Anything Goes Inn

by NDBareBear

Copyright© 2016 by NDBareBear

Erotica Sex Story: Once you check-in You never want to check-out!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Incest   Gang Bang   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

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The Milano’s

Jeff - Me - 54

Meg - wife - 55

Liam - Son - 16

Mila - daughter - 18

Jen (Jennifer) - Anything Goes Inn Night clerk

Michael owner of sex toy shop

Jess RV Park attendant

Neighbors - Jack and Pat

Bar - Hangin’ Out Here

Price List

Blowjobs $10

Pussy Fucking $20

Ass Fucking (male or female) $30

We had decided to take a slow, cross-country trip in our RV. We had no particular destination, and told friends and family that we’d be gone 6 months to a year. The only rule we had was, no maps, and no interstate highways. It was all gonna be back roads. We’d hoped to start a routine of drive a day and stop for a week. The first campground was practically deserted and we got settled in. The kids changed clothes. We weren’t by any means nudists, but in these tight quarters it was inevitable. We didn’t flaunt it but we also weren’t embarrassed by it.

Liam and I got out the fishing gear and started cleaning it for a early start tomorrow. The girls had their recliners out and were soaking up the sun already. Since we were pretty much isolated they had decided to go topless. Both Liam and I kept staring at them. Damn!

The girls made dinner, the guys cleaned up we all fell asleep staring at the stars.

We ate a lot of fish the rest of the week and the girls were in a perpetual topless state. Like the nudity, sex was kind of an unspoken given too. The kids knew we had sex, we knew the kids masturbated. We just didn’t make a big deal of it. Meg and I slipped into the RV and started a quiet round of sex. Liam and Mila just looked at each other, smiled and pulled the bottoms of their suits down. They both started masturbating. We all finished about the same time and all went to the shower house to cleanup. Meg was wiping the cum off Mila and Mila was cleaning Meg’s pussy.

The next day was the end of our first week and we decided to head west for a couple hundred miles before stopping. The next campground was much busier but we found a spot down by the waters edge. Once set up the kids went off exploring and Meg and I had a beer and relaxed. We saw Mila talking to another young girl about her age and they spread out towels and were yaking back and forth. Mila handed the other girl some sunscreen and she started applying it to Mila’s back. She undid her bra and pulled it off. When Mila turned over the girl was applying way more sunscreen than needed to Mila’s tits. The girl dropped her top and Mila did the same to her. I asked Meg if she thought Mila might be gay or at least bi, and Meg said “Who knows, who cares, she’s young, let her play and figure it out herself!” When the girls started the pussy rubbing through their bathing suit bottoms I had to look away. Meg smiled, grabbed my cock and asked if I was getting turned on? I got up and said I was gonna go look for Liam. I found him down by the waters edge talking to a guy about his age. They were laying on their sides and the guy reached over and tried rubbing Liam’s crotch. Liam jerked away saying “Sorry, he didn’t go that way!” (That’s my boy!) They ditched their suits and jumped in the water. The other guy kept getting closer and closer to Liam and Liam kept backing away. Finally the other guy gave up and walked out of the water with a huge hardon. They got dressed and went their separate ways.

