Magic Is Gross

by Redsliver

Copyright© 2016 by Redsliver

Fantasy Sex Story: David just wanted to get through another day of immaterial classes and girl watching when a incredibly hot girl wearing his best friend's favorite shirt dragged him out of the cafeteria.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   Romantic   Lesbian   BiSexual   TransGender   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Transformation   .

I had heard there was a new girl, but until I saw her: Holy Shit! Where was Curtis? It had been his job to collect and catalog all the hot chicks at school. She was a brunette. Her hair waved around her oval face. She had clear, lightly tanned skin and pale pink lips. Her body! I mean, Yes! Yes! Yes! She was tall, at least 5’8”, and slender but with a flare to her hips that promised an incredible ass if she’d only turn around. Her jeans were baggy but I’d bet her legs were as hot as the rest of her. Rips and tears in the denim gave me hints around her knees and thighs. Her tits, Yes! Yes! Yes!, were even prominent in spite of the loose t-shirt she was wearing. Now I was truly pissed with Curtis. This new girl was wearing the same Drowning Miranda tour shirt that he loved. I saw the flash of a momentary smile as she finished panning the room. That smile was the best part of her! At least until she got a tighter shirt. I found myself smiling until I met her pale blue eyes. What an interesting sandwich I was eating!

“David!” The new girl had crossed the room and hissed quietly at me while taking the seat across from me. I froze, eyes focused on the fact that the word Nutrition Facts were unironically displayed across my can of Coca-Cola. Fuck off, David! Girls are people. You like people. Even more so when they’re girls. Sure, you have trouble starting conversations with girls but you can talk to them! And besides, she started it.

“Oh, hi,” I talked around the frog in my throat, “I’m David.”

“Oh, fuck off!” She huffed and dropped her elbows onto the table with a thump, “Look, I went to scope out the new girl and--”

“That’s vain of you,” I smiled. Good! Jokes! Girls love a sense of humor! David for the win!

“What? Oh fuck. Come with me!” She grabbed my shirt by the shoulder and tugged as she climbed to her feet. I looked at her hand on me and really didn’t want to stand up. “Goddammit, David!”

Alright, I’m not heartless. This beautiful creature was nearly in tears, seemingly more out of anger or frustration than anything else. I hadn’t known I’d ever give a shit about eyelashes but her blue eyes were just gorgeous. I swallowed my pride and made her exhale impatiently as I discreetly readjusted my dick so I could stand up without tenting too badly.

“Where are we going?” I asked, normally I was an under the radar kind of kid but I could tell that I was the center of attention as this girl dragged me out of the cafeteria. I may have been grinning.

“Shut up, David,” She growled. I did at least until we stalked out into the hallway.

“Hey, who told you my name?”

“Look, it’s me! Curtis.” She told me. Nope! This was the stupidest prank ever. I mean, I might have been angry, hurt, or something if she hadn’t been gorgeous. I mean, cool, the new girl was willing to toss in with my crazy best friend. Hell, she even agreed to wear his shirt. Ballsy. Maybe we could be friends? Maybe we could go out?

“Alright, Curtis,” I watched her grind her teeth as I patronized her, “So you’re now the hottest girl in school but you’re not too good to still hang out with me? You’re a true friend.”

“And you’re a dick,” She snarled, “C’mon, I need you to help me with the new girl.”

She started stalking down the B-Wing hallway towards the C-Tower. I hurried up. Her butt was great! Of course, I wished she’d buy tighter jeans. Hell, maybe a skirt. Also she didn’t walk like girls do. She wiggled, but she could wiggle more. I was being a selfish dick. I hurried up alongside her.

“So what’s your name?” I asked her as we passed through to the B-Wing.

“Curtis Martin Shannon.” She enunciated. Ooh, bringing out the middle name.

“I’m going to call you Shannon.” I told her and she gave me the finger. Her nail polish was seafoam green, “So Shannon, why’d you come to this school?”

“Because my mother wouldn’t let me sleep in til suppertime.”

“Holy crap, Shannon! You two went all in on this!” I laughed, “Curtis always makes that joke. You should have seen the vice principal when he--”

“Mr Kane all but dragged me to the office and might’ve suspended me if mom hadn’t stormed in an hour later and tore him a new asshole for keeping me out of math.”

“Jesus,” I lost my humor, “I almost believe you.”

