Four Generations - One Roof

by NDBareBear

Copyright© 2016 by NDBareBear

Erotica Sex Story: 14-75 years old under one cramped roof, look for and find alternatives.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Shemale   Incest   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   School   Porn Theatre   .

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The Standish’s

David - Me - 57

Bela - wife - 55 ish’s

David - Me - 57

Bela - wife - 55

Isabel - Bela’s mom - 75

Stanley - Son - 32

Janeen - Stanley’s Wife - 40

Kate - Stanley’s daughter - 14

Carl - Isabel suitor #1 - Bi

Jodi - 17yo daughter

Randy - Yank Bartender

Tanya & Pierce - neighbors

Earl - Theatre owner

We lived in a township about 20 miles northwest of London, called Rickmansworth. Neat little village, awesome pub called The Keystone, Joan Of Arch All Girls Academy, where my granddaughter attended and my wife was a teachers aide. And, several public parks, one with a lake where the local kids went skinny dipping.

We all referred to each other by name, not out of lack of respect, but for clarities sake! - when you yell “Mom” in a house with three mom’s you never know what you’ll get!

Isabel owned the house since her first marriage. And, even though the house was in my name it was still considered hers! She was a fun and feisty old broad, who still had suitors chasing her, but with her body I can’t say I blame them. Her body was as good as Bela’s, if not better! (I love you Bela!) When it was just her, Bela and I, she was a little looser than if the kids were around, so I got the occasional flash, a few times I think were even intentional! It never failed to excite me. Bela sometimes noticed and even reached under the table to squeeze my cock - it was usually hardening!

Oh Bela - best sex I’ve ever had (Does that make up for the body comment honey?) With the house full, we didn’t have sex as often as we’d like, but we made do. Bela had been throwing the idea of bi-sex around for the past 40 some odd years, but had never acted on it. But, it seemed to be coming up more and more often lately. She was a teachers aide at the local all girls academy (same school our granddaughter attended). One of my favorite after work comments from her was “I swear to gawd If I have to look at one more pussy today, I’m gonna start super-gluing some knees together!” I’d slide over on the couch and would start to raise the hem of her skirt. I’d yank the skirt up and the panties down and yell boo! That usually got us to playing a bit and before long my dick was out and growing! About half the time Isabel would walk in and say “Can I play?” We’d scramble to get covered up and act as if nothing happened.

Our son Stanley was in the military and wouldn’t be home for a few weeks. His wife Janeen didn’t work, so she was always home. Kate was their 14 year old daughter, imagine Emma Watson with bigger tits and no morals!

I was getting frustrated to the point of wanting to make some changes around the house. Me and four really nice looking women were making way too many blue balls! Something had to change. I quit wearing a robe and wore just my boxers. I’d be a little more grabby with Bela’s tits and pussy. Now, if Bela and I were playing on the couch and Isabel came in, we didn’t stop. Isabel started peeking in and watching a lot more often, even to the point of running her hands over her tits or pussy.

I didn’t have a clue how to loosen Janeen up. She acted like she was afraid to see or be seen by her daughter. Maybe that’s it, get the daughter involved first. I know Bela knew what I was doing and suspected Isabel knew. Bela had an idea. Teachers and students both wore the same uniforms to school. She was going to suggest Janeen get involved at school (therefore needing a uniform) and that the three girls went on a shopping trip after school tomorrow.