We weren’t real happy here so, we decided to move on. Once a month or so we’d get a hotel room and splurge on room service, long hot showers, and a little extra privacy. It was kinda early to start that but ... we found a place called the Anything Goes Inn. It looked nice and clean, not a lot of cars, it had a pool and hot tub. It looked like it only had 20 or so rooms. I checked at the office and said what the heck. There seemed to be a lot of registration forms to sign. But, I paid for the first night and we were shown to our room. Meg and I had a room with Mila on one side and Liam on the other. We were all extremely tired and all decided to take naps. Meg and I were the first ones up and were completely disoriented. We were both naked, We apparently had been moved to another room in our sleep. This room was completely Plexiglas. Inside walls, outside walls, everything, we could even see traffic on the highway and saw people walking around the sidewalk. There was nothing to cover up with, no sheets, no blankets, no towels, nothing. 6” holes were cut around all the walls. I finally turned to one wall and saw Mila laying on a bed, naked and in the exact same type room we were in. Turning around I saw Liam in the exact same predicament. I tried the doors and nothing. A TV came on and Welcomed us to the Anything Goes Inn. It continued, You will be here for approximately three days (but that’s up to you) the more cooperative you are the quicker it will go. You will have to earn all sustenance, food water, etc. Once your family has earned a total of $1000 you will be free to go. Copies of the paperwork you signed upon check-in are on the table. You agreed to all this and will have no legal recourse. You can’t see the price lists posted outside, so, for your information, Blowjobs are $10, Pussy Fucking is $20, Ass Fucking (male or female) is $30. Every time any of you turn down a client, that amount will be added to your debt. Sustenance will also be deducted from your earning, but on a very fair basis. The clock on the wall is your overall balance. As we stared at the wall clock it turned to $1000. To get things started and to show that we are serious. Mom and Liam, and Jeff and Mila will be fucking within 10 minutes or $10 will be added to your debt for every minute you are not!

You can’t escape, it is all perfectly legal, I suggest you give in and get started!

Needless to say we didn’t start. At 10 minutes the master total increased by $10. At the $50 mark, Meg moved to the wall Liam was at and motioned him over. She grabbed his cock through the hole and started jacking him off. As much as Liam hated what was happening he couldn’t help but get hard. Meg knelt down and started sucking his cock (Mostly for lubrication, but it was kinda fun too!) She pulled his cock through the hole and lined her pussy up with it and let it slide in. She turned back to him and said Come on honey fuck me, fuck me hard!. He started fucking her soon forgot the circumstances and was going hell bent for leather. When he came, he pulled out and covered her pussy in cum.

That’s a good start, but the total is still climbing.

Meg went over to Mila and motioned her over. Honey, we have to do this, please. Mom, I’m too dry, would you ... Meg crouched down and started licking her daughters pussy. She turned to Jeff and grabbed his cock and covered it in saliva. She pushed Jeff to the hole and reached between his legs and grabbed her daughters ass and pulled her forward. With her other hand she rubbed Jeff’s dick up and down Mila’s pussy and finally in. They all heard a little buzz on the master clock and saws it had stopped at $1080. Jeff pulled out way before he came and covered her thighs and pussy in cum.

A cupboard popped open and washcloths and water were available to cleanup with.

Very good, now we’re on a roll, Liam, there’s a young man on the opposite wall that would like you to suck him. Liam didn’t even hesitate and said NO! The voice said, ok, this is new to you, what I’m going to allow, this time, is for your father to blow him and teach you how it’s done. Jeff said he had never sucked a cock and didn’t have a clue what to do. The voice just said ‘Figure it out’ 10 minutes, starting now.

The guy came over to Jeff’s wall and stuck his cock through the hole. Jeff touched it very lightly and it jumped. Jeff knelt down and licked just the tip without barfing! So he took it a step father he licked the sides and felt it getting harder. He knew he liked that feeling when it was done to him, so he kept doing it to the guy. Eventually Jeff sucked him into his mouth and the guy started pumping. Jeff wasn’t completely turned off and said fuck it. He started sucking and ended up swallowing a huge load of cum. The running total dropped to $1070.

The voice said I’m giving you a choice, Jeff, suck Liam for $20 or Liam suck Jeff for $70. But know this Liam, you will be sucking dick before you leave here! Tears were running down his cheeks. Jeff motioned him over and he patted him on the shoulder and whispered, it really wasn’t so bad, that was my first too and I’d do it again! Liam looked at his dad, really? Tell you what, try sucking me and if you don’t like it, I’ll finish on you.

Liam crouched down and touched his dad’s cock and licked the tip. He knew he was going to do it so, just went for it. Liam wasn’t ready when his dad came and he choked bad. The running total dropped to $1000.

