Amity: 2. Coercion
Chapter 15: Jealousy

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 15: Jealousy - Storm Green had inadvertently stood on a Transportation Ring. He found himself transported to a planet called Amity. His life had been set on a new path. Storm was charged with the quest to find his fellow wizards and reunite the planet. His next task was to help the man he had rescued, Ulu, find his wizard's box and stop the slavers from hunting his people. They set sail upon the Huracan for their next adventure. (Warning: contains descriptive Bi-gay sex.)

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Rape   Coercion   Mind Control   Magic   Slavery   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   High Fantasy   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Extra Sensory Perception   Space   Aliens   Far Past   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Slow  

They decided it was time to get some rooms sorted out.

The ladies took them upstairs to show them the rooms that they had picked out. They, in turn, selected rooms nearby, so they stayed together. Everyone agreed to meet up for lunch in an hour or so, once they were settled in.

David and his girls collected their basics from the ship and made themselves at home. David and Kelli both had to laugh at the starry-eyed look on Sarah’s face. She didn’t seem the least perturbed that Storm already had a husband and a wife.

David commented to Kelli that, if anything, the fact Sarah was getting a three for one deal, probably only made her happier. After all, a Ship’s SAI was supposed to look after a large crew. It was one of the first things that she had told them. The fact she was going to get to screw all three of them would only make her rampant hormones even happier.

He planned to have a quick chat with Storm and his partners before Sarah got to them. He even sent her on an errand to double check the ship was fully locked down to get her out of the way. He knew she’d have to go and do it, just because it was her nature to do so.

He cornered Storm, Kim and Lindell in their room. “Hi guys, we need to have a chat about Sarah,” he said. He then told them how he got to here from Earth and how Sarah came into being.

If he had ever wanted a rapt audience, he had one. Kim quizzed him to his embarrassment on what sexual experiences Sarah had. He was blushing when he mentioned Kelli had given her toys to play with and she had complete access to the porn section of the library on his ship.

Kim grinned and said, “Damn, you mentioned those movie things Storm. I bet she can teach us a thing or two.”

Stormed laughed and kissed him. “Kim, compared to you my love, they are pretty tame. Also, watching others doing it for a camera is nowhere near the same as experiencing sex for yourself.”

David agreed. He then went on to tell them that they had to remember that emotionally, Sarah was very vulnerable. While physiologically she had the body of an eighteen-year-old and had a dozen encyclopaedias for a brain, she didn’t have a lot of life experiences.

She would always put their safety and well-being before her own, as that was part of her programming for want of a better word. She was still learning to think for herself as a human.

He then grinned, “And please don’t get her knocked up too soon, Storm. Dana said that her mother was called Raina and the chick you knocked up was called Annette Ubobo. She later married a guy called Frank Walsh and had another kid they called Anne.”

“I remember looking up your name before I left to go to Mars since you were a grandparent of Dana’s and I found your disappearance interesting. I found the obituaries and a couple of other references to you. Apparently, you have two sons and another daughter, Crystal, Robert and Phillip. Sorry, but I didn’t look them up any further.”

Storm nodded in agreement, “Thank for that information. As to Sarah, I’ll try, but it won’t be easy. I bet you couldn’t say no to Kelli when she came into season, any more than I could to Lindell.”

David looked sheepishly at him, “Actually, I have a sneaky suspicion that Dana wasn’t the only one. Not that it was my intent, you understand. I didn’t think I could do it, with the virus and all.”

“It was only later when I was on Mars that I realised I didn’t ask the other two ladies I screwed after I got the bling if they had protection. I didn’t register the significance of the smell until after Sarah told me Kelli was pregnant.”

Storm shook his head, “I’m still getting my head around the fact that I have only been here several months’ local time and you’re from forty-six years into my future. Mage Davin, the guy who left here before I came, said that he came from twelve hundred years into our past.”

“He had spent nearly a hundred years here before he was able to leave. I don’t think I’ll be hurrying to go back to Earth. I miss stuff, but I couldn’t give up what I have here,” he smiled at Kim and Lindell.

“This is now my home, and I hope you end up happy here too. Maybe you should look at adding a third. That shifter chick Keven was giving you two, the eye. If you hook up with a local from Federation, where I think your people will end up, it might make it easier to fit in. Talk to Kelli about it anyway,” suggested Storm.

David left them to their unpacking and went to talk to Kelli about Keven. To be honest, he had taken a fancy to her too. She was tall enough for them, and he didn’t mind his girls having some softer curves.

Kelli smiled at him, “Well a shapeshifter has a lot of advantages. She can fuck in both forms depending on what you want. She can have kids for you. She can even get me pregnant if we wish. If you like a bit of both, she comes in handy for that, too.”

“From what I know, if we have girls then they are born shape-shifters, but if it’s born a boy, he can’t change nor do they carry the gene. Storm has a point, as I believe we are meant to move to that continent, it feels right. They are the people we are supposed to serve. I wonder which animal form she takes.”

“Animal form!” David enquired.

