Night Nurse With Naughty Needs
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The night shift was boring at first, but now Nurse Sandra has found the perfect solution to make things interesting again.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Analingus   Size   Doctor/Nurse  

Sandra Cunningham was not the svelte model type that was so popular these hedonistic days. In fact, she was a bit pear shaped with her bottom often spilling out of her too-tight knickers. It was a matter of some concern to her, but not an emergency, because she was so busy with work and taking care of her aging mother that she had no time for boyfriends or rare gentleman callers.

Just recently, she had been assigned to the night shift, much to her chagrin, because whilst she was working, she was forced to hire a sitter for her aging mother. Her mum was quite absent-minded of late, hardly remembering what she was thinking about only a moment before. At least, she hadn’t reached the point that she didn’t remember her only daughter like some of the other less fortunate patients on her ward.

Her immediate supervisor was Head Nurse Crumpet.

There could be no doubt that Nurse Crumpet was a piece of work. The powers that be didn’t hesitate for an instant before they broke the mold on Doris crumpet’s DNA to prevent more than one of her to annoy the remainder of the human race for decades to come. She was the cross that poor Sandra had to bear with a modicum of dignity every day inside the huge hospital that also included a ward for mental afflictions.

Sandra was temporarily assigned to the mental ward because Nurse Crumpet wanted to make her shifts a wide-awake nightmare in the darkness of night. She had become adept at avoiding being bitten, ducking a punch and mollifying illogical chains of thought. Still, beneath it all, Nurse Sandra had a sense of pity for the poor patients wandering about if they were lucky enough not to be restrained to their pallets.

The physical requirements of the mental ward meant that most of the night shift staff were males with excess muscular development and a willingness to bully even when uncalled for. Sandra was just the opposite with her passive, submissive nature and the patients were quick to take advantage of her sympathetic heart in devious manipulation. No matter how many times she was tricked by their schemes and plots, Sandra retained her basic generosity of spirit regardless of the consequences.

For reasons of economic necessity, the mental ward was jumbled together into both male and female sections and the more aggressive types were thrown in with the more benign blank faces of thought-challenged inmates. It was a situation that was ill-suited to Sandra’s lack of a disciplinary nature and that is precisely why Nurse Crumpet had placed her there. It was the Head Nurse’s fond hope that it would wear down the kindly nature of the younger nurse and made her more pliable to her outrageous demands.

Sandra had discovered the kinky side of the Head Nurse when she walked in on her riding the stiff cock of badly burned patient swathed in bandages hiding his face. She had his arms restrained on the rails and straddled him with well-practiced ease. The way she did it so expertly indicated to Sandra that her evil-minded supervisor had done this exercise many times before with other incapacitated males in no position to object. It was easy to perceive that the over-sized male patient was conscious because he was moaning with deeply felt pleasure each time Nurse Crumpet’s generously shaped backside plopped down on his happy groin.

The Head Nurse looked over her shoulder at Sandra and the young nurse could see the fires of lust burning brightly in her eyes. Her tongue was starting to flop out from between her lips and the hint of saliva started to drip down her pointed chin like some signature of kinky delight. It was such a salacious scene that Sandra could not help but feel a stirring in her female parts. She was disgusted at her own lack of modest decorum and knew right away it was a sin of thought almost as serious as active physical participation in the carnal transgression.

It must have the exact moment that the restrained patient started to spurt his gift of liquids deep inside the Head Nurse’s waiting twat.

Nurse Crumpet shuddered with the force of the flood filling her channel of passion and slowly fell forward onto the huge man’s chest kissing his neck and shoulders with emotion-laden gratitude for his donation to ease her frustration and loneliness.

Sandra wondered what the man looked like under the bandages. The only way she could identify him was from the shape of his still-throbbing prick. It was overly long and thick as a tree branch with a bullet-shaped purple head still dripping beads of creamy white goo like a faucet not turned off tightly. She watched the overweight Head Nurse climb up out of the heavy-duty hospital bed and put the patient’s business back inside his hospital gown like she was finished giving him his daily dose of medication to speed his recovery.

“I hope you had your jollies watching me attend to Mister Brown’s obvious need for some personal attention.”

Sandra was at a loss for words and all she could muster was a low-pitched weak response.

“Sorry, Head Nurse, I just wanted to be of assistance and make certain the patient had no need for a bed pan in the middle of the night. Forgive me for intruding on your privacy.”

She could see that the Head Nurse was still highly charged from the recent copulation with the generously endowed patient and made no effort to hide her agitation from her junior nursing assistant.

“My forgiveness will be determined by your ability to clean up that mess Mister Brown made all over my legs. Get your head down there and take care of it like a good little nurse and I might make things a little easier for you when it comes time for assignments.”

Sandra felt a little twinge of revulsion at the thought of kneeling down in front of the Head Nurse’s lap but she knew it would probably be the only way she could get a little peace and quiet on the night shift.