The voice said good job folks, take a break till someone shows up. About 10 minutes later a guy showed up and wanted to fuck Mila in the ass. Meg motioned Mila over and had her turn around and lubed up her ass as best she could. Meg motioned the guy over and sucked him for a minute. The guy went back to Mila and just rammed his dick as hard as he could into her ass. Meg yelled for him to take it easy. He did slow down a little and kept pumping in her ass. When he came he wanted to be cleaned off and Mila said it’ll cost you $100. The guy said no, zipped up and left. The running total dropped to $970.

A cupboard popped open in Meg’s room. The voice said to get the bag and put on everything in the bag. She opened the bag and put on a mans jock strap. Pulled a tank top out and pulled it on. It just barely covered her tits. There were a pair of sandals in the bag and she put them on. There was a silver egg shaped device that she didn’t know what to do with. The voice said it was a remote controlled vibrator and for her to insert it in her pussy, or ass. Just to know that she was going to be fucking in what ever hole wasn’t filled!

We are going to let you leave for an hour. Remember, your husband, son and daughter are still here. You will make no attempt to contact anyone. You will not go anywhere other than where we tell you and you will not try to cover your body. Outside the front door of the hotel and two blocks to the right is a bar called “Hangin’ Out Here”. Some people there work for us, and there are numerous camera’s all around. You will go into the bar, get someone to buy you a drink and fuck three guys there in the bar. Do you understand? Yes!

Before she even left the hotel, the egg was turned on and she literally had to grab the wall to hold herself up. The vibe was turned down and she kept going. There were three guys standing outside the hotel and the vibe came on instantly. She put a hand over her ass trying to stop the vibrating. She started moaning and and gyrating her hips and actually started cumming. The guys just watched. Finally the vibe was turned off and she gained her composure and kept walking to the bar. She reached for the front door and the vibe went on and off suddenly. She stopped, waited a minute and reached for the door again, there goes the vibe again. She stopped. She was rubbing her ass, which, thanks to a jock strap was hanging out nicely. She reached for the door only this time the vibe came on and stayed on but very low.

She made her way to the bar and waited for a guy to buy her a drink. Just in that few minutes she must’ve had a dozen hands run across her ass. The vibe sped up a little and she was trying to rub her ass on the stool. The first guy next to her offered her a drink and she said sure, if you’ll fuck me first! She turned around and had her ass rubbing the stool and she pulled the jock aside and grabbed the guys dick - put it in me now! The vibe slowed down, her pussy got fucked and more guys were lining up.

As soon as the guy pulled out, the vibe went to high and she shrieked for some one to please fuck her fast and hard and NOW! Her hips were flying back and forth so that the next guy literally just had to stand in front of her and her pussy reached out and sucked in his dick. The vibe slowed down, but she sped up and was cumming again. She yelled ONE MORE - PLEASE HURRY!

A guy placed her face up on a table and jammed his dick in, another guy got next to her head and started fucking her mouth. The vibe was on full speed and so was she. The guy in her mouth came all over her face and another guy took his place. The egg popped out on to the table and another guy saw it and rammed his dick into her ass while she was still getting her pussy fucked. She came for the last time and tried getting up. She need help to the door. The bartender came up to her and said put this in your pussy - it better not fall out! She put the egg in, it went to high and she cupped her pussy and started walking back to the hotel. She collapsed on the floor and didn’t move for over an hour.

Meg’s outing got there total down to $860.

A door opened between Jeff and Meg and the voice told Jeff to get Meg cleaned up and back on her feet. Pull the egg out and put it in your ass! Jeff used the washcloths and got her cleaned up and laid out on the bed. He looked at the egg and tried putting it in his ass. It wouldn’t fit. A door opened between Mila and her mom’s room. Mila was told to have that egg in her dad’s ass in five minutes or it would be in hers! Mila pushed her dad down and went to town on his ass with her tongue. She looked up at her dad and said “Sorry”, then pushed as hard as she could - the louder he yelled, the father in it went till it was finally all the way in.

