Amity: 2. Coercion
Chapter 8: Jumping

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 8: Jumping - Storm Green had inadvertently stood on a Transportation Ring. He found himself transported to a planet called Amity. His life had been set on a new path. Storm was charged with the quest to find his fellow wizards and reunite the planet. His next task was to help the man he had rescued, Ulu, find his wizard's box and stop the slavers from hunting his people. They set sail upon the Huracan for their next adventure. (Warning: contains descriptive Bi-gay sex.)

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David woke and stretched.

He found his hand holding his hard cock and rolled onto his back. Damn, he needed a fuck he thought as he rubbed DJ.

“Impressive,” said the soft sexy female voice.

David flicked his eyes open and looked up into the large, dark, purplish eyes of a young woman. She was tall, had a pale caramel coloured skin and a very nice set of tits that made him even harder.

Her hair was hanging over one shoulder pinned by a clip near her neck. It was long straight and had a pinkish tone to its paleness. The face was heart shaped, and the nose was slim. The pale pink lips were set in a sexy grin and were very enticing.

He thought she was about seventeen or eighteen, but it was hard to tell. She had a fresh young look but held herself more like someone older. She certainly didn’t act as if seeing a guy holding his cock surprised her.

Her pink tongue licked her top lip lightly as she looked back at what he had in his hand. He couldn’t see the rest of her body well as the long pale pink dress that made him think of a type of toga, hid it. He could discern that she was slim and the muscle tone in her arms and bare shoulder suggested she was fit.

“Hello David, I’m Kelli. Zara said we had a guest,” she said in her soft sexy voice. Her eyes flicked down his body again and then back to his face.

David realised that he was still holding his hard cock and wasn’t sure what to do with it. He thought of pulling the sheet back over himself, but she seemed to like the view. He could see her hard nipples pressing into the thin material.

His brain finally engaged, and he replied, “Zara said no one was on the ship.”

She smiled at him. “No one was. Dad said I could come and claim my mage box, so I came back to get it.” She turned her bling on, and David blinked rapidly at the glow that surrounded her.

He finally let go of his cock and sat up on the edge of the bed, to look at her better. “So now you will be going back to the planet?” he asked.

She grinned and said, “Well, I could hang around for a bit if you like and show you around the ship. It’s boring on the planet, and we’re not allowed to interact with the locals. The rest are still arguing that they are in fact just apes with less hair. Zara said you claimed a box. What sort of mage are you?”

David told his bling to appear. Kelli leant forward and lifted his medallion to look at it. Her soft fingers brushed his lightly haired chest. David shivered, and his cock throbbed. She grinned at him and then looked at the medallion.

“An Earth mage, nice, I’m a Psychic mage,” she said proudly, and dropped his medallion and showed him hers. David looked to see an eye was at the top. On either side of the crystal were the book and a leaf.

She was for all intent the opposite of him, and he liked that. From his readings, he knew she had the abilities to possibly control him mentally. He grinned at her. She was already controlling his cock, as he hadn’t gone down.

His eyes flicked down to her cleavage and then to take in her breasts as a whole. He really wanted to see those hard little nipples that were poking through the thin material. He could even pick out the areolae dimpling around the edges where the thin material caressed her.

Kelli giggled and gently pulled back her shoulders so he could get a better look, and he groaned as he watched the material slip up over her nipples caressing them. He then had a thought and giving her his, ‘I’m a nice bloke’ grin, he leant back on his elbows, so her eyes involuntarily dropped to his crotch.

“It’s a bugger of a thing getting your new bling. I had to wank-off for ages afterwards,” he told her. She licked her top lip again, and he flexed DJ, so he waved at her.

Kelli looked him over again. The Keltrians races were not shy when it came to sex. Her people the Grandteli had been living on Planet 3 for many millennia. Their gravity was lighter than the planet below.

Over time, they had grown to be taller than their parent race the Genteli from Planet 4. It had a heavier gravity than Earth. The Genteli were on average 1.6m tall whereas the Grandteli were around the 2.1m mark and some were over 3m tall.

The man on the bed was close to their average and at least 30cm taller than herself. She was considered petite among her people. He was also sexy in her eyes. He had wider shoulders than her people had and they were more muscular, but not bulked up like some of the people from the local races.

His hair was a darker red than her races, and she liked it. She had seen a similar colour on some of the locals in the northern hemisphere. His skin wasn’t as fair as theirs suggesting a mixing of races. She also liked the thin layer of reddish hair on his legs and arms.