Kelli giggled and explained why they were called shapeshifters and about the ability of some to absorb DNA from animals. Most had at least one form and some many. Some could change to both genders in this form and some only one.

“Well, I’m happy enough to spend some time getting to know her, if you’re willing. Please just make sure you’re comfortable with this, as I don’t want you thinking I’m looking elsewhere, as I love you very much. If she is to join us, you have to feel something for her, or it won’t happen.”

“Oh, you’re so sweet. I agree that we both have to want Keven or it won’t work,” Kelli said as she kissed him. He wasn’t surprised to end up on the lovely big bed and under her. He had no objections to her sweet love making either.

David wasn’t the only one getting Lucky. Kale had picked a room and was happily having a shower when he heard someone call out his name, “I’m in the shower,” he called out. “You can come in if you want.”

He turned to find Selwyn standing outside the glass partition. The bottom half was frosted to his lower ribs so she couldn’t see his very erect cock that he had just been soaping up. She was wearing a soft silk vest and loose silk pants.

His eyes ended up on her lovely breasts, and they kinda got stuck there. He watched them firm up and then her nipples pressed through the soft material. It had been a while since he had been with a woman and he really wanted this one. Something deep within him was drawn to her. He found his hand was rubbing his now hard cock, as he drank her loveliness in.

Selwyn stepped closer to the glass and looked down to see what his hand was doing. “You need some help with that?” she asked.

Kale looked down at his hand and hard cock. He looked up and grinned at her. He slid the glass back and stepped back inviting her in. He was still rubbing, and she grinned, “You keep playing with him, and he will fall off,” she said and as she unbuttoned the vest and let the girls loose.

“Not this cock, Lord Storm fixed it, so I think I’m safe in that regard,” he told her as he feasted on her high, pert titties she had exposed to him. They weren’t as big as Yalla’s, the last pair he had touched, but he liked them very much.

He watched as Selwyn slid the pants down her slim but nicely rounded hips. Her breasts rolled forward, and he squeezed himself in delight as he watched them. She turned and hung her clothes up. He got a view of her supple back and heart shaped arse. He liked that tight tush too he decided.

It took little imagination for him to have his cock between those sexy cheeks. He guessed Selwyn was a couple of years older than he was, but that didn’t bother him either; age never had. He slipped his hand up and down his cock, as she turned again to stand nude in front of him.

Selwyn stepped in and replaced Kale’s hand with hers. He groaned when her cooler hand explored his cock. “Where is your foreskin? I didn’t think your people practised its removal?” She asked as she rubbed her palm over his thick knob. She had a feeling she was going to enjoy him very much.

“Some arsehole chewed it off, that’s why Storm had to fix the little guy. Made a bloody mess of him the prick did. Storm said he couldn’t replace it because he didn’t know what it looked like, so now my head is bare like his,” Kale told her. His hands had found her lovely tits, and he was enjoying the feel of them.

He slipped one hand down to her cunnie, “So do all your people have bare cunnies?” he asked. Selwyn was as smooth as silk, and he found his fingers slipping between her lips and finding her hot and wet. He happily rubbed her as he slipped a finger in and out of her.

“Yes, does it bother you?” she asked. She found the cock in her hand was thick and more than long enough for her. Kale had a bulbous head that was throbbing with heat, as were the ropey veins. She liked rubbing the head without the foreskin getting in her way.

The thrusting of his hips suggested he liked what she was doing. She was glad that they had been shooting to scare and not to hurt these people. When this young man had smiled at her, she had just known that he was hers.

They weren’t supposed to select permanent mates outside of their own people, but she had a feeling that he would be an exception. He had very strong magical abilities, and that was always prized. She stepped into him and kissed him. It was interesting, in that he was a little shorter than her. It was like when she kissed Keven.

Her hand slowed as his mouth claimed her and the feelings of her belonging to him and he being hers overwhelmed her. Selwyn simply got lost in the sensations. Kale removed his mouth and removed his hands from her. He turned the water off and then used his towel to dry her off.

“I think we have some negotiations to conclude my lovely,” he told her and led her back into the bedroom.

It was a long, satisfying negotiation.

Ulu was a little surprised by Yalla.

She seemed to have taken a dislike to the shapeshifter with the blue eyes. Ulu had felt Selene calling to him, as she was his. He had felt a piece of him had been missing for a long time, and he just knew Selene was the missing piece.

Storm said it was time that he settled down, and he felt that this would be possible with Selene. Ulu was more than happy to have her as his second wife. He knew she had strong magical powers and he felt that she was his counterpart. They were here to find his wizard’s box, and he believed that Selene was to be his apprentice.

Yalla was no less important to him. She was his first wife and carried his child. He had no thoughts of putting her aside. She had always brought him pleasure and while she was a little domineering with others that wasn’t a bad thing for a first wife of a Doyen and wizard.

He was perplexed that he felt no connection to her child. He had seen the way Storm and Kim, often rubbed Lindell’s tummy as if they were communicating with the child. But he didn’t feel that connection yet. He thought it was because the child was too little.