Everyone back to their own rooms. A cupboard in Jeff’s room opened. The voice said to put it all on. There was a pair of crotchless panties, a pair of suspenders and nylons. A bra with the nipples cut out. And what looked like an Easter bonnet. Jeff didn’t know how to put on the garter and nylons so Mila was allowed over to help. The voice also told Mila to get her dad hard and keep him there. Her dad’s dick was sticking out of the panties so she constantly brushed up against it. She got the suspenders on and leaned forward with one of the nylons. She sucked her dad’s dick while she ran the nylon up his leg. The voice said to make him cum on her face. She kept going with the other nylon and kept sucking at the same time when she was smoothing out the nylons her hands kept rubbing his balls. She saw the pre cum start and raised his dick to her face and rubbed it all over her face and mouth. He finally came and the voice said not to wipe him or her off. The cum was dripping onto her lips and she instinctively kept licking her lips. The door for Liam was opened and he was told to clean up his dad and sister with his tongue. He didn’t have a hard time with Mila, he kept rubbing her tits and telling himself it was just another hot girl. He had a little more difficulty with his dad though, but eventually got him cleaned up without gagging. As he was licking his dad though, the egg would turn on then off causing Jeff to gyrate his hips. After a minute or two and when the voice thought Liam was almost done, the egg got turned to high and Jeff grabbed the back of his son’s head and started forcefully fucking his mouth. Jeff came and the egg slowed down. Jeff apologized to his son saying it was the egg! The voice told Mila to clean up her brother.

The running total was down to $850

Everyone back to their rooms. Jeff, same think as Meg. Go to the bar, suck three cocks and make sure they cum on you, not in you. You are to be completely covered in cum when you leave. Every time you cum, you have to add a blowjob to your needed count.

Jeff made it to the front door before the egg came on. The three guys from Meg were still by the door and they were too busy laughing their asses off to notice that Jeff was cumming all over the sidewalk. He made it to the bar and their was a note on the front door that just said 4!. Jeff walked in and time stopped. Between the cum dripping down his legs, an Easter Bonnet and his exposed and extremely hard dick all he could think to do was to announce that he had to give 4 blowjobs. Any takers. Jeff was taken up to the stage and forced down to his knees. Two guys took him up on the blowjob, but no one else was lining up. He started to plead for someone let him blow them when the egg started up full speed. Jeff started writhing on the floor and came again. The bartender came up and handed Jeff a note that said 3 more, or remove the egg and get fucked 3 times. Jeff removed the egg and said Please guys, I need three people to fuck me PLEASE. One guy started on his ass and another let Jeff blow him. Now, Jeff only need one more - PLEASE, I’ll do anything you want. You can fuck my wife, son or daughter if you just fuck me one more time. Jeff was almost in tears when a guy stepped up and shoved his dick in Jeff’s ass! The bartender came up and said leave the bra and bonnet and go back to the hotel.

A guy was at Meg’s window and wanted to fuck her ass. She didn’t even hesitate and backed her ass up to the hole. He fucked her quick and the running total dropped to $730.

The voice announced OK kids, your parents have been carrying the ball till now but you two need to start pitching in. Who wants to take a walk to the park? Neither said anything. A cupboard opened in each of their rooms. The voice announced that the first one to cum got to sit this one out. Liam opened his bag and there was a flesh-light in it. Mila got a dildo. The voice just said go. 10 minutes later Mila was humping her hand and dropped to the floor all out of breath.

Another cupboard in Liam’s room opened. He opened the bag and took out a jock strap, the infamous egg, and nipple clamps. Liam, you’re going to suck 10 dicks and get fucked 10 times. Obviously, you can take the egg out to get fucked, but if you’re not being fucked that egg better be in you ass. Now, we know this is going to be difficult for you and how hard you’re going to try and get out of it, but, let us show you something ... all the lights went out, nobody could see anything. 5 minutes later the lights came on and his mom, dad and sister were tied to crosses that had been place in one of the rooms. All three were being held just above three very long and fat dildo’s. The crosses were rotated and laid down so their backs and butts were exposed. A guy in a hood and cape held a whip just above them. He snapped it once in the air then once on each of their butts. They were screaming into gags and all three were crying.

