Amity: 2. Coercion
Chapter 3: Rescue

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 3: Rescue - Storm Green had inadvertently stood on a Transportation Ring. He found himself transported to a planet called Amity. His life had been set on a new path. Storm was charged with the quest to find his fellow wizards and reunite the planet. His next task was to help the man he had rescued, Ulu, find his wizard's box and stop the slavers from hunting his people. They set sail upon the Huracan for their next adventure. (Warning: contains descriptive Bi-gay sex.)

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Ulu was feeling miserable.

It had turned colder the further north they had travelled, and they had found the thin blankets offered little protection. Ulu hated the cold and was feeling very disgruntled at his confinement. In the last hour or so, the ship had been rocking and rolling more than normal. Several of the girls had been sick in the privy and were a bit green about the gills.

It had gotten dark earlier. Ulu heard the sailors shout to get the sails down as they were being chased by a storm. By the sounds of the sailors, it was a big one. Autumn storms could be fierce, and this one had been pushing them for several days. It had finally caught up with them. These storms were tricky, as they would go one way then change their minds and go another.

Kale came down and said to Ulu, as if he understood him, that they had hoped to outrun the storm. It had tracked off to the east and then snuck back around them. It was now pushing them off course, and they couldn’t sail out of it. They had to hope that it passed over them quickly.

He handed then all some salted pork, a loaf of day old bread and some old but edible apples. “If it’s bad as I think, I might not be able to get back to feed you later, so hopefully this will tide you over,” Kale said.

He then handed a couple of hessian bags into each cell. He told Ulu to stuff them down the privy to stop the water coming in. He went into the empty cells and did it to the privies in them, so Ulu told the others to do the same, and they did.

He then told Ulu, “It’s going to be a rough night but Huracan is a tough ship, and she will get through it. You guys sit tight and hold on.”

Ulu shivered and made as if cold and Kale understanding, opened a locker in the corner and threw them in extra blankets, so everyone had spares to share. Ulu blew Kale a kiss. He grinned at Ulu and headed back up top, to finish doing whatever he needed to do there. They were all grateful for the extra blankets.

Ulu kept one of the bags and hung it between his and Inhu’s cells. He put their food in it. He told the girls to do the same. They probably wouldn’t be able to stop all the water coming in, but it at least the food would be edible. They doubled the blankets up and snuggled down for the night, as best they could.

It took two days to get out of the storm, and while Huracan survived, it wasn’t without mishap. She lost another two sailors overboard. She was now down a third of her crew. Ulu and his people were amazed that even with the privies stuffed with the bags, an amazing amount of water still managed to flood into their cells.

The mattresses hadn’t helped much, as they soaked up the water. Ulu ended up stuffing part of the wet mattress into the privy and had the others do the same. The problem was, it only stopped it coming in from their side, and they couldn’t stop the privies in the empty cells, from letting the water in when the ship rolled that way.

The most frightening thing was when the cargo between the two cell blocks shifted and was tossed to the floor or smashed into their cells. Kale managed to check on them on the morning of the second day and seeing their plight he re-stuffed the other cells and passed them in dry blankets. He pinned the wet ones to the other cell block

The second night wasn’t as rough as the first, and by the morning, the seas had calmed down. The sailors now had to get the ship going again. The rear mast had snapped off, and the sail had fouled their steering. It took them the rest of the day to cut it loose, and with only the main sail they limped up the coast to Trenton.

Kale and one of the other guys cleaned up the empty cells, found the slaves some dry bedding and transferred them over. They ended up, tossing the old stinking mattresses overboard. Kale confiscated the old shirts of the dead sailors and gave them to the Ulu’s people.

One of the men complained, but Kale said if they died of the flu then they didn’t get paid. The Captain agreed, so they got to keep the shirts, and he ordered the cook to give them some hot broth. They were able to get a little warmer at last. The hot food was also appreciated.

Ulu’s biggest worry was that two of the girls in the cell furthest from him had developed coughs. That night when Kale came to check on them, he heard the girls coughing. He motioned the girls to the bars and then held their chins in his hands and placed his forehead on theirs.