Selfridges had an outlet store in Rickmansworth for school uniforms and supplies. I saw a friend, Madge who was a clerk there and introduced everyone. I told Madge that I needed a new (larger - shut-up!) skirt, Kate needed a new blouse and under-ware, and Janeen needed everything. Madge took us back to a large changing room and told us all to strip down that she’d be right back. Kate had just removed her skirt and Janeen practically yelled “Where are your under-ware!” She said most of the girls don’t wear them. As I got my skirt off, Janeen just looked at me and said you too! I smiled and said “When in Rome, and it really does feel good, a touch erotic! I told Janeen to get her clothes off and she finally got down to bra and panties while Kate and I are completely bare-ass! Madge came back and said she’d start with Janeen. Loose the bra and panties so I can measure. Janeen still tried covering her tits and pussy but finally gave in when Madge raised her arms above her head. Madge ran the tape measure over her tits making sure to get as much skin contact as she could. Janeen’s nipples were thickening up, it must be working. Madge had her hold that position and spread her legs. Madge took at least 15 minutes of rubbing up and down her legs, frequently brushing over her pussy and even scratching her clit for good measure. Janeen’s eyes were closed and you could see some glistening on her pussy. Kate grabbed a couple paper towels and wiped her moms pussy before letting her try on the under-ware. Janeen tried apologizing but everyone shushed her and tried to put her at ease. Kate ran her hand over her ass and her knees almost buckled. Bela moved over to help Kate with the new blouse, bra and panties. Bela, having not played with women before seemed to know exactly what she was doing. After getting Kate’s panties on and checking the fit Bela even took a whiff of her fingers. Kate bent over and said it’s even better from the source, and pulled her leg openings aside. Bela sniffed but wouldn’t lick even as much as she wanted too. Kate knelt down and ran her hands up Bela’s legs and lingered on her pussy for a few minutes. Bela’s knees were shaking! Madge was just finishing up with Janeen and everyone checked out everyone else. Bela thanked Madge and said everyone would wear the new stuff and they went out to pay.

Bela had a thought and stopped to get three beach towels. On the high street they bought fish & chips for three and headed to the park. They found the lake the kids used and Bela suggested they try it. Kate was already naked and heading for the water with Bela right on her heels. Bela looked back and Janeen was still sitting on her towel, not moving. Bela went back and pulled Janeen to her feet and said, “Look, you’ve got to loosen up some, I don’t mean to become loose but to just relax a little. We’ve got two men at home that are almost afraid of getting hardons because of how uptight everyone is.” Some one yelled across the lake “Hey Mrs Standish, who’s the hottie you got there?” Bela yelled back it was her daughter-in-law and if she wasn’t naked in five minutes you guys could have her!” “Now, take off your clothes or I’ll take them off and spank you right here on the beach!” Janeen finally had her clothes off and followed Bela to the water. Kate came over and hugged her mom, “Feels good, doesn’t it?” Janeen actually smiled and said yea, it kinda does. Kate pointed out two girls making out on a rock, “That’d even feel better!” Janeen almost yelled, she’s eating the other girls pussy right out in the open. Kate said “Yea, I tried once but she wouldn’t let me!” Kate! Have you ever eaten pussy? Yea, a few times but she’s going steady with that girl! Now Bela was interested, “You’ve eaten pussy?” Kate said “yea, I prefer boys but a nice sweet, juicy, pussy is great once and a while.” Bela didn’t say anything but you could see her mind working away! They splashed around for 10 minutes or so, and Janeen even forgot she was naked. They went back and had their lunch and air dried before getting dressed and heading home.

David had called Stanley earlier in the day to explain a little of what was happening. All Stanley could say was Oh Thank gawd! I hope it works. That house was getting awfully uptight! Now, I’m anxious to come home, I’ll see if I can get a weekend pass. Thanks Dad. See ya later.

The girls walked in and Isabel and David were on the couch talking. Whoa! There’s my cute little school girls. The girls plopped there bags down on a chair and were just about to sit when David said “Hang on a minute, this is a Kodak moment. He went to get his camera. Isabel asked where their ties were and to get them on. Isabel cleared a spot on the sofa and had the girls sitting kinda provocatively next to each other. David took a couple pictures and said Wait Wait and ran off to the kitchen and came back with three suckers. Each of the girls was now licking a sucker, they each took swipes at each others suckers and it became a game. Kate put her sucker on her pussy and rubbed it around then gave it to Bela to lick, Bela wouldn’t give it back! Isabel lifted Janeen’s skirt and said “you naughty little girl, you’re not supposed to be wearing under-ware. Get ‘em off NOW!” The forcefulness of her language shocked Janeen into complying without even thinking about it.

