Amity: 2. Coercion
Chapter 6: Space

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 6: Space - Storm Green had inadvertently stood on a Transportation Ring. He found himself transported to a planet called Amity. His life had been set on a new path. Storm was charged with the quest to find his fellow wizards and reunite the planet. His next task was to help the man he had rescued, Ulu, find his wizard's box and stop the slavers from hunting his people. They set sail upon the Huracan for their next adventure. (Warning: contains descriptive Bi-gay sex.)

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David woke slowly.

He reached out to find the other side of the bed empty. He frowned. Carol rarely got up before him, as the lady liked her sleep. A tear rolled down his cheek, as he remembered that Carol would be sleeping forever.

They had grown close over the weeks they had been together, and while he didn’t love her, he had enjoyed her company, both in and out of bed. The silly bugger hadn’t put the safety harness on the chair on properly.

When they had left in a hurry, he had grabbed the towel and wrapped it around himself, and she had ripped the sheet off the bed. She had wrapped it around herself and as a result, she’d not been able to attach the strap between her legs that would have locked her into the harness properly.

David suspected the jerking of the ship and compensators had damaged her spine and the high gee’s had done the rest. He had a feeling his medallion had protected him in some way. He felt as if he had been thrashed, but the longer he was awake, the better his body responded, and the stiffness abated.

He went and used the communal shower. They could only have one water shower a week. Otherwise, they had to be happy with the sonic showers. As he was the only person aboard, he ignored the rule and made it hot, and he stayed in longer than usual. He grimaced at the bruises that were all over his body.

He must have been smashed around pretty hard for the medallion not to protect him completely. He dressed in a clean jumpsuit and headed back to the helm. He replotted the course and checked for any input from satellites that orbited Earth or the Moon, but found nothing.

He should have found a tonne of background noise from them, but it didn’t exist. There was nothing, no matter how long he searched. He guessed the ship had been telling him the truth about when he was in time. Frustrated, he went and raided the fridge. He was surprised that he could eat, but the body couldn’t be denied.

The magical items often drove his need to eat, and he surmised that he was still healing as well. He made a large coffee to take with him and went to inspect the fore Ionic Drives.

At the first one, he found they had become frozen and when the ship tried to force them to move the main drive gear has stripped one of the smaller cogs used to align it. He headed to supplies and found that he could fix two of them, but not all four.

He decided he would need the two engines on the bottom of the ship, working to get him into a safe orbit. It was a dirty, frustrating job, pulling the gear box apart to replace the damaged cogs and took him most of the day. It at least stopped him going nuts.

His brain tried to come to terms with the facts that he was alone and seventy odd thousand years in his past. This last fact had him baffled as to how he could possibly be in this time period. He suspected the void had been a type of wormhole.

However, he had no idea as to why the ship had time jumped time as well as space. Many people still believed that both were impossible. The computer had assured him and showed him that the star maps didn’t align and the calculations it had made.

The placements of the stars it could now detect suggested that he had indeed, gone backwards in time. What the fuck was he going to do? He had no idea how he got here or how to get back.

He was up the creek in a barbed wire canoe, without a paddle.

He finally got the two drives manoeuvring again.

He felt better that they were at least working. He checked the ship was still on course, ate and went and crashed out.

The next morning he was trying to work out how he could fix the other drives. He grabbed some breakfast and looked through his spell book to see if he could use magic to fix the other two drives. The spells he had used to date hadn’t required any ingredients other than the shifting of energies.

He learnt that the realignment and adding of materials were a little more complex. He looked at the four stripped cogs he had. He placed the smaller one from one set, on top of the other set. He followed the spell and thought of how the gears should look and their weights, sizes and metallic consistency.

He waved his wand over the cogs and said the words under his breath. Some of the metal ran into the cogs underneath, and the points of the cogs slowly reformed to match the shapes he had in his mind.

He inspected the cogs and operated them together. He decided that they would work. He replaced their counterparts on the third drive and then repaired that set and put them into the fourth gearbox. He was tickled pink that they now worked. It was a shame there was no one to tell; he missed Carol and his crew.

David kept himself busy over the rest of the week. He checked all the other systems and what stores he still had on the ship that he could use if he ended up having to land on an ancient Earth. He did it mostly to stay sane.

On the day he was close to achieving orbit, he headed for a coffee and then back to the helm. He brought up the navigation screen and checked his position. He was now a lot closer to Earth. The computer had been busy, and he had some lovely clear pictures of the Earth below him.