“Listen and believe,” She chuckled. That’s what tipped me. Curtis and I loved watching anti-SJW videos.

“If you’re Curtis, who’s the new girl?” I asked with trepidation, turning the last corner before the C-Tower.

“My name’s Kristi. Kristi Minsk.”

“Close?” Shannon whispered as I quivered. She squeezed me tighter. Kristi’s hand zipped up and down my cock. I held her close and had my face buried in her red hair. I gargled a reply to Shannon, her cool fingers spiraled around my balls. Kristi pumped faster.

“How do you guys do this everyday?” She panted, “My wrist is dying!”

“More!” I pleaded and she kept going. I erupted, vibrating against her leg.

“Shannon! Go grab a beaker!” Kristi sounded way more excited than I did. I found her ear and tugged it with my teeth. She giggled. Shannon vaulted from the bed and rushed to the lab equipment. I breathed in, smelling her fruity shampoo. She stroked my hair with her other hand.

“You did good, we can save Curtis now.”

Perhaps some context is in order. I had never been in a girl’s bedroom before. Well, I’d never been invited into a girl’s bedroom before. More honestly, I had never been invited to a girl’s bedroom by the girl who slept there.

We had skipped afternoon classes. I was going to catch hell if they called home. Unless they didn’t call. Did they always call? Fuck.

Shannon lay sprawled (until we fixed this, I wasn’t calling HER Curtis) on the bed while I spun around in the computer chair. The room was cluttered with unpacked boxes, bare walls and an empty closet. Most boxes and suitcases had been rooted through but not emptied. The only box that was empty and folded up against the wall had “Bedclothes” Sharpied on it. Her desk barely held her laptop and a Fluttershy plushie. I put the pegasus back down.

“I’m so sorry!” Kristi expelled.

“You’ve already said that,” Shannon raised up on her elbows. It really thrust out her boobs. She looked at me and looked down at herself. It took me a second to realize she was looking back to me again.

“What?” I failed to remind myself that Shannon was the same dumbass on the inside. The outside did a fine job of muddying things.

“Do I really look that good?” She asked. Low self esteem! That was one of those things we’ve always dreamed about. She smiled back at me. She shook her head, her nose scrunching up in confusion. It was super cute.

“You should, I mean that’s what the potion does,” Kristi said without turning from the box she was digging through. Kristi was very cute herself. She was a fair redhead and freckle free. She was probably less curvy than Shannon but wasn’t dressed like a boy. Her little butt was in a pleated skirt and her slim torso was tightly defined under a pink babydoll t-shirt. She had boobs too. I was on the lookout. They weren’t quite Shannon’s, Kristi was scaled down in height and size all around but she was scaled down an extra step in the breast department. It was her face that was so cute though. I hadn’t seen her smile yet but I loved her lips. Her eyes were a steel green. Mostly green until you were looking straight into them and then the gray shone through. Her hair, a dark red that hung to her breasts, was thick and shiny. Shannon’s was just as proportionally long, but waved out from her face with more body--if I understood the lingo in girls’ shampoo commercials.

“I still don’t understand this whole potion thing,” I admitted, “I mean, there’s lots I don’t understand, like--”

When I waved both hands towards Shannon, Kristi looked to her with a tilted head.

“Women,” Shannon had this beautiful mellifluous laugh, “He doesn’t understand women.”

“Well, I have trouble with boys,” Kristi blushed and smiled at me. The magnificent results of successful orthodontia shone through.

“Don’t worry, we’re not hard,” Shannon chimed in. She looked over at me; I sat up straighter as she suppressed a smile, “More than two dozen times a day.”

“Oh, yeah...” Kristi pulled out a red and blue journal from the box. Supergirl was on its cover. Her blush was running straight down her throat and into her top, “I seem to remember reading a novel where the boy tried to think about baseball to get rid of a...” Her erratic hand gestures poorly described a penis. We got the picture.

“I have never thought about baseball.” Full stop.

“I concentrate on spiders,” Shannon explained.

“Spiders make me think about superpowers,” Making an erection easier. I continued counting prime numbers. Sixty-seven. Seventy-one. Seventy-three.

Kristi tucked the little journal under her arm and stepped over a couple of boxes. She headed for a set up in the corner. Two small fridges were underneath a table that held another taped up box, a cluttered little bookshelf and a chemistry set. She focused on the bookshelf, dragging her left index finger across a row of binders. She pulled out the green one from the middle. She turned to us with a triumphant smile. One thirteen. One twenty seven. One thirty one.