“I’m not as good as my sister, but hopefully it will help,” he told the girls when he had finished. They both nodded that they felt better. The hot meal that Kale managed to bring them also helped. He told them he hoped it was edible as he wasn’t a very good cook. The ship’s cook had refused but said he was welcome to do it himself, so he had.

After eating, Yalla stripped off and got down on all four. Ulu also stripped, and he knelt behind Yalla but left a gap between them. He then pointed at Kale and then the gap. Kale wasn’t sure if he should join them or not. He watched as Ulu stroked his cock until it was thick and hard.

He put a hand up between Yalla’s legs. Kale could hear the nice wet sound of Ulu’s fingers sliding in and out of her. She motioned to him to come in. Kale had a feeling that they weren’t going to hurt him and unlocked the door. He stripped and left the keys and his clothes outside of it and entered.

Ulu moved a little to let him get settled behind Yalla. Ulu watched as Kale knelt behind Yalla and rubbed his hands over her sweet arse. He placed a hand between her legs and found Ulu had her nicely warmed up for him. She was wet, slick and warm on his fingers. He rubbed his finger over the velvet softness of her pubic hair.

He slipped his fingers back inside, and she tightened her cunnie muscles around them. He was amazed how tight her grip was. He wiggled forward and happily guided the head of his cock between her wet lips and pushed.

He groaned as he felt her heat surround his cock. Considering how many times he’d seen Ulu fuck her, she was tight and sucked him in. He happily buried himself as deep into her as he could. He slid in and out of her a couple of times enjoying the feel of her.

He leant forward to find her lovely big tits and wiggled his arse, as he happily kneaded the firm round flesh in his hands. He felt Ulu’s hand rubbing his arse with his wet fingers and held still, as he waited for him.

Ulu gently pressed the head of his cock into Kale’s anus and pushed in. Kale felt the thick head part his flesh and slid in. He waited until Ulu had worked himself in him a bit deeper and then pushed back into him.

He then pushed forward into Yalla and started moving between them. He had enjoyed Ulu fucking him the first time and this time was even better, as there no bars between them and Ulu could really pound him.

Ulu held Kale’s hips and helped guide him, making sure he didn’t pull him all the way out of Yalla when he jacked into him. Yalla’s hips pushed back when she felt Kale enter her deeply and then clamped her cunnie muscles around his cock, as he pulled back.

Kale was enjoying fucking into Yalla just as much, as the girl gripped him tightly. He happily slammed his cock into her each time he flexed his hips forward. Sliding back up Ulu’s cock and having him ream him out on the backstroke was just heaven, as far as Kale was concerned.

The couple didn’t have to work Kale too hard to get him shaking up a storm. Ulu heard him grunt and felt him stiffen as he came into Yalla, so he just fucked into him, so he was forced into Yalla when he did. Kale moaned and shook, and Yalla joined him, knowing what Ulu was doing to the poor guy.

Ulu happily came too. He did a couple more pumps into Kale and finally pulled out. He laughed as Kale sat back on his arse and leant back on his hands panting. Ulu had enjoyed reaming him out very much. “Good fuck,” said Ulu.

Kale barked out a laugh, “Fucking good fuck, Ulu.”

Ulu stood and helped Kale to his feet. He gave him a gentle kiss on his lips. Yalla also stood, and she gave Kale a deep kiss as she rubbed her tits on him. She released him and then stepped back into Ulu’s arms. Kale thanked them, went and found his clothes and bade them all a good night.

He made his way to his bed. He was going to be sad to see Ulu in a brothel, but he had a feeling he would make Lord Gazan a tidy sum. Yalla had been one sweet fuck as well. He hoped she and Olin lasted, as he would happily do either of them again if he were in port.

Ulu and Yalla curled back up on the mattress for their last night on the ship.

They were all apprehensive of what was going to happen now they were in Trenton.

Five of the sailors and three men they didn’t know, came to collect Ulu and his people. Two of the men were wearing a medallion around their necks. The shorter, older man looked ill. His hair was as grey as his skin. The thin beard on his chin looked straggly.

