Job as a Speedo Waiter

by Aussie Speedo Guy

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True Sex Story: I thought it would be fun to be a 'Speedo Waiter' at a gay party. I wasn't surprised when I ended up doing a few more 'jobs' than I expected.

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I saw an add online for “Exhibitionist Waiter for Private Party”. It was coming up to Xmas and I really needed the money. I was feeling pretty happy about my 20yo body these days - was training for some long distance swimming and spending a lot of time in the pool. With all that training I was starting to tan up nice and I had lost about 10kgs.

Let me quickly explain a bit about myself - I’m 20yo and mid way through my college degree, I’m 6”1’, dark hair with some blonde through it and reasonably tanned. I’ve had a little bit of guy/guy experience but not much - although it always gets me hard. Ow and my name is Brad.

Back to the story...

So I’m feeling pretty confident with my body these days and this add for the ‘Exhibitionist Waiter’ sounds like it could be interesting and I won’t knock back the money.

I replied to the add with some of my favourite self pics of me in my speedos and jeans and some of me in my speedos and bike pants - always with a nice hard on. I received a reply within a couple of hours outlining my ‘duties’ if I was to accept the position. The guy who placed the add - Kyle - explained to me that he was having a party at his place for a group of mainly gay friends and thought it would be fun to have some cute young waiters in speedos. Kyle was looking for 3 or 4 waiters and was willing to pay each waiter $500 for the night plus all the alcohol and food they wanted.

After reading this I got a hard on straight away - sounded perfect. I love speedos (my few guy/guy experiences had always started from scenarios where I was with other guys in speedos - mainly at the pool after training - and they had always been a fetish of mine). Kyle and I corresponded over the next 2 weeks and all was sorted for the Friday night. The details were that I was to just rock up at 6:30pm and people would start to arrive at 7 for the party. Kyle would prove the speedos and I was to wear sandshoes and socks with them.

Friday finally came and I left my place at 6:15pm. I was definitely nervous but very very excited at the same time. Kyle had told me that there would only be 2 waiters - another guy my age and myself - but he said that he would pay us $750 each for the night because of the extra work load. I arrived at Kyle’s and walked up to the front door. Kyle’s house was impressive - a huge house that could nearly be called a mansion. After knocking on the door I heard foot steps and the door opened. With the door opened I was faced with a reasonably good looking guy of about 30yo. The guy in front of me quickly introduced himself as Kyle and welcomed me in. Kyle led me through the house to the kitchen where he was making last minute preparations. As we entered the kitchen Kyle began to introduce me to the other ‘waiter’ Martin who was already in his tiny black speedos - and nothing else. Before Kyle could say my name the other waiter greeting me with,

“Brad, is that you man - how the hell are you?”

“Martin, buddy how are you - long time no see.” I replied as we shook hands.

Martin went to school with me and was the first guy I had ever fantasised about. He was in my class and I had thought he was good looking but, then we had a term of swimming classes and since it was an all boys school, speedos were compulsory. I remember Martin’s tight arse in his little black speedos. I jacked off to that thought for years. I didn’t know Martin had any gay inklings but I had masturbated many a time thinking of Martin in his speedos.

“You guys know each other?” asked Kyle.

“Yeah we went to school together.” Martin replied.

“Well I’ll let you take Brad upstairs and get him into his gear. I’ve got some stuff to finish down here so take your time. Don’t forget - when the guests arrive you are to greet them at the door and lead them out the back.”

With that Martin lead me out of the kitchen to the main stair case. Ow my god his arse is so awesome. In the tight black speedos it was tight and moved smoothly as he walked. I could hardly keep my eyes of them.

“So Brad have you done this before?” Martin asked as we approached the bottom of the grand curving staircase.

“No man - my first time. But I have to admit a soft spot for speedos so I jumped at the chance. How about you man?” I replied.

“Yeah I’ve been doing a little bit of escort work - nothing heavy or anything just the odd nice older guy. Pays better than McDonalds and I’ve got some regulars now that are really pretty easy going.”

“For real? I didn’t even think you were gay?” I replied with a good pinch of shock in my voice.

“Yeah - never really mucked around with any guys my, I mean our age, its only really for the money I suppose. I’m not complaining though. Anyways - this is spare room in here. Your ‘work’ gear is on the bed.” Martin commented pointing to the pair of size 12 (28” waist) black speedos on the bed. By this time my cock had stirred and I was half hard and really looking forward to getting into those speedos.

Well - I looked at my ‘work uniform’ and as I undid my belt and the button on my jeans and Martin seemed to make himself comfortable on the bed.

I grabbed the speedos and told Martin I’d be back as I headed towards the ensuite.

As I quickly changed in the bathroom I looked at myself in my tight black speedos and thought - wow how hot do I look!!!

Well it was time to try it on Martin so I walked out of the ensuite dressed only in my tiny black speedos, Martin was sitting on the end of the bed and was fixated on my speedos. “Wow man - you look fucking hot in those tiny black speedos!!! Your cock is huge too.”

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