Grindr'Ing Mr. Aussie Visitor

by Aussie Speedo Guy

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Sex Story: I found an Aussie Guy visiting San Francisco, 15 minutes after connecting on Grindr I opened my front door (wearing a pair of white speedos) and lets just say there wasn't much foreplay.

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I am really happy that I was born at this point in history. If I was born lets just say 20 years ago...

I couldn’t make a living doing what I do.

I couldn’t be out to ANYONE.

Grindr wouldn’t exist.

Yesterday I was sitting on my couch, wearing only a pair of white speedos and working on a super hot speedo photo set (if you are nice to me I will post some pics from that on here tomorrow). As you can imagine - when I’m hard at work, I am sometime ‘HARD’ at work.

I’ve had a Grindr account for a while but I don’t use it much although I’d had some great times using it.

So instead of jacking off in my speedos I picked up my mobile and logged into Grindr for the first time since I’ve been here in San Francisco. WOW!!! I couldn’t believe the number of guys that were online at 2pm in the afternoon who were ready to hook up.

I ended up talking to this guy on Grindr chat who was visiting some relative of his. He was an Aussie guy from Coffs Harbour, told me he had a speedo tan, a pair of speedos in his suitcase and he was bored. Sounded great to me!!!

He was staying just down the street so I gave him directions and 10, maybe 15 minutes later there was a knock at the door.

I didn’t think I needed to change my attire so when I opened the door Mr. Aussie Visitor was greeted by my raging boner stretching the hell out of the front of my white speedos.

There wasn’t much conversation, I stepped up 2 steps, sat down, spread my legs and Mr. Aussie Visitor was licking my cock through the white lycra of my speedos. As I said at the beginning of this post - I WAS REALLY HORNY!!!! So it didn’t take long until I was moaning, moaning and then cumming in Mr. Aussie Visitors mouth.

He didn’t spill a drop and when my cock finished pulsating in his mouth I pulled him up and kissed him.

It was a pretty intense kiss.

While kissing Mr. Aussie Visitor I reached down and felt his cock through shorts and his speedos (which I was very soon to learn were black). I thought it was time to take this upstairs to my apartment and I wanted to see Mr. Aussie Visitor in his speedos. I told him so much but I told him that my apartment was a ‘Speedo Only Zone’ - I’ve used this line before and just like the times before ... I didn’t get any complaints.

I helped him take his shirt off to reveal a shaved/waxed smooth chest, some very very nice abs but I didn’t have too much time to appreciate them just yet because my hands were already working the belt on his cargo shorts. Once done, I popped the button and rippled down the zipper. The white drawstring of his Tyr brand black speedos was tied in a bow and his cock was rock hard and hanging to the left (my right). I gave it a quick rub, turned around and started walking up my stairs.

All the while my cock, and balls for that matter, were still out the top of my white speedos and perhaps my cock might have softened a little bit in the 3 minutes since it left Mr. Aussie Visitors mouth you could not have known from how hard it was right now.

My stairs are very narrow, very steep and a lot of them since I’m on the 3rd floor and the entire way up I had one of Mr. Aussie Visitors hands on my arse, feeling my arse crack and slipping between my legs between steps.

Once we were in the living room it was my turn to treat Mr. Aussie Visitor...

We were both kissing while I tried to direct Mr. Aussie Visitor over towards my couch. Once I got him lined up we actually got to press our bodies together. My hands were on his speedo clad arse while his hands were on the back of my head locking me into the kiss. Our cocks were also dry humping each other.

I didn’t want to but I thought we were both about to cum in our speedos so I pushed Mr. Aussie Visitor backwards onto my couch. He was too caught up in what we were doing to realise that the couch was behind him and he flinched when I punched him back. We got a bit of a laugh but the laughter turned to moans as I repeated what Mr. Aussie Visitor did to me on the stairs and I started licking his cock through the black lycra of his speedo.

Instead of undoing the drawstring on Mr. Aussie Visitors black Tyr speedos and pulling his cock out ... I decided to try and make him cum inside his speedos.

While my mouth was literally trying to suck his penis out of the black lycra my right hand was rubbing his balls and lower shaft while my left hand was pinching his nipple. This took a little longer than if I just pulled his cock out which was exactly what I was hoping for.

When Mr. Aussie Visitor grabbed the hand that was pinching his nipple and started sucking two of my fingers I knew he was close.

And there is was ... the lycra at the tip of his cock (to the left and right against the waistband) showed that I had done a good ‘job’.

When Mr. Aussie Visitor finally brought his breathing under control I undid the drawstring of his speedo and inspected the mess that he had made inside. I gave the tip of his cock a lick and he flinched for the 2nd time in 8 minutes.

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