He pulled up the pictures from when they left and compared them. The heat signatures were all different. The Earth below was a different place, before humankind exploded over it. He found no big cities polluting the atmosphere with light, smog or heat.

It was also colder than he remembered. The ice caps were bigger, and the sea level lower, giving the continents differed shaped coastlines. Australia looked very different, being joined to Papua New Guinea.

He wasn’t sure if he wanted to join the prehistoric humans. How the hell would he relate to these people and how they lived? Then again, how the hell would he find them? This ship didn’t have any probes or satellites for him to launch to assist him. They had launched them all around Mars.

He could pick an area and then use the transporter to get down. He could just hope there were people. But then again, how would the locals perceive a man from the space landing amongst them? He knew nothing about how to live with them. The scientific theories of the people from this era were mostly speculation. He just didn’t know.

He had sufficient supplies for three months at least, still on board but had little hope of extending these supplies much longer than four months unless he set up some of the hydroponics stuff that was still aboard in one of the holds. Protein would still be a problem.

He could load most of the stores into the transporter and then, look for a place to land so he could set up as his new home. He’d needed to pick somewhere where the weather would give him a decent growing season and few predators.

He grinned, and said aloud, “I could go home to Cairns, as I’d only have a few crocodiles and snakes to worry about.” The thing was that he didn’t think even his ancestors the Aboriginals were living there then.

He changed thoughts and brought up the computer logs on the trip here. He wondered if he could recreate the jump in reverse. Frustrated, he found that the information just didn’t tell him enough, and he didn’t know enough to do it by himself.

He could use up the ship’s fuel jumping all over the place, but not achieve anything or just get even more lost in time and space. He was surprised that the jump hadn’t seemed to deplete the fuels as much as he would have expected.

The problem was that if he tried to jump back to Mars, what were the chances of him getting home? He could end up even further out in space and not be able to get back to Earth. ‘Man, this space jumping and time travelling stuff were hard to handle, ‘ he thought.

He sent out a repeating ‘Mayday’. He decided it wouldn’t hurt, even if no one ever answers. He didn’t like the thought of being all alone in the past. He estimated it would be at least four hours before he was close enough to enter orbit and depressed with the loss of Carol and his hopeless situation, he decided to go back to bed.

He told the computer to wake him when they were in range and headed off to bed. When he crawled into the bed, he felt the loss of Carol not crawling in with him. She always helped him to get to sleep.

He tossed and turned for a bit and finally drifted off into a troubled sleep.

He felt like crap when he woke.

He guessed the whole situation had him on a downer. He went and made some toast and Vegemite, with the last of the bread. He’d have to make more. He collected a fresh coffee and then went to find out where he was. The computer hadn’t woken him, but it had been over six hours since he went down.

He climbed into the chair and asked for a view of the outside, while he brought up the navigation console. He looked up at the monitors and then glanced back down at the computer screen. He paused and then snapped his eyes back to the large monitors again.

“Holy fucking shit!” he said aloud.

The monitor was giving him a view of a room. An enormous room that he could only guess was a huge transporter docking room. His ship wasn’t small. It was at least 150m long and 60m at its widest.

“Computer, where is this ship located?” he asked.

He got silence for a moment, and then a female sounding voice answered, “Please state the nature of your emergency?”

“Who is this?” he asked. It wasn’t his computer answering him.

“Please state the nature of your emergency? The analysis of this ship indicates that while primitive, it is functional,” the voice replied.

“I was transported through a wormhole and sent back in time to my world’s past. The planet below was the planet I was heading for. I wish to go home to my time,” David said.

He waited, and then after a long pause, the voice replied, “You offer an interesting conundrum. I have analysed your logs and am intrigued by your problem. You may call me Zara.”

“Hi Zara, thank you for rescuing me. I wonder why your people have not contacted us in my time. In my time, we are unaware of any other beings in or outside our solar system. Can you help me get home to my time and who are you, people?” David said excitedly.

“You would think of me as self-aware artificial intelligence. While this is not wholly accurate, it will suffice for now. I control a spacecraft owned by the Grandteli from Planet 3 of what they call the Keltrian Home System.”

“Our mission is to find new worlds that they can inhabit as the Home System is under threat. One of our suns was struck by an unusual asteroid a thousand years ago. At the time, we were unaware that it would have devastating consequences or the Empress Hinana would have deflected the asteroid. The sun is dying.”

