Tulips on My Organ

by Meatbot

Copyright© 2016 by Meatbot

Romantic Sex Story: Teen boy witnesses his music teacher having sex and finally gets the chance to tell her he loves her.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Voyeurism   Teacher/Student   .

Only one thing made piano and organ lessons worthwhile. I hated the piano and organ, I hated music, I hated recitals, and I hated practicing. But, I loved the lessons, because I loved Miss Bailey. She was my first love. I’d been going to her since before I was six years old. Now, at fourteen, I gotta admit, I was pretty good at playing the piano and organ, both, although I hated them. I just went because of her. If I had some crusty old white-haired broad for a teacher, I would have thrown a fit and refused, flat-out refused to go. But I loved Miss Bailey. She was truly fine. She was small, and kinda old-fashioned ... but I loved her. She has long dark hair, which she usually keeps in a braid. She wears glasses, and I think they just made her look prettier. She has a beautiful face, and a cute nose, and two bright blue eyes. Her lips are fat, and ... probably ... kissable. I don’t know much about kissing, ‘cause I haven’t yet had the nerve to kiss a girl yet. Plus no girls around here seem to like me. Back to Miss Bailey. She always wears bright red lipstick, and it makes her very ... appealing. She has really nice ... breasts, if I may ... and nice long legs, even though she’s fairly short. I am actually taller than her, and I’ve just started growing.

Anyway. I loved her since before I can remember, but I loved her from a distance, as a student should. I would never have been brave enough to say anything to her ... before what happened ... happened. On that fateful day, my Mom and Dad got their wires crossed, and my dad had to rush me across town to Miss Bailey’s, and then hurry off to pick up my mom from the school. Because of the way it happened, the timing of it, I was a good thirty minutes early. I figured I’d do what I usually did when I was a little early, go on in, and sit in her living room until she was ready for me. She let us kids do that, she told us to come on in, and to be quiet, so we didn’t disturb the lesson of the person before us. I could do that. I had a book to read. I could do that.

As my dad drove away, I went up the steps, into her house. Miss Bailey lived by herself, in an old Victorian in the nice part of town. She must have made a pretty good living, giving piano and organ lessons. She drove a nice car, and always dressed in new, fashionable clothes. More than once I’d heard my mom talking her down, calling her “Miss Priss” and stuff like that, but I knew my mom was just jealous. Well ... Miss Bailey was a bit Prissy. But I love her anyway. I don’t care if she’s fifteen years older than me, I love her.

Once, after football practice, Todd Wilmont did the funniest thing, in the showers. He grabbed his weenie, and started rubbing it. It did what mine does sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, it got all stiff and hard, and he kept going, and some white stuff squirted out of it, and he sighed all happy like. Some of the other guys did it too, but I was too embarrassed. That night after I went to bed I tried it, though, and it worked like a charm. It felt so good I loved it, and I’ve done it every night since. Ever since that first night I thought of Miss Bailey when I did it, and it made it really special, and I think it’s just made me love her even more.

I did the craziest thing once, when I was at her house, waiting for my lesson. I got there early, as I often did, my Mom dropping me off. I quietly went into the living room, to wait for her to get done with the student before me. Heh, that’s a funny story, in itself ... Elbert McWitt is before me, and he’s the worst piano student ever. He’s a senior, and he’s a quarterback, and he’s good at football. He sucks at piano, though, I have no idea why he wastes his time or his parent’s money. Anyway, he’s so big the guys don’t make fun of him for taking piano lessons like they do me. He’s stomp their butts into the ground.

Anyway, back to my ... confession. I went into the living room to wait. Her piano and organ are in the parlor, in the front of the house. My dad had picked me up from school, and for some reason that day, I really had to pee. I went down the hallway to her bathroom, and silently shut the door. I was excited just to be in the room where she took her bath, and I pulled aside the shower curtain, and peeked in, thinking, this is where she is naked. That really excited me, and I had to stop and hurriedly pee, because I know it’s hard to pee when you get ... excited, and I was getting just that, thinking of her naked.

