A Friggin' Haircut

by NDBareBear

Copyright© 2016 by NDBareBear

Sex Story: Young guy likes the barber shop loves sex!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Incest   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .


Me - Alex - 16

Dad - Barry - 47

Mom - Emily - 42

Sister - Kris - 17

Barber - Eli - mid 60’s

Left Neighbors

Tom & Marge mid 60’s kids only occasionally

Right neighbors

Mike and Shaunna mid 40’s

Son-Drew 15

Back neighbors

Anne and Dianne - lesbians

Barber customers

John and Brian (15) Waterman

Rob - Kris spanker - 25

Dad and I had the exact same routine every Saturday morning. Up at 8, bicycle shorts and tank-tops, and bike to the barber shop. Rain didn’t stop us, in cold we’d wear sweat-suits. Other than that come hell or high water, I was getting a haircut! The barber, Eli, had a couple “Pay In Advance” yearly plans, $3 for a haircut once a week ($156) $4 for a haircut, shampoo and shave ($208).

The barbershop was your typical old time barber shop. When you walked in there were two barber chairs facing a long mirror on the right and a bunch of chairs and magazine stands on the left wall. A TV was up high on the back wall.

Dad and Eli were talking then dad came over and told me he had added the shampoo and shave to my plan. He added, “Your attitude has always been ‘Go With The Flow’, that attitude is gonna come in handy!”

There were a couple old farts in the chairs, but apparently not waiting for haircuts. I was next.

After the haircut Eli didn’t brush me off and cover me in talc like usual. Just past the last chair was a door into the mirrored wall. He led me in and had me take off my t-shirt and lay down on a really comfortable table on wheels. He raised a panel that looked out into the shop, and slid the table so that my head was sticking out in the shop and right over a sink. He patted me on the thigh and said “this’ll take about a half hour. Just relax and enjoy it!” Eli went back to the front and turned on the water. When it was all warm, he soaked my hair and worked up a good soapy lather. He and dad came behind the mirror, I heard them talking, but not what they were saying.

They went back out front and Eli rinsed my hair, and kept rubbing behind my ears and my neck. It really was relaxing, I could get used to this! Eli told me to slide back inside and stand up and then came back to where I was and rubbed the towel all over my head, neck and back. He covered me in talc and rubbed it in with his hands. He handed me my t-shirt and asked how I liked it. I told him it was great!

Dad and Eli and the two old farts talked for a few minutes then dad and I left.

A typical Saturday was haircut, mow and trim the yard, clean the pool. A typical Sunday was pool, BBQ, pool! Yea, we enjoyed our weekends! I mowed and dad trimmed and we were done in less than an hour. Mom and Kris hit the mall this morning and said they wouldn’t be back till about 4 and would bring dinner. When the girls weren’t home dad and I would sometimes go bare-ass. Our yard wasn’t fenced and you could easily see a couple of houses from our backyard. But dad had apparently decided today would be a bare-ass day. When I came out of the garage with the pool net dad was vacuuming and he was naked. I just went with the flow and dropped my shorts on the patio table and started scooping leaves.

Sitting at the patio table dad said “Yard is done, pool is done, it’s about 1, Hoops in the pool?” I said yea, and threw the net and ball in and we jumped in. There’s a lot of body contact in typical basketball, even more so in a pool. I felt his dick on my ass and thighs a lot, a lot more than I remember being normal. I won and splashed him and called him a loser! We were both leaning against the edge of the pool and he asked how school was going, any girlfriends. Dad and I had a really good relationship, and these questions weren’t out of the norm. Then, he asked, “Foolin’ around with any of the guys? It’s completely normal and your mom and I wouldn’t have any problems with it.” Now, that wasn’t normal. I said “no real foolin’ around, a lot of comparing dicks, slaps on the butt, that kind of thing, but that’s about it”. Dad said, “at your age, it’s completely normal for boys to play with each other. It’s actually good for you and may answer a lot of questions later down the road. I remember sucking one of my friends in gym once, and it was fun, I sucked a few over the years but never really considered myself gay. Two of the guys though decided they liked it a lot and to this day are still gay. So, what I’m saying is, feel free to mess around with some of the guys if you want to.”