If you don’t do as you are told and full-fill all your requirements within two hours this will continue until they pass out or your return. Plus, we have people positioned in various places throughout the park, so you will be brought back one way or another. Do you understand? Liam was crying but said yes.

The park is out the front door and 10 blocks down on your right. Once you enter the park look for small blue lights along the ground and follow them to a clearing. In that clearing will be a swing of sorts. Figure out how to get in and just wait, guys will be along shortly. You can go past the 10 count if you want to reduce your debt but, you can come back after 10 if you want. Never wipe off any cum, either yours or theirs. He had a hard time with the egg but finally got it in. The nipple clamps hurt like hell but eventually became numb.

His door opened and was told to get going. He couldn’t move. The whip fell on his sisters ass and he was finally out the door.

Once he was out the door. The hooded guy took a wet washcloth and wiped off all three butts. They weren’t actually whipped, it was just cosmetics to make it look like they were hit!

The egg went off by the front door and he literally fell to his knees. The three guys at the door went to help him up and played with his cock a minute. Liam worked his way loose and headed to the park. Outside the ‘Hangin’ Out Here’ bar the egg went off again. He cupped his ass and wanted to yank it out but knew better. He was writhing on the sidewalk and two guys came out of the bar. They saw Liam and he came right there. The egg slowed down and he continued to the park. He followed the lights and was followed by 3 guys. He found the swing and couldn’t figure out how to get in. The 3 guys helped him. His ankles were in slings, his back was supported by a small foam pad. His legs were propped open and his neck was in another sling. Actually it was pretty comfortable. Then the three guys stripped and started playing with Liam. One of the guys pulled the egg out and shoved his dick in. Because of the egg, getting a dick in wasn’t as painful as he expected. The guy was just plain fucking as fast as he could, no foreplay, no attempt to turn him on he just wanted to get his rocks off. He pulled his cock out and came all over Liam’s cock and balls. The guy in the mouth came deep in his throat and he never really even tasted it.

It went on like this for over an hour, and by his count, he had been fucked 9 times and sucked 8 dicks. No body was waiting for more so he worked his way out of the chair and went looking for more guys. He found two kids blowing each other and told them that fucking was a lot more fun! One of the kids took him up on it and the other one took a blowjob. Liam was working his way back to the hotel when a cop asked him if he made his quota. Liam said no, I was one blowjob short. The cop pulled out his cock and said go for it kid. The cop asked if he was enjoying his stay and Liam couldn’t believe it but said yea, it’s been an adventure. The cop left Liam with a face full of cum and asked if he wanted a lift back. Liam said no, he’d walk! Liam was back in his room and a door popped open. The voice said “Good job Liam, go ahead and take a shower. And there’s a burger and shake on the table”.

The running total was now at $360 thanks to Liam.

The voice announced “Mila, your turn!” One of her cupboards popped open and Mila retrieved the bag. Her bag had a baby doll nightie, two of the infamous eggs and a pair of nipple clamps. The nipple clamps had a cord that attached to one of the eggs and another cord to attach the two eggs together. She put the nightie on and it just covered her pussy and barely cover her tits. It took a minute to figure out the egg setup but she finally figured one egg for her pussy, one for her ass, and the nipple clamps would also vibrate. She was sitting down and the two eggs and clamps all went off together, she yelled and jumped up yanking the nipple clamps off. That was too much! She was told to put the nipple clamps back and she did.

OK Sweetheart, your task is to eat 10 pussies and get fucked 10 times. The difference being for you though is that you will be walking all around town and you will ask “every” woman you see if you can eat her pussy. We will be watching and for every woman you miss two will be added to your requirement. The difference on the fucking is that you have to ask every man you see who is with another woman if they both would fuck you.

