My Eighteenth: Worship Me

by World of Eros

Copyright© 2016 by World of Eros

Incest Sex Story: Kylie is submissive to her men, but always dominant with her ladies. For years she's desired to be worshiped by a beautiful woman. On her eighteenth birthday, she gets to live her long-held fantasy. (Father/daughter content is mentioned, but not explicitly detailed.)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Slavery   Lesbian   Mother   Father   Daughter   DomSub   Spanking   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Foot Fetish   .

Through the years I have had a very diverse and satisfying sex life. Despite my young age I have been fortunate enough to enjoy a good number of partners. I am openly bisexual and have had boyfriends and girlfriends. I don’t really have a preference as to which I like more. Both have something to offer the other does not. I enjoy both and it all depends what I’m in the mood for.

I’m a bit of a strange sort when it comes to how I see myself in relationships. When I’m with a man, I’m very submissive. I will do whatever my man desires. I exist to please him. With women, I’m totally dominant. I hate the idea of submitting to another woman, but I find no issue submitting to a man.

I’m sure it comes from the home I was raised in. My father was without a doubt the man of the house, he ruled with an iron fist. He ruled the right way though, the way a man should dominate. He held his rule through respect and gratitude, not from violence and intimidation.

It was easy to tell, even when I was very young, that my mom was his slave, his submissive. She existed to please him. He provided for her and me, gave us a home, all we needed and much of what we wanted. In return, she and I gave him our total respect and gratitude.

I’m sure that is why I view myself differently in my relationships with men or women. With men, I wanted men like my dad, dominant and a true provider. With women, I wanted women like mom, my total slave and servant. This view of my relationships also fueled my greatest fantasy.

I could never remember when it started, but for a long time my greatest fantasy was to be worshipped by a beautiful woman. For even just a day, to have a gorgeous woman be my total slave. To please me at my whim, to be a toy for me. To love my entire body and to do with as I wished. To have a woman who did everything I asked of her, no matter how hurtful or humiliating.

This fantasy first manifested when I was very young. Nearing eighteen years old it had become an all-consuming need. Despite my dominant attitude with other women I was very nervous about asking my girlfriends to submit to this level. It’s hard to share fantasies when your relationships never last very long. The other problem was I didn’t think I could find a woman who’d agree to my fantasy who was just a random hookup.

There were quite a few women I often pictured myself with when this fantasy came to mind. Mostly it was girls at school, some of my teachers and a few girls I met around town at local shops. Probably the only unusual one of all the women I imagined myself with was my mother. I know, it’s weird and maybe sick to picture your mom like that, but I could not help it. You have to remember, all these other girls I fantasized about, I didn’t know how submissive they were, how agreeable they’d be.

Mom was the only woman I knew for sure was submissive enough to maybe indulge in my fantasy with. Besides, mom wasn’t the only taboo fantasy I had. Just as I dreamed of dominating mom, I dreamed of daddy dominating me. I know, I’m really fucked up. It did not help that mom and daddy were both representative of my ideal partner, both in personality and looks.

I had a feeling fulfilling this fantasy would be quite easy in my home. As I got older it was clear to mom and dad what kind of person I was. Nearing my eighteenth birthday it was getting clearer to them that mom was also subservient to me, not just daddy. I think they encouraged it, because mom never seemed to put up a fight when I ordered her to do something for me. Daddy would just encourage me each time I did, saying things like “That’s my girl” or “You tell her Kylie”. Telling mom what to do or daddy encouraging my dominant side always made me wet.

It was one week before my eighteenth birthday when I was gifted the opportunity to finally live out my greatest sexual desire. Dad had to leave town for the week for his job. He tried to get out of it, not wanting to miss his baby’s special birthday, but his fucker of a boss did not care. There were other people at the office qualified to do the job, but the cocksucker he worked for loved making my dad miserable. I think he was jealous of the life my dad had. Many at his office knew his wife was also his slave. So many of them wanted what he had.

The day before my birthday he came to my room to say goodbye before he left. He hugged me tight after I woke up. He told me he’d miss me and wished he didn’t have to be away on my birthday. Like always I trembled and shivered as I sat in his strong arms. I got so wet being so tightly held by him. I shivered again when he kissed my cheek, telling me to be sweet and that I was in charge while he was gone. I wanted him so badly I went for broke and kissed him. To my delight he reciprocated my kiss. No man is supposed to kiss his daughter this way, but he did not resist me.

