Lana (Brother's Mil) and Meg (His Aunt)

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Lana and Rob continue to fuck, and whilst recovering their breath he tells her about his first sexual encounter with his aunt Meg who slipped into his bed late at night.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Aunt   InLaws   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   Foot Fetish   .

I woke up to the sensation of a warm cloth wrapped around my half-hard cock. Opening my eyes I discovered that Lana was carefully tending to my cock - a cock that had thoroughly fucked both her pussy and asshole.

“I thought that I’d clean you up before I tried to swallow this monster again” she explained as she dropped the cloth to the floor.

She moved to kneel by my side, grasping it by the base before introducing it again into her hot mouth. Her soft lips felt amazing on my shaft, sliding up and down whilst she massaged my big balls.

“Mmmmm...” she hummed around my shaft.

I felt the head ticking the entrance to her throat for a moment before it slid deeper into her throat. Soon she had her lips around my cock base, swallowing like mad before she eased it back out of her throat. She repeated the feat again and again, getting better each time.

“I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop” I warned her.

She looked up at me, winked and then went back to her deepthroating and sucking.

“Fuck me ... you are such a horny bitch” I gasped just before I erupted. Some deposited in her throat and the rest in her mouth which she swallowed with glee.

With my cock still hard, she climbed onto my hips, aiming it straight into her tight wetness.

“That feels so good” she gasped when the penetration was complete with her ass sitting on my hips.

My hands crept up to cup her full rounded tits, feeling their softness and their weight. Flicking my fingers across her hard nipples started her moving about on my embedded cock, churning her hips and driving my cock into the far recesses of her hungry pussy.

“Ride me hard you horny slut” I demanded.

She picked up the pace, grinding and then slamming up and down - our bodies slapping together with her juices again flowing and splattering everywhere.

“Oh ... oh my god ... gotta cum soon” she screamed.

Her explosion was huge - her juices flooding my crotch and wetting the bed beneath us.

I flipped her back over into the missionary position where I fucked her hard and fast until we both exploded again together, pumping her full of my cum.

I rested on top of her for a few minutes - her eyes were closed but the smile on her face said it all. She had been well fucked.

Slowly I dismounted from her, just in time to see a trickle of our combined cums leaking from her pussy. That looked too tasty, so I dived face first back into her pussy, spearing my tongue into our creams.

“Fuck you’re a nasty one ... but I love it” she moaned pushing her pussy into my face again.

We lay exhausted side by side on my wrecked bed, a huge wet spot where her pussy had leaked profusely, talking about the family that would be shocked to see us this way.

“Tess, is going to be so jealous” she commented.

“Why? ... Why should she know ... Oh god you’re going to tell her aren’t you?” I asked nervously.

“Of course ... we talk and tell about everything”.

“Even this?” I asked incredulously. She just smiled back at me. Leaning into me again we kissed for a few minutes - the passion again sending extra blood flow to my cock.

“You know that Ben is not very well endowed, or very good in bed?” Lana told me.

“They have a baby” was my comment.

“Well ... that must have been just luck” Lana commented rubbing her leg along my thigh, and lightly caressing my now hard cock.

She then proceeded to tell me some very personal things about Ben and Tess’s relationship, and the sexual frustrations that Tess was experiencing.

“He hasn’t touched her sexually in over a year - six months before she gave birth, and in the six months afterwards. She’s so fucking horny that she’s borrowed my vibrator” Lana informed me.

She continued to stroke my cock, holding it firmly and milking it gently.

“How did you get so good at pleasing a woman?” she asked.

I didn’t answer immediately causing Lana to say “Whatever you say will be a secret between us. I won’t even share with Tess ... Promise.”

“It was my aunt Meg” I finally volunteered.

“Oh ... I met her at the wedding” Lana commented.

“Yep ... it happened that night ... In the early hours of the morning.”

“Wow ... Tell me more” she asked excitedly “But let me get comfortable first”.

Lana mounted my hard cock and slid it back into her hot wet pussy.

“Please continue.” she added with a smile.

My aunt Meg was my mothers younger sister. She was 35 years old at the time, and staying with my mum and dad in the main house whilst her divorce was being settled. I was 16 years old at the time however she treated me as an adult with us having some very mature conversations.

She told me about her failed marriage, and her plans for the future.

I had also danced with her at the wedding - Lana and her had given me a boner most of the night.

It all started in the early hours of the morning when I felt a firm pair of bare breasts pressing against my back, and a soft hand grasping my cock. I knew it was Meg by the smell of her perfume.

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