Zara had said he was from the future of this planet and she had surmised the locals from the north were his ancestors. Yet he had something about him that also suggested he carried the blood of her people. He intrigued her, and she felt drawn to him. The impressive cock didn’t hurt either.

Even amongst her people he was very nicely hung. The curly red hair surrounding his genitals also fascinated her. Her people had very little if any hair other than around their eyes and on their heads.

She could see a blush of red hair on the lower half of David’s face.

The local men tended to have lots of hair on their faces and all over their bodies, which was one of the reasons her people believed they were apes and not real people even if they used a form of clothing and tools.

She had the feeling they had it wrong if this man was a descendant. She was also starting to believe they may be sexually compatible and their races had intermingled in his past and her future.

She now suspected the rumours of some of the young men having had sex with the local females was in fact, true. She would have to get her mother to quiz them, as this was not acceptable behaviour.

She had seen how the males on the planet treated their females and she doubted they would say no if her people used the same approach. She wondered how barbaric this man still was. So far, he had done nothing but show his interest.

He was leaving it to her to make the next move. She looked at the waving cock and bent forward to sniff him. He smelt nice, she decided. Very male, and his pheromones indicated that he was fertile. He lifted his hips slightly as she bent forward indicating she was welcome to come closer.

She reached out and slid her fingers over the head of his cock and down its length. His hips lifted, thrusting his cock into her hand. She stroked him several more times and watched as his cock twitched with delight at the petting.

She giggled when he sighed happily at her touching him. She bent over further and licked the head of his wet cock where he had leaked a little. He tasted nice too she decided. She licked his head again and then looked up when he said, “Kelli, you’re more than welcome to play, as long as you’re not just giving me a hard time.”

She rolled the words around in her head. So far, she had little difficulty understanding the gist of what he was saying. Zara had given her a quick tutorial, and she was very quick at picking up languages. She could speak many dialects.

She had also linked lightly to his mind to help her understand him better and communicate with him. She frowned at his cock. It was already hard; she didn’t think it could get much harder.

David chuckled at her frown and said, “Do you intend to finish the job?”

A picture of her naked and sucking on his cock popped into her head from his surface thoughts. Understanding dawned, and she grinned at him. “You wish to have sex with me, yes?” she said. She wrapped her fingers around him and slid them back and forth several times.

“Yes, very much so,” David answered rocking his hips into the hand that was causing little shocks of delight to shoot through him. If she kept it up a bit longer, he was going to blow for sure. He was so bloody horny.

Kelli picked up this thought as well. She released him and stood up straight. She watched his eyes as she unclipped the belt from her waist letting the material loosen. She dropped it to the floor and then slid the material over her left shoulder and let the dress drop too.

David was surprised she wore nothing underneath. He feasted on her lovely form. Her hips were nicely rounded, her waist was small and her stomach only slightly rounded. Her bare mound was pronounced, and he could see her cunnie lips were hot pink and protruding.

She was as horny as he was, he decided. Her smell became more noticeable, as his appreciation was arousing her. He looked up, her lovely firm round tits were sitting high, and the nipples had hardened again. He looked into her face and decided he was going to get lucky after all.

He slid back further onto the bed and indicated he wanted her to join him. Kelli smiled and climbed on over him, so she straddled his hips. She leant forward and gently pressed her lips to his.

David happily slid his hand up her sides and got his hands on her tits. He liked tits. The feel of a nipple rubbing across the palm just doesn’t feel like anything else. David happily rubbed her nipples some more, as he learned how she liked to kiss.

He wanted to suck those nipples, so he slid his hands around her ribs and indicated he was going to roll her. She slid her leg back to let him. He rocked back onto his knees and latched onto her tit.

He had fun running his tongue over the bumps and sucked her nipple. Her hips were rocking, and she was making noises that she liked what he was doing. So he swapped to the other to give it equal attention as her hands played with his hair.

David worked his way down her body dropping little kisses here and there, as he went. He got to a hip bone and sucked, and then bit gently onto a known sensitive spot. She reacted, as he expected she would. He grinned, slid his tongue down and stopped in a couple of spots to suck and bite her gently.

His nose finally found the source of the smell that had pulled him in this direction. He breathed in deeply through his nostrils and decided that she really did smell good. Her labia were glistening with her juices and swollen with her desire. She had a sexy cunnie that appealed to him.

He noted how smooth her mons was. At first, he thought she had shaved, but the tell tail signs were not there. She had smooth, silky skin, not a hair bump or missed short hair anywhere. He ran his tongue over it, but it was as smooth as the rest of the skin he had explored.