Isabel piped up, Oh another idea, you kids stay there. David come with me. David followed Isabel to her bedroom and she told David to strip. David looked at her and said what!? She said “Strip, Oh for gawds sake you’ve wanted to do that in front of me since before you were married. Now strip. He stood there naked as she threw a black shirt, with a white priests collar at him. She didn’t have any pants but went to another drawer and pulled out a black speedo. She hung a crucifix around his neck and said Perfect, let’s go!

Now, you four have some fun and she grabbed the camera. She told David to spank his naughty little girls. He grabbed Bela first and turned her over his knee. Not much of a spanking but a lot of rubbing and moaning. While he pretended to spank Bela, Kate gently shoved two fingers into Bela’s pussy and see-sawed them in and out. Janeen couldn’t believe what was happening, but even more so couldn’t believe she was starting to masturbate right there on the couch in front of everyone.

The doorbell rang and everyone jumped. Isabel demanded everyone stay right where they were. It was a friend of hers (Carl) who would be gone in a minute. NOBODY MOVE! Isabel answered the door and was talking to Carl. Carl and Isabel came into the living room and Carl just smiled. Isabel introduced Carl and told everyone to get back to what they were doing. And Kate, Bela’s ass might like a gentle finger or two. Isabel turned to Carl and said how would you like to do an old lady a favor? Carl said Anything, Anytime, and Anywhere! She grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bathroom. She told him to strip while she did too. She turned on the shower and they hopped in. I think this old house just got a renewal of life! Razors are up there. Bring this skanky old pussy back to life, make it pretty then fuck me silly!

Mean while in the living room David couldn’t hold back much more. He pushed Bela off his knee and had her face buried in Kate’s pussy and her ass up in the air. He rubbed his dick along her ass and asked Janeen for a little help. Janeen grabbed his cock and rubbed it all over Bela’s ass and pussy. Bela’s head looked like a jack-hammer going up and down on Kate’s pussy. Janeen finally got my dick in a hole (I’m actually not sure which hole, but I think it might have been her ass!) When David finally came he had Janeen rub it all over Bela, Janeen pushed her fingers into Bela’s pussy and Bela started cumming instantly. That drove Kate over the edge and we (and she!) just learned she was a squirter. A fucking geyser was shooting over Bela’s back and right on to Janeen’s face and chest. Apparently the noise scared Carl and Isabel who came running out and stopped dead in their tracks laughing! Cum was actually dripping down a lampshade behind Janeen! Isabel and Carl took their towels and started gently wiping down the girls. They had to carry Kate to the shower, she couldn’t walk. When they had her calmed down they went back for Bela and Janeen.

Everyone seemed to be calming down but David had a nagging thought running through his head. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Carl’s dick, balls and ass! He had never had a gay thought in his life, but he really wanted to suck that dick! It was getting late and Carl got up to go but went over to David and whispered in his ear “Close your eyes, Open your mouth and stick out your tongue!” David did and Carl just grazed his dick over David’s lips and tongue, then said “If you invite me over again and ask real nice, I might let you have some more!”

The attitude around the house had obviously changed. Not to the point of everyone walking around naked but leaving doors open more often, not worried about being seen naked, but most importantly not worried about being caught while having sex!

Stanley couldn’t get a pass till next weekend so, David, Bela and Janeen decided to hit The Keystone pub on Friday night. They had a ‘Yank’ bartender who was really cool. Awesome at darts, could double on/off in 8 darts! A hellacious sense of humor. His name was Randy! He introduced himself as ‘Randy by name and Randy by nature’ Sounds kinda hokey but it worked for him he was constantly getting laid!

We got there early so we could get something to eat. They had a reputation for the best Shepherds Pie and Yorkshire Pudding. Randy got us all served up and remembered David and Bela but didn’t recognize Janeen (she didn’t go out much!). Randy introduced himself to Janeen and added “You have the most awesome cleavage in this place.

We finished dinner and the girls excused themselves to the Ladies Room. Randy saw them standing in line and got in right behind Janeen. He brushed her ass and when she started to turn, he stopped her. He kept rubbing her ass and made it to the bottom of her skirt. Janeen started grinding her hips and he ran his hands under her dress and up the inside of her thigh.