He soon pushed me away, but I could see in his eyes he wanted more from me. It made me shiver. “Not yet, sweetie.” He said quietly to me. “Wait until you’re old enough.” This made me shiver again. Maybe he’d let me have him when he came home, once I was actually eighteen. I moaned with anticipation, that maybe when he got back he’d dominate me like he did mom. I was very wet when he left my room. I fell back asleep, dreaming of being taken by my daddy.

It was a bit past noon when I woke up again. Mom was dutifully making lunch for me when I came downstairs. Mom never wore much in the house, just enough to cover her naughtiest bits. This was not her choice. Dad enforced such a dress code for her. I got me wet so often while I was growing up, looking and staring at my barely dressed mom. Oh how I longed to feel and dominate that sexy body of hers.

Feeling cheeky, since she had not seen me come down yet, I snuck up on her and hugged her hard from behind. Not for the first time, as I hugged her from behind, I groped her tits. I let her go and gave a quick smack to her butt. (That wasn’t the first time I had done that either.) She just yipped and smiled at me as I sat down.

Before serving my lunch to me, she bent into the fridge to grab my drink. I think she wanted to tease me because she stayed in there for a bit, discreetly shaking her butt towards me. I licked my lips, admiring her sexy ass and the outline of her pussy through her sheer panties. My suspicions were confirmed because she smiled seductively at me when she turned to me again.

“I hope your father said goodbye to you before he left.” She said as she served me my lunch. “Since he’s going to be gone on such a special day I hope he was nice enough to say goodbye to his baby girl.” I nodded, telling her he had seen me before he left. I wanted to tell her what I had done that morning, but I decided to wait. I would though pass along daddy’s message from this morning.

“Daddy said goodbye to me this morning, right before he left. He also said I’m in charge while he’s gone.” I told her flatly. She just nodded as I told her this. It was like she expected him to say that. She didn’t even question me about it, she took me at my word. We ate in near silence once she had prepared her own food. Nearing the end of our meal is when she brought up the subject of my birthday tomorrow. “So what can mommy do for you tomorrow for your special day?” She asked sweetly.

That was the moment I was struck with the inspiration to live out my greatest fantasy. She accepted without complaint that I was in charge while daddy was gone. Maybe she’d let me have her as my slave too. I could feel my panties getting wet again as I once again pictured mom worshipping me. “There’s only one thing I want from you, mother dear.” I said with a devilish grin. “Since tomorrow is my birthday, and daddy said I’m in charge while he is gone, I want you to be my slave tomorrow. I want you to serve me and worship me.”

I expect fear, anger, maybe even a good laugh from her at my audacity. To my surprise, she seemed to tremble and she smiled. “I think that’s a wonderful idea baby. Tell mommy what you want her to do for you tomorrow.” She said sweetly. I was quite shocked that this worked. She was more submissive than I thought. Not one bit of resistance to the idea of being her daughter’s slave.

“I will tell you what I want tomorrow when it comes to mind for me. I want you ready to serve me no matter what I ask. The only thing I will tell you is that tomorrow, you’re my complete and total slave. You will worship me like I’m your goddess. Is that clear?” She nodded happily, I could swear I saw her thighs rub together, like this was turning her on. “Good. Tomorrow morning you will wake me up with a kiss, to show your reverence to me. Until I fall asleep tomorrow night, you will do anything and everything I ask of you.”

She was still smiling after I said this. I was very wet now. I would finally live my greatest fantasy. She seemed quite eager to serve me. After lunch was finished, I hugged her before I headed out to meet my friends for a pre-birthday hang out. Still feeling frisky, I groped her ass as we hugged.

I shivered in delight when I heard her begin to moan as I kneaded and squeezed her supple ass. I felt very good when we parted, because she whined when I took my hand away. I could not wait for tomorrow, when this sexy taboo slut would be my slave. I even went to bed early that night, dripping with anticipation for tomorrow. I brought myself off very hard that night.