“OK, so magic potion turns this autist into this work of art,” I tried for the sixth time in an hour to catch myself up, “And you had this potion, why?”

“First day at a new school,” Kristi explained, “I wanted to make a good impression. It was a beauty potion.”

“And you weren’t pretty before?” I said. I could tell from the way Shannon crossly looked at me that there may have been a better way to ask the question. Kristi didn’t seem to notice. She settled onto the bed at Shannon’s feet and laid the binder and journal next to Shannon’s knees.

“There’s always something to hate about yourself,” She frowned, “I had used it before and known it was effective but not capable of this. The potion primarily clears up my freckles, they used to be everywhere,” She gestured to her shoulders and down each arm, finally waving all across her cheeks, “And got rid of a pimple. I had a few split ends and they seem to be gone. Oh and it straightened my teeth like braces do. It did our makeup, for that alone, I’d use it every morning.”

I hadn’t realized either girl as was wearing makeup. I mean, yeah, Shannon’s lips were a bit too glossy and she had twenty painted nails. She had kicked away her now too big shoes and boy socks the moment we entered the Minsk home.

“But somehow it turned Curtis into Shannon?” I asked looking at what was once my quick to laugh, easy to belch buddy, “Did it hurt?”

“It felt like jumping into a cold pool,” Shannon considered for a thoughtful moment.

“And you can fix it?” I turned my eyes to Kristi. She was flipping to a new page in her Supergirl notebook.

“I kind of have to, don’t I?” She worried, “But I’ve got an idea.”

“An idea? Great.” Sarcasm just made Shannon hotter. One eighty-three. No, fuck that’s clearly divisible by three. Rookie mistake. One-eighty seven.

“So you made the beauty potion?” Where do you learn to make magic potions?”

“Nanna’s books call it brewing, but yes,” She asserted quite strongly, “There’s a pen behind Fluttershy.”

“So you’re like from a family of witches?” Shannon was super excited. I handed Kristi her pen. Curtis had always wanted to play the superhero. He wanted to take on bullies, rescue beautiful girls, make stupid puns to cement a victory. I empathized. He and I had always felt confined. Small town, small minds, small dreams. Magic, real magic, had made our world infinitely bigger. And it came in such a beautiful package. She was kind and dorky. Girls can get away with dorky.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Kristi was all nerves, “I never really labeled myself before. I wasn’t really trying to be a witch when I found out about this stuff. A couple of years ago, Nanna, my great grandma, passed away. She had all kinds of stuff and everyone was asking for something: I wanted her cookbooks. I really like to cook. I made breakfast this morning. It was just french toast and bacon but--”

“You’ve got superpowers and bacon!” Shannon was sitting up and had pulled her legs underneath her to crowd Kristi. Shannon was much more comfortable being close to new people than Curtis had ever been before, “If this cure thing doesn’t work out, you better like girls!”

Kristi shut up, flared red and looked through the floor. I smiled.

“Still got your thing for redheads?” I caught Shannon’s eyes. She looked me up and down.

“I definitely still like girls,” She wavered.

“Oh, good, I wouldn’t want to change you on the inside,” Kristi rallied. She lifted up the binder and started turning through the pages. Shannon was still looking at me. I decided not to challenge her and watched Kristi. I felt conflicted. I liked the attention. I had been starving for female attention whether or not she had ever been Curtis.

“So you brewed your pretty potion,” I turned back to Kristi, “How did that turn Curtis into Shannon?”

“Why do you insist on changing his name?” Kristi asked me. Shannon raised an eyebrow at me. Curtis did have sisters, and Shannon could easily fit in among them. The resemblance was obvious, if I hadn’t been expecting the new girl, I could have, at a distance, mistaken Shannon for Avery.

“He thinks I’m hot but he’s not gay,” Shannon smiled in a very self satisfied way. Two hundred three. Two hundred three. Bzzt! Two hundred three. I crossed my ankle onto my other knee. She triumphantly laughed her wondrous laugh. Kristi looked to me, thoughtfully.

“Something wrong with being gay?” She asked a bit accusatorily.