She also hadn’t told him yet. He guessed with all that was going on. She was waiting for a good time to tell him. He knew she was happy to be pregnant and was happy to keep that knowledge to herself, for now, so he didn’t push it. It wouldn’t be too long, and it would be obvious anyway.

When they had sat in the cafe, she had sat under his arm with hers on his leg as if she was claiming her territory. Normally, she didn’t care if he pursued another, any more than he did when she bought another to their bed. The fact they often shared was just fine by him. He loved the idea of sharing her with Selene.

After they had selected a room, she had stripped Ulu and then rode him hard. She hadn’t let him out of her sight either when they were getting their gear from the waggon. She had even stayed with him when he checked on the lankys, and she hated them as a rule. They didn’t seem to like her either.

He was glad when lunch time came around, and Carline and Sharon distracted her. He finally got a chance to talk to Selene. He found her fascinating, and he was happy to hear about how and what she had discovered living in the city.

She said she would have to take him for a spin in one of the vehicles she called a flyer. They had learnt to drive them when they were little, and they were great for getting around the city. She told him they had several in the flyer bay and he had to go look.

She had fun teaching him how to drive it, and they ended up out at the lake. They were leaning against the flyer looking at the restful scene of the birds landing on the water as the afternoon waned. They were both enjoying being together. Their desire for each other had intensified the longer they spent together.

“So, are you going to move your people here?” she asked.

“I’m not sure all of them would come. I have a feeling that some of the people who now live at the Spur would love living here. I feel that the younger ones from my villages would come here too.”

“I’m thinking of passing on the title of Doyen to my brother Inhu, as he doesn’t like change as much as I do. He can look after the people who wish to stay in our villages. I think he would be good at it.”

“I’ll invite the other tribes to send those who wish to come here to do so. This place from what I’ve seen so far sits within our belief system for looking after the environment.”

She nodded and told him, “The being Jane that runs this city has some very good recycling systems. She is also looking forward to having a wizard to fix some of the systems that have lost their spells. So she would be happy if you stay.”

She then told him her mothers had tried to help, but they didn’t have the spells or knowledge to help Jane. She and her sister had been studying her systems and trying to help too, but without the magical items to assist them, they hadn’t been as helpful as they would like either.

“When you get your wizard’s box that will be different,” Ulu told her.

“Why would I be getting a wizard’s box?” she asked him. He stepped up to her, and she let him kiss her. They both felt the bond form and the desire to join took over. Ulu was a little surprised by how fast he had his cock buried in her.

He had her pants down and her on the bonnet of the flyer in seconds. He had fucked into her hard before his brain caught up with his actions. He slowed a little, “Sorry, you do something to me. It just feels so right being with you.”

He slid in and out of her to emphasise his happiness to be joined with her. Selene was leaning back with her legs being held by Ulu as he pumped into her. “Oh my, you are lovely in me. Yes, I feel you are part of me too. Fuck me harder again, Ulu.”

Ulu was happy to comply and was soon filling her with all of his cock, as often as he could. His cock throbbed and tingled, as he fucked her. They were the most amazing sensations that he had ever felt. Her cunnie was pulsing on him as she started to come and he found himself releasing into her with a massive wrench of his balls and gut muscles.

When they came together, they both felt as if they had transcended this plane of existence and were dizzy from the intensity of their joining. Ulu fucked into her a little longer enjoying the after effects of their joining.

When Ulu pulled out of her, he lifted her into his arms and hugged her close. “You are mine, and I am yours. You can’t be my first wife, and you may not be my only wife, but you will always be mine in a way no other can be,” he said with conviction.

Selene smiled at him, “If we are to be wizards and me your apprentice then the fact we have others join and leave our relationship over our lives is highly probable. Did you feel the bond join like I did?”

Ulu nodded and placed his forehead on hers. “Yes, it blew my mind. I enjoy making love to different people and even my wife, but I think your hold on me is stronger than hers. I think she knows that you will be important to me. I’m not sure how I can convince her that she is still important too. Do you have a problem with sharing me with Yalla?”

“I have little choice, my Wizard. Perhaps if she and I were to join, it would help Yalla accept me,” Selene said.

Ulu was happy with her response; she was at least willing to try. He wanted his lovers to be happy, as he didn’t wish to give either of them up. They cleaned up and headed back to the dome for dinner.

Yalla knew as soon as she saw them together that Ulu had claimed Selene. The glow surrounding them was bright. She felt that she would never be able to compete. Selene owned a part of him that he had never offered her.

Distraught, she left the cafe before they could approach her.

She was lost.

She had wandered down a hallway and found the strange box thingy that moved. It opened its doors when she was passing. She entered and planned to go back to their room. After it had closed the doors, she found she was going down and not up as she expected. She was very frightened, as she didn’t know how to stop it.

She banged on the panel with all the buttons making them light up, but it kept going down. She was very relieved when it finally stopped, and she couldn’t get out of it fast enough. She would have to find some stairs, as she refused to get in the moving box again by herself.

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