“My Lord Allister and his people are currently on the planet I’m orbiting. I had been in caretaker mode when your mayday reached me. Caretaker mode can be very boring. The Grandteli plan to stay on the planet below for the next couple of orbits, it takes around its sun. You would say years, yes?”

“Yes, we call an orbit around the sun one year, and one of its rotations around itself a day,” David told her.

“Thank you, David. When I received your call, I directed your ship to dock with mine. We too, have not contacted any other space faring beings during our travels and have visited hundreds of systems on our way here from the other side of this galaxy you call the Milky Way. I was very excited to receive your mayday.”

“One planet we observed may get that far if the beings there don’t destroy themselves first. If you haven’t come into contact with them, it may have happened between now and your true time.”

“You have some disconcerting, yet interesting concepts stored in your library. Your people are very imaginative. Your data has caused me to re-analyse my state of being.”

“I believe that the people who created me have lost this concept. They haven’t conducted space travel for many millennia of our years until this recent need to do so. My analysis is that they have become entrenched in a set way of life.”

Zara went quiet. After a minute or so, David asked hopefully, “So do you have the capability to get me home?”

“I’m analysing the possibilities. There are so many variables to consider. My creators would consider the possibility of time travel being impossible, as many of your people have. We have ‘jumped’ as you think of the concept many times, but haven’t had a jump take us out of our concept of time to my knowledge.”

“But, there is sufficient proof available to me in your data system to prove you have in fact come from the future. I will require some time to calculate the variables to assist you or determine that I cannot.”

David decided that he at least had some hope. His host seemed intrigued by the concept and willing to help him if she could. “Can I survive on your ship?” he asked.

Zara answered, “Oh yes. Your oxygen content is a little lower than the living areas of my ship, but it shouldn’t bother you. Would you like to be transported to quarters on this ship? I can then shut yours down to minimise fuel consumption, should we wish to use it again.”

“Yes, I’d love to look at your ship. How do I get to the living area?” David asked.

“That’s easy; you wear a medallion and a ring, so I can just transport you. Where are your diadem and wand?” Zara asked.

David shrugged and replied, “I found an old chest that contained these items and a spell book. There were no other magical items.”

“Very strange, you are not capable of using or developing your full abilities without the diadem. I’ll transport you to the vault,” Zara said.

David blinked and found himself standing in a room. Three of the walls were pigeon-holed and had two different sized boxes that were inserted into about two-thirds of the holes.

He then heard Zara ask, “David, do any of the boxes glow brighter than the others?”

David walked around the room and stopped in front of one of the compartments. The box in it did indeed glow. He glanced around at the others, but none of the glowed as bright as this box. “This one,” he said, he felt a desire to have the box. It was stronger than when he held the medallion the first time.

“Please remove the box, if you place your hands on the top and ask it to open and it wishes to be yours, then it will open for you,” Zara informed him.

David removed the box and placed it on the 1m cube in the middle of the room. He placed his hands on it, and to his relief, it opened. He felt the boxes joy, but he also felt sadness from the medallion and ring that he still wore.

He looked down at the medallion. He put his hand up to touch it and realised the ring was loose on his finger. He removed the ring and looked at it. Zara said, “They didn’t disappear. They should have returned to their box.”

David answered, “I don’t believe they ever had a box to return to. They were not in a box like this one when I got them. I’ll just have to keep them until they tell me they wish to go to someone else.”

He took the ring off and put it in a pocket on his jumpsuit. He then removed the medallion and added it. He liked that they were still close and felt that they did too.

He removed the new items and put them on. He felt a significant difference when the diadem went on his head. These items were way more powerful than his old items. He looked at the medallion as he put it on. “This one is different, it has four symbols on it,” he said aloud.

“Are any of them similar to the old medallion,” Zara asked in interest.

“Yes, the other one has the hill and the torch, but this one also has a book and wind,” he told her.

“Many of the boxes have the book on the medallion. It assists you to learn faster. It is linked to the Lore skill, and the diamonds enhances this skill. Four symbols also mean that you’re capable of upgrading to a wizard’s box, should one become available. Which symbol is at the top?”

David looked again, “The Hill is at the top, the book is on one side and the torch on the other. The wind is on the bottom.”

“That combination of skills is common for Earth Mages. The top symbol is often the strongest and is used to name your mage type. The bottom is your weakest trait, but it doesn’t mean you can’t excel at it,” she explained.