“Only that for David it would be dishonest,” Shannon reached over and glided her fingertips down Kristi’s arm. Kristi responded by edging her butt further down the bed. Shannon’s bright mood dulled.

“OK, so you’re at school. Why didn’t you drink your beauty potion before arriving? How did Curtis get it? What’s in it?”

“You should tell us both how we got here,” Shannon prodded, “It’d help.”

Kristi hung the pen by it’s clip as a bookmark for her page in the binder. The journal and the binder were laid behind her. She looked to her knees and took a measured breath. She hooked either thumb into her bangs and pulled them back behind her ears. A few loose strands on her left hand side fell back toward her nose. She looked up, more confidently.

“I had taken the potion after my shower in the morning. I was careful to catalog the changes and I made notes in this notebook. I felt terrific, Mom had commented on how pretty I was. Dad was just impatient to get going. I guess my time waiting in the principal’s office with just my thoughts had left me feeling insecure again. I was called in to finish the last bit of paperwork with Mr Kane. Dad told me to walk or get the bus home. New school and nerves, I figured I’d feel better when I got to classes. I was supposed to start after lunch period. The thing is, the moment I stepped out into the hallway, this girl saw me and said ‘Great, another pasty skank.’”

Shannon and I shared a look. The roll and sarcasm that Kristi’s impression revealed was familiar. I rolled through the bitches I knew. Shannon nodded. Persephone.

“I shouldn’t have let it get to me but it was like my legs were swept out from under me. I slid my backpack from my shoulders, I figured I’d go to the washroom and just have a little touch up. I opened my backpack, paranoid I had left the potion back home. When I had it in my hand, it was in a little sports bottle, I felt better. I set off after the washroom sign. I turned the first corner at speed and Curtis did too. He stepped on my toes. I yelped and accidently squeezed my left hand. It spray all over him.”

“So it’s topical? You just have to get it on you?”

“No! You got to drink it,” Kristi corrected me very forcefully.

“Yeah, I drank some. A couple drops in my mouth but I had more on my face,” Shannon took up the baton, “She was panicking out apologies as I wiped my face. After a smell, I may have licked my hand. What was that anyway? It was sour and sharp.”

Kristi panicked. She had already blushed a few times. In that second, she invented a newer, even more livid, shade of red. Her voice worked a few moments later, “There’s white wine in the Blossoming Beauty.”

“Cute name,” Shannon commented, “And well, I am sorry I startled you. And that I stepped on your toes. Oh, and that I was planning on stalking you ... A little. I just wanted to get in on ground floor Kristi before you met some big football player and wouldn’t talk to us geeks anymore.”

“I love geeks...” She shook her head, uneasily smiling, “Even the mildly stalkery ones. You two have been way too cool about all of this. I was so terrified someone would find out about this stuff and I’d never make any friends.”

“Well, you’ve made the right friends today!” I smiled. Kristi looked to be slapped around by dozens of feelings. She slumped her shoulders, smiled, looked at her fingers, and shook with excitement. Shannon’s touch on her shoulder was welcomed this time. I caught the brunette’s eye, “And shame on you, Shannon.”

“What? You’d have never of forgiven me if I hadn’t checked out the new girl!” She crossed her arms and glared. It was such a girly gesture; I couldn’t quite stifle a laugh.

“Of course,” I waved that away, “Wouldn’t have that any other way. I was just saying the football players are all kind of decent. We want to keep her away from the hockey team.”

“Good point,” Shannon nodded. We both looked to Kristi. She was laughing quietly.

“Thank you guys,” She thumbed her eye and was happy to find no tears. She looked to me, “Now, this is going to get super weird.”

“Weirder than a magic sex change operation?” Shannon proceeded to jinx me. Bitch.

“Just as weird,” Kristi joked, “Hopefully.”

“Hopefully,” Shannon smiled. I just nodded. I felt I could uncross my legs then. Kristi swallowed some air and grew a bit paler. She picked up her binder again. She opened it to her pen. I rolled her computer chair across the hardwood floor. I bumped knees with Shannon. She bumped me back. Her retribution felt like flirting; I didn’t risk adjusting myself. Kristi would have noticed. We all squeezed in more tightly around the binder.

“David,” Jinx gone! “We need you here, because ... Well, the only green potion I remembered being about boys specifically is this one.”