Just as I hoped, my mother’s kiss awoke me from my sleep. I nearly moaned feeling her soft lips. She had never kissed me like this before and now I was wishing she had done so. Even with both of our mouths closed, she was a very sensual kisser. I purposely kept my eyes closed for a moment to enjoy her lips for a little longer. She finally broke the kiss when I put my arms around her and she knew I was now awake. She backed away and knelt down as I rose from my bed.

“What does my goddess wish of me?” She said to me as I sat upright. I smiled seeing she was kneeling before me and looking down, showing she was totally into this. She was showing her submission to me. “Well first, your Goddess does not approve of how you are dressed.” I said as I observed she was still wearing her night clothes. “Slaves have no use for clothes. Get naked.”

I smiled wickedly as she stood up, still no words of protest from her, and quickly shucked off her nightie. She quickly threw it to the floor. She now stood before me in just her underwear. I’m glad they were white. I could see the wet spot on her gusset, telling me she was enjoying this. She smiled seductively at me and lightly gyrated her body as she reached back to remove her bra.

I almost trembled as I watched how easily she reached back and unclasped her bra. I guess she was used to being ordered to strip. She still swayed sexily as the clasp came undone and she slowly slid each strap off her shoulders. She turned away just as she removed it, preventing me from seeing her tits. I would have to punish her later for that.

I licked my lips as I viewed her ass while she placed her bra on the floor with her nightie. Her tits jiggled enticingly as she stood up after setting her bra down. My mother had some very luscious tits. I knew I would definitely suck them later on today. She smiled again as she purposely shook them for me, before her hands went to her hips and she began to slide off her panties. As they cleared her mound she turned away. I licked my lips again as I viewed her bare ass.

Once her panties were off she turned to face me again. For he first time ever I saw my mother completely naked. She was so hot. I could not believe she was almost forty. Her tits were still quite firm, little sag to them, and her mound was shaved bare. In fact, I didn’t see a hair on her body. I’m sure daddy made her do this and I was very glad he did. I was very wet taking in the sexy body of my mom.

I could hold back no longer. I pulled her to me and kissed her just like I had kissed daddy yesterday. When I had kissed daddy, I remained still in his arms. With mom, I felt up her naked body, squeezing her tits and fondling her ass as we kissed. To my delight she returned the kiss. There was no reluctance on her part. This made me even wetter. Right before I pulled out of our kiss I gave a hard slap to her butt. “Ooooh, thank you Mistress.” She squealed. I felt my pussy throb as she said this.

As I looked over her again I could see the wetness shining from her mound. I ran my fingers over her smooth lips, coating them in her nectar. I was so surprised to see so much juice coat my fingers. “Why mommy, is this turning you on?” I said sweetly. “Yes, Mistress.” She responded breathily. I giggled as I slurped her tasty juices from my fingers. “So naughty, you’re turned on being your daughter’s slave.” I did not give her a chance to respond. I ran my fingers over her lips again and put them in her mouth. She moaned happily as she sucked her own juices off my fingers.

I laughed meanly as she whined when I pulled my fingers from her mouth. “There is a white slip in my closet. Grab that and follow me.” I commanded as I headed for the bathroom to shower. She quickly grabbed the slip and followed. She was such a good slave, I didn’t even have to tell her she must walk behind me. As soon as we entered the bathroom I ordered her to strip me and start the shower.

Once I knew the water was as hot as I desired, I stepped into the shower. I looked with a commanding glance back at my slave. “Wash me” I ordered. She put up no resistance. She climbed into the shower herself and reached for my body wash. “No rags, use only your bare hands.” I stated. I smiled as she poured the soap into her palms and rubbed them together, prepping to clean my body.

She started at my shoulders, sensuously massaging them as she cleaned me before moving down each of my arms. She kneaded into my flesh down each arm, making sure I was clean as could be. She even made sure to scrub my each finger individually. I smiled seeing how good a slave I had. Once she finished my arms, she poured more wash into her hands and soaped up my back. She stopped, as I hoped, right before she reached my ass. She then turned me around and proceeded to wash and massage my breasts.

I moaned happily as her skilled hand manipulated my titflesh and gasped loudly as she toyed with my now hard nipples. She moaned herself as she washed me, making sure not to miss an inch of my tits. Once my breasts were cleaned she washed down my stomach, before skipping over my mons and washing up and down my legs. She then took more soap in her hands and began to knead and clean my ass. She even made sure to part my cheeks and clean my asshole.

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