I piped in and said, “Dad, we need to change the subject.” He laughed and said “Gettin’ a stiffie?” and grabbed my dick and said “nice!” I didn’t grab his dick, but made a point of brushing against it when I turned away.

Dad looked at the clock on the wall and said we should get our suits on, the girls should be home soon. Dad got out first and was standing by the table drying off a little and I just stepped out of the pool when Mom and Kris popped out on the patio. Dad said, “Sorry girls, you’re early”. Dad and I had our suits on real quick and nothing more was said.

Mom and Kris dropped the KFC bags on the table and went upstairs to get their suits on.

Dad and I grabbed a bunch of condiments, drinks, plates and forks. Kris came out first, gawd I would like to see her tits. She had on a modest two piece, a little high on the hips and some cleavage. The top tied in back and didn’t have any straps. Mom came out in a very modest one piece, nothing at all sexual or revealing, but she did fill out the top nice, I wanted to see her tits too! The neighbors dog had nice tits too, and a bunch of them, I’d really like to see those tits! And, that one knot hole on the back tree really looked like a tit!

The week really seemed to drag by and except for me stealing longer peeks at the dicks in the showers nothing extraordinary happened.

Dad and I got up Saturday and biked to the barber shop. I don’t think the two old farts had moved, I was tempted to poke them and see if they were real. After the haircut though, when Eli took me in back there were two more old farts but they were playing backgammon. Eli took my t-shirt and had me hop on the table. And, I didn’t see it, but Eli held my shorts to the table and he had me slide more into the shop. I didn’t think anything of it, and was still covered, it just made my leg openings a little looser. Eli went back out front, but turned off the lights before leaving. As soon as the water hit my head, two hands were on my thighs. Eli said, “Don’t panic. It’s all part of the total sensation experience!” The hands were sliding up and down my thighs, and when they went under the hem of my shorts, I decided I liked what was happening. I started lifting my hips and spreading my legs wider. I wanted more. And, more I got ... their hands were brushing my balls and dick, and sliding from ass-hole to tits. I felt my shorts being pulled down, but my huge dick (all 4 inches!) was getting in the way. Now, it was four hands all over my body. I kinda looked down and saw a drape had been let down so no one could see in.

Eli was on one side of my head and dad on the other. They both had obvious hardons. My hands weren’t tied down, but I couldn’t get them out from under the towel across my chest. Dad nor Eli ever exposed their dicks but my head kept bouncing back and forth, like watching a tennis match, hoping to see a little something. Dad asked if I was enjoying myself. I smiled and said “A lot!” He continued, “You want to enjoy yourself a little more?” I looked at his crotch and then up to his face and said “Yes”. Dad shook the drape that separated the two rooms. I felt someone lift my dick up and all of a sudden it was in a very wet and warm place. I think I’m getting a blowjob! The mouth kept bouncing up and down on my dick and then I felt a finger rubbing my ass-hole. It became very slipper and slid right in all the way to the knuckle. As it was see-sawing in and out of my ass, my dick was getting ready to blow. Scratch that, I was playing Asteroids with my dick and trying to shoot the aliens on the ceiling! Moaning and tossing my head back and forth dad came up and clamped a hand over my mouth.

The two backgammon players pulled the table out and swung it around so my feet went thru first. Eli pulled the table until my ass, dick and balls were over the sink and he proceeded to wash me very thoroughly. I never get a hardon that quick after cumming but Eli was about to challenge me to Asteroids! He pushed me back in and the two old guys started drying me off and held my shorts while I stepped into them. The other guy had my t-shirt over my head and was pulling it down. They sat down and resumed the Backgammon game, not a word was said!

Dad and Eli came back and asked if I liked my haircut. Dad said “You did good today, you just gotta watch how loud you get!” “Ready to go home?”

Mom and Kris were already in the pool and talking. Mom told us both to turn around and said “That Eli does good work!” It took all my strength not to smile!

Mom and Kris went in to make breakfast. Dad and I got the lawnmower and trimmer out.

Dad asked “Did you enjoy your haircut today?” I just said “Holy Crap - that was fucking awesome, you knew they were going to do that, didn’t you?” Dad’s hair was cut very short, and he pointed at it and said “You think this needs washing every Saturday?!”

