Lana - His Brother's Mother in Law

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Rob arrives home to find Lana sunbaking by the pool where he wanted to have a nude swim. He has to settle for a cold shower instead alone. until she joins him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   InLaws   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Size   Foot Fetish   Big Breasts   .

I had just returned from my morning run, sweat dripping from everywhere and looking forward to a naked dip in the backyard pool.

I ran up the driveway at the side of the property, opened the pool gate to discover that I wasn’t alone.

“Bugger” I muttered.

Mum and dad were at work, I thought that I would be alone until the afternoon when our house guest was due to arrive. Bugger ... she had arrived early and was sunbathing on the daybed.

She was the mother in law of my older brother Ben. Her name was Lana and she was 45 years old, and divorced from the father of my sister in law Tess.

I had first met Lana about three years ago at the wedding of Ben and Tess. I was 16 years old at the time and just discovering my sexuality. In my eyes Lana was an absolute fox - a MILF. I was so excited when I got to dance with her at the wedding and to smell her intoxicating perfume, and to be up close to her.

“Hey there” I yelled from the pool fence line, not wanting to creep up on her and startle her. As I got closer I realized that she was laying on her tummy wearing a very brief bikini that had just a thin string between her beautiful tanned ass cheeks, and that the top was undone to avoid tanning marks.

She raised her head up, giving me a tantalizing view of her full dangling breasts.

“Hi Rob ... I hope you don’t mind me being by the pool. It looked so inviting” she replied.

“No ... no all ok. I was just on my way to have a shower after my run.”. I started to turn away, wanting to hide the hardening in my shorts before it became too noticeable.

“Can you put some cream on my back please?” she asked.

“Fuck me ... Cream? ... I’d love to give her cream ... but not on her back” was my immediate thought.

She handed me a tube of cream, giving me another peek at her full tits, briefly exposing her hard dark nipples in the process.

Starting at her shoulders I applied a liberal coating of cream, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin under my hands. When I got to her waist line I hesitated, which prompted her to say “My ass burns too”. I applied the cream, making sure that I got right into her ass crack.

My cock was hurting so bad with it being so hard.

When I finished her back, I quickly retreated to my flat which was built above the detached garage in the back yard. I had a private external shower on the back deck of the flat, in addition to the one in the bathroom.

I decided to use the external shower where I stood under the streaming shower head enjoying the coolness of the water, and playing with my cock thinking about Lana. I was in a dream state when I felt a big pair of naked tits pressing into my back, and a hand slip around to grasp the base of my engorged cock.

“Fuck” I moaned enjoying the touches that could only be coming from Lana.

I slowly turned to face her. She was just a couple of inches shorter than me in her bare feet. Her long black hair hung to the middle of her back, framing a beautiful face with full sexy lips and bright blue eyes.

Her full breasts were dominated by puffy areoles and hard dark nipples. Gazing further south I found a thin landing strip of closely cropped black hairs. Her hand was still wrapped around my cock base, gently milking it.

With her other hand she drew my face to hers, locking lips with me in an increasing passionate kiss which involved her tongue probing at mine. Her full breasts pressed into my chest with her hard nipples boring into me.

When she broke the kiss she commented “I love the feel of your cock - so thick and so long”. She punctuated her comment by tugging harder on the shaft. Then she dropped to her knees, bring her face to my crotch, rubbing my cockhead and shaft along her cheek, then across her lips before slipping the head between her lips.

“Fuck me ... All my dreams were coming true” I thought with my hands resting on her head.

She sucked the head gently for a while before taking more inside, ticking the entrance to her throat with my cockhead. Sucking me with increasing vigor until she released my cock from her grasp and mouth.

Standing again, she kissed me briefly.

“Let’s take this to the bed” she suggested, indicating the daybed on the veranda.

Turning off the shower I led her over to the daybed where I had her lay back with her legs spread. I knelt between them and introduced her pussy to my tongue and lips.

“I love a young man who knows how to prepare a woman for his cock - especially such a big one like yours” she commented looking down between her full breasts at me.

After a few seconds she added “Oh fuck. I love a good pussy licking”. She moaned as I alternated my attentions between her pussy, clit and her tight asshole.

“You nasty boy” she gasped when I licked and probed her ass.

My left hand crept up to play with her full breast, whilst I slipped a finger of my right hand into her very wet pussy. She was quite tight, and very hot. Finger-fucking her and grabbing at her tits had instant results with her cumming all over my hand and face.

I licked her juices.

“Wow. You are so tasty” I told her before diving back in to lick up her abundance of juices.

I added a second finger, and directed my tongue to her clitty. Probing inside her pussy I looked for her g-spot, finding it easily by the reaction that I had.

She screamed and squirted all over my face, deluging me with her tangy juices.

With the abundance of her juices, and the wetness of my fingers I slipped another finger into her tight ass, joining the two already in her pussy. Sawing all of them in and out saw her howling in ecstasy for the new minute or so.

“Stop ... stop ... no more” she begged.

I paused but left my fingers embedded in her pussy and ass.

Her body continued to have cum aftershocks for the next few minutes as she laid there with her eyes closed and her body occasionally twitching.

The bedsheet under her ass was now soaked with her juices.

I slowly removed my fingers, moving to kneel between legs with my cock resting along her landing strip. I rubbed it back and forth for a few moments feeling her soft pubic hairs ticking the underside of my shaft. Then taking it in hand, I slipped the head between her engorged lips to find the entrance to her pussy canal.

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