Her door opened and she walked out. In the lobby she went to the check-in counter and asked the gal behind the desk if she could eat her pussy. The girl just smiled and pushed a button opening the side door. Mila’s eggs were on low and she raised the girls skirt and pulled down her panties and started licking her first pussy. Her eggs picked up speed, so did she, and so did the clerk. Mila ran her hand over the girls ass and the girl started gyrating her hips. When Mila shoved a finger in her ass the girls cam and Mila’s eggs went to high. She screamed and grabbed her tits and came instantly! The girl pulled Mila up by her face and gave her a huge kiss, and said please do that again before you guys leave!

When Mila stood up there was a couple standing by the desk watching and Mila said to the guy, any chance of getting you and your girl to fuck me. The guy and girl looked at each other and both shook their heads yes. The clerk buzzed them back and Mila went back to work. Dropping the mans pants and under-ware first then pulling down the girls panties. She had the girl lay down and buried her face in the girls pussy and asked the clerk to pull out her ass egg. Then the clerk helped guide the guys cock into her ass and they were going to town! The girl on the floor was a squirter and had geysers of cum flowing onto Mila’s face. The guy pulled out and came all over Mila’s ass. Mila helped them up said thanks and headed out to the street. A hooker was leaning against one wall and Mila asked if she could eat her pussy. The hooker smiled raised her skirt and showed here a very large cock!

She turned right and started down the street. She caught up to another couple and asked if there was any chance of the two of them fucking her. They said no and kept walking. She got to the “Hangin’ Out Here” bar and reached for the door, the eggs went off and she backed up. The eggs stopped. She reached for the door again and the eggs went off. Were they trying to tell her no? She kept going and the eggs were quiet. She came across two girls and asked both if she could eat their pussies. They both said yes and slipped into the alley. Mila dropped to her knees and pulled down both panties. While she was eating one pussy her hand was finger fucking the other pussy, then she’d rotate. When the girls were acting like they were ready she rammed fingers into both asses and gnawed away at one of their clits. When she cam, she switched to the other girl and got her to cum the same way. They both said nice, straightened their clothes and left.

When she exited the alley, the two girls she just ate were pointing at the alley and said there she is. A guy and his girlfriend came over and said how much! She pulled them father into the alley dropped to her knees, pulled his pants and under-ware down then pulled down her panties. The eggs started on low and she had the girl laying down with Mila’s face in her pussy. Mila reached back and pulled out the ass egg and pulled the guy into her. The eggs went to high and Mila went over the edge before either of them. She worked harder and finally got her off and turned to suck him a little then back in her ass. He finally got off too. Mila rolled over on her back and was exhausted. When she looked up there were two female police officers watching her. The other couple got up rather quickly and left, not knowing if they were in trouble or not. Mila asked if she was in trouble, and one of the cops asked if she was staying at the Anything Goes Inn? Mila said yes. The one cop asked what was left on her list for tonight. Mila said she had to eat 6 more pussies and fuck 9 more guys. The cop got on her radio and had two other patrolman join them. While they were waiting for the other cops, the two female officers stripped and were fingering their own pussies. The two male officers showed up and figured what was happening right away - “Anything Goes?” Yea, she needs some guy help though, wanna pitch in? They both stripped and Mila’s eggs went to high. She was writhing on the ground and asked one of the gals to sit on her face and for the two guys to remove her eggs. They each fucked a hole, as the first female got off, the second took her place and she too was soon cumming! The cops told her to go to the park and go down by the lake that lots of couples would be down there making out. Mila got up kissed them all and said thanks. One of the female cops pulled her aside and said Honey, jump in the lake while you’re there, you reek!

She did jump in the lake and was air drying when a couple came by to watch. She asked if they wanted to fuck. They did, she did, it was becoming kinda monotonous. She rinsed off again in the lake and started putting her clamps and eggs back in place. When the eggs started going she just rolled with the flow and started masturbating. Squeezing her nipples when the clamps were going almost had here cumming again. Mila didn’t even notice the one girl come up and plant her pussy on her face. Then a guy was raising her ass and sticking a huge fucking dick in her ass.

