confused but euphoric grin as if she had quite literally just had her brains fucked out.

“Mom?” Dave asked, appalled.

“Oh, hi Dave!” she said in a sing-song, sex kitten voice. “You’re home early! Jake has been fucking me. He said you wouldn’t mind.”

“Wouldn’t mind? Wouldn’t mind?!?!” Dave screams. “Jake, what the fuck did you do!?! Tell me what you did!!!”

The bone in Dave’s hand throbbed and Jake started to confess.

Jake told Dave that a small demon gave him a magical Wishbone that could change any person anyway the holder wished, body and mind.

“I knew I shouldn’t, but I’ve been jonesing for your mom for years, Dude! She’s so hot! I couldn’t resist using it on her. I was going to put her back to normal and make her forget it ever happened before you got home, Dude, I swear! Then I was gonna use the bone on any girl you wanted me to!”

Dave could hardly believe it, but it was hard to ignore his mother, despite his best efforts.

“Jake, hit yourself in the face hard!” Dave said.

Without hesitation, Jake hit himself in the face so hard he fell over. Dave’s mother cried out and ran to his assistance, her huge, spherical boobs bouncing in such a way that Dave was suddenly distracted and deeply conflicted.

He shouldn’t be staring, he told himself. He should wish his mom back to normal.

But did he really have to do so right then? Guilt and lust wrestled so violently in his mind that he didn’t see the glint in Jake’s eye until it was too late.

“Bunny! Dave’s gone crazy! Grab that bone from him, quick!” Jake yelled.


Before Dave could figure out that this was Jake’s nickname for his mom, his mother was hurling her naked self at him, intent on taking the wishbone from him.

Dave yelled, not knowing what to do. His mother barreled into him, not grabbing the wishbone, but knocking it from his hand. The bone spun into acorner.

All three people looked where it landed. All three scrambled to retrieve it. Jake was furthest away and still a bit dizzy from hitting himself, but Dave was underneath his naked mother. Bernice cum Bunny was encumbered by her massive rack and wasn’t quite sure why she was trying to get the bone anyway. All in all, they were evenly matched.

Despite her pendulous bosom, the woman who now answered to the name Bunny reached the bone first. Dave had be hesitant to try and fight for it with his naked mother and it has cost him his chance.

“I got it I got it I got it!” the bimbofied woman exclaimed in her girly voice. “I’m the winner!”

“Good Bunny! Good!” says Jake. “Now give it to me!”

“No Mom!” Dave cries. “Don’t do it! It’s evil!”

Bunny pouted, obviously confused and conflicted.

“Bunny,” Jake said with forced gentleness. “You know how much fun we just had? We can have more fun if you give me the wishbone.”

Bunny smiled at this idea and started to move towards Jake.

“Mom!” Dave says, taking a different tack. “If you keep the wishbone, you can have anything you want. You can make anyone do anything you want!”

It’s a dangerous strategy, as his mom was clearly not in her right mind, but whatever she wanted was bound to be better than what Jake wanted. At least that’s what Dave was hoping.

“Anything I want?” Bunny asked, pulling the wishbone back from Jake and holding it tightly. “Anything?”

“Yes, mom! You could wish your boobs back to normal, for instance,” Dave said.

“But I LIKE my big boobies, Dave!” Bunny said.

“You can’t wish things on yourself, dude,” Jake said. “But I’ll wish anything on your body you ask me to, Bunny! Just give me back the bone!”

“I like my body just like this!” Bunny said. “But I know what I DO wish for!”

“Holy fuck...” Jake exclaimed as his cock sprung fully erect and tripled in size. His eyes took on a gleam of monomaniacal obsession. “Bunny, I’m going to fuck you and fuck you until you pass out.”

Dave’s mother squealed and shook her exaggerated boobs.

“You just sit down and be good while I play with your friend Jakey now Dave!” she said.

Dave sat down on the couch and watched his mesmerized friend follow his bimbofied mother back to the bedroom. She tossed the wishbone over her shoulder, having done all she cared to with it.

Dave saw where it landed. He would have liked to pick it up. But he needed to sit there and be good. It was hard to be good while listening to his mother scream out obscenities while his best friend groaned and grunted in mindless rut. But he knew he had to. He had to sit there and be good.