We finished up breakfast and the girls did cleanup while dad and I did the pool.

We were going upstairs to get our suits on and mom asked why we didn’t just wear our bike shorts? Dad and I just looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and jumped in. Mom and Kris wanted to play basketball so I got out and threw all the shit in the pool. Dad nodded down at my crotch and I quickly jumped in pulling my shorts down to cover a very angry looking dick! Mom and Kris had both seen and I looked at them and said, “That’s why we don’t wear bike shorts as swim suits!

Mom yelled out “Parents vs Kids”. I was guarding mom and Kris was guarding dad. We’d been playing a half hour and it was pretty evenly matched. Mom called a halftime break to get drinks, she went in for a big piture of iced-tea and we all sat on the steps. Dad had a very obvious hardon that wasn’t being contained very well by bike shorts. Kris kept staring that way and smiling. I was especially glad for this break, I thought my elbow was about to ejaculate all over mom’s boobs. She looked at me and said “Alex, I know you’re at that age that just about everything is sexual, but if your elbows hit my boobs one more time, I’m going to start elbowing you in the balls!”

We finally finished the game, Kids won! Mom and dad were playing kissy face by the edge of the pool. Kris slid over by me and said “Were you really copping feels of mom’s boobs”. I kinda smiled and said “Did you have anything to do with dad’s obvious hardon?”

I told her, “Kris, we get along better than most brothers/sisters. I fantasize about your tits, you probably fantasize about my dick - pretty much normal stuff. But, I want to ask you a question in all seriousness. Have you ever made out with another girl?” Kris just stepped back and had a smiling but quizzical expression on her face. “Why do you ask...”, then she stopped mid sentence and added “Did a guy come on to you?” I said, “It wasn’t so much a guy coming on to me as a real old fart sucking my dick and making me stand on the rafters yelling gawd is great!”

Kris asked if I was gay and I said I don’t know, but damn, it felt good, and yea, I wanted to return the favor, but didn’t get the chance.

“Well, in answer to your question, yes I’ve made out with several girls, and like it a whole lot, but there’s something about a big, stiff prick, that still turns me on. I climbed on to the ‘Bi-Sexual’ wagon about a year ago and am still enjoying the ride!”

I said, “If you ever get lonely for a big, stiff prick, just let me know!” She grabbed my dick and said “Oh sorry, I thought you said big and stiff!”

Mom and dad yelled over to us to go inside or out to the front porch. They’d done this before, and weren’t even subtle about wanting to be alone for some sex fun. Kris and I climbed the steps and headed to the front porch, turning around just long enough to yell “Don’t forget to use protection! I don’t want another sister, unless she has better tits!”

As soon as we rounded the corner of the house Kris grabbed my shoulder and held a finger up to her lips. We peaked around the corner of the house and dad was already naked and sitting on the edge and mom was sucking his dick. I asked Kris if she really did get dad hard earlier and she said yea, every time dad came up behind me I’d put my hands on his dick like I was just keeping him in check. Then it turned to dad sticking his hand down the bottom of my swim suit and looking for gold - which he found a couple of times!

Mom still had her suit on and I was getting impatient to see more. My hand brushed Kris’s butt and I said Sorry, but I really want to see mom’s tits! She said go ahead, put it down the inside of my suit, but no father than my butt. Is it permissible to yell gawd is great just from feeling a butt? My 4inches just grew to about a foot and a half and Kris reached back for a quick squeeze. She stopped mid grope and turned to me, I guess it does get ‘big and stiff’!

I asked Kris if she thought we could sneak up to the patio and sit at the table and just watch, without being seen. Mom and dad were pretty heavy into it, and we decided to try. Not one iota of sound and 3 minutes later we were sitting at the table.

Mom finally lost her suit and had climbed on top of dad. She was rocking back and forth and swaying her head in circles. Dad was matching her movements with hard deep thrusts. Finally mom went stiff, squeezing her tits with her hands and locked on dad’s dick with her thighs. How, two people can seem to cum that hard and not make a sound is beyond me.

Mom was the first to see us and shrieked, what are you two doing out here. Kris replied that it was better quality than the internet and cheaper than an x-rated movie theater. Then she added, relax mom, we’re old enough to know what’s going on, and have seen it many times before.