As I turned, something caught my eye. In the corner was the dirty clothes hamper. I drew a trembling breath. Could I be so lucky? I approached it and lifted the lid. Sweet jeezus, I thought. There, on top, in plain view, was a pair of her ... well, my mom calls them bloomers, and my sister calls them panties. Miss Bailey’s used panties. I reverently fished them out, and stood there, in shock. After a moment I dared to raise them to my face, and smelled her odor. It was intense, and I had to stop and re-arrange my weenie, which had gotten painfully hard. I pressed the panties to my nose again, and breathed in her wonderful scent. After a moment I examined them closely, there was a slight stain in the crotch of them, and a tiny brown streak in the seat. I was so much in love I almost wanted to scream. I know what she smells like, I told myself, now I know what she smells like.

I knew I couldn’t stay in the bathroom forever. I slid the panties in my pocket, the pocket on the other side from where she’d sit, during my lesson, and exited the room. I was on cloud nine. My lesson was difficult, I couldn’t concentrate, with her sitting right there beside me. I kept remembering the intimate smells of her body and thinking of what was in my pocket. I hoped she didn’t notice my ... excitedness, and I hoped she wouldn’t miss the panties that evening. She gave lessons all day Tuesday, and half a dozen other guys went through her house that day. It could have been any one of them.

Her panties are still one of my most treasured possessions, although sadly, her scent has faded. I still check her bathroom occasionally, but I haven’t gotten lucky again. Well, I haven’t gotten lucky until what happened ... happened.

I was eager to read the book I’d brought. Ralph Everhardt had loaned it to me, and told me the good parts were underlined. It was about a man and woman stranded on an island, and he said there were “good” parts to it. I knew what he meant. He meant sex stuff. Sure enough, it was engrossing ... and stimulating. I was anxious to read more of it, though I had to hide it from my parents. I figured I’d do well to hide it from Miss Bailey, too, I didn’t want her disappointed in me, because I was reading smut.

Anyway, I went inside. Oddly, the house was silent. Usually Elbert was pounding away at the keyboard, hitting every wrong note he could find. He was a really bad piano player, I just can’t say it often enough. The silence today was a blessing.

It was quiet, in the house. I made my way into the living room, and got ready for a little quiet moment with my book. The house was silent except for a strange noise. A repetitive slapping noise that seemed kinda loud once I noticed it. Then, weirdly, I heard what sounded like a dog or something make a long groaning noise. How strange. Then a smaller quieter girlish-sounding groan. The slapping kept up all through it. What the heck? I thought.

I stood in the center of the room, and listened with all my might. The noises were coming from the hallway. I slowly, quietly moved in that direction. Once again, I heard what sounded like a female moan. Someone sounded like they were in pain. I wondered if Miss Bailey was alright. What if she had fallen or something? She could be hurt and laying on the floor. And where was Elbert? Was he even here? I didn’t see his books or his bag in the living room. Maybe his stuff was in the parlor, where the piano was. Or, maybe he wasn’t here at all. Maybe he’d missed his lesson today.

I heard the low groan again, and the higher girlish sounding one. What the heck, I thought. I needed to find out what was going on, just to make sure everybody was okay. I might be a hero, before this was over.

I stealthily moved down the hall, peeking in each door. At the end, I got the surprise of my life. The door was open, maybe an inch. She was in there. And Elbert was there, too. All I could see of him was his naked buttocks, his pants were pulled all the way down his legs. Miss Bailey was laying on her stomach on her bed, her dress pulled up over her back. Her panties were hanging from the heel on her right foot. He was ... and I’m going out on a limb here, and saying the worst word I know, a word I’ve never dared to speak out loud before ... he was fucking her. Having sexual intercourse with her. Vigorously. He was pounding her hard, her whole body was shaking every time he slammed into her. That slapping noise I heard was his legs, hitting her thighs.