I followed the tip of Kristi’s finger to the recipe in the binder. If I had pictured a witch’s spellbook (recipe book as the case happened to be), I would have exactly pictured the crisp cursive font in black ink on aged yellow paper. Was it parchment? I wouldn’t have pictured each sheet preserved in a plastic sleeve and gathered into a green dollar store 1-inch three ring binder. Kristi had six more binders on that shelf: red, yellow, blue, purple, brown and black. Under her red fingernail were words: The Charming Prince.

“This is the one I used for me,” She flipped back to the third page of the binder. Three recipes were spread across these two pages. She pointed to Blossoming Beauty. She flipped back before I had read past “Sprinkle three pinches of ground rose petals in 1/4 cup of maiden’s desires.”

“When you make a potion, there’s always five ingredients. I didn’t have everything we need here,” She gulped.

“What! Why not!” Shannon steamrolled Kristi and pulled the binder from her hands and speed read the recipe. She started laughing. “Oh my God! That’s why we needed David!”

“Magic is gross...” Kristi burned and wouldn’t meet my eyes. Shannon lunged over and grabbed my wrist. I let myself be dragged until my knees bracketed hers. The binder spun towards me on our laps. It was scary how sexy she smelled up close. I closed my eyes.

“What’re you doing, jackass? Read the fucking recipe!” Her laugh and her closeness and her everything was stimulating.

“Five ingredients,” Kristi murmured as I opened my eyes, “Something human,” My ears burned as I read on, “Three symbolic anchors,” These seemed more witchy, maybe not the black coffee, “all mixed in something elemental.”

“What’s--” I asked with a dry tongue. I recalled Blossoming Beauty, “What are maiden’s desires?”

“Magic is gross,” Whispered Kristi as an apology or an explanation. I almost regretted asking. Kristi looked away really quickly. She stopped breathing and blushed until she was purple. Shannon and I watched her. My apology forever remained just another heartbeat away.

“I--I had to do what you’ll have to do.” She rushed mousily. I looked back down at The Charming Prince. I couldn’t stop smiling. No prime number could help me now. Her Great Grandma’s hand, assuming the old woman herself hadn’t inherited the recipes, was beautiful and clear. I chose to read aloud. I might be a dick but if I was going to be embarrassed, I hoped to share it with Kristi. I realized, I’d like to share so much with Kristi. Or even Shannon. My oldest friend was snickering. I smiled slowly. Shannon was beautiful and Kristi was beautiful. I squeezed Shannon’s knees with my own. Shannon stopped laughing.

“You will need, potent male seed, a silver coin, black coffee, a peacock’s feather and a candle flame,” I managed to suppress the vocal fillers that usually came when I read in class, “Brew the coffee, you will need at least a full cup. Liberally coat the coin with the seed and place it into the coffee. Strip 3 fibers from the feather and lay them on top of the coffee. Do not mix until over the candle flame.”

There followed a list of bullet point warnings, notes, examples, and anecdotes. “Not for husbands.” Was followed by. “Danger to expensive clothes.” I liked “Especially effective on Big Jim.” If the number of notes were an indication of frequency of use, the old bat had had her share of Charming Princes.

“Da-d-dad,” Kristi took a deep breath and sat up straight, “My dad has some old silver dollars in the living room. We can use my mom’s Keurig machine for the coffee.”

Shannon and I watched Kristi. She looked away, not as flushed as she used to be.

“You don’t have a peacock’s feather?” Shannon worried.

“No, I’ve got loads of that kind of stuff,” Kristi shook her head. With flagging courage she looked to me “I just--Well, look maybe Shannon and I should go collect the rest of the stuff. I’ve got a petri dish in the chemistry set. The bathroom is right across the hall. Is-is that OK?”

“Not OK at all,” I shook my head. Both girls shrieked out varying spikes of “What!”

“This is just so weird and cool. I want to be part of every step.”

“I get that,” Agreed Shannon. I grinned. Her eyes opened wide and she knocked my knees away from hers.

“Yeah, and I like to keep proper notes,” Kristi spoke as Shannon locked her jaw shut, “Just in case I need to do this again. You know?”

“Should we brew the coffee first?” I offered and Kristi agreed. I followed her out and soon Shannon hurried up behind us. Kristi’s house was like all of those in the subdivision, two stories. The bedrooms and a bathroom up top and the kitchen and living rooms on the ground floor. We hurried downstairs. The clock only read ten to two. Back at school, last period had just begun. We grabbed an old silver dollar and a mug full of coffee. We hurried back up to her room. I couldn’t stop smirking.