Mila was taking kind of an internal audit and realized she need to eat 1 more pussy and fuck 4 more guys. She saw a girl by herself and yelled over to her “Can I eat your pussy?” The girl got up and came over. I’ve been watching you and wondered how long it would take to ask me. She removed all her clothes and went down on Mila. They were eating each others pussies when Mila asked where she could find four guys to fuck her kinda quick. The girl couldn’t talk, she was all out of breath but held up a finger. The girl got out her cellphone and was about to make a call when Mila stopped her saying they each had to be with a girl. In other words, I need 4 couples to fuck. She dialed again and said, This is a crisis and I need your help, you, Mike, John and Rob get your girlfriends and get over to the lake by the goose pit now.

10 minutes later 4 couples showed up and the gal explained that Mila was at “Anything Goes” and really needed to complete a task of fucking four guys with their girlfriends. No questions were asked they all just stood up and got undressed. The eggs were all removed and each guy fucked a hole and each girl got her pussy eaten. In fifteen minutes all four had cum and were pleasantly happy and getting dressed. Mila rushed off to the hotel and just made it on time. The voice was flabbergasted, Holy crap Mila, you ate 14 pussies, got fucked 4 times in your pussy, and got fucked 6 times in your ass. Your running total is now +$40. Milano’s, you have all fulfilled your requirements and will be free to leave in the morning. We would ask that you stay the nigh to relax. The outside walls were darkened so no one could see in. All interior doors were opened. A light sleeping gas was dispensed through the ventilator and everyone fell asleep.

They were once more disoriented when they woke. They were back in their original rooms, wearing what they wore when they were first snatched. The all gathered in the parents room and there was a knock on the door. Jeff opened it and two huge tables of breakfast type foods were rolled in “Compliments of the house sir” They were all very relaxed. Jeff noticed a folder of information on the breakfast table and started looking through it. They were five other “Anything Goes Inns” across the country. The Milano’s had been given VIP status and were given complimentary passes to the other inns plus, a free three day pass to this particular inn.

Mila wanted to know where they could get “the egg”. Jeff called down to the front desk and asked about ‘the egg’. He was told that it was made here by a local craftsman. And, with our now VIP status he could have the craftsman come here or we could go to his shop. Jeff asked for directions to the shop and was told that wouldn’t be necessary. When we were ready just call the desk and a car would come around for us. We ate a leisurely breakfast and went to change clothes. Nobody knew what to wear, we didn’t want to wear anything. We all ended up in shorts and t-shirts (no under-ware!). We called the desk and was told the car would be there in 5 minutes.

When we got in the car, the clerk that Mila ate out was in the front seat and turned to Mila, “I was really hoping you’d eat my pussy one more time, maybe when you get back?” Mila leaned forward and kissed her lips and said ‘take off your clothes!” The girl said Here, Now? Mila just said kinda forcefully Do it NOW! The girl started removing her clothes and kept watching the driver who was watching her. Mila said put your fingers in your pussy. The girls started feeling her pussy and Mila yelled at her to put them IN not ON! As she pushed her fingers into her pussy she started moaning. Mila said for the driver to stop the car for a minute. When he did she told her to get out and come around to her door. Mila had to yell at her twice before she opened the door and ran to the back door. When Mil opened her door she had her lay face down on Mila’s lap and began playing with her ass. Mila had a couple fingers in her pussy and two others in her ass. The girl was climbing the walls. The driver announced they were there and Mila opened her door to get out. The girl was trying to hide anywhere she could until Mila took her hand and dragged her out of the car. Mila put her arm around her waist and casually walked into the store.

A man came over and introduced himself as Michael, owner of the shop. He played with the girls naked tit and said my gawd, you’re are lovely. What does a lovely girl like you go by. She said Jennifer. Come with me a minute, and took her over to a counter. There was a bowl of ice and he took a cube and rubbed her nipple. She got hard right away and he pulled out a ring from the counter and placed it around her nipple. Michael knew who everybody was, Mila, Liam, Meg, and Jeff - The infamous Milano’s. Welcome to my shop, I am here to serve you. We were shown around the shop and asked if there was anything in particular we were looking for. Mila said, the eggs that were used on us last night. He took her over to a cabinet and unlocked it. Mila said they were looking for the set that had two eggs and two nipple clamps with the longest remote reach available. And, we’d like four sets she said smiling and a little embarrassed. Can different sets be controlled from the same controller? Yes, it’s just a setting I can show you how to make.