Hours later, the noise finally stopped. Dave blinked, realizing his mother was done playing with Jake. He didn’t feel like being good anymore...

He grabbed the wishbone and sat back on the couch just as a Jake emerged from his mother’s bedroom.

Jake looked exhausted and bedraggled, his hair drenched in sweat, deep scratches oozing blood from several places. His cock was still magically huge and turgid, though.

“Dude! We got to talk! But first I need juice!” Jack said and staggered on to the kitchenette. He came back to the living room chugging orange juice straight from the carton. He looked at Dave apologetically.

“Sorry she wished you to sit there like that,” he said “As soon as I find the wishbone I’ll let you get up.”

“You really shouldn’t of done that,” Dave said. “Turning my mom into some fucking porn star.”

“Yeah I know,” Jake admitted. “But I couldn’t help it, man. I mean, really, if you had the power, I know you’d do the same thing. I mean, mmaybe not your mom, but if you could give a lady a fine set of titties like those and then make her want to fuck you like that? How could you resist?”

“Oh you can’t resist the fine big titties can you Jake?” Dave said. “Titties just got to happen right?”

And so saying, Dave wished and suddenly Jake’s pectorals grew massive mounds of flesh. His nipples stuck out like pencil erasers on a pair of spherical boobs at least as big as the ones he had given Dave’s mom.

“Dude! What the fuck! You’ve got the bone?” Jake said, dumbfounded. “But she wished for you to sit there!”

“Just until she was done with you,” said Dave. “And she is done with you. But I’m not.”

“Dude this isn’t funny,” Jack said gesturing to his massive rack. “Get rid of these.”

“How could I resist Jake?” Dave asked. “I’ve got the power. And I can make you so very very pretty.”

“Dude no! No...” Jake objected as Dave wished away the scratches his mother had given while at the same side time wishing his friends skin smoother, softer and hairless. He wished Jake’s hair long and soft and red, his green eyes wider and brighter, his face more feminine, his lips full and pouting. As the bone throbbed in Dave’s hand, Jake’s Adam’s apple disappeared.

“Dude, what are you doing to me?” Jake asked, his voice coming out different with the physical changes Dave had made and the fear clutching at his heart.

“I’m doing what any guy would do Jake-Jake “ Dave said. “You know you’d do the same thing in my place.”

“I see what you’re doing here,” Jake said “I get it, dude. Lesson learned. Hey! What did you do to my voice!”

“We can’t have your ugly voice coming out of that pretty face, Jake. I prettied it up for you.” Dave confessed, having wished a breathy, sex-kitten voice on his friend. “And really, we can’t be calling you Jake either. What do you think about Jacki?”

“Dude no!” His friend begged in that sweet sexy voice. “You could have any girl with that wishbone. Why would you want me to be your bimbo?”

“Oh Jacki, sweetie, don’t you see? This is the only way. I’m just not into guys. But you’re my friend and I know how much you want to suck my dick.”

“I ... I ... Wait, Dave, what are you...” Jake objected. “I so want to suck your dick ... How did you know?”

“Oh you silly little slut, you have never been able to hide it. I’ve seen the way you always stare at my crotch, trying to find any excuse, for me to get my pants off,” Dave said, a pretty pink blush appearing on his friend’s flawless skin as Dave wished what he was saying to be true.

“I’d do anything if you’ll just let me suck your dick,” she confessed.

“Even let me turn you into a bimbo t-girl named Jacki?” Dave pressed.

“It’s fine. Just fine. I know you’re probably making me want to do this, that you probably changed my memories, but I don’t care! So call me Jacki! Make my titties even bigger! Make me believe I’ve always been like his! Just please let me suck your dick, Dave! I’ve never wanted anything so much in my life!”

Dave smirked.

“Well, since you said please, Jacki, and since it’s so important to you, I guess I’ll let you.”

He stood up and undid his pants. He wasn’t nearly as big as Bunny had magically made Jake-cum-Jacki, but he was very hard from transforming his friend into such bimbo perfection. Jacki whimpered at the sight of it.

“It’s beautiful!” she whispered. “All I ever wanted.”

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