“Alright the feather should be in the box on the table,” Kristi lifted that box and put it on the floor. Shannon sank down and stripped the tape with her newly sharp nails. I watched Kristi. She was meticulous. The binder was open and arranged next to her notebook. She opened the big chemistry set. She took out a glass stirring rod and a ceramic petri dish.

“This stuff’s so cool!” Shannon was lifting up a styrofoam board covered in pinned butterflies. She had already taken out jars of powders and bits.

“The feathers are in a leather booklet,” Kristi said as she ticked away in her notebook, “David can you get me a lighter? There should be one in the box next to my suitcase.”

“What kind of feather’s this?” Shannon asked from her knees. I twitched. Her eyes flicked towards my crotch, it was at eye height with her. She paled and looked pointedly at Kristi.

“That’s an macaw’s tail feather. You want the green-blue one with the eye up top.”

“Yeah, I know. You’ve got a bunch of cool stuff,” Shannon willed me to invisibility. I went to get the lighter. I didn’t have perfectly maintained magic finger blades so I struggled with the packing tape for an embarrassing minute. There was a whole cellophane wrapped pack of Bic lighters. I poked a hole and grabbed a red one. The rest of the box contained tools and art supplies. I closed the top back over. Shannon and Kristi were hip to hip waiting for me. Kristi held her hand out for the lighter. Shannon tried to tickle my nose with the feather.

“Hey,” I laughed hurriedly stepping back. Kristi picked up the petri dish.

“How long do you think you’ll need?” Kristi asked, she had pulled her hair back into a very tight ponytail.

“It takes less time with the right motivation,” I flirted. She smiled, frowned, smiled, giggled and shook her head.

“Then take your phone with you,” Shannon suggested. She offered the petri dish again, “There’s porn on the internet.”

“Um ... Do I have to?”

“Yeah, we need your stuff. I’m just as embarrassed asking as you are listening,” Kristi stampeded through her syllables, “Because otherwise Curtis is stuck like this.”

“No, I get that,” I stalled and Shannon’s face twisted in anger. She realized I wasn’t quite stalling.

“Dude! I’m like your, uh, dude!” She growled. She picked the dish from Kristi’s hands and thrust it to me.

“Dude you’re a chick. A really hot chick.” I defended myself, “And well, I really like you, Kristi.”

“Thanks,” She tilted her head, “You’re pretty cool too ... Oh! David! We just met...” She looked aside.

“I’ve never done magic before. I want us to do this together,” I muttered, “Look at all this stuff. Look at Shannon.”

“Dude! I’m Curtis!” She turned the petri dish in her hands like a tiny steering wheel.

“Kristi, this is the most exciting cool thing ever to happen to us. And I really like you. I’ve been watching you since we ditched. Especially doing all this stuff, you’re fired up. Do you really want me to go to another room and miss part of the process?”

“Magic’s fun,” She considered. Shannon glared at her, “And gross.”

“So, this last part ... It could be fun too,” There was a moment of awkwardness. I nearly gave in. I was about to swipe the dish from Shannon, thinking, “At least I tried.”

“I guess it wouldn’t be the worst thing,” Kristi burned red.

“OK,” Shannon smirked, “Do you want to get started, Kristi? This’ll probably be very quick.”

“Me? You’re the one who needs the cure, Curtis!” Kristi shook her head and elbowed Shannon.

“But you’re the one who potioned me,” Shannon pushed back.

“Because you ran into me!” I’ve had this dream of cute girls fighting over me. This wasn’t quite it. This was deflating.

“Couldn’t you could both do it?” I asked burning far redder than Kristi. The flat, unimpressed gaze from Shannon was really hot.

“And just what are we going to do?” My friend raised an eyebrow.

“I hoped we were only talking about a handjob!” Kristi squealed.

“Have you ever given a handjob?” Shannon raised an eyebrow.

“I haven’t even seen a real penis before!” Kristi shook her head until she could speak in a reasonable octave, “So, maybe you should do it.”

“Why? I’ve never given a handjob either,” Shannon shot back.

“To yourself you have!” Kristi retorted. I laughed at that.

“Fuck it,” Shannon growled, “Why do you even want it from me? You’re so not gay.”