The tall man had a hard face. He was very slim, almost skeletal and his eyes were hard and cruel. Ulu didn’t like these two men in particular. He felt a badness coming from them, and they even smelt bad. The older man looked them all over, and Ulu was careful to not meet his eyes.

He heard the Captain call the man Lord Gazan and the other man was Sir Hill. The third man was a snivelling flunky, and Ulu ignored him. Gazan went to the cell with the four youngest girls. “They aren’t bad,” he said. He glanced back at the other cells. “Where are the boys?” he barked at the Captain.

Ulu listened carefully as the Captain explained that the tribes were being more careful. He may have to go further south in spring, as the tribes were now guarding the kids when they came to the sea to collect seaweed and shells. They were even posting lookouts.

He pointed at Ulu and Inhu and said he was lucky to have them. Gazan grunted. He obviously wasn’t pleased. He had the sailors bring out each of the girls, one at a time. He had the two men with him touch him, and he concentrated on the first girl.

He grabbed the girl by the chin and made her meet his eyes. He then he said some words that Ulu didn’t understand, but they chilled him to the bone, and the hair on the back of his neck bristled.

Ulu did understand that the girl’s look of defiance faded from her eyes and her face took on a blank look. Gazan grabbed her nipple and twisted it cruelly. The girl moaned, as if in pleasure. Gazan let her go and gestured for the next girl.

He repeated the process. Ulu watched as the spirit of each girl was suppressed. He looked at Inhu in horror. They both knew what Gazan was doing, and it sickened them to see the effects Gazan was having.

Druid Troy had once explained about compulsion spells and that they were evil. To force another to your will was one of the greatest evils that one person could do to another, Troy had said.

Ulu looked at Gazan when he had finished with the eight girls. His skin looked clammy, and he was trembling slightly. Ulu decided the man had made an error. He had started with the weakest of them and left the strongest to last.

The sailors motioned Inhu away from the bars. They opened the door, and they approached him, as he backed Tiki to the back of the cell. Two of them grabbed at him as the third grabbed Tiki and dragged her kicking and screaming away from him.

Inhu struggled and lunged for Tiki. One of the sailors struck him a blow in the midsection to stop him. They then pulled his arms up behind him and pinned him to the bars at the front of the cell.

The Captain held Tiki as Gazan grabbed her chin. He started chanting the spell, and Tiki’s face took on the blank look. Inhu screamed out ‘No’ several times but was powerless to stop the old man.

Gazan took great delight in squeezing her tits so Inhu could see him doing it. He twisted both nipples hard to show Inhu she was now his, to do with as he wished. He laughed at Inhu’s moan of anguish.

Gazan then turned and grabbed his chin. Inhu couldn’t stop him with his face pressed between the bars. Ulu watched in distress, as his brother’s eyes dulled and his face went slack when Gazan said the spell.

Gazan reached down and pulled Inhu’s sarong to the side, and then felt him up. Gazan pumped his cock several times until Inhu was pressing his hips into the bars and moaning for him to continue. “I think I’ll enjoy breaking this one in,” Gazan said to Hall.

The tall man looked down at the erect cock in Gazan’s hand. He ran his hand up under the sarong and squeezed Inhu’s arse. “Yes, he may be older, but he is in superb condition,” Hall said in his soft, gravelly voice.

He rubbed his hand over Inhu’s arse as Gazan yanked on the young man’s cock a few more times. Yalla sobbed and inadvertently attracted Gazan’s attention. Gazan indicated to the sailors to collect her.

Ulu was in a quandary, he wasn’t sure if he should fight or submit. With eight against one, the odds were not in his favour. However, he felt he had to put up some resistance. He pulled Yalla to the back corner of the cell and put her behind him.

The three largest sailors entered the cell. They gingerly approached him. They knew they couldn’t hurt him too much, as then they would lose money. Two of them went to grab his arms. Ulu had taken hold of the bars either side of the corner of the cell and locked his elbows in place.