Bela was standing in front of Janeen and saw her obvious agitation. Bela turned to face her and started rubbing her tits through her blouse. Janeen’s hands went up to cup Bela’s hands while they played with her tits. Bela undid a few buttons and slid her hands inside her bra. Janeen moaned and Randy realized what was happening. He moved his hands inside her panties on her ass and got Janeen to a point of not knowing if she was coming or going! The line moved forward and Randy turned to the ladies behind him and motioned them around. They smiled and moved very slowly next to Janeen and took a quick swipe at her tits and pussy. Janeen was at a total loss of which way to move, the sensations were coming from all around her.

Bela undid a couple more buttons and loosened her bra strap. Her tits were almost completely exposed. And when randy undid the zipper down the side of her skirt she felt it start slipping down. She still had on a slip and the people passing us up in line made short work of it. Bela had her tits completely out now and leaned in to start kissing them. Her nipples were as hard as small pebbles and someone else had pulled her panties down to mid thigh.

Janeen was sliding down the wall to the floor, so Randy jammed two fingers into her pussy and pulled her back up to an upright position. One of the passing women undid Randy’s fly and pulled his dick out and started rubbing it up and down Janeen’s ass. Randy kept pistoning his fingers in and out and the stranger lined his cock up with her ass and gently pushed him in.

There was no one left in line for the Ladies Room, but Randy and Bela saw 20-30 people lined up at the entrance just watching the show. Janeen started cumming and that just drew more people. Bela kissed Janeen on the lips and told her to open her eyes. Randy was getting ready to cum and started fucking her very fast and hard. Janeen looked at the crowd, moaned, screamed, and passed out!

Bela and a couple of women got Janeen into the Ladies Room and got her settled down and cleaned up. Randy was still sitting half naked, cross-legged on the floor and a couple of guys brought a pint of Lager, smiled and called him a ‘Fucking Yank!’

When we walked in the front door at home, Kate was just passing by the door on the way to the kitchen, she was wearing a very brief pair of bikini panties and nothing else. She reached out to kiss her mom, stopped, took a whiff of air and said, Mom, You got laid! Janeen said No, it was just a crowded bar. Kate reached over and grabbed her pussy and said Yea, crowded bars always leave you with a wet pussy don’t they?

Kate grabbed her hand and lead her to the bathroom. She took off all her moms clothes and spent particular attention to a very dripping pussy. Good gawd mom did you fuck the whole bar. No, it was just one guy, but one very good guy. They stood under the shower for 15 minutes or so then walked naked back to the living room.

Isabel stood and said she was going to bed but, that she wanted everyone to know that Carl and his daughter would be over about 4 for dinner. And, he told me to tell you David, that if you were naked and on your knees on the front porch when they got here, he’d let you suck his dick a little.

I was on the front porch and naked about 3:30 and got on my knees and waited. They showed up about 4 and my first thought was maybe I don’t want to play with a dick, look at his daughter! Fucking gorgeous. I’m guessing 17! Perfect tits. Super short shorts that had the most awesome pair of legs snaking out of them! Carl dropped his shorts first though, and put his dick right on the edge of my lips. I couldn’t resist and sucked it right in. He wouldn’t let me play much saying it was going to be a long night. I wasn’t a real happy camper, he’s left me hard as a rock and wanting more!

Carl went inside and Jodi and I stayed on the porch. She ran her hands up and down my legs and kept my dick hard as steel. She raised her top above her tits and put my hand on two of the most perfect tits you’ve ever seen. I pulled her into a light bear hug and ran my hand down to her shorts and played with her ass for a minute. She was moaning noticeably and turned around so her back was to my front. When I kept my hands roaming over her shorts I undid the top button of her shorts and stuck my hand inside. I pulled my hand back very abruptly and spun her around again and looked down at a very nice bulge. SHE HAD A FUCKING DICK!

It actually didn’t turn me off, just the opposite, I reached for it again and made sure her shorts slid down to the floor. It wasn’t huge, but really fucking nice. I played with it long enough to get her hard again and dropped to my knees and got to finally suck a dick for more than just a minute or two. Before she came, she pulled me to my feet and said “When we go in, you act as if everything is normal, I’m just a horny young gal lookin’ to get laid. She pulled up her shorts and pulled down her top and we went inside.