“Are you? A lesbian I mean. You’re a girl now and you like Kristi.” When in doubt, deflect. Shannon shut up and looked away from me. I turned to Kristi, “Has she seen a mirror yet?”

“I don’t think so,” Kristi shook her head.

“Fine, come with me,” I took Kristi’s hand and Shannon’s elbow. Kristi squeezed my fingers. Shannon didn’t wrench out of my grip like I expected her too. Kristi directed us across the hall to the washroom.

“Oh! Oh fuck!” Shannon said touching her face as she looked into the huge mirror over the sink. She pulled on her lips and dragged a finger around her eye. She turned and posed and looked confused or happy from heartbeat to heartbeat, “I would do terrible terrible things to me.”

“It’s been hard not to,” I got her to smirk, for just a moment at that. She stuck out her tongue at me. She turned back to herself. It took a while for her to wander around her face. She squeezed her tits and giggled. Kristi dug fingers into my side for staring, but shared a grin with me. At least until, Shannon grabbed the hem of her shirt.

“Wow!” Shannon spoke as she lifted her shirt and rotated in the mirror. These were the first tits I’d ever really seen. They set a high bar for all the ones I’d see in the future. Shannon had an even tan all over. Her stomach was taut and when she twisted back and forth her abs hinted at a six-pack. Her tits were high, perky and round. They didn’t seem as big as I had imagined but they weren’t small. They pointed out from her with blunt nipples and dark areolas. They jiggled as she moved them in all sorts of ways.

“Curtis!” Kristi hissed sourly.

“Oh! These are great!” Shannon giggled. She caught my eyes, rolled hers and smirked. I gave her the finger.

“Put your tits away!” Kristi was glowering at me for watching but keeping an eye on Shannon as well.

“Sorry,” Shannon wasn’t sorry. I condemned the t-shirt rolling back down to her waist, “I’m pretty!”

“You are really pretty,” Kristi said crossing her arms under her breasts. I laid on hand on both of their backs.

“Yeah, I guess I’m the ugly duck here,” I frowned.

“What, no! That’s not tr--” Shannon flash fried that new red that Kristi had patented earlier. She turned back to the mirror and whiteknuckled the counter, “Oh fuck, I like boys now.”

“You’re bisexual?” I hoped. I really wanted her to like Kristi! Wait, that body likes boys? Yes! Yes! What? I crashed, “You weren’t before, right?”

“Maybe she’s still straight but just remembers liking girls?” Kristi suggested.

“It’s not just a memory,” Whispered Shannon but we heard her. Kristi blushed. Shannon turned on our new witch friend. “We have to turn me back! I don’t know how to be a girl!”

“That’s what we’re doing, Curtis,” Kristi assured Shannon.

“No, we’re being cowards and wasting time,” Shannon declared. I received the stinkeye, “OK, be honest, Kristi. Are you OK giving David a handjob?”

“If we can just be friends for now,” she flustered waving her hands back and forth. I hung my head a little, her panic didn’t inspire the greatest feelings, “David! Don’t be like that. I’m not saying you wouldn’t be the kind of boyfriend I’d want but I’d want ... I’d want something other than this to be a first date.”

“Look, right now, we’re friends, OK,” She was right so I offered her this olive branch. Both girls nodded, “But magic always wants a human bit right?”

“Yeah, magic is gross,” Kristi agreed.

“OK, Shannon--Can we all agree to call her Shannon until she’s turned back? Please? Thank God! Shannon, can you help Kristi? That way it’s the three of us and we’re friends. Otherwise, well Kristi could fall in love with me.”

“Thank you,” She said as if I hadn’t made a joke.

“OK, sure,” Shannon licked her lips. She touched her face again, dragging her fingernail over her lips, “You said the potion did our makeup. I don’t think I’m wearing makeup, Kristi.”

“Neither am I,” Kristi shook her head, “But the potion literally colors our lips and eyes and nails and stuff. It’s such a time saver. The only thing it doesn’t effect is clothes. Which is why you’re dressed like the 80s.”

“Girls? Can we talk fashion after?” I pleaded. Shannon turned to me with a wicked grin. Kristi covered her mouth as she chuckled. Shannon grabbed the hands of both of us. Kristi and I shared a look, she didn’t smile half as hard as I did. We were dragged across the hall back to Kristi’s room.