I hadn’t seen it before, but kept my mouth shut. Mom still hadn’t covered up and I was really enjoying the view.

Mom looked down at dad and just shrugged her shoulders and got up and came over to the table. She said, Kris, you’ve always been pretty open-minded when it comes to sex. Kris reached over and squeezed one of her mom’s tits and said “Not bad for an old broad!”

Mom said “Old broad my ass!” and turned to me and said Are you ok with this too! I reached over and squeezed one of her tits and kept thinking how great gawd was! My foot and a half was now about three feet and growing!

Dad finally got up and came over and sat between Kris and me. He looked at Kris and smiled then me and said “Turn about is only fair. Are you two staying in your suits?” Kris didn’t even hesitate and had her suit off in seconds and was back sitting down sipping her iced-tea. Now, all eyes were on me. Mom said “Honey, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” I said “no, mom, I want to but I am a little embarrassed about having a hardon!” Kris stood up and pulled me up and said “Can I?” I just shook my head yes and she pulled my shorts down and gave my dick a quick kiss. My three foot hardon was now 4, maybe 5 inches!

I couldn’t take my eyes off mom’s or Kris’s tits, but couldn’t take my mind out of the barber shop - Friggin’ haircut!

About sundown mom put a fondue pot on the inside coffee table and dad put on a movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. We were all sitting around bare-assed, eating fondue, and laughing. I want a haircut so fucking bad!

Sunday morning dad and I cleaned the pool before the girls came out, we were both bare-assed, and, when the girls finally came out, they were bare-assed too. Dad said “I guess this is going to be the norm from now on?” Mom and Kris both said this was great and hoped it would be the norm. I said “I like it a lot and think that the prettiest tits in the world are staring at me right now, and that I was all for it as long as no one laughed at my hardon! Dad announced it was now official, We are nudists! He looked at the houses surrounding the backyard and said to mom, “We need to go talk to everyone so this doesn’t become a problem. Then he turned back to the table and pointing at the neighbors, asked if any of us would have a problem being seen by other people. Mom and Kris were fine, and I said “as long as they don’t laugh at my hardon!”

After breakfast, mom and dad put on shorts and t-shirts, told us to do the dishes, and that they’d be back in a little bit. The left neighbors (Tom and Marge were in their 60’s and only had grand kids over occasionally. And would, very much like being invited over once and a while. They were nudists back when they were younger, and hoped that, if it didn’t traumatize our kids, they’d like to kick back too!

The right neighbors could possibly be a problem, they had a 15 year old boy. Mike and Shaunna were all for it but had to play it by ear when it came to Drew. We told them (and all the others) that a simple phone call and we’d all be dressed in minutes! We also said (but didn’t really mean it) that if it became a problem, we would stop completely. (Dad’s only thought was I don’t want to pay for a privacy fence!)

The back neighbors was kinda new territory for us, it was actually a different street and we had never seen anyone there. (And, I don’t think the back yard had ever seen a lawnmower!) A really pretty 20 something female answered the door. We asked if we could talk to her for just a few minutes. Sitting on the couch another really pretty 20 something female came out of the kitchen. Intro’s were made, they were Anne and Dianne, and I explained why we were there. Dianne stood up and dropped her robe and said, “do you guys get this naked?” Then Anne stood up, dropped her robe and said, “Or this naked?”

This caught us completely off guard and were left almost speechless. Anne finally got us back on track by saying that they were lesbians and had no problem with nudity. She then added “Since this is early Sunday, Dianne and I have nothing to do, we’ll bring the steaks if you invite us over for the day.

Mom and dad came home and said we were about to have our first guest. Just as he finished his sentence two really cut gals came around the corner, stopped at the table and pulled off their clothes. Now, how’s a 16 year old boy gonna react to that, I’m either gonna play Asteroids with my 3 footer, or see if the barber shop was open on Sundays!

Dad brought the girls over and introduce Anne and Dianne, this is Alex, and he says your welcome here as often as you like as long as you never laugh at his hardon. One of them grabbed my dick and kissed my cheek saying “What’s to laugh at, very nice!” My first thought was that the age difference wouldn’t matter once we were married! The other one barged in and ran her hand over my dick and balls and back to my ass and said “Nice ass too!” Now, I’m trying to remember the religion that allows two wives!