Once inside Carl introduced his daughter Jodi. I went to put on my shorts and Isabel told me not to, and to make sure everyone had a drink. Every drink I served I got groped or goosed. I couldn’t take my eyes off Jodi’s crotch and couldn’t think of anything other than sucking her dick some more!

We all sat down and ate. Afterward, Jodi announced that I had been playing with her pussy all during dinner and would anybody mind if she made me eat her pussy till she came!

I crawled under the table, pulled her shorts down and started sucking her dick. Licking her ass, balls, dick, and anywhere else I could get my tongue I finally had her moaning. When I pushed two fingers in her ass she started humping to a point of shaking the table. She grabbed the back of my head and held it down tight on her dick till she came! She looked down under the table and told me not to wipe my face. When I got out from under the table Kate commented what a huge load of cum, almost like a guy had cum on my face. Jodi told Kate to massage all that cum into my skin, and don’t forget to rub some into your tits, it’s good for the complexion. Jodi reached over and pulled off Kate’s top and told me to bury my face in her tits. Kate was now covered with cum almost as much as me. Jodi had pulled up her shorts and asked Kate if she’d like to eat her pussy. Jodi said ok, but first you need to get rid of a few of these hardons around the table, I’ll let you decide whose!

And, just so you don’t think you’re getting away with something, Bela, you’re mom’s fingers haven’t left her pussy in quite a while, why don’t you see if they’re stuck! And, Janeen, just to get everyone involved how about eating my dad’s ass, he really likes that.

About that time, the front door opened and everyone’s head snapped up. Stanley stood in the door and said “Surprise, I’m home”, then his jaw dropped and asked if everyone was having a good time! Jodi said everyone except you, Who the fuck are you? Stanley said I’m Stanley, and that’s my wife with her face stuck in some guys ass! That’s my dad with a face-load of cum! That’s my mom eating my grandmothers pussy, and that’s my daughter with almost as much cum on her face as my dad! Now, will someone tell me what the fuck is going on?!

I got up and went over to shake Stanley’s hand and drug him out to the porch to explain things. When we came back in everyone was out from under the table and still going at it. Stanley was naked and I was jacking his cock. Bela came over and said she had wanted to do that forever and grabbed a hold of his cock. She dropped to her knees and had just started sucking when Janeen yanked Bela away saying “He’s my husband, go find your own man. Janeen dropped to the floor on her back and raised her legs saying “gawd I’ve missed you - please fuck me NOW!” Kate came over to kiss her dad and he got a face-full of cum!

Jodi dragged me out to the porch, dropped her shorts and said “Again!” I raised her top above her tits and dropped to my knees. I could become addicted to this dick. She stood me up, spun me around, bent me over and licked my ass. SON OF A BITCH THAT FELT GOOD! I was grinding my ass away on her tongue when she stopped for a second and unceremoniously rammed her dick into my ass! Nothing had ever been up there before and I let out a scream reminiscent of the World War II Air Raid sirens! That brought everyone to the front porch and they saw this really cute chick with awesome tits, shoving her dick up my ass! Jodi must have been in heaven! At one point there must have been a dozen hands moving all over her body, all trying to get a feel of her dick, balls and ass! Carl came over and licked her ass a few times then shoved his cock right in, like she did to me, she’d been there before though and was rocking her hips back and forth which in turn had my ass opening and closing. I came first and thought it would never quit. Two neighbors were standing outside the porch watching and I didn’t give a fuck! When Jodi cam, she flipped me over and shoved her dick in my mouth and pumped me full!

Carl was ready and pointed at one of the neighbors and said “Make yourself useful or leave!” He flew up to the porch and dropped to his knees swallowing all of Carl instantly! The woman he was standing with was aghast, she never knew her husband sucked cock and she was left standing all alone rubbing her tits and pussy through her dress. Carl announced that there was a woman in distress in the front yard and would someone please make her feel at home!

