Niece on a Boat
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tony's irresponsible twin brothers can't keep their eyes off his sixteen-year-old daughter. Even worse: until their latest divorces have gone through they're right here in his house, ogling her! And even worse than that: Lara is at a loose end, with her friends being away for the long, boring summer holidays, and doesn't seem to be mind being ogled.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Incest   Mother   Uncle   Niece   Orgy   First   Size  

“I know what you mean,” Sean grinned, following his brother’s gaze.

“It’s a crime, really,” Freddie murmured, not shifting his attention.

“Crime not to, you mean.”

“Haha, if you want to get killed.”

“Tony was taking a look too, if you ask me.” Sean took another swig of his Budweiser.

“If you have a daughter like that, and you let her go round like that, you’ve only got yourself to blame if your eyes get tempted,” Freddie took a swig of his Bud too.

“He couldn’t stop her though, sunbathing in her own garden. That wouldn’t be fair. We’re sunbathing in trunks. It’s not her fault she’s got the sexiest mound in the western hemisphere.”

“No,” mused Freddie, “I suppose not. Still, not all bikinis show a cameltoe like that, do they, even if - oh.”

They hastily looked at each other and away from the sixteen-year-old as their elder brother came out of the house, across the stone patio and down onto the lawn.

Tony strolled past his daughter, who was listening to music, earbuds in and eyes closed. He let his eyes scan pseudo-casually over her prone body. Her tits were moderate - a B going on C - and so was her bikini top which was a soft fabric covering most of them. Her white bikini bottoms with the big knots at the sides weren’t matching or especially small either, but they were suggestive; especially since her feet were a little way apart and those labia were not small and they were individually quite distinct...

“Told you,” Sean said to Freddie.

“Told him what?” asked Tony as he reached them. “Told him to lie down here where Lara’s legs happen to be pointing?” He grinned at his naughty twin brothers. Just because they were thirty-one now didn’t mean they were grown-up.

“You’re here too aren’t you?” Freddie pointed out, offering a can.

“Just as well I’m here.” Tony lay down on his side and popped the beer, then gave his parts a quick adjustment in his speedos as the weight made itself felt. He checked it was all contained - it was, like his brothers’ he was glad to see.

“We weren’t letching, were we?” claimed Sean, “she just draws an appreciative eye from time to time, that’s all.”

“She’s your niece,” Tony reminded them. “You’re supposed to love and protect her, not lust over her.”

“Yes okay,” Sean smiled, “but you like her being attractive, don’t you?”

The three men looked at Lara, whose lean, glistening young body was indeed a tempting sight. Her prominent mons rose invitingly from her cameltoe, above her slightly hollow abdomen, between her beautifully muscled legs. Her firm tits were shaping the thin material over them. Her cute freckled face was barely in view, but they all knew it well, along with her straight, square shoulders which perfectly matched the width of her alluring pelvis. With her distinct but not tiny waist she was such a feminine shape, and a nice girlie five foot four-and-a-half, with that luxuriant golden-reddish-brown hair almost down to her pert ass...

“Attractive okay,” Tony conceded with a hint of pride, “but not some kind of resident peep show. Just because she’s not too shy to sunbathe doesn’t mean she’s fair game.”

“Yes okay,” smiled Freddie, “we’d never embarrass her, you know that.”

“Yes I know,” agreed Tony, settling for having issued the warning. His brothers were basically a good sort even if they could be immature. And any guy would look at Lara, it was purely a question of how long for, and at which part exactly. Her mons and labia did seem to be prominent, and tended to draw the eye however hard you tried.

Still, there must be bikini bottoms that didn’t sink into the crevice quite so much, mustn’t there? With these ones she might as well draw an arrow down the front of them, labelled “Pussy”! Not that she should have to hide that she had a pussy, obviously, but ... he decided to have a word with June. A mother’s advice would be the thing, to fix this little naiveté.

So later on, after his wife and their son Mark had got back from town, when June began preparing dinner Tony followed her into the kitchen.

“About Lara and those bikini bottoms...” he started.

“I know what you mean,” smiled June, “I’ll have a word if you like. I suppose it’s all new, having all the males in the house looking at her. Though I do think it’s her choice really.” June had been a Victoria’s Secret model in her college years and had a model’s casual view of being looked at.

Unlike her mother Lara hadn’t been especially pretty as a child. It was only recently that her face had changed shape and somehow now her eyes and nose and mouth had begun to look so appealing. And her body had developed relatively late, into that figure.

“Yes I can imagine it’s new,” Tony agreed. The family in general was attractive, so it would matter. He and his brothers were tall, lean, and had blond looks that girls had always gone for, which was how he had this still-stunning wife he supposed.

His brothers had gone through multiple stunning wives - in fact one stunning wife was still in each of their houses at the moment, after the most recent break-ups. The twins had not only married women who knew each other, they’d then both misbehaved with the same third woman, who also knew them.

That was why the miscreants were here in his big house at the moment, ogling Lara - Lara who was lapping up the new-found admiration after probably feeling less pretty than she wanted to all those years; as he could just about understand, but...

“Alright,” said June, “ask her to come and give me a hand with the vegetables and I’ll see what I can do.”

At dinnertime on that warm evening however, Lara was still in the provoking white bikini bottoms, though now with a short vest tee instead of her bikini top. The armholes were big enough to make it obvious there was nothing underneath, if that wasn’t already clear from the finely rendered shapes of pert teen tit that were moulded evocatively into the thin fabric.

“Must be good to be finishing school for the summer,” Sean smiled at her across the table, “especially with the weather like this.”

“Mmmm I suppose it is,” she smiled back, “as long as I don’t get bored.”

“It’s always hard in the summer holidays,” Freddie joined in, “when you don’t have a car.”