He went to lick her juices off of labia when he stopped. A very weird thought had come into his head. “Umm, Zara?” he said and looked up to the ceiling.

“Yes David,” she answered.

“Umm well, we are compatible aren’t we?” he stammered out. He then blushed furiously, as Zara and Kelli giggled. Kelli had lifted herself onto her elbows to watch him suck on her.

“Yes David, you are anatomically and biologically compatible with Kelli. Neither of you has any other medical problems to worry you either,” Zara informed him.

David sighed in relief. ‘All right, ‘ he thought. ‘Let’s get this show on the road.’ He grinned at the thought of Zara watching him. He knew she wasn’t a person, but she gave him that slightly disconcerting feeling that he was being watched by someone.

He looked up at Kelli’s face, “Sorry, I just had to check.” She looked down at her cunnie and back at his face. He got the hint and dived in. He soon discovered she tasted as good as she smelled and had fun exploring.

She reacted the same way that any other woman he had licked had. When having the lips of her cunnie being sucked on she moaned and lifted her hips into his face. When he wiggled his tongue inside her, she groaned nicely and thrust her hips up for more. He decided that while she was an alien, she was still one sexy woman.

He sucked, licked and nibbled until her hips were really rocking. He slipped a couple of fingers into her, and they found everything right where it should be. He happily pumped them into her, while he sucked on her clit.

She liked to clamp her muscles around his fingers, and he decided DJ would enjoy her actions very much. She started shuddering on his fingers and gripping his head with her thighs, as he removed his longest digits in and out of her. He sucked her clit harder, and she shuddered again and moaned for him as she organised.

He pulled his face from between her legs and grabbed the towel he had dropped on this end of the bed and wiped his face. He looked at Kelli still shivering, and DJ pulsed telling him to get on with it. He happily crawled back up Kelli dropping little kisses as he went.

He stopped to give the girls a quick kiss and lowered his hips. DJ used his homing skills and David soon had him nudging his head inside of Kelli for a look. She spread her legs wider in invitation and David wiggled DJ deeper.

Her warmth surrounded him, and her little shudders only encouraged him to push in as deep as he could. He started out slow, but that didn’t last long. He was too horny, and she had been pushing his buttons.

Her smell was still in his nose, and he liked watching her expressive face, as he slid happily in and out of her. He liked the way she rolled her hips and gripped him. He soon found he had to speed up. The fact she was right there with him and encouraging him had him thrusting in as hard as he could.

He tightened his arse cheeks and thrust again and again deeply. He liked the clashing of pubes and pumped in again as Kelli moaned in delight and clamped around him. He felt her start to shudder under him, and the sensation of coming, overcome him.

He happily let go with several satisfying grunts and a hell of a lot of relief as he spurted into her several very orgasmic times. He rocked into her, enjoying the way she came and watched her face as she started setting down. He felt he had satisfied her.

He knew she had definitely taken care of his itch. The horniness had abated, and he felt great. He rolled off of her and gently played with her lovely tit. “So how long can you stay before you are missed?” he asked.

Kelli rolled so she could see his face and replied, “As long as I like. I’ll just message dad that I’m staying to do some training with my new items. We kids tend to alternate between the five sites that we are building.”

David frowned, “Kids? How old are you?”

Kelli giggled as a look of worry came over his face. “In the rotations of this planet that are similar to our home world, I’d be twenty-one years. But we aren’t considered adults until we are twenty-five.”

“Dad only let me come get my box because I was driving him crazy. He also wanted me to go to the site in the south to study, and they want me to partner up with Finigus. But I don’t want him. He doesn’t smell as nice as you.”

“Talking about smelling nice, let’s go shower and then I need food. I’ve been playing in the practice room and was planning to spend the day in there while Zara works out how to get me home,” he told her.

Kelli happily got up with him and had little trouble enticing David to fuck her in the shower. He had some interesting ideas he wanted to explore, and she had no problem assisting him with his fact-finding mission.

She had a premonition that she wouldn’t be going back to the planet. She was with who she was supposed to be with and more than happy to be so. They headed to the kitchens, and she had fun encouraging David to try some of the foods that he had left alone. They then spent the day in the practice room.

Over the next month, they both found each other’s company enjoyable.

‘Damn this chick is hot, ‘ David thought.

He was lying on his bed, covered in sweat and still trying to get his breath back. Kelli was panting just as hard beside him. He looked over at her, and she grinned back at him.

