Work Experience for Toby

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Toby is 17 years old and is allocated a work experience placement with Ming who is the owner of a Thai massage business. He helps her at an old peoples home massaging hands, and as a reward she gives him a nude massage with body slides. His substantial endowment is too much for Ming to resist.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   White Male   Oriental Female   Size   .

Hi my name is Toby, and I am 17 years old and in my last year of high school. The story that I’m about to tell you happened during a work experience placement. I was away from school on the day that the placements were allocated, so that’s why I finished up being allocated to a Thai massage service.

I copped a heap of ribbing about my allocation. I was used to be ribbed because of my build - I am only 5ft 5ins tall with a slender build. I’m no sports hero, being towered over by the 6ft plus giants in my class. Quite a few of the girls were taller than me too.

I was still a virgin, not having connected with any of the females in my circle of friends.

Can you imagine my surprise to see a petite Asian lady standing naked over my equally naked body. She had the body that a twenty year old would be proud of, but I knew that she was at least fifty years old.

There I was, laying on her massage bed with my erect cock wavering about in the breeze. She was lowering herself, lining up her hairy pussy and it’s wet entrance with my equally oily cock.

“Oh fuck” I gasped when our bodies made contact, with my cock sliding into her tight wet pussy canal. Her pussy continued to swallow my cock until she was totally seated on it.

“Wow that’s big” she gasped.

I was not longer a virgin.

Earlier in the day, I had arrived at the address that I had been given to discover that it was a private residence. I had expected to be based at a shop or something similar. I knocked on the door and waited. Within a few seconds the door opened and I was greeted by this very short Asian lady - even shorter than me.

She introduced herself as Ming, and invited me in to her kitchen where she offered me a cup of coffee which I gladly accepted. We chatted as we drank. I found myself intrigued by this lady - I was trying to figure out her age ... because she was very beautiful when I took the time to appreciate her face and body.

Ming was slender, with a beautiful flawless face framed by her short curly black hair. She had beautiful small hands whose finger nails were expertly crafted and painted a deep red.

She explained to me that we were going to an old people’s home where she was going to provide hand and foot massages to some of the residents.

Over the course of the next five hours Ming massaged about 20 older ladies. I volunteered to help and she was surprised that I wanted to participate. She made my job easy by allocating me some of the easier ones.

We had a break after three hours, when she shared a light lunch together that was supplied by the old peoples home staff. I enjoyed talking to her, finding that she was divorced from her husband, and that she had been in this business for the last five years.

After lunch we worked well together, sharing some lighter moments which revealed her good sense of humor.

It was 3 pm when we finished all our clients.

“Let’s head back to my place.” Ming suggested.

Arriving back at her home, she surprised me when she offered to give me a massage as a reward for my good humor and hard work during the day.

I was hesitant but she insisted telling me “You will enjoy it ... And you will see a different aspect of my massage service”. I was even more hesitant when she gave me a towel and directed me to the shower to “Have a hot shower - it will prepare you better”.

She sorta bullied me until I agreed.

I had my shower and returned to the massage room with the towel around my waist. It was a little small so I had to hold it closed at the side. She had me climb up onto the massage bed, laying face down with the towel across my naked butt.

She let me for a moment then I heard her return. With my head laying flat on the bed with it turned to the left, I noted that she had changed into a mid-thigh length white coat. I was surprised and pleased that her feet were bare, and that I could see their perfect shape with the same deep red paint on her toenails.

Within seconds she started the massage - pouring some oil on my back and then working it in with her strong hands. She did my back and then each of my legs before she surprised me by removing the towel to massage my ass.

My cock had been getting hard under me, but when she started on my ass it went rock hard. She worked on my ass, and between my ass cheeks, running her finger tips across my asshole a few times.

“Turn over please” she finally spoke. The massage had been done in silence up to that point.

“Um ... ah...” I stammered, concerned about her possible reaction to my massive hardon.

“Come on ... I’ve seen plenty of clients naked before” she told me in an attempt to reassure me.

I hesitated a moment before replying with a meek “Ok”.

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