Kate and Janeen pulled her up onto the porch and proceeded to take off her clothes, she didn’t resist until the girls started feeling up her tits and pussy. She said she had never been with a woman before and wasn’t real sure about all this. Stanley jumped up and started rubbing her pussy and even got a finger in a very wet pussy! The husband was still licking away at Carl’s crotch and said that’s Tanya and I’m Pierce. Hi guys! Before long Tanya didn’t know if she was being played with by guys or girls, and frankly, didn’t care! When a pussy was planted over her mouth she instinctively dove in and loved the taste! She was going to come quick and tried to forewarn everyone she was a squirter. As her geyser erupted and cum was flying everywhere, Bela covered her pussy with her mouth and began nibbling away at her clit. Tanya passed out!

Isabel and Bela went in to get drinks and returned with a couple trays of snacks and a couple pitures of drinks. Everyone just laid around on the porch lightly touching someone’s sexual organs! Cum was everywhere. Isabel went in and set out a stack of towels in the bathroom and announced the showers were open!

I found my way to Jodi as soon as I could - I was in love with this gal! I kept her dick in my mouth as much as I could and still carry on a conversation. Stanley came over and said “I guess things have changed around here a little! They both laughed. Stanley asked if I really liked sucking dick. David said Yea, and went to work on Jodi’s dick. Jodi reached over and started fondling Stanley’s dick. Stanley pulled away a little and said “That’s not really my thing!” Jodi was persistent though and before long Stanley was hard and gyrating his hips in time to her movements. When Jodi moved her hips closer to Stanley’s mouth, he explored a little and even went so far as a sniff and light lick. He had never thought about dicks before, but this was different, it had a really nice set of tits attached! He could always tell himself it was a girl, the whole while sucking a very hard dick! Before long he forgot the tits and was licking dick, balls, perineum, ass hole, anywhere he could get his tongue. Jodi motioned for me to move my dick down there so son could suck dad! Stanley didn’t even loose a beat he started swapping off between the two dicks and eventually had both of them cumming at once on his face!

Everyone said there ‘Goodnights’ and eventually migrated to their own beds.

Bela and Janeen were both due at school first thing. It was Janeen’s first full day as an Aide. She was assigned to Bela for indoctrination and the two went off to do their things!

Stanley and David decided to spent the day on the high street drinking and playing darts. David had heard about an adult theatre but didn’t know where it was. David figured Randy would probably know where it was. They hit the Keystone and cornered Randy. Stanley looked at David and asked if this was the Randy that made his wife pass out! Yep! They shook hands and Stanley said he’d have to teach him what he did! Randy eventually gave them directions to the theatre and Stanley and David took off.

The lobby was pretty much typical, candy, soda’s, popcorn etc. The clerk did offer them a locker to put their valuables. They accepted and put their watches, wallets and keys in the bin. The first room on the left was the actual theatre. One big room 25x25 with a bunch of couches, love seats, and chairs scattered around with no semblance of organization. One guy was laying on a couch and had his dick out beating off. The middle room was a series of small 10x10 rooms (maybe 6 or 8 rooms) with movies playing in each. Guys were standing around in various states of dress. A couple were getting blowjobs. One guy was getting fucked in the ass. The last room was again a few small rooms but, no light, completely black. You literally couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. Everyone moved around very slow because you were always bumping into someone.

Stanley and I just roamed around for a few minutes and he said he was going off exploring. I headed to the dark room and was really getting off on feeling all the hard dicks. On guy unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. He played for a while and left. I left my dick out and started walking. The lights flashed on and off real quick. I didn’t know it at the time but that was a signal that someone had come in they didn’t know. Be careful, I could be a copper. I figured I was safe where I was, after all, you couldn’t see anyone or anything! Somebody bumped into my back and started feeling my ass. He put his hands on my shoulders and slid them down my arms. All of a sudden I felt my hands being put in handcuffs. A foam ball was stuffed in my mouth. Another pair of handcuffs were cuffed to the ones I had on and hooked to a bolt in the ceiling. My shirt was ripped off of me and my pants, under-ware, shoes and socks were removed. I was standing in something sticky, probably cum! and scared to death, but even with all that, I was hard as a rock. Hands began touching everywhere. Fingers were in my ass, I could smell the shitty fingers as they were jabbed into my mouth. I heard a ratchet sound and felt myself being lowered. A harness was place in my mouth that kept my mouth from closing and dicks were starting to find there way in. There was no pretense of foreplay. Cocks were shoved in and straight down my throat. As they pistoned themselves in and out I could feel cum trickling down my cheeks and chin. More ratchet sounds and my legs were being raised. Now dicks were in my ass as well. Somebody had a small penlight and flashed it around the room. There must have been 20 guys behind me waiting to fuck. I thought I recognized one of them.