She rolled onto her side and propped her head on her palm. He watched as her flattened breasts formed back into globes, and then the top one slumped slightly to lay on the other. Her nipples were pointing at him.

He loved her tits. They were not as big as some he had seen, probably as big as Dana’s was and definitely bigger than Carols. They suited her figure, he decided, and there was more than enough to keep him entertained. He rolled to face her, so he too was propped up on his elbow.

His fingers found that lovely nipple and gently traced a path around the areola and made it pucker and the nipple hardened. Kelli looked at his hand then back at his face. She had to smile, as he was totally engrossed in tracing her nipples.

“You do like my tits, don’t you,” she said in her soft sexy voice that made David’s cock twitch.

He flicked his eyes back to her face, but the hand didn’t stop. He smiled at her and replied, “For alien tits they are superb.”

Kelli chuckled making them bounce in his hand. She slid her hand down and found DJ, as he called his cock. He was not as flaccid as one would expect, coinciding what they had just finished doing. She squeezed, and he grew.

She had heard the wizards, and other mages could get it up with little provocation. This guy certainly didn’t need any. She just had to touch him. “For an alien yourself, you’re not bad either.”

She was rubbing him gently, and David found he liked her hand on his cock. Actually, he liked her hands on any part of his body. She was a very sexy lady and turned him on something fierce. His thoughts flicked back to Dana.

He thought he had loved her and he guessed in a way he did. He had wanted to marry her and raise his kid. But he now believed that she wasn’t his future whatever and wherever that was to be.

He looked at Kelli and leant forward. He pressed his lips to hers and sucked gently on her lower lip. He moved his lips over hers and gently probed into her mouth, and she sucked on his tongue. He sucked back and found himself getting into the kissing.

He enjoyed the way she kissed him and spent some time exploring her mouth and lips as he squeezed and fondled her nipple. He pulled back and looked down on her. Somehow, he had ended up over her chest, and her lovely breasts were pressed against his chest.

He lifted himself a little and rubbed his chest over her hers. She wiggled her breasts, so they rubbed him back, and he grinned at her and rolled his weight back off her, but stayed tucked up beside her so he could talk to her and go back to playing with her tits when he wanted to.

He smoothed back her hair and looked into her eyes. He could only think of them as purple. They were large and expressive, and he loved looking into them. “You have been studying some of the literature from my ship right?” he asked.

She nodded and gently ran her fingers tips up over his side and made him shiver. “Have you explored our concept of love?” he asked.

“Yes, I have found it fascinating and frustrating,” she said.

“Do your people have a similar concept?” he asked as his hand gravitated back to her tits.

Kelli looked up at him. She slid her hand up to his cheek and caressed him. “Yes. I don’t think our people are quite as hung up on it as yours are and love and sex, are two very different things to us.”

“With magic, it is harder to hide your feelings, and I think we cut through a lot of crap your people go through. The magical items as you know can make us very horny, and sexual relief stops us from going nuts. Loving your partners is one thing, and sex with another for relief is a very different thing.”

“My mother says that sex is generally better when with a loved one, but sex with another can be fulfilling even if you don’t love them like you do your bonded partners.”

“So fidelity is not really a concept you people subscribe to?” he asked not sure how he felt about sharing her with another guy. He didn’t think he was possessive, but it still didn’t sit right with him.

“No, if you feel a desire to share your body with another that is your business and theirs. Love for us is on a different level, either you do, or you don’t. It is more a bonding of your essence or soul as you would think of it.”

“You always go back to your loved ones, as you don’t feel complete without them. What did you feel when your previous set of magical items had to give you up for your new set?”

David thought about it. “I felt a great sadness, both my own and theirs since they couldn’t be with me anymore. It was a lot like how I felt when my father died. I loved him and knowing he was gone from me was very painful.”

Kelli nodded, “My mother says because we live such long lives that when a loved one dies, the others can also give up the will to live if they have been bonded for a long time.”

“Loved ones who have decided their time in this plane of existence is at an end often ask their Lord Wizard to place the transcendence spell on them. It is the only time it is used, and only a Lord Wizard, a Queen or an Empress can wield it.”

David frowned, “You keep saying loved ones. Do your people often have several partners?”

“Yes, some bondings can be quite complicated. You can have some of your loved ones bonded to another, whom you don’t share a strong bond with. It is common for a Queen or an Empress, for example, to have a decad of consorts that are bonded to her, but also have bonds of love with others.”