Shannon sat me down on the side of the bed. Kristi was arranged next to me. She was then urged, corralled and forced right up against my right side.

“Shannon?” Kristi asked nervously.

“Shh. We’re almost ready,” The two of us on the bed looked over our shoulders at the other. I saw nervousness before I saw excitement. Kristi saw it the other way around. Kristi put her finger on my jaw and forced me to look at Shannon.

“I know you got flustered in the bathroom Kristi,” Shannon said apologizing. She whipped off her t-shirt and her breasts jiggled, “But I don’t want to get boy cum all over my favorite shirt.”

“I guess...” Kristi said, I vibrated as she twirled a finger in my hair, “It looks like it’ll make things easier with David.”

“You could join me,” Shannon walked over to me. She couldn’t do a very sexy walk but I don’t think I could have noticed much of an improvement. I was quickly bracketed by girlflesh. Shannon put a knee down on the bed behind me.

“I think I’m OK for now,” Kristi burned.

“Too bad,” Shannon lamented. I made a dry mouthed sound that could have been an agreement. Shannon continued her circuit until she was kneeling behind Kristi and my shoulders. We all looked at each other.

“Why are you back there?” Kristi asked Shannon.

“This is the way I’m used to reaching,” She explained slipping her left arm around my trunk. Her knees squeezed my hips. I laid my hand on hers on my belly. She wiped the smile off her face. Both of us were horribly embarrassed. Kristi had an amused look on her face. She seemed excited. She reached for my belt.

“Good girl!” Shannon used her other hand to stroke Kristi’s hair. Kristi pushed that hand away.

“None of that,” She begged, “This is for science.”

“Isn’t magic specifically not science?”

“No speaking from the guinea pig. Ruins the results,” Kristi giggled. My belt slid free of its loops and Kristi lay it on the bed behind her. This was really happening. The semi I had been fighting all day rose to its full height.

“Oh!” Kristi intoned interrogatively. She and Shannon were sharing some look over my shoulder. Kristi’s fingers started on my zipper. I let go of Shannon’s hand. Just feeling a feminine hand sliding down my belly was new and exciting enough. Both her arms encircled my waist and pulled open my fly button.

“I’m really jealous,” Shannon’s lips touched my ear, “Do you have any idea what I’d have done to get two girls all over me?”

“Black magic?” Kristi suggested. Her finger on my lips had stopped me from talking. She mouthed “Science!” at me again.

“Black magic to start,” Shannon giggled, “Come on Davy, up with the butt.”

I did, looking very put upon as Kristi dragged my pants down past my knees. Shannon was more gung ho in sending my underwear after. I bobbed freely in the air. Kristi just watched. Shannon snuggled in closer but her arms stayed chest height. A minute ticked away. I waited but patience became a death sentence.

“Are we ready to begin?” I asked.

“I was thinking Shannon would--”

“You’re in front for a reason, Kristi,” Shannon said.

“OK, but, I could do what you’re doing and--”

“No, I like it here,” Shannon squeezed me and I liked the feeling of a girl wrapped tightly around me, “Now, just do what I do, OK?”

“I guess,” Kristi swiped her hair from her eyes, a nervous gesture that highlighted her entire face. I couldn’t stop staring and she kept blushing a shade deeper. I moaned. Shannon’s fingers wrapped around my cock. Her fingertips were so soft and cool. I grimaced and shuddered. I kept my eyes on Kristi.

“If you got this under control, maybe I--”

“Kristine Jamaica Minsk! You grab that dick and you tug it!” Kristi lurched. She rolled her hand over my hip until her fingers touched Shannon’s. Two girls’ hands were on my cock. Kristi’s were slowly replacing Shannon’s right against my flesh.

“It’s actually Kristina. And why would you guess my middle name was Jamaica? That’s not a girl name! That’s not a people name,” They grumbled at each other but Kristi’s left hand was riding up and down my cock. I held onto the edge of the mattress with both hands. Shannon’s hand set the pace. I could feel her face leaning against my ear.

“It’s a lot easier to do the growly mom voice with a full three names,” Shannon just watched. She was tight against my back. Her body was so close and so warm.

“OK, but next time, my middle name is Agata.” She said with an accent she retrieved from nowhere. I just watched her awkward hand roll up and down my dick. Shannon had two fingers on Kristi’s index finger knuckle.

“Kristi, you’re not left handed,” I told her.

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