Somebody yelled out “Break” and a very dim light came on along the floor, just so people could find their shit! When I looked around the floor I noticed that almost all the clothes were cop uniforms! I still had a dick thrusting into my throat. A penlight came on and shined in my face and the guy backed away and ran off real quick. The dick in my ass was starting to balloon up some and when I turned I saw Stanley fucking my ass! He said Sorry dad and shot a huge load into and onto my ass! People started releasing the cuffs and wiping me down and being surprisingly gentle for just having raped me!

The owner of the theatre came up and said Congratulations and my deepest sympathy! I’m Earl. Congrats for earning a free lifetime membership and Condolences for being so popular, it’ll happen again!

Stanley and I made it home, very slowly! Pierce and Isabel were on the front porch having a beer. Pierce had on a police uniform. “You arresting us for last night?” “Arresting you? I thought I’d put you up for some kind of award!” “You ok?” “Yea, just a disagreement with some guys at the pub”.

Pierce had to get back to work and Isabel went in to get Stanley and I a beer.

Meanwhile, Bela and Janeen were touring the school and were now in the gym showers. 25 some odd girls were taking showers. A cat fight was braking out in the last stall. Bela and Janeen stepped in getting drenched and pulled the two girls apart. The girls kept squirming though and Janeen lost her top in the process. When Bela stepped in she too lost hers. Now, all four girls were rolling around under the shower and couldn’t get a grip on each other. Two other teachers heard the commotion and stepped in and turned off the water. The two new teachers lead the four others to the Head Mistresses Office. They explained what they had seen and were dismissed. The Head Mistress called for her assistant to bring in a garbage bag. She told the assistant to get all their clothes off and into the bags so her floor didn’t get soaked. It sounded like a reasonable request so Bela and Janeen took off their own clothes and put them in the bag. They then helped get the other girls naked too. The Head Mistress told the assistant she got soaked in the process and to get stripped too. She didn’t even hesitate. Now, Three adults and two students were standing naked in front of the Head Mistress. She told the assistant to stand off to the side, that she wasn’t being punished. Then she bellowed at the two adults, My gawd, you’re teachers, you should know better. She pointed at the students and said they were only students and it was typical for students to fight. She told the students to pretend fight and showed the two adults how to gain control by grabbing their ears! And, If it’s really bad, just grab a nipple on each, which she did. She told the students to do it again and let Bela and Janeen break them up. The students turned it all around though and grabbed each of their nipples and forced them to the ground. Each girl straddled their teachers head and smothered their mouths with their pussies! The Head mistress walked around to the lower half of the teachers and shoved a finger in each of their pussies. My gawd, you two are getting off on this aren’t you? You’re soaked!

The Head Mistress told the assistant to call the janitor to bring a mop and bucket, that her floor was soaked. You two (pointing at the students) make those two (pointing at Bela and Janeen) squirm and cry out for more. They want to get off on this, make them cum so much it hurts!

The janitor came in and did a quick double take, but knew better than to react. He’d seen this before. The Head Mistress said “You’re the one hung like a horse aren’t you?” “Yes Ma’am”. “Think you can make both of them cum and leave them covered in it?” “Oh, Yes Ma’am”. “The get to it”

The assistant was told to get some ass play going and that she wanted these two to learn a valuable lesson. Janeen had cum once already and was working on her second. Bela was just starting her first. The janitor was for all intents and purposes done! He did leave a huge load on each of their abdomens though and the Head Mistress was pleased. She asked him if he had a rolling table they’d both fit on and he said Yes. He got dressed, took his mop, bucket and the bag of wet clothes and went to get the table. The two student girls still had their pussies planted on the teachers mouths. They had each cum a couple of time and the teachers faces were pretty much completely covered in cum. He asked the students if they could do more and they both enthusiastically said yes! The janitor got Bela and Janeen up on the table and tied their legs apart, and their arms to the table. She told the assistant to make a sign that said “Make me CUM!”. The Head mistress grabbed a couple of dildo’s from her desk drawer and pushed them in their pussies, turning them on High! Then told the assistant to wheel them up and down the corridors stopping frequently to let the kids play!