“What of your Kings and Emperors?” he asked fascinated with the subject.

Kelli giggled, “They are consorts too. We are a matriarchal society. While men can be Lord Wizards, they can never rule unless they marry a Queen. Even then, she is the true ruler. It is not unusual for a Queen to be bonded to a Lord Wizard as her soul mate and for her to have consorts as well.”

“That’s a lot more complicated than our concept of one partner. But then again things have been changing on my world. An epidemic a few years back affected our fertility and less male children are born than in the past.”

“It has become more common for a male to have a live-in mistress as well as a wife. They are even discussing changing the laws around marriage, but there is opposition. Societies don’t change in a hurry I’ve found.”

Kelli nodded, “Yes, I don’t think the people back home have changed a law for a very long time. I agree with Zara that my people, in general, have become very staid.”

“My family and the decads that volunteered to search for new planets have had to adapt to new concepts, and I think it makes us a lot more interesting. But even we are fighting against thousands of years of, ‘This is how things should be’.”

David replied, “Some of my people can be staid too. But fortunately we are still a developing world, and enough of us still get a thrill out finding something new to explore. I loved the idea of going to Mars to set up a habitat so we could expand our horizons.”

Kelli nodded, “That is how my father and mother felt as well. I’ve read that every so often a decad would leave the home worlds in our past, so the gene is still there somewhere. Our people have been around for a very long time.”

“It surprised me when my parents told me that we hadn’t explored far beyond our home system for a long time. If one our suns hadn’t been damaged, I think we probably would still be at home too. I would have never have been born on a starship.”

“I don’t think I would fit in very well back home now. I was thinking of staying here on this lovely planet, but I’ve not found a man or woman in our group that I wished to stay with. They were hoping that I would mate with Finigus, as he is a good genetic choice for me. I was of the opinion my loves just hadn’t been born yet.”

David raised an eyebrow at this statement making Kelli giggle again. She said, “A mage can live for six hundred years, so age becomes irrelevant in the scheme of things.”

David sat up higher, “What? I can be around for six hundred years?”

“Of course, those who make it to being a full wizard can live two or three millennia easily. My dad is about twelve hundred years old. I think he had sired over three hundred children before me.”

“Not all of us have sufficient magical abilities to claim a box, so they only live to about one hundred and fifty years. My father has had many of us die in his lifetime. He has also left many of us on other worlds as guardians. I currently have seven brothers and sisters here with me.”

“I’m actually the youngest. Our women tend to have three or four kids close together, and they raise them and then start again. One of my sisters here is two hundred years, and her current lover is about sixty years, it is just the way it is.”

David was fascinated. He had a feeling that he was in for an interesting life if he lived that long. He was now wondering if going home would be a good thing after all. If he lived so long and Earth people live even shorter lives than hers, he would be watching a lot of loved ones die. He wondered how he would fit in knowing this. It gave him a lot to think about.

Zara interrupted his thoughts. “David, I have us on the correct course, and if you wish to attempt this jump, you will need to board your ship in the next two hours.”

“Thank you, Zara, you’re a sweetheart,” David said. He looked at Kelli and remembered what had started the conversation. He kissed her again just to make sure. ‘Yep, ‘ he thought. He really did want this woman. The thought of leaving her behind hurt way too much.

The last four weeks had been orgasmic, to say the least. David couldn’t seem to get enough of Kelli. He was totally fascinated by her. Considering the differences in their cultures, it was a wonder they found anything in common to talk about but talk they did.

Kelli had trained with him and helped him learn far more than he could have learnt by himself. She had helped him and Zara, complete the modifications to his ship for the jump. She had also screwed him whenever he wanted, and he found he wanted to do her often.

The first time Kelli mind-linked with him and shared her orgasm blew his mind. David had blown so hard that he was amazed that he still had balls. He had a feeling she stole his soul that day. He lifted his lips from hers and said, “So you’re coming with me aren’t you?”

“Don’t like the thought of getting stuck in some weird time all alone, huh?” she responded.

David frowned at that, “Actually, I hadn’t really thought about that problem. No, I don’t think that would be very nice at all. But that wasn’t why I asked.”

She rolled him over and straddled his hips. He was hard the instant her cunnie rubbed his cock. He pushed up, so it slid across her wetness and got even harder when she rubbed her cunnie down along his erection.

“You’d miss the sex?” she tried.

David grinned at this question, “Oh yeah, not making love to you would definitely be a big downer. But that wasn’t why I asked either.”

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