“Yes. It was alright while I had Adam...” the girl shrugged her shoulders ruefully.

“You broke up,” Sean sympathised, trying not to focus on the thin white fabric of the tee sliding over her nipples with the motion.

“He was just ... you know ... not right.”

“Pushy?” suggested Freddie. The sun had brought out the freckles on her delicious shoulders.

“More like clueless,” Lara gave a little laugh. “You know - laughed at the wrong things, if someone was a bit different, soooo bothered about what his mates thought. He was nice on his own, but...” she shrugged again.

“What plans have you got?” asked Sean.

“I have to go shopping for a new bikini, apparently,” she glanced at her mother, “then I don’t know. I was going to go to Croatia with Adam and all that lot, but I couldn’t bear it. So that’s all off now. Belle’s got a job in the Bahamas, lucky thing. I don’t know.” Belle was her best friend.

“You need a project,” said Freddie.

“Yes, what are you interested in?” asked Sean.

“I don’t know,” she shrugged yet again, “lots of things, but they’re not possible.”

“You’ve got to do something,” said June. “Apart from shopping.”

“I haven’t got any money anyway.”

“How were you going to get to Croatia?” asked Freddie.

“I had a job lined up at Morrison’s, to save up for a few weeks, but they changed their minds. Mum and Dad were going to lend me some though.”

“We still would, if there was something you wanted to do,” said Tony.

“Thanks. There isn’t though.”

After dinner they cleared up and sat down to watch a movie. For once Lara hadn’t gone up to her room. She sat curled into an armchair, half watching the TV and half doing something on her phone, while her uncles sneaked surreptitious glances at her legs.

Mark, sitting on her right, couldn’t really see and kept shifting position trying to sit higher so he could look over the arm. At fifteen he’d been changing his mind about his sister, and evidently his uncles thought she was hot too.

“You two could do with a project if you ask me,” June smiled at the twins. They were able, but self-indulgent. Once their working day was done they just lazed around, unlike Tony and herself who knew how to apply themselves. The twins thought having your own company meant you could do less, not more. That was why it was she and Tony who had this big house they could laze around in.

“What about that boat you were talking about?” suggested Tony. The old, cheap yacht on eBay, that they’d been frittering time away fantasising about, would keep them out of trouble for a bit, if he could nudge them into that folly. Out of the house and away from Lara. The marina was fifteen miles away.

“It’d be a project alright,” agreed Freddie

“Still, it just has to be seaworthy,” suggested Sean. “People sell them cheap because they’re not smart, for showing off at the yacht club.”

“Perfect plank decking and shiny new galley,” nodded Freddie.

There was silence for a moment while the twins swigged their beers and stole another glance at the lovely teen legs.

“We could sail somewhere in it, once we’d done it up,” mused Sean. “The Med, perhaps.”

“To Croatia even,” agreed Freddie.

“You could help, Lara, if you wanted?” added Sean. “Do the interior, say, while we do the hull and rigging and everything. We’d pay you, too, and you could come and have a holiday at the end of it?”

“That’s a long way,” Tony objected, seeing rather late that his plan was in danger of backfiring spectacularly.

“That’s the point,” said Sean airily, taking another swig of Budweiser, “you sail to have a voyage, not to arrive the next day. It’s not a package holiday.”

“That could be cool, I suppose,” said Lara, shifting to sit straighter and bringing her cameltoe back into view.

“Would it take six?” asked June. “It sounds like fun. And what do you pay managers for, if you can’t take a bit of time out?”

“There are two cabins,” agreed Freddie. Having June and Tony along, and Mark presumably, wasn’t ideal; but sometimes in life you had to settle for what was possible.

“A boys’ and a girls’,” smiled June.

“It’ll probably have all kinds of problems, with the hull and engine and who knows what,” cautioned Tony. “There are reasons these things are cheap.”

“It was you who just suggested it,” Freddie pointed out. “That might be what everybody thinks, so they go cheap even when the issues are quite superficial.”

“It wouldn’t hurt to go and have a look,” said Sean.

“Just see,” agreed Freddie, “and if it’s sound we can stick a low bid in and see what happens. Worst case, we buy it at a good price, we don’t get finished and we stick it back on eBay.”

“Yeah, cool,” said Mark. “I’ll help, if you like.”

“As long as it’s going to be safe,” said June. It was obvious the twins were going to end up spending time around her daughter, and the best bet was to go along with things but just make sure she and Tony were there too. That way the oversexed boys and the curious girl wouldn’t keep trying to invent new and possibly secret means of exposing themselves to temptation, as it were.

In September Lara would be back at school and finding a hopeful but inexperienced young boyfriend of her own age to date, and Tony’s brothers would have their latest divorces wrapped up and their own homes to go back to.

So the following Sunday the family was clustered round Freddie’s laptop watching the bidding as the auction counted down.

“The trailer’s worth quite a bit,” said Sean.

“And your car would tow it,” Freddie pointed out to Tony again. Tony had searched for a way out, but his full-size 4x4 obviously would tow it, and it even had a towbar.

“Have you allowed for storage fees at the marina?” he asked. “And power? And mooring?”

“It needs to be on the trailer while we do it up,” said Sean.

“Actually,” admitted Freddie, “we were thinking about that rough patch behind the garage? There’s access to it from the lane and it’s just nettles at the moment. We could clear it. And we’d have power from the garage.”

“I am fed up with those nettles,” said June thoughtlessly, while Tony was still trying to find a credible objection to this fresh hazard. “They seed everywhere.”

“I suppose I can do cushions,” said Lara. “How hard can it be? And paint or varnish or whatever. Like, with a brush.”

“Okay I’ll snipe two K and a bit over,” said Freddie, typing in.

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