Two hours later the assistant rolled the cart into the outer office and left them there. The Head Mistress came out and started a rather long speech that was basically, “This isn’t you’re sexual playground.” “If this happens again the punishment will be much more severe!” She looked at the two students who were laying on top of the two teachers and said, “The next time a teacher addresses you - you’d better listen!”

Everyone was untied and told to go home for the day. The two students had gym clothes in their lockers and went to get dressed. Bela and Janeen didn’t have any clothes and simply went home naked!

At home, everyone was sitting on the porch. We had all had pretty much the same type day and was actually trying to think of a way to do it all again. The Theatre was the obvious choice and we decided we’d all go except Kate. We were thinking about inviting Carl and Jodi. Isabel wanted Carl there but David did not want Jodi there. Then, there was Tanya and Pierce. Tanya was cute as hell and would have been a lot of fun, but Pierce was a cop? Randy from the pub would have been a lot of fun too. Bela suggested I call Earl and ask him. Earl didn’t know Randy or Carl and couldn’t comment. He did say however that I should talk to Pierce. I yelled over to Pierce who came out on his steps and then came over. He told me that the cops raided the place once every 3-4 weeks but, not looking to make arrests. They were looking for new sexual talent, like the one they found today! We just looked at each other and he said every constable in the area had my name and I was on the “safeguard’ list. Meaning I could get away with almost anything sexually. He also said he was sorry the way it happened that he didn’t know it was me in there till the very end, then didn’t know how to tell me! All was forgiven and I said we were all going on Sunday and would he and Tanya like to join us! He wasn’t sure how to explain it to Tanya but said yes he’d like to go. Bela said she’d talk to Tanya and for him not to worry.

Now, Carl? We left that up to Isabel but made sure she understood that we’d prefer Jodi not come. She called Carl, they talked for a half hour and she came back and said “All set, Yes Carl, No Jodi and he can’t wait!”

Randy had to work.

They got there about noon and all kinda stuck together. Bela, Janeen and Tanya were playin’ with each others tits. At about 1 all the lights came on and whistles were blowin’ everywhere. I looked at Pierce who said they weren’t his guys. Everyone was lined up facing the wall. There must have been 10 other people aside from David’s group. Everyone was told to strip to their under-ware. Some of the cops were frisking the clothes and others were frisking individuals. Earl started to say something about the legalities of this search and was promptly punched in the gut.

Starting at the far left, take off all the clothes of the person to your right. Women better be wet and men better be hard! Once everyone was stripped, no one quit playing with their opposite. Now that we had a better look around, most of the individuals could be identified.

David, Bela, Isabel, Carl, Stanley, Janeen, Tanya and Pierce (4 men-4women)


6 men (incl Earl) and 4 women


8 cops - 4 men - 4 women

Now, start fucking the person to your right. A couple of the guys weren’t happy about having to fuck another guy while their wives were being fuck be someone else. The woman on woman hookups seemed to be having the most fun and some were really getting into it. The cop in charge yelled for everyone to stop! That was actually harder than starting! Now, switch to the person on your left. A couple of people had cum already and were having a hard time starting again. The cop warned their partners that they better be hard or wet quick or people would be placed under arrest! Some guys were having to suck the dicks of other guys who had just fucked women. Some women were eating cum from freshly fucked pussies!

Everyone stop! Put your arms around the waist of the person to your right and start walking to the dark room. All the guys couldn’t help but being hard with their dicks forced into the butt crack of someone in front of them. Who ever was behind me was actually trying to get their dick IN my ass-hole! I helped as much as I could! Once in the room he yelled for everyone to get down on their hands and knees and start roaming around. I’d better hear a lot of moaning and cumming!

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