When Kris was introduced she said “You two are lovers!!!?”. Kris turned to mom and said “Can I take them up to my room so we can talk.” Anne said, “Honey at your age you’re gonna have a thousand question, let’s just hang in the pool for a while and get to know each other first, then we’ll talk, promise”.

Kris, said “Fuck that, I’m probably 80% gay and really want to eat your pussy!” I don’t know if mom was trying to pry her tongue off the ground or if she just slipped, but she was actually down on one knee (praying?). She got up and ran to Kris, Kris actually stepped back a step thinking she was about to be beat, when mom grabbed her and put her in a huge bear hug. Mom asked how long and Kris said a little over a year. Mom grabbed her shoulders and started shaking her and said, “You selfish bitch, you’re are grounded and can not eat any pussy until after you eat mine!”

Anne and Dianne slid over to dad and said Is everything kool or should we go! Go, why on gawds green earth would you go, you just spurred our little girl on to making what was already an almost perfect family, a little more perfect, but, I have to ask, Are you two strictly lesbian or Bi, Dianne dropped to her knees and started sucking dad’s cock. Anne dropped down and joined her - dad didn’t last long!

I’m kinda left out in the cold here (thinking very seriously about going for a haircut!) when, Mike Shaunna and Drew rounded the corner. Mom and dad went over to welcome them and hollered for me to join them. My suit was in one of the chairs and I put it on.

Kris, Dianne and Anne were floating in the pool (my gawd look at those asses!). Mom, dad, Mike and Shaunna were at the patio table. Mike and Shaunna still hadn’t taken off their clothes. Drew and I were sitting on the pool steps. Drew asked why I put on my bathing suit and I said I just didn’t want him to be uncomfortable. He asked if it was ok to take his clothes off and I enthusiastically said yea. We both stood and stripped right there on the steps and threw our clothes off to the side. Mike and Shaunna saw that, breathed a sigh of relief and stood to take off their clothes.

Kris, Dianne and Anne got out of the pool and were walking to the very back of the yard. They looked over the fence into Anne and Dianne’s yard. Kris hollered for dad to come over. Kris asked if he could cut an opening in the fence and get her the trimmer and mower. Dad looked completely shocked and asked do you even know how to use a trimmer. She said, “Of course I do, but I wouldn’t let you know that cause then you’d put my ass to work!”

Mike, Drew and I joined them and in less than an hour we had a nice opening between the two yards. Kris started the trimmer and was actually making progress. Dianne had the lawnmower going good and Anne was raking up piles of grass and branches. A couple hours later, they had a nice path all the way to their back door (the rest of the yard looked like shit!). They couldn’t get the back door open so the men put on shorts and walked around to try and pry it open. All said and done, things were taking shape nicely. Anne asked Mike if Shaunna would have a problem with him getting a blow job for his help. Before he could even say No, Anne had his dick in her mouth and all he could say was who the fuck cares! Mike left a trail of cum down her cheeks and onto her tits. Kris and Dianne were gobbling it down before it got cold!

Shaunna stood up and said “I don’t have a problem with that but, one of you better get over here and eat my pussy! Dianne and Kris got there at the same time and just as Kris was kneeling down, Mom piped up and said “Ungh ungh young lady, remember, you’re grounded! Kris duck walked over to mom and pushed her back in the chair and started eating her pussy. Dianne was taking care of Shaunna. I didn’t know it till just now, but, mom is a squirter! Cum was shooting up over Kris and landing on Dianne and Shaunna. That set Shaunna off and when Dianne shoved two fingers in Shaunna’s ass she drenched Dianne’s face. Mom had grabbed Kris by the ears and was yanking her all around. Kris had to actually fend off mom’s advances. But, when mom locked her knees around Kris’s head, Kris couldn’t get loose and dove right for mom’s clit. Mom was still cumming, Kris was drowning and it took dad to finally calm her down some. Mom started crying and kept apologizing to Kris. Kris was finally smiling and licked mom’s clit which made her scream some more. Dad gave Kris a menacing look and she finally quit too. Dad looked down at mom and said “Hey, if you see my wife, would you tell her the rest of us are getting kinda hungry!” Mom still had Kris’s face in her hands and pulled her up into a very long loving hug.

Everyone, except Kris and mom were gathering around the BBQ grill, Dianne and Anne seemed pretty proficient on it and the guys just let them take charge. Mom finally got up and started apologizing to everyone, she really was embarrassed. Everyone told her how beautiful it was and to please stop. Dianne, Anne, and Shaunna all went over to Kris and said “I’m next!”

So, every one is having sex except me and Drew. Can a good steak take the place of sex? Gawd I want a haircut!

Anne and Dianne made their goodbyes and Thank You’s and didn’t even have to get dressed to walk home. Drew, Kris and I were sitting on the grass by the table. I had my knees propped up and Kris was laying back against them and she kept innocently rubbing my legs. Innocent to her maybe, but when my hardon started rubbing on her back she leaned forward and looked down between my legs. Then the bitch resumed exactly what she was doing! Dad made a comment that he was going to look for a projector and screen to hook to his laptop so they could all sit outside and watch movies. Mike piped in that he worked for a computer vendor and he’d see what he could find, don’t buy anything just yet. Mike, Shaunna and Drew got dressed and said their thanks. Kris said she was exhausted and going to take a shower and go to bed. Mom asked if she could join her. They walked inside with their arms around each other. Dad and I didn’t say anything for a few minutes then asked if I was ok? I kept quiet for a few seconds then asked if I had to wait till Saturday to get a haircut! He smiled and said “Today got you kinda worked up hungh?” “Yea, a little, but it’s more than that, I really enjoyed yesterday and want to go a little farther. The girls today were awesome, not one of them I’d kick outta bed for eatin’ crackers! But, the guy thing is just something different that I’d not thought about, and now I can’t quit thinking about it! Now, would you answer my question, do I have to wait till Saturday?” “No, now that Eli knows you, you can go anytime. But remember that you can only have 52 visits per year!

The next morning dad had left me a note on my computer to check my eMail before going to school and after I had read it to not just delete it, but shred it. And that I was NOT to make it a habit of skipping school like he knew I’d be doing today!

I checked my eMail and had one from Eli.

Glad you enjoyed your haircut so much. Today between 9:00 and 2:00 you are to go the the Barber Shop. Outside the shop is a bench. On that bench will be a box with your first name on it. If you ever see that box, you are to open it and follow, to the letter, all instructions inside. Today’s instructions are as follows: Remove all your clothes and place them in the box sit on the bench and wait for further instructions. As the shop is on a side, out-of-the way street, the probability of your being caught is minimal. Should you get caught follow all instructions from the person who catches you. Never run. Eli

HOLY CRAP, what am I getting in to!

I usually left for school at 07:45. Today I rushed downstairs at 08:15 and announced I was late and ran out the door. I got to the Barber Shop at 08:45. I walked up and down the street a couple times trying to decide if this is what I really wanted to do. Finally, I was standing in front of the bench at 09:15 and took off all my clothes and sat on the bench. About 10:00 I was just about to put my clothes back on and go to school. Eli opened the door and said “Going somewhere?” I said I was getting scared and not sure if he was coming or not. He motioned me inside. I reached for the box and he said “Leave it”. Sit in the first chair. When I was sitting, he swiveled the chair so I was facing the window. He put a cape around my neck, but it only hung to just past my waist. I was totally exposed from the waist down. He told me not to talk to the customers, strictly use gestures, but no talking! He grabbed a magazine from one of the racks and said “Look at that for a while, I have some things I need to be doing”. It was a “Boys Life” which is a real magazine, not a sexually oriented one. At least that’s what I thought till I opened it. The first picture was a young 15-16 year old sucking a mans cock! Eli had just glued the original cover to a porn mag!

There were a couple of stories, which I actually read. It didn’t take much for me to get a hardon, so now I’m facing an open window with a raging hardon. Two guys walked up to the window and were watching me. That just made me harder. They watched for I guess 15 minutes and finally came in and yelled for Eli. “Hey gents, you both need haircuts?” They both said yes and Eli pointed out the price list - Regular hair cut $40 with a shave and shampoo $75, you ok with that, they both said yes. The first guy sat in the only other chair and Eli swiveled it to face me. Then he swiveled my chair so I was facing him. He was rubbing his crotch through his pants. Eli said he was welcome to take them off if he’d be more comfortable. He started to get up and Eli put his hand on the guys shoulder and said “Alex here, will help you with that.” Eli pointed at me and the guys pants. It just dawned on me what was expected. I removed the cape from my shoulders and got up and helped the guy take off his clothes. When I removed his pants the bulge in his under-ware was very obvious. Eli motioned for me to continue. I took off the guys under-ware and Eli motioned me back to my chair. I started to put the cape back around my neck and Eli shook his head No.

There is no way in hell my dick could get any harder. I want to beat-off so bad I was hurting. Eli gave me a note and returned to the customer. Play with your dick, balls and ass, BUT DO NOT CUM! Excite this guy cause in a few minutes you’ll be sucking his dick! And if you really take to this, in a few weeks, you’ll probably be fucking him or being fucked by him. Think of his dick sliding in and out of your ass.

The haircut was done, so Eli took him in back and got him on the table. When his head popped into the shop. Eli told him that he only had one assistant today so the next step would be another 15-20 minutes. The second guy was getting into the chair. I got up and motioned to his pants and he shook his head yes. I took off all his clothes and folded them neatly and sat them on the chair he was sitting in. When I walked by him going back to my chair I dragged my fingers tips down his thigh. As I turned around to sit Eli was smiling and gave me a thumbs up. The guy was hard already and watching me stick a finger in my ass. I had to stop though, I was right on the verge of cumming. The guys hair cut was done and Eli put a warm washcloth on his face and said to relax, with only one assistant it’ll be 10 or 15 minutes. The guy was relaxed and said No problem.

Eli motioned for me to follow him and in the back he told me to only go as far as I wanted to but, the customer had to cum. Eli said, use your hand, mouth, ass, or whatever, but get him off, OK?

Eli added and tease the guy, make him want more and hold off as long as you can. When I shake the curtain, the ball (so to speak!) is in your court.

Eli went out and started the shampoo. I was loving this, I couldn’t see the guys face, and he couldn’t see me. I was free to do what I wanted to do. I ran my finger tips on the inside of his calves all the way to his crotch. Formed a couple of circles and went back down. I bent over and licked his balls and dick, and kept my hands moving. His nipples were just past the curtain, but I reached out and lightly pinched them. I raised his legs a little and licked his perineum and ass-hole and he couldn’t hold back. He was cumming all over his stomach and chest. I sucked his dick into my mouth and he moaned. I licked up as much cum as I could find and got a warm wash cloth and wiped him down all over. Eli pushed the table back into my side and I spun him around and pushed him feet first through the hole. Eli washed him up and pushed him back to me. I grabbed a towel and dried him off. I went out and got his clothes and helped him dress while Eli was getting guy 2 onto the table. The first guy opened his wallet and gave me a $50 bill. He fell asleep for the few minutes he was waiting for his friend.

Guy 2 was identical to the first guy. After he was dressed he too handed me a $50 bill. They both left and Eli put a sign in the window saying closed for 15 minutes. Eli came to the back room and said “So, you like your new job?” That was fucking awesome, go drum up so more business. Not everyone was like those two. I went to hand Eli the $100 and he said, No, keep that, you earned it.

Back out in the shop he showed me the fake rack for all the porn. Just turn that latch and pull forward.

I swiveled the chair towards the window and sat down spreading my legs real wide.

A father and son passed by and then doubled back. Both were fascinated. The dad rubbed the son’s head and pulled the hair on the back of his neck. They came in and introduced them selves. John (dad) and Brian Waterman. The just moved to town yesterday and were out exploring. Brian couldn’t take his eyes off of Alex’s dick, and kept rubbing his own. The dad (John) wasn’t much better. John saw the price list and commented that he thought there was a little more than a haircut included. Eli said “When you leave, you’ll look AND feel GREAT!” What about my boy, that’s entirely up to you he can watch, or participate as much or as little as he wants. But, I’ve been here for over forty years and can tell you that the boys who participate turn out a lot stronger mentally than those that don’t!