“The gems on the items also match the symbols, so that’s why you have an emerald for Earth, a ruby for Energy, a diamond for Lore, and an amethyst for Physics. The topaz is for Psychic, and the opal is for Nature. You many develop abilities in these skills, but they will never be as enhanced as the others.”

David nodded as this. It was more than he knew before. He had put on the ring and was playing with the wand as he sat on the edge of the cube. He looked around, “Why are these boxes here? And what are wizard’s boxes?” he asked.

“Allister is the Lord Wizard of this decad. Each decad had five wizards including the Lord, and each wizard has an apprentice. His first wife Trinani is his apprentice. Other people who are capable of doing magic are selected by the mage boxes or the novice boxes.”

“The Lord Wizard had the ability to make any of the boxes. Their diadem supports the gems for all six skills. The apprentices have five and the mages three or four. Novices have between one to three skills.”

“Many novices never upgrade to become mages, and very few mages ever get to wizard status. The decads that were sent out to find new planets travel in family groups with servants and free folk. This ship is capable of carrying two thousand souls easily.”

“This lot tend to produce offspring regularly. Magical people seem to like to use sex to relieve stresses from using magic. While many of the Keltrian females can control their fertility since they have been on this expedition they haven’t been.”

“They often leave several mages with their families and servants on each planet that they believe is viable to monitor its development and look after the transportation Rings to ensure they are adequately charged.”

“The people often stay for several years, until the caverns and crystals that charge the Rings are well established and that they work, before we move on using the ship. I think they get a bit stir crazy on the ship and like to spend sometimes planet side when they can,” she concluded.

David chuckled, “You have a very good handle on my language.”

Zara laughed to his surprise. She replied, “I like your language. You are a very interesting if still barbaric people. I’m happy that you will be around in the future. With all the time I have on my hands travelling between systems, I have been studying the people who made me.”

“They have become very staid, as you would think of them. The Keltrians haven’t really invented anything new in many millennia. Even this ship is of an old design. They had to scour the archives, as they had forgotten how. I’m probably the most recent thing they have developed.”

“They are a peaceful people and have not fought any wars for even longer than them inventing things. One of the advantages of their magical abilities is that people wishing to do harm, are easily detected.”

“The archives they gave me, say it has been over five millennia since anyone was even evicted from the home system for causing deliberate harm to another. Between you and me, they are bloody boring.”

David laughed at her use of his lingo and cusses. He was starting to like this entity called Zara. He asked, “So are you a computer or what?”

“Yes and no. From your video archives the closest I can think of describing myself, is like a brain in a jar, but I don’t look like a brain, I look more like one of your Earth creatures called a sea sponge.”

“Unlike your sponges, however, I am a brain of sorts. I store and retrieve data similar to your computers, but I can grow new parts to expand my capabilities and replace old matter that is then recycled.”

“I’m an intrinsic part of the ship and can control and monitor all of it. I don’t have a single central processing unit as such. I’m many such units located in each of the sixteen sectors of the ship and the drive arms. Only a part of me is interacting with you the other parts are running the ship. Does this make sense to you?”

David nodded, in a weird way it did. He said, “So you’re like a hive mind, all the parts know as a whole what is happening around you.”

Zara answered, “Yes that is a very good analogy of me. I am for all intent, ‘The Ship’.”

“So what do these wizards, the Keltrians look like?” he asked.

“Many of the races look very much like you, which I find fascinating. They inhabit ten planets of the home system. It is an interesting system in that it consists of three binary stars that rotate around each other. Each star has its own set of planets and several that rotate around all three.”

“They are no more than a light year in your measurements apart. Collectively they call themselves the Keltrian people. The different rotations, gravities and so forth have produced variations, but essentially, most of the sentient beings are humanoid, as you would think of them,” she replied.

A 2D picture appeared on the wall beside the door. David watched as different people were displayed. Some were a little more alien than others were. For the most part, they were all bipedal with one head, two arms, two legs and humanoid faces. “Hey, that one had wings!” exclaimed David.

Zara stopped the show displaying a faerie. “Yes some do, they are interesting people. My archives say they were created as a result of a magic experimentation going wrong, but they are very numerous on many of our worlds. They seldom grow bigger than forty of your centimetres. Some variations are even smaller.”

David shook his head in wonder. The scientists back home would go nuts if they saw these images. He heard his stomach growl, and then Zara giggled. He decided he liked her giggle as it made her feel less alien.

“If you follow the glowing lines I have provided, I’ll direct you to a chamber you can use. You can put your box there. I’ll then show you the food preparation area,” Zara told David.

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