I just stood there, peeking in the door, with my mouth open. I was hypnotized. I’d heard about this, before, but I’d never seen it, I’d never even seen pictures of it being done. I’d seen naked girls before, in Playboy, but I’d never seen ... sex. Sadly, I couldn’t really see Miss Bailey like I wanted to. She still had her blouse on, and Elbert was in the way of my seeing her ... girl parts. I badly wanted to see her, though. Bad.

I stood there and watched for I don’t know how long ... maybe five or six minutes. I had a thought, wondering if she’d actually wanted to do this ... did he maybe just start in on her? Did he love her like I did, and he just couldn’t stand it any more? I could see that happening. Surely she’d be screaming, though, if he did that. I could see her face from the side, and she didn’t seem upset ... I couldn’t really tell if she was enjoying it, or not ... she kinda seemed to be, though.

Wow, I thought. I felt jealous of him, he was getting to do what I wanted most in the world ... although I didn’t really know it before now. I guess this is what they call making love, I decided, although it seemed a bit violent ... for love. I still didn’t know everything about sex I wanted too ... this was quite an education, though. I just stood there and stared, my mouth open.

Suddenly Miss Bailey let out a loud yip, like a dog or something. She squirmed and bounced on the bed, and her feet trembled, so much that her panties fell in the floor. She gasped and groaned, and Elbert groaned too, stopping the pounding, and leaning into her, his butt clenched tightly.

Oh my god, I thought, they are coming. Or cumming, however you spell it. I knew about this, at least. They are having an orgasm. They finally settled down, and Elbert pulled away from her, and sat beside her on the bed. She turned over, and sat on the edge of the bed, her legs still spread apart.

“Thank you, Elbert,” Miss Bailey said, and he laughed. I knew then that she’d wanted it, or at least been willing. That excited me a bit more, to know that she liked things like that. Like sex.

But, oh, what I really liked. I was getting to see what I really liked, since he’d moved out from inbetween her legs. She was now exposed to my gaze. Her legs were still spread pretty widely, and I got to see all of her girl parts, not as well as I wanted to, of course, because I was ten or fifteen feet away. But it was enough. I gotta admit, once again, I’ve never seen a girl ... down there. I’ve seen them in Playboy, but just their ... fuzz, their hair. I’ve never seen one spread out, like Miss Bailey was. I could see some flesh down there, and hair, course, she had a pretty good patch of hair. I could see some kind of fleshy lips or something, going up and down. It was so sexy I thought I’d shoot off, right then and there, in my pants.

About this time, for some reason, although I was being very quiet, for some reason she looked up, to the door, and I guess she could tell somebody was out there. She sat up fast, slapping her legs together, and yanked her dress down, covering herself. She never said anything, though, and I don’t think Elbert ever realized I was there. I can virtually guarantee it, since he didn’t pound my ass the next day at school. Anyway, I flew back down the hall to the living room, and sat on the couch and grabbed my book. I was embarrassed both for her and even myself, that I’d seen something so intimate. But, good gosh, was I ever excited. My weenie was so hard I had to press it up under my waistband. I wondered if I should just run out the door and run home. I really wondered what would happen next.

I heard noises in the hallway, and Elbert strode into the living room. He hardly looked at me, I was just a kid to him. He went on into the parlor, and moments later I heard the front door slam. He was gone. I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Richard...” I heard Miss Bailey say my name. I looked up. She was standing in the hallway, looking at me. She looked so beautiful I wanted to cry. For some weird reason it didn’t bother me a bit to know that another person ... another man had just had his way with her. What I was thinking of, of all things, was if she’d had time, in the moments since I’d run back down the hall, and now ... if she’d had time to put her panties back on. It excited me greatly to think she might still be bare ... down there, underneath her dress.

“Richard, please come in the kitchen and let me fix you some tea. We need to talk,” she said, going through the living room, and into the kitchen. I gulped a breath, dropped my book, and followed her.

She opened the icebox, and took out a pitcher of tea. She poured two glasses, and sat at the table, motioning me to sit. I sat, trembling. I took a drink and almost spilled it because my hands were shaking so. I’m sure she noticed.