As they reached out to him, he lifted both feet off the ground and kicked out at the men’s mid-sections. He had moved fast, and they hadn’t realised what he was going to do until two of them were flying backwards into the bars of the cell on the other side.

The third man tried to catch one of Ulu’s feet but wasn’t quick enough. He received the second foot to the side of his head and was smashed into the corner of the cell, and went down. The other two sailors righted themselves and approached more cautiously.

They were now mad, as the others were jeering at them for being caught unguarded by a savage. Ulu didn’t think he’d catch them unawares, as quickly again. One of them sidled to the bars, but the other was hampered by the downed man.

He threw a punch to distract Ulu. Ulu deflected it with his foot. It gave the other man the opportunity to wrap his arms around Ulu and crowded him against the bars. The other man tried to grab Ulu’s arm to release his grip on the bars and got another kick for his trouble.

He finally grabbed Ulu’s leg’s and pinned him against the bars as the other man pulled at his arms to get him to make him let go. The Captain reached under Ulu and pulled at Yalla. He had to tug hard and squeeze her wrists, to get her to let go of the bars. He finally wrestled her into his arms and dragged her over to Gazan.

Gazan grabbed her chin and said the spell. Yalla however, wasn’t cooperating, and she refused to meet his eyes. Gazan slapped her hard. He then had Hall force her eyes open by grabbing the back of her head and pulling her eyelids up.

Gazan said the spell again. This time, he was successful, and she relaxed into the Captain’s arms. The two big sailors had finally gotten the struggling Ulu to let go of the bars. They had to hit him in the solar plexus several times to do it.

One of them grabbed his hair, and they dropped him on his knees at Gazan’s feet. Ulu looked up at the older man defiantly. Gazan grabbed him and said the spell. Ulu felt the spell trying to work its way into his mind. He found that he was able to deflect it.

He felt as if he had erected a wall that could block the spell. He noticed Gazan was trembling harder. He tried the spell again, and Ulu found he was able to block it again. He deliberately let his body go slack and dropped his eyes.

Gazan coughed harshly, and Ulu noticed Hall was supporting the older man. The flunky fainted and fell to the floor. Ulu remembered Troy saying that a good magician can draw power from others. Ulu guessed that Gazan had to draw a lot of energy from the flunky, to make him faint.

The sailors pulled him to his feet and then let him go. Ulu pretended that he was under a spell. He knew what the spell was trying to do to him and he acted accordingly. He was surprised that he knew what it was.

Troy had said that he was gifted and a potential magician. He now believed that this was true. How else had he been able to block the spell and understand why it had been used?

Sir Hall spoke, “We need to get my Lord back to the house. Captain, please escort the slaves back for us. I’ll see that you are paid once they are delivered safely.”

The Captain nodded, and he watched as the tall man escorted the older man to the stairs. “Wait, what about this guy?” the Captain asked as he pointed to the flunky.

“He should come around in an hour or so, send him back when he does,” Hall replied.

The Captain shook his head and told the two sailors that were still standing to get the trash off his ship. He then went to check the third man who still lay in the corner in the cell and cursed. The idiot was dead. The Captain surmised that he had hit his head on the toilet box and snapped his own neck.

He called out for Kale.

Kale watched as the slaves were escorted past him.

As Ulu passed him, he winked. Kale dropped his head to hide his smile. He knew they would be all right if Ulu weren’t spelled. He had felt that the man was special and now knew he was. Only someone with strong magical abilities could resist the spell.

Kale came into the cell area. The Captain told him to go find a couple of the other men, and when it was dark, they were to chuck the dead man overboard. Kale looked at the dead man and nodded at the Captain.

Kale had decided it was time to change ships. He didn’t like being in the slave trade. Kale hadn’t liked the way the Captain treated his crew or what he traded in. This trip had been a disaster for the crew.

Six of the original sixteen were dead. While he had enjoyed being able to screw Ulu and Yalla, he had felt bad about why they were on the ship. He had seen what Gazan did to them and could only feel disgusted that he had helped put them in that man’s grip.

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