What do you have for a single lady with no one available to operate a controller. Ahh, just the thing. He pulled out and egg that had On/Off/Hi and Lo. The range was less than a mile though. I said I’ll take it and kissed Jennifer’s cheek. Michael said for Jennifer? Michael ran his hands over her pussy and said she would enjoy it much more if she’d shave her pussy. I asked if he had facilities to do that here and he smiled and took us to the front pointing at the chair saying “for our more adventurous customers, or we have a private chair in back. I said this would be fine. Jennifer grabbed my hand and said she couldn’t do this. I pulled her aside and said “Look, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I like you. But, you’re going to have to start doing what I say, when I say without any whining! Now, get in the chair, spread your legs and finger your pussy until the attendant gets here.” She did.

Mom and dad were looking at the costumes and Liam was looking at flesh-lights. Liam asked about cock rings and Michael took him over to a large rack of rings. Michael asked if he wanted a guy or girl to help him. Liam said a guy! Liam called a clerk over and left them alone. Michael asked if there was anything I was looking for. I said not really unless you think there’s something I should be looking at. He asked me to take off my clothes and I didn’t even hesitate. He spun me around and said lovely. He ran his hand over my pussy and played with the clit and hood for a minute. Maybe a clit ring, but that’s a personal preference. As small as your clit is, it wouldn’t stand out much. He squeezed my tits and grabbed some ice. Now, he said a bar bell in one of them would look nice. Just realize, they’re hard to hide but it would look nice. I said show me some. I stayed naked and went over to ask mom about a nipple bar. She came over to see them too and said Definitely Yes - those look hot. Let’s both get the same thing. Jeff went over to Liam, who was now naked and hard while a guy was placing cock-rings against his cock. Jeff looked at one that separated his balls too and asked the clerk how to put it on. The clerk told him to strip and he’d show him. Mila went up front to check on Jennifer who was still fingering her pussy and was sitting in a puddle of cum. Jennifer told her she could stop and to lick her fingers clean, then to get up and lick the chair clean.

The attendant showed up and had Jennifer sit back down and started by washing her pussy. Jen moaned loudly and the attendant just smiled.

Mom and Mila got the nipple bars. Liam got a cock-ring. Jeff got the ball separator. Jeff ordered four sets of eggs. Mila asked the attendant to put the egg in Jen’s pussy. Michael thanked them profusely and gave them a stack of catalogs, business cards, and a few extras for later! They all walked out to the car naked and headed back to the hotel.

They were checking out and the entire staff had gathered in the lobby and applauded the group. We got things back into the RV. That’s when I noticed they had washed and cleaned the interior and exterior. I looked at the gas gauge and they had filled the tank. Everything was spotless. Mila had talked the hotel and Jen into taking a week off and coming with us. When she didn’t accept right away, Mila turned the egg on HI and Jen yelled and smiled OK OK. Meg asked if she could eat Jen’s pussy. I said sure and mom started licking. There’s nothing smoother than a professionally shaved pussy! As mom licked Jen’s clit I turned on the egg. Jen yelled and I killed the egg. Meg hit the clit again, I hit the egg, Jen hit the roof. Her legs were shaking and Meg went after the clit with abandon. I turned the egg on Lo and Jen was cumming so hard it was running down her legs. Mila got up and stated licking her legs and Jen just kept cumming.

Mila asked Liam to see his cock-ring. He dropped his shorts and she grabbed his cock and twisted it all around looking at it. Wow, Liam that’s cool. How does it look when your hard? He shrugged his shoulders. Mila pointed at his cock and he nodded ok. She started sucking his dick and watched it getting harder and harder. She was rubbing his balls and licking all around the ring. That is so fucking cool. His mom came over and looked and played for a minute too.

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