“Richard...” she said slowly. I dared to meet her eyes. She seemed embarrassed and I felt bad for her. I wanted to comfort her and to tell her it was all alright, not to worry.

“This is a very small, tightly knit community,” she said. I nodded. My mom had said the same thing, before. I wondered what this had to do with her ... getting ... having sex. She went on. “A single woman, such as myself ... could have her reputation damaged greatly ... if word were to get out ... of certain ... acts she might have allowed, in the heat of passion.”

“Miss Bailey,” I said, almost gushing, “don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

“So you did see,” she said, sighing heavily. “Richard ... I’m sorry, I’m very sorry ... you had to see that...”

“Miss Bailey ... don’t be sorry...” I said. I stared at her, imploringly. “It was ... it was beautiful...”

She laughed, short and sharp. “I imagine it was a lot of things ... I’m not sure if beautiful is one of them,” she said. I’m not sure what she meant, but it was okay. I understood.

“Miss Bailey...” my lips trembled. My mouth said crazy stuff, without my brain being involved. “Miss Bailey, I love you! I always have! I would never hurt you ... I would never tell on you...”

She was silent for a few moments. “Well, what an interesting afternoon this has been,” she finally said, regarding me as if I was some curious museum piece, or maybe a peculiar animal. “Thank you, Richard ... thank you for that ... revelation ... I like you very much, too. You are one of my best students.”

I felt two hot tears run down my cheeks. Darn it, I thought. I did love her, though. And I didn’t care, now, if she knew it. I felt intimate with her ... I knew things about her than no one else did ... Well, Elbert did, but no one else. I shared this with her, this ... secret.

At this moment, I began to wonder ... I began to wonder if I could use this ... this knowledge to my advantage. If she would ... give me a taste of that sweetness, of herself ... if she’d trade it for my silence. I almost wished I hadn’t said what I’d said ... then I got onto myself. I’d done the right thing. And I wouldn’t betray her confidence. She was right. Women like my mom would run her out of town, if they knew what she’d done ... what she’d allowed to be done to her. It would be a mess.

I sat forward and for some crazy reason I buried my face in her lap. I felt the scratchy lace from her dress on my forehead. I drew her delicate, delightful scent in through my nostrils.

“Miss Bailey...” I said, my voice muffled, “I meant what I said. I love you. I always have. Please ... please let me ... love you...”

I’m not sure what I even meant, or what I intended for her to interpret from that. I just sat there, my face in her lap, and breathed in her wonderful smell.

“Richard...” she said hesitantly, and I felt her hand touch me, on the back of my head. “Richard ... I appreciate that, and I respect it. You may love me, of course you may. But what you saw today ... what you saw me doing with Elbert ... that had nothing to do with ... love. I hope you can understand.”

“I know,” I said, snuffling. “I’m not saying ... I want that. I just want ... to hold you.”

I figured that was safe to say. And it was true. I hungered to feel her, in my arms. Just smelling her scent had me ... aroused, again.

“Oh dear,” she said, laughing slightly. “I certainly had no intention of starting something ... like this. I’m not actually sure ... what I thought I was starting, if anything...”

“Miss Bailey,” I said, finally raising up. “It’ll all be okay. Don’t worry. Just ... please ... let me hold you ... a minute...”

She sighed, staring at me. “Richard, Richard,” she said. “What I have started?”

“Nothing...” I said, “nothing ... Miss Bailey ... I’m sorry if it upsets you ... but I do ... have strong feelings for you.”

“No, it doesn’t upset me,” she said, “I just don’t ... I just don’t want you to get your hopes up. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I won’t,” I said, although I did realize it was a distinct possibility. Well, that I could get my feelings hurt. I didn’t know anything about the bitter pain of love, yet.

“Let’s move back to the living room, where it’s more ... comfortable,” she said, and stood up. I followed, and seated myself on the couch beside her. I had no idea what was going to happen next. She rose, and disappeared up the hallway, and I heard the lock of the front door click.

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