She was surprised that Nurse Crumpet’s white panty-hose covered legs were so pleasantly scented. Apparently, she was one of those females that put a lot of stock in the constant use of imported perfume to make her private parts more appealing to male attentions. Of course, in this instance, it was Sandra that was getting her face pushed in deep between the Head Nurse’s legs and making contact with her open crotch snatch. The shock of kissing another female’s privates confused Sandra at first, but then the guiding hands and the back of her head directed her into secret corners and she had no choice but to comply with the kinky Head Nurse’s directions with her best submissive attitude. She knew it was sinful and it was not her inclination to seek such alternative pleasure, but the Head Nurse had her in a corner and she was more inclined to obey, than to confront, because it was not in her gentle nature to seek confrontation.

“Good girl, get up into the corners, dearie, that’s nice right there. Do me some more right there, sweetie. That’s my favorite spot. Give me some of your mouth juice, girl, make me feel nice and wet all over.”

Sandra was a bit turned off by the admonitions from her superior.

There seemed to be no end to her dirty frame of mind and she was a glutton for matters of a kinky nature. Just when she thought the older woman was satisfied with her ministrations, she heard the words that filled her with dread.

“You did real good, little lady. I can tell this was your first time. Now I want your virgin mouth back there where the sun don’t shine. This time, I will leave it all up to you, but understand I want your tongue to get real busy and make me feel like you really mean it.”

Then, to her consternation, the older woman wrapped her arms under the backs of her knees and lifted her legs up high to allow Sandra access to the mystery of her dark, heated crack. The junior nurse had a little tremor of revulsion and a sudden urge to gag despite the sweet smelling presentation of the Head Nurse’s puckered rear door.

Sandra tentatively reached out with her pointed pink tongue and rimmed the delicate membranes. It was something she had never done before and the thought of actually pushing her tongue inside that trembling dirt-hole was a fate worse than death. She closed her eyes and did it slowly at first and then a little more aggressively when she realized the silky sensation was pleasant after all.

The sound of the Head Nurse’s gasps of startled pleasure filled her with a confidence she had never felt before. She became more determined and started to explore the silky interior of the Head Nurse’s tiny anus testing the defenses of her tight sphincter with enthusiastic lips. The fact that the supervisor was now totally at her mercy did not escape her notice and she took the opportunity to punish her cheeks a bit with her nasty pinches and stinging slaps to make her shake her bottom like some street corner slut. It was Sandra in charge now and she gave it to the Head Nurse hard just the way she liked it.

At the conclusion of her anal assignment, Nurse Sandra helped rearrange the Head Nurse’s uniform and squatted right on top of her face without asking permission. The older woman looked up at her with resignation in her eyes.

It was time for Sandra to wipe her thirsty slit on the Head Nurse’s crimson lips smearing her lipstick into a clownish display of wanton depravity. She did not hesitate to move up higher and give her a reciprocal taste of her own back door to pleasure for good measure making sure that her supervisor’s tongue was fully unfurled inside her seldom visited posterior.

After that, they both acted like nothing of a personal nature had taken place but Sandra noticed that the supervisor’s voice was not as sharp as before and that she was now making her point by rubbing her bare arm instead of pointing her finger at her. The touch of skin on skin was a welcome distraction to her nightly duties and seemed to make everything take on a different perspective, all things considered.

A few nights later, Sandra quietly entered into Mister Brown’s room and saw that he was sleeping peacefully just like a new-born babe. She checked his hospital gown and saw that his equipment was in a semi-rigid state despite his state of unconsciousness. She had an urge to straddle him just like her kinky supervisor but settled for gently grasping the shaft and slowly stroking it into a state of extreme stiffness. There was no doubt that Mister Brown was now ready for any erotic coupling of an emergency nature. Still, she was cautious about committing to a full-scale mounting of his hips for fear of being caught by one of the orderlies coming in for a quick check on his status.

Sandra leaned down and gently kissed the tip already oozing with the first hints of pre-cum despite his continuing refusal to awaken. Brazenly, she wrapped her pretty lips around his bullet head noting that she had to stretch her lips widely to fit it inside her saliva filled mouth. Her tongue seemed to have a mind of its own and she played with the shaft taking more and more of the length inside her mouth right down to the back of her throat. She instinctively knew that she had reached the maximum depth without gagging and stopped to let her tongue do all the work without moving. Poor Mister Brown was stirring with restrained desire not quite certain what was happening to his manhood. His brain was sorting things out but he was still of the opinion it was a perfect dream that threatened to drain his seed in the midnight hours. He felt it start to spurt and smiled in his sleep like a Cheshire cat licking up a plate of milk.

Sandra swallowed as fast as she could do. She did her best to eliminate the evidence of her wrong-doing as quickly as possible.

Mister Brown turned on his side and started to snore with a sense of deep contentment unaware of his donation to Nurse Sandra’s stress reduction program.

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