Would you like for Alex to help you get more comfortable. Sure. Alex knelt in front of John and removed his pants. Alex slid his hands up and down John’s thighs until he started seeing a hardon starting to form. Then he slid his under-ware down. When Alex folded the clothes and went to put them on the chair next to Brian, Brian reached out and grabbed Alex’s dick. Alex mad it back to the chair and started playing with his ass, balls and dick. Eli motioned for Alex to invite Brian to help. Brian removed his clothes and just threw them on the floor. Brian was all over Alex’s dick. John was beside himself, he had no idea his son was gay. John kept having to move Eli aside to see everything. When Brian went down on Alex’s dick and started sucking him, he also kept a hand running up and down his ass crack and balls. Alex wasn’t going to last long and looked to Eli for guidance. Eli just shook his head yes. John was shooting geysers of cum in the air which just set off Alex, almost got them damned Asteroids! Eli got a warm cloth and was cleaning up John, and Brian didn’t need a cloth he had Alex cleaner and drier than John just using his tongue.

Alex got a piece of paper and wrote down his address and phone number for Brian. “Call me when you get your class schedule, and come by anytime, we have a pool, and we’re almost always naked!”

John and Brian left and said they’d definitely be back.

I asked Eli if it was ok to leave. He said “yea, you can come and go as you please, but don’t forget the box, if you ever see the box with your name you need to see what’s inside and do exactly what it says. Sometimes I may send you an eMail with just the word ‘bench’. That’s your clue that your box is out and you should check it. Not necessarily tomorrow, but before the next time you come in, I want you to remove the liner from your bike shorts, and to soak them in bleach for several hours.

“Did you enjoy yourself today?” It was fucking awesome. “Well pace yourself. But, you were extraordinary today, I’ve never seen better! Oh, Almost forgot. John left this for you saying thanks and to keep an eye on Brian. It was a $100 bill!

I just spent 5-6 hours playing with dicks and have an absolutely amazing time, and am going home with $200 to boot! I would have paid $200 for the day I’ve had!

I sat on the bench a minute then got dressed and walked my bike home, I wasn’t in any hurry.

Mom didn’t appear to be home. Anne was on a raft and Kris was standing in the water eating her pussy. This could be interesting! I got tired of waiting for Anne to fall in so I crept in very quietly, got a really deep breath and swum to Kris. I ran my hands over her pussy and ass, and she spread her legs. I got another breath and went back for more. She was grinding her pussy into my hand now. But, this time when I went up for air, she caught me and started wailing the shit out of my head and shoulders. “You little fuck, I thought you were Dianne.” Kris is laughing her ass off. I sniffed my fingers and asked her if she was using a chlorine douche now? She’s beating me about the head and shoulders again, but this time she’s smiling. She did say with a smile though “You really have a nice touch and surprisingly soft hands! Dianne swum over and was rubbing my ass and balls. She dragged me over to the steps and told the girls to continue.

Dianne sat on a step and pulled me down between her legs. The feel of her pussy hair on my butt was driving me mad, then she reached around and started rubbing my cock. She said “Alex you’re one of the nicest young men I’ve met. You’re respectful and really want to please other people more than yourself, and I was wondering if you’d like to fuck me?” I replied, “Oh gawd yes I’d like to, as soon as we’re married!” She didn’t know if I was kidding or not. I smiled and said, “Ok, we don’t have to get married yet!” She laughed and picked me up and sat me on the step, then she crawled on and slid my dick into her pussy. I’ve never fucked (guy or girl) before and could now see what the big deal was. I wasn’t expecting how hot it would be. You can’t pick that up in a porn flick! She rode my dick up and down, and back and forth. I told her this was my first, and I wouldn’t last long. She just smiled and said “Honey, this is for you. Cum when you want!”

About 45 minutes later I was done cumming (maybe it was 45 seconds!) I hugged and kissed her deeply and had her sit on the top edge. I started licking her pussy and my cum and thought, my gawd, I have to find a way to bottle this (I could have done without the chlorine though!). When I ran my tongue over her ass-hole, pussy and clit, she squeezed my head with her thighs. I used my lips to gnaw on her clit for a minute and she started bucking her hips. When she came, she stuck her legs straight out behind me and squeezed, I couldn’t hear a thing. I guess that’s why I didn’t hear mom say she